Season 3 Episode 10

Morning of the Execution

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Kenpachi, Orihime and Yachiru inadvertently rescue Ishida, Chad and Ganju from their cell. Kenpachi then runs into Captain Tosen and Captain Komamura and challenges them to a fight. Meanwhile, Renji finishes his training and asks Yoruichi if Ichigo can really achieve Bankai in time.

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  • Kenpachi takes over the show.

    With the execution being only a couple hours away for Kuchiki Rukia, some of the personnel within the thirteen squads are having their doubts about whether or not it is right or wrong. This creates some internal conflict. One problem has already erupted with Kenpachi freeing Chad, Ishida, and Ganju. While this was a drama filled episode, not much really happened. Just Bleach's usual course of slapstick comedy and trash talking. It got me excited when Captains Komomaru and Tousen appeared, but that encounter was just mostly trash talking. What made this episode exciting though is the match ups. Kenpachi vs. two of his fellow captains, and Ikkaku and Yumichika vs. two lieutenants. The pride of the 11th squad is within their hands.moreless

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    • Soul Reapers: (Zaraki runs past) Ahh! Good morning Captain Zaraki, what a surprise! Thanks for giving us the honor of cleaning the streets for you!
      Ikkaku: If you two are going to goof off, try not to be so obvious about it.
      Yumichika: And you better get this street clean enough to eat off or I'll kill you both.
      Aramaki: You heard them men, keep up the good work if you want to live!

    • Zaraki: Well? Just which way am supposed to go now, woman?
      Orihime: I think it's probably that w...
      Yachiru: (headbutts Orihime) No! It's this way!
      Orihime: Ow! That hurt! What was that for, Yachiru? That wasn't very nice!
      Yachiru: Kenny knows it's this way too, don't you, Kenny?

    • Yachiru: Perhaps you should shut up, cue-ball head! (spits on Ikkaku's head)
      Ikkaku: I'm going to kill her for that!
      Yumichika: Hey come on, keep your cool now, you have to admit Ikkaku, you were kind of asking for that one.

    • Ishida: A butterfly just flew into the window, such a fragile thing. Does this mean that it's Spring in the Soul Society?
      Ganju: Oh great, now he's seeing butterflies and talking to himself. Why don't you see if you can catch the pretty butterflies, Uryuu?
      Ishida: What? Why would I do that?

    • Yoruichi: People are born with the knowledge of how to stand up. Birds all know how to fly. Fish all know how to swim. That's instinct. Because they know it's instinct, people try to be even better.

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