Season 1 Episode 2

A Shinigami's Work

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on TV Tokyo

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  • A great episode....

    The episode begins when Ichigo was woken up by his father. After giving his father a beating for waking him up in such abnormal way, he then asks his father whether he's supposed to be injured but his father doesn't know what he says. He looks outside and all of Ichigo's family says that a big truck has crashed into their home. But Ichigo is the only person who remembers it and wonders what really happen. In school, two schoolgirls named Tatsuki and Inoue were walking along the hallway talking about their lunch when Inoue bumped into Ichigo. Tatsuki wants Ichigo to apology to Inoue so he did. But because of his face, she quickly gets up and runs away. Then, Tatsuki ask Ichigo why he comes to school during lunch hour while he replies that he has some stuffs to do and walk off. His friends discussed news about Ichigo's house having an accident. Just then, a familiar voice was heard. As he turns around, he was surprise to see Kuchiki Rukia. His friends wonder why he's scared of the new exchange student but Rukia pretends that he just met him. She intends to shake hands with Ichigo when he sees a threat note on her palm. Outside, Ichigo ask why she's here and didn't return to Soul Society. It seems that Ichigo absorbed all of her powers so she uses a temporary body named Gigai. So now since this is the case, she wants him to do her job but was quickly rejected. He actually wanted to protect his family at first but doesn't want to help strangers and walks away. So she uses a special glove and hit him on the chin, making his Shinigami form comes out. He panics while Rukia tells him to follow him. She brings him to the park where a hollow is chasing a soul. He intends to save him but Rukia stopped him as he said he doesn't want to help strangers. After some speech talk form Rukia, Ichigo manage to save the soul and knocks down the Hollow. He then tells him that he just want to save him and even mention that she risked her life to save him and wasn't thinking about the shinigami job. He later kills the Hollow and sends the soul to 'heaven' and walks home while Rukia just smiles. At night, Inoue was being watched by a wandering soul when suddenly; he was captured by the Hollows and was later turn into one. The next day, Rukia was trying to learn modern language in her dramatic style when Ichigo gets fed up of it. Just then, they see a car nearly hits Inoue. But she looks all right. Inoue then recognized Rukia while she does her schoolgirl acting again. She then remembers about the ingredients that she was about to make for dinner. Just then, Rukia sees a weird bruise on Inoue's left leg. But she didn't bother about it and left. In the evening, Rukia ask Ichigo about Inoue. Ichigo tells that she's a best friend of a girl in his neighborhood. Three years ago, her older brother died in an accident. He's the only relative that takes cares of her. Maybe this is the cause of her stupidity. Ichigo wonders why she ask so many questions and later ask where she stays. But she left not even telling him about it. At night, Tatsuki came to Inoue's house to give her mom's beef stew to Inoue for dinner. In Ichigo's house, Yuzu was asking Ichigo whether he have seen her pajamas but doesn't know. Just then, he heard a hand phone ringing. Then, she saw Rukia opening his closet and was shocked to see her in Yuzu's pajamas. But then, Rukia uses the same gloves to send out his Shinigami form while a hollow attacks him. Luckily he manages to injure him and only cracked half of his face. He was shocked to see it while the hollow then ran off. Rukia intend to chase it but he sees Ichigo doesn't move. He then wants some explanation, as the Hollow he sees is Inoue's dead brother. She explains that cutting the Hollow's mask is to reduce the pain and refrain from finding out the Hollow's identity as Hollows are actually from human souls. Ichigo was shocked to hear it as she never mention before. Now Rukia tells him Inoue's brother has becomes a monster and has to take him down, as he was turn by another Hollows. Back at Inoue's house, Tatsuki was surprise to hear that Ichigo and Inoue were walking back together and was concerned about her injury. Inoue then was in her dream world and imagines too far. Just then, they heard some weird noise.
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