Season 6 Episode 6

Mission! The Shinigami Have Come

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Badass.

    Story development stuff, it's what makes the shounen world go round, and there was plenty of that in this episode. Out of the Big 3, although One Piece and Naruto have better executed stories, Bleach's story is far more appealing with its darker nature and I guess you can say, more badass looking characters. The mentioning of the three classes of Menos Grande and the explanation of the highest class, Vastos Lorde, just made things even more exciting. This is what the Bount arc lacked which is what made it so damn boring. The other parts of the episode weren't anything special; some high school life stuff here and there but nothing that really stands out, and Rukia takes Ichigo for a little soul searching, but again, it doesn't really stand out. The explanation of the story though? Badass.
  • It should I put it....true to the manga storyline for the most part with a few minor alterations

    I mean if you think about it for those of you who have read the second story so far hitsugaya explains to ichigo what the arrancar are and stuff and rukia forces ichigo to follow her to the hollow that was ordered to be killed in order to get his fighting spirit back but if you look at previous episodes you'll see that some things are different like the mentioning of the bount they were never mentioned in the manga storyline...but thats due to the fact that it was a sidestory.
  • Bringing Ichigo upto speed with what is actually happening. Ichigo's family actually notices Rukia going into Ichigo's room

    Cool episode although slower paced than the last one, actually gets Ichigo back in gear and explains to him what is going on, through classic Rukia sketches, after she slaps and heckles him back to his old self and forces him to apologise again to Inoue! Ichigo's dad and sisters also notice Ichigo bringing Rukia into his room (they must have used the front door for a change) which leads to some funny dialogue between them about Ichigo.

    Was relieved Ichigo actually woke up a bit, the "Arann.." and "Fighting?" lines at the end of the last episode made it seem like that blow to the head really did some serious damage to his cognitive abilities!

    We also learn something that hasn't been revealed before, the classes of the Menos, looks like what Ichigo fought off before (ages ago) was just a grunt!

    We are also treated to seeing Aizen at the end looking very cool in his place in Hueco Monde with his subordinates in silhouette around him, the preview showed some of them, just can't wait to see them in action!

    Overall a cool chilled out pace episode, there are also one or two unintentionally funny moments where the artist didn't quite get a face or two right leaving them wonky looking...check out Inoue's face when Rukia drags Ichigo to apologise to her!
  • The Shinigami team settle in. Ichigo learns of the real threat to Soul Society, and how Aizen is planning to attack.

    There was a slight break in plot this episode, probably because of the fast-moving pace of the previous one (which was said to have covered more than two manga chapters). However, the episode was not lacking in steadiness; the plot moved along, slowly but surely. Integration of the Shinigami into the real world seems to be a major theme here, with the strangeness of decorative eyelashes, short white-haired students, and bald dangerous people. I liked the end, where we had a sneak view of Aizen and his score of, we can assume, Arrancars; his artist has obviously made sure of his visage as an evil, cunning ex-Shinigami. Rukia seems to look different; I can't really put my finger to it, but she and many other characters have changed. Perhaps to show the timeskip? If it was, it was subtle yet effective. Good episode, though lacking in pace.
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