Season 14 Episode 3

Jealousy and Hatred... Orihime's Dilemma!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Apr 27, 2010 on TV Tokyo

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  • A vast improvement over last week's episode... *SPOILERS INSIDE*

    With the subpar quality of last week's episode its nice to see Bleach back in full action doing what it does best. This weeks episodes continues the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra and also features a side story involving Orihime being attacked by Loli and Menoly. However, their assult on her is shortly interrupted by the arrival of Yami.

    The good: unlike the last episode this one doesn't seem to drag out any particular section and it clearly shows. All the scenes move very well and the story seems to progress at a nice pace where we don't feel like we are being dragged along at a turtle pace. As a result every sword clash, every reiatsu burst, every getsuga tenshou drips with high quality animation and finesse. The other characters make their appearance including Rukia who is still fighting Rudobon, but thankfully it is a short scene that doesn't detract from the main story.

    The Bad: One problem with this episode was in the two Arrancar who attacked Orihime especially Loli. Loli is a very vengeful Arrancar and once Aizen left Las Noches she showed no hesitation in getting her revenge on Orihime. In the beginning she came off as a very sadistic and evil woman which was very effective considering what she was planning. However, moments later she gets injured by Yami & healed by Orihime. Now she tries to repay the debt by protecting her but unfortunately can't do so. Now at this point they clearly are trying to evoke a sense of sympathy towards what this girl is going through but the duality of how they portrayed her made it confusing as to her personality. Thankfully she gets killed off so I didn't lose any sleep trying to figure it out.

    The pace has definitely picked up and quite fast and it doesn't look like its going to slow down anytime soon which is a very good thing.