Season 8 Episode 6

Ishida's Trump Card, Seele Schneider

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Sado, Chad, this is why I should just stick with one fansub.

    This episode builds up beautifully from the previous one, opening up once again with Pesche as the comic relief which is all the comic relief we need for now, and thankfully it doesn't overdo it. In shounens there's a bad tendency to blabber on about explaining their weapons and techniques a lot more than using them, and fortunately Ishida finds a nice balance to this, and what we get is a pretty end to an entertaining battle. And on queue we move to another one, Chad vs. another Privaron Espada. It's a straight up slugfest which compliments the last two tactical battles, but him revealing a secret weapon at the end of the episode felt pretty predictable. Nonetheless great episode.
  • awesome episode really gets you hooked

    this episode was a great episode it really showed us a lot. we got to see ishida's new power bow in action which really resembled a bow. and i really new Ishida could'nt lose to that thunder witch girl. now what was special about this episode is that we got to find out a little bit more about chad's power. i really like how they are putting spanish terms into the show like derecho which means right or solido which means solid its pretty cool. now i just cant wait for the next episode to see the next episode and see what chads new power can really do i hope its awesome.
  • This episode shows us more about Ishida's Seele Shneider and really gets the hype up for the next as that is the one where Sado awakens his true power.

    Personally I have to say this episode was one of the better episodes of the season and was fitting as the last episode wasn't that serious and this one was.Not to say that there weren't any humorous parts as Pesche's bad memory with names and faces gave the episode some lighter moments too.The main thing that's important though is that Sado's new arm is revealed and having read the manga I know he awakens the second arm too.Overall this episode was highly interesting to watch beginning to end.And the shinigami's cup ending was one of the funnier ones.Not to say it's the funniest , but it's surely to make any Bleach fan smile.
  • Ishida finishes his fight and Sado begins his fight with an ex-espada.

    Ishida with his sword starts attacking the arracar he is able to make the arracar to take off her wings but she is now using her tail to attack Ishida but Ishida is able to use his sword as an and shoot her Ishida then leaves her as more arrancar come and kill her. Sado is now fighting another ex-espada and Sado is losing but now Sado starts to use his full power and his arm turns into a cool looking shield with a mouth.
    The episode was great we finnaly see Sado's full power and he will beat that arrancar with his new weapon.
  • Well Ishida finishes his fight while Sado is having some problems with his ex-espada.

    Well just another good episode but nothing really spectacular. I really hate Ishida at times when he is trying to be wise and all, but luckily it wasn't that worse this episode, only when he started bragging bout Quincy and stuff. Pesche stays funny, after Nel certainly the funniest, he made last episode good and added something to this to, so i really am getting a fan of Pesche. :P

    Sado's fight seems really cool, cooler than that of Ishida, a lot of action and i guess we will see Sado going all out, the arrancar also seems pretty strong so i guess it will be an interesting fight. And what is with all the Spanish and German words lol, Seele Schneider, Brazo derecho? :P
  • Ishida finishes a very cool and intense battle with Thunderwitch. During this battle we learn more about his Seele Schneider, and how it actually works and functions. At the end of the episode we catch up with Chad who's fighting with his arrancar.

    So like I said before we get to see the conclusion of Ishida and Thunderwitches battle. This reveals a couple of weaknesses about the arrancar, including the fact that it takes a tremendous amount of energy to release which means they have a solid limitation to their powers. Theres some... interesting exchanges with Pesche and Ishida, comic relief I guess. But the important part is that we learn the function of the Seele Schneider. Seele Schneider is the only edged quincy weapon, its edge is comprised of spirit particles which vibrate at 3 million times per second. This rapid vibration is what allows him to cut through her wings which are vibrating at roughly half the speed. After Thunderwitch changes her tactics he reveals the second effect the Seele Schneider has, which is to soften other reiatsu so that he may better absorb the spirit particles. The last thing we learn about the Seele Scheider is that its still an arrow technically, one which he uses to effectively finish (but not kill) Thunderwitch. Instead she is killed by the same guards who killed the arrancar Itchigo fought.

    So begins (or should I say continues) Chad's battle with his arrancar. Initially his speed is such a limit and he is badly injured. He attempts to deliver a few powerful blows, but each time misses. After nearly being eliminated by the arrancars "Uno, Dos, Ciento" attack, he realizes that his powers have changed after entering Hueco Mundo. He is able to bring out his arms true form. My thought on Chad's power: So its obvious that this power is somehow tied to Hueco Mundo, as no one is really sure about what his power is. Well judging by the big Hollow teeth on his shielded arm, we can only assume that somehow Chad has some sort of hollow powers. Why? Who knows.
  • Ishida and the strangly sexy Thunderwich finish their fight, Peche learns that Uryu is both Uryu and Ishida but not Itsygo, and Chad gets a chance to show how far hes come. I admit my review is vauge but I still expose the episodes plot so be carefull.

    I'll start off by saying that this isn't the best episode of Bleach but I'll give the series creators the benefit of the doubt in saying that this episode will probably help set up the plot down the line. Of course I don't read the manga so I could be wrong but on to the review. *If you haven't watched the episode yet then turn away this is where the spoliers for 157 will be typed* Alright the episode starts by ending the fight between Thunderwich and Uryu and although we expected Uryu to win based on the conclusion of last weeks episode the victory is a little delayed, which for me created a little more tension because I started to doubt Ishidas chance. Of course in this case tension is a good thing. Afterwards the same clan that we saw after Ichigos battle shows up something, in which their lies the intrigue. Obviously these guys are going to play a part down the line, but as a viewer I have no idea what their role is. Afterwards the episode kind of goes down hll for me. Personally I love Chad as a character but for some reason I wasn't really interested in his fight. Of course I didn't think much of the Ishida/Thunderwich fight but in the end I really enjoyed it so you never know. Either way I don't expect next weeks episode to be spectacular but I could end up being surprised should the fight be wild enough.