Season 1 Episode 2

A Shinigami's Work

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on TV Tokyo

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  • Bleachr

    It wont let me watch it
  • A good second episode. It's got fast-paced action, comedy, and a tad of romantic energy. We begin to get more of a feel for the main characters, and are being introduced to other minor characters.

    Season one, episode two of the Bleach anime, named "Play or Pay", does a good job of continuing the primary introductions of some of the major characters.

    I like the idea of having a memory altering device - it's a good artistic "trick" to keep some of the characters in the dark about some of the more intense events happening in Bleach. That way, Ichigo's identity (and Rukia as well) as a soul reaper is kept on a "need to know" basis.

    The memory altering device was used on Ichigo's dad and two sisters the night before. The big hole in the front of the house made by the fighting between the Hollow and Ichigo and Rukia is perceived to have been made by a car ramming the house in the middle of the night. Pretty cool.

    I also like the way Rukia Kuchiki is reintroduced in this episode. She joins Ichigo's class! The look on his face and his reaction is classic. Now Rukia has a legitimate reason to be hanging around Ichigo. When we find out later where Rukia is living is pretty funny. Not sure how she is going to get away with it, but it's funny nonetheless. I also liked the scene where we see Orihime's brother, Sora, whose spirit has been changed into a Hollow, attack Ichigo. Just after this scene, Rukia drops a bombshell - Hollows are not just monsters; they are human spirits! Human spirits/souls that have turned evil. They must be defeated and cleased, so they can move on to the Soul Society.

    Well written and executed. Good camera shots, and good voice acting, both in Japanese and English. I also like the background noise, the ambient sounds heard in this episode. Things like the wind, or the sound of a passing car immerse us into the story. The combat sounds are pretty effective. On the animation side, the lip-syncing is pretty accurate, even in the English dubbed version.

    Well done!
  • A great episode....

    The episode begins when Ichigo was woken up by his father. After giving his father a beating for waking him up in such abnormal way, he then asks his father whether he's supposed to be injured but his father doesn't know what he says. He looks outside and all of Ichigo's family says that a big truck has crashed into their home. But Ichigo is the only person who remembers it and wonders what really happen. In school, two schoolgirls named Tatsuki and Inoue were walking along the hallway talking about their lunch when Inoue bumped into Ichigo. Tatsuki wants Ichigo to apology to Inoue so he did. But because of his face, she quickly gets up and runs away. Then, Tatsuki ask Ichigo why he comes to school during lunch hour while he replies that he has some stuffs to do and walk off. His friends discussed news about Ichigo's house having an accident. Just then, a familiar voice was heard. As he turns around, he was surprise to see Kuchiki Rukia. His friends wonder why he's scared of the new exchange student but Rukia pretends that he just met him. She intends to shake hands with Ichigo when he sees a threat note on her palm. Outside, Ichigo ask why she's here and didn't return to Soul Society. It seems that Ichigo absorbed all of her powers so she uses a temporary body named Gigai. So now since this is the case, she wants him to do her job but was quickly rejected. He actually wanted to protect his family at first but doesn't want to help strangers and walks away. So she uses a special glove and hit him on the chin, making his Shinigami form comes out. He panics while Rukia tells him to follow him. She brings him to the park where a hollow is chasing a soul. He intends to save him but Rukia stopped him as he said he doesn't want to help strangers. After some speech talk form Rukia, Ichigo manage to save the soul and knocks down the Hollow. He then tells him that he just want to save him and even mention that she risked her life to save him and wasn't thinking about the shinigami job. He later kills the Hollow and sends the soul to 'heaven' and walks home while Rukia just smiles. At night, Inoue was being watched by a wandering soul when suddenly; he was captured by the Hollows and was later turn into one. The next day, Rukia was trying to learn modern language in her dramatic style when Ichigo gets fed up of it. Just then, they see a car nearly hits Inoue. But she looks all right. Inoue then recognized Rukia while she does her schoolgirl acting again. She then remembers about the ingredients that she was about to make for dinner. Just then, Rukia sees a weird bruise on Inoue's left leg. But she didn't bother about it and left. In the evening, Rukia ask Ichigo about Inoue. Ichigo tells that she's a best friend of a girl in his neighborhood. Three years ago, her older brother died in an accident. He's the only relative that takes cares of her. Maybe this is the cause of her stupidity. Ichigo wonders why she ask so many questions and later ask where she stays. But she left not even telling him about it. At night, Tatsuki came to Inoue's house to give her mom's beef stew to Inoue for dinner. In Ichigo's house, Yuzu was asking Ichigo whether he have seen her pajamas but doesn't know. Just then, he heard a hand phone ringing. Then, she saw Rukia opening his closet and was shocked to see her in Yuzu's pajamas. But then, Rukia uses the same gloves to send out his Shinigami form while a hollow attacks him. Luckily he manages to injure him and only cracked half of his face. He was shocked to see it while the hollow then ran off. Rukia intend to chase it but he sees Ichigo doesn't move. He then wants some explanation, as the Hollow he sees is Inoue's dead brother. She explains that cutting the Hollow's mask is to reduce the pain and refrain from finding out the Hollow's identity as Hollows are actually from human souls. Ichigo was shocked to hear it as she never mention before. Now Rukia tells him Inoue's brother has becomes a monster and has to take him down, as he was turn by another Hollows. Back at Inoue's house, Tatsuki was surprise to hear that Ichigo and Inoue were walking back together and was concerned about her injury. Inoue then was in her dream world and imagines too far. Just then, they heard some weird noise.
  • Better than the pilot!

