Season 1 Episode 2

A Shinigami's Work

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • First appearance of: Orihime, Tatsuki, Keigo, Chad, Mizuiro, Sora

    • The book that Rukia was reading is different in anime and manga

      Anime: she was reading some sort of novel in the subbed version, in the English Dub she was presumably reading The Bible (or something similar).

      Manga: She was reading a horror genre Manga

    • The hollow commanding the others to eat the spirit of Orihime's brother is The Grand Fisher.

    • After Ichigo kills the Hollow in the park, he still has his sword in his hand. Yet in the next second it's sheathed.

    • The English dub identifies Orihime's brother by the name Sora.

  • Quotes

    • Orihime: Rukia?
      Rukia: (crossly) Right. And just who are you?
      Ichigo: Hello! She's in the same class as you! Her name's Orihime. Get your head outta your butt!

    • Rukia: (dramatically) Hear my voice, oh Lord! Help your humble child understand why she was born! And if your divine will wishes it, summon her back to your side. I await your...!
      Ichigo: Geez! Would you shut up already?!
      Rukia: What is your problem? I am studying contemporary language.
      Ichigo: You're off by a couple centuries.

    • Rukia: Have you made your decision, Ichigo?
      Ichigo: Like hell I have. I haven't decided to do squat. I saved this kid because I wanted to, you hear me? What about you?
      Rukia: Me?
      Ichigo: I seem to remember you putting your life on the line to save me last night. Tell me... were you really thinking about your duty when you rushed to help me? Of course not! That's the last thing on your mind when you save someone. At the very least... I choose... to be different.

    • Ichigo: Alright, you freaky little nut job... what the hell do you think you're doing?
      Rukia: How scary. You big brute. Jeepers... you're not gonna hurt me, are you?
      Ichigo: First of all, you can knock it off with the goody two shoes act, okay?
      Rukia: Well, I think it's pretty good, considering I learned it overnight.

    • Ichigo: At least... I choose... to be different!

    • (subbed version)
      Rukia: I'll say one thing: Crack its skull from behind with a single attack. That's the fundamental of Hollow vanquishing. Do not forget.
      Ichigo: What's that mean?
      Rukia: To reduce damage from fighting... and to keep from ever seeing the Hollow's identity.
      Ichigo: What do you mean "Hollow's identity"?
      Rukia: You saw it too, didn't you? Hollows.. were all formerly human souls.
      Ichigo: (surprised) You never told me that! He's not a monster? He's a monster we have to take down, right?
      Rukia: That's right. Now he's just a monster. You have to take him down.
      Ichigo: But he used to be human...
      Rukia: Be it hatred or sadness, the souls of those who still have feelings for this world, tend to not accept burial by us and are left to wander. Then, perhaps on their own initiative, are surrounded by those who have become Hollows, and become new Hollows.
      Ichigo: It can't be...

    • (Subbed version)
      Ichigo: (angry) What the hell're you thinking!?
      Rukia: Oh my, how scary. What ever is the matter? Is something going to happen to me?
      Ichigo: First of all, quit talking in that disgusting way.
      Rukia: Oh dear, isn't it impressive that I learned it in just one night?
      Ichigo: Ah, forget it! Anyway, what're you doing here? I thought you went home to that Soul Society place.
      Rukia: Fool. The only ones who can return is Death Gods. I no longer have that ability.
      Ichigo: Say what?
      Rukia: Last night, my powers as a Death God were nearly consumed by you.
      Ichigo: I dunno anything about that.
      Rukia: Thanks to you, I am forced to use this faux body.
      Ichigo: A faux body? What's that?
      Rukia: It is a temporary body that's dispensed for emergency use. Death Gods who are extremely weakened enter these to wait for their powers to recover.
      Ichigo: So that's how my classmates could see you.
      Rukia: That's right. Anyway, from here on, until my powers return to me, you'll be helping me with my work as a Death God.
      Ichigo: (confused) Huh?
      Rukia: It's only natural. You're the one who has Death God powers right now. You don't have the right to ref...
      Ichigo: (shouting) I REFUSE!
      Rukia: What?
      Ichigo: I'll be damned if I ever fight a monster like that again!
      Rukia: That's absurd. Last night, you fought magnificently!
      Ichigo: That's because my family was attacked. Not to be cruel, but I couldn't fight for total strangers. Sorry if it seems like I'm betraying you, though.
      (He walks away)
      Rukia: I see. Then I have no choice
      (Rukia equips a glove, and charges at Ichigo with it, forcibly removing his soul from his human body)

    • (dubbed version)
      (Isshin jumps on Ichigo, while Ichigo is sleeping. Ichigo quickly catches his father.)
      Ichigo: You nuts?! What kind of sick, twisted freak attacks his own son while he's just lying there, sleeping?
      Isshin Kurosaki: You are getting good! It looks like there's nothing left for me to teach you, my son.

    • (subbed version)
      Rukia: (cute manner) Hi there! You must be Kurosaki-kun.
      (Ichigo turns around and to his shocked to see Rukia in her school uniform. )
      Rukia: My name is Kuchiki Rukia. I'll be sitting next to you.
      Ichigo: (Gets up, panicked) Aiiieee!! Not you!
      Asano: What's wrong, Ichigo?
      Chad: Do you know her?
      Rukia: Eh? This is the first time I met him. Isn't that right, Kurosaki-kun?
      (Ichigo's totally blurred)
      Mizuiro: This is the new transfer student, Kuchiki-san.
      Asano: Right, Rukia-chan?
      Rukia: Nice to meet you.
      (She intend to shake hands with Ichigo when Ichigo sees writing on her palm )
      Sign: You talk about it, you'll die!!
      (Ichigo is shocked while Rukia gives a smile)

    • (subbed version)
      (Rukia is reading a book like she's in the play in her drama way)
      Rukia: Oh God... Why I was born in this world?... I've mistreat here, please suffer me once more... (Was about to make the finale) This very mome....
      Ichigo: (Appears) SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!!

    • (subbed version)
      Rukia: A shinigami must treat all spirits equally. You cannot just conveniently save those you can see, and those you can reach.

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