Season 8 Episode 13

Ishida's Strategy! The 20-Second Offense and Defense

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 12, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Nice nice

    These last couple of episodes have been quite refreshing...refreshingly good to say the least. Pesche has been a welcome addition to Bleach's comedy team; him and Don have really provided some really good humour and comic relief to the show. The fight with Szayel has taken an interesting turn as Ishida manages to get a good hit on him, but Szayel comes right back with a twist of his own. His personality is eerily similar to Mayuri who sees everything as his lab and his subordinates as guinea pigs. The episode doesn't stop there as Grimmjow forces Orihime to heal Ichigo for another fight, but before that could happen, he is confronted by Ulquiorra. What will happen next?
  • The fight continues between Renji/Uryuu and the Espada member.

    Pretty good episode. Uryuu arrives and attempts to help Renji deal with the 8th Espada, who's Fraccion is becoming a pain. Uryuu comes up with this plan to trap the 8th Espada and kill him, but it doesn't really work to the fullest, but the Espada leaves to go change his outfit since it was all torn. Grimmjow takes Inoue to heal Ichigo so he can fight him at full strength, but its a risk because Inoue is under watch by Ulquiorra. In the end, they get caught in the act and Ulquiorra shows emotion for the first time! Good episode.
  • Ishida & Renji team up against Szayel, Grimmjow seeks his chance to fight Ichigo at full strength, and Ulquiorra gets in a bad mood.

    Considering the slow rythm in the last episodes, it was quite surprising to me that they covered 3 manga chapters in just one episode. More than that; judging from the preview, next episode is going to cover another 3 chapters. This just keeps confirming the fact that fillers are right 'round the corner.

    That aside, this was a really entertaining episode. The (partial) conclusion of the Szayel fight, or the conclusion of the first act of the fight, was very well done, and Ishida's strategy worked perfectly, just like Renji's suicidal plan. I always thought that the fact that he attacked Szayel with the very same spell that he did in a pathethic way when they first entered Las Noches, with Rukia telling him that he sucked at kidoh, was a really nice touch.

    I was a little bit dissapointed because Szayel's 'recovery' scene was a little different from the manga: then, he directly DEVOURED his subordinate, and we even got to see him with one of the Hollow's arms hanging from his mouth, while he laughed maniacally. Of course that change doesn't ruin the episode, and it was expected that they would modify that scene, but I still wanted to see it. Then again, Szayel's gone for a clothes change, but he promises he'll be back to continue the fight, and the second act is certainly going to be waaay better than this one, which was great in its own way.

    Finally, Grimmjow is looking forward to his final fight with Ichigo, and at the same time, he's a little angry at Ulquiorra for messing with his 'pray'. Ulquiorra, by the way, doesn't seem too happy, considering Grimmjow messed with his 'pray' too, speaking of Orihime. Now, a clash between these two Espada is inevitable, and the preview announces an action-packed episode for next week. For those of you who don't read the manga, and those of you who love good fighs, trust me: there is some seriously good sh*t coming up...
  • Uryuu and Renji continue their fight against Szayel while Nel can't believe that Ichigo is dying, but he is getting some surprising help from Grimmjow.

    This was a great episode, the fight of Ishida and Renji against Szayel was great, but offcourse i didn't expect Szayel to be defeated so quickly so i guess that Ishida and Renji are in some kind of trouble. The passage of Pessche was not as funny as always but i just wanted to see the fight.

    Well and Grimmjow helping Ichigo is just nice, i guess we finally get to see the fight between those 2, unless Ulquiorra prevents this but a fight between Grimmjow and Ulquiorra isn't bad either, so I'm really looking forward to this next episode. It's been a while since i really wished it was thursday next week :P
  • Ishidas plan to defeat Szayel Aporro! And Grimmjows plan to defeat Ichigo... :)


    This episode was okay!

    Ishida and Renji fights Szayel Aporro. Renji captures him, and blow both of them up. In this time, Ishida sets up his trap, and captures Aporro in a pentagron, and then blow him up. But that wasnt enough. His arrancar slaves are like regenerate pills. He consumes one of them, and regain his full power. So no step forward in this case.

    Grimmjow finds Ichigo, and force Inoue to heal him, because he wants to fight him at his full power!
    But Ulquiorra finds it out... and tries to stop them. Grimmjow and Ulquiorra hates each other I think, so their fight /+Ichigo/ in the next episode is gonna be incredible!

    Cant w8!