    This episode continues on from the last episode where we are introduced to the world of Bleach even more. How Hollows are formed adds a pretty neat twist that they were originally human souls who refuse to let go of their attachments with the world and become tainted. This was presented well with the main hollow at hand being Inoue's brother who was turned into a as a result of not being able to leave Inoue's side, though for this event to happen right after Ichigo becomes a shinigami seems a little too convenient, especially since the brother has been gone for three years. The introduction of Rukia as a student was pretty amusing though; it was pretty bizarre yet funny when she used Ichigo's sisters clothes for her own and is presently occupying his closet.
  • Rukia enrolls into Ichigo's school and convinces him to destroy hollows. Then Orihime, (Ichigo's distant friend) has something suspicious going on about her. Later, her brother arrives back from the dead as a hollow that tries to kill Ichigo.

    This episode of Bleach was even better than the first. The action scenes depicted were at about the same level, but the plot twists and humor were improved. Rukia enrolling into Ichigo's high school made me laugh so hard. There was a further explanation on hollow. New characters were introduced and developed into. When Ichigo saves a little boy from a hollow he tells Rukia that when you save a person the last thing on your mind is your duty to protect them. I think this sentence/monologue really showed us, the audience, more about Ichigo and the person he is. Orihime's brother being a hollow? That was a great plot twist.

  • The second episode of Tite Kubo's Popular Bleach Anime! Episode 2: Pay or Play. Amazing episode, full of so much fun and energy!

    What more is there to say about this episode, it is fun and full of so much energy. Very interesting for a second episode aswell, Ichigo finally realising his calling the day after coming in contact with the Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki. The same girl, that changed his whole world. Full of such humor that the beginning of the episode, and such fun aswell. Lots of fans would surely enjoy this, but i know i sure did thats a definate!
    Very good second episode indeed, hightly enjoyable and a good watch for any new comer to Bleach. Full of serious and humor, such a good episode a must watch!
  • This Episode explains a little about Hollow.

    Bleach Episode 2

    Title:"Pay or Play"
    "A Shinigami's Work // Shinigami no oshigoto" (死神のお仕事)

    Original airdate:October 12, 2004 After discovering Rukia Kuchiki (the soul reaper) has enrolled in his class, she reveals to Ichigo that she has lost her power and tells him to stand in as a substitute. Although he refuses this position at first it is becouse he don't care about others although in this episode he did care to help especially when his friends are attacked, so he used the power to protect souls & his friends & to destroy Hollows. Ichigo eventually accepts his destiny and becomes a substitute Shinigami.
  • Rukia, joins Ichigos school

    After the previous night's attack, Ichigo decides to check up on his family and finds that they do not remember anything that happened. In school, Ichigo meets the Soul Reaper from the night before, Rukia Kuchiki; she is posing as an exchange student until her powers return. Rukia tells Ichigo that he must take her place as a substitute Soul Reaper, for now. Later, when attacking a Hollow, Ichigo recognizes the Hollow as Orihime Inoue's older brother. This episode was alright but could have been better ichigo has just become a soul reaper and now he has to accept his fate. A hollow attacks a girl orihime big op. ALL in all i give it a 8/10
  • Episode 2....

