Season 1 Episode 2

A Shinigami's Work

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on TV Tokyo



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      Ichigo: (angry) What the hell're you thinking!?
      Rukia: Oh my, how scary. What ever is the matter? Is something going to happen to me?
      Ichigo: First of all, quit talking in that disgusting way.
      Rukia: Oh dear, isn't it impressive that I learned it in just one night?
      Ichigo: Ah, forget it! Anyway, what're you doing here? I thought you went home to that Soul Society place.
      Rukia: Fool. The only ones who can return is Death Gods. I no longer have that ability.
      Ichigo: Say what?
      Rukia: Last night, my powers as a Death God were nearly consumed by you.
      Ichigo: I dunno anything about that.
      Rukia: Thanks to you, I am forced to use this faux body.
      Ichigo: A faux body? What's that?
      Rukia: It is a temporary body that's dispensed for emergency use. Death Gods who are extremely weakened enter these to wait for their powers to recover.
      Ichigo: So that's how my classmates could see you.
      Rukia: That's right. Anyway, from here on, until my powers return to me, you'll be helping me with my work as a Death God.
      Ichigo: (confused) Huh?
      Rukia: It's only natural. You're the one who has Death God powers right now. You don't have the right to ref...
      Ichigo: (shouting) I REFUSE!
      Rukia: What?
      Ichigo: I'll be damned if I ever fight a monster like that again!
      Rukia: That's absurd. Last night, you fought magnificently!
      Ichigo: That's because my family was attacked. Not to be cruel, but I couldn't fight for total strangers. Sorry if it seems like I'm betraying you, though.
      (He walks away)
      Rukia: I see. Then I have no choice
      (Rukia equips a glove, and charges at Ichigo with it, forcibly removing his soul from his human body)