    Ok second episode in the series, now this episode was funny because Rukia shows up at Ichigos school....But every series has to get on there feet and get going, and this episode does it perfectly. New characters are introduced, more information is leaked about the story and where there going with the story. I highly reccomend this episode, But heres the thing if you love action comedys you will love not only this episode but the whole series. Give it a chance its a nice treat, plus like I have said in my past review its just plain funny so sit down relax and enjoy some Bleach.... Thank you for reading enjoy!
  • not exactly the best episode in the series but still good

    any way this episode rukia presses the idea that ichigo needs to take her place and he is unsure stiil he checks on his family and see if they remeber hwat happened last night no they didnt rukia to care of it he goes to school and everything is fine and rukia goes there as an exchange student (i think rukia starts living with ichigo not sure) but after they get home trouble is on the rise as they get attacked and rukia explaing hollows and why soul reapers always cut there heads off from the back in case they know the hollow that there about to kill and acidentaly damage its mask after hearing this he is not so sure he can do this anymore and also find out this hollow might be one of his school freinds older brother that died
  • Orihime's past revealed

    Discovering his family has no idea as to the events of last night (Ichigo becoming a shinigami), Ichigo goes about his day normally and is dragged off by Rukia upon seeing her. She explains the situation: he took too much of her power, she had to get a gigai, and now he has to take over her job as a shinigami. Ichigo has decided it was a one time deal, and doesn't want to do it anymore, so Rukia takes him to a nearby Hollow that is tormenting a kid, and she challenges him to save him despite him not being family. Saving the kid and passing him on, Ichigo still doesn't give Rukia a straight answer, so she follows him on his way home where they meet up with Orihime, who says she was just hit by a car, but Rukia grows suspicious of the marks on her legs. Later that night, Ichigo is attacked by a Hollow who turns out to be Orihime's older brother, Sora, however the attack doesn't last long, and Sora decides to go after Orihime herself.
  • Bleach episode 2; Well written!

    This was good. Orihime was acting funny, as she always do. Her reaction when she ran into Ichigo was nothing but hilarious.
    Also, Rukia had gotten into a gigai, and were attending Ichigo's school. She was really funny when she introduced herself. And everyone had forgotten about what happened last night; they all thought their house had been rammed by a truck.
    Later, at the park, Ichigo decided to help a little kid, despite Rukia's quite confusive talk. I liked that; how he just helped the kid from that Hollow despite what Rukia said.
    We also met a spirit who looked upon Orihime whith a sad look for apparently no reason. Finally, he got eaten by many hollows, and went after her. The next episode will give us the answer about him!
    Great episode, 9/10
  • Nice.

    Another great episode of Bleach. So far, none of the characters sound bad except for Kon and Don Koji. What happen to him? He sounds so plain. There's no ommph in "sprits are always with you!!"Chad and Inoue sound great. I burst out laughing when Rukia came out of Ichigo's closet and Ichigo's just goes "What the hell?!"
  • An Hallow takes an lost soul

    Ichgigo class the soul reaper Rumiko decided to joined his class as an new student.After saving an little boy soul.She was trying to get him to still join as the soul reaper.Meanwhile an lost soul wondering through the streets is attacked by an hallow.Who finally devours it and it becomes an hallow now.While walking through the street.Orihime nearly got hit by the car.But there was something more with this strange car accident.Unxpected the hallow came and attacked.After revealing his true self which is Orihime brother! Who had died in an car accident.But Ichgigo finds this shocking to see it was Orihime brother.So Orihime decided that Rumiko is her rival.Since she finds out that she thinks that this girl likes him.I think she likes him.

    This is another great episode.
  • The epitome of why I watch Bleach.

    There\'s something I realized after getting the chance to rewatch this episode, and that\'s that my original ecstasy in Bleach was greatly affected by the soundtrack. Every song fits the situation well and keeps me on the edge of my chair, whether it be from laughter or suspense.

    This episode also exemplifies the two different sides of Bleach; both very well done. The initial comedic performances are emphasized by the upbeat music to make some truly hilarious scenes, and when the episode later takes a darker tone (particularly with the teddy bear), Bleach makes perfect use of that harsh drum beat and electronic influences. It is also revealed that Orihime has some slight awareness of the hollows, foreshadowing her role in the Soul Society plot arc. All in all, this episode is a two-sided installment of Bleach, giving you the dark and lighthearted aspects of the show that make it so great.