Season 6 Episode 4

Prelude to the Apocalypse, the Arrancar Offensive!

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Ulquiorra, is this guy trash?

    What do you know, the first episode in a while that doesn't contain the crappy artificial slice of life stuff that I detest the most. While there were still some remnants of it here, it's not as noticeable. The new arc is already making progress introducing us to two of the Arrancars, Ulquiorra and Yami, and immediately showing us just how powerful they are. Sado didn't stand a single chance, Orihime's Tsubaki evaporated like a fly, and Yami was able to suck up all nearby souls with just a simple inhalation. The only problem with this episode is just WAY too much damn talking, like when Yami kept on nagging Ulquiorra which humans were trash or not.
  • Ichigo, is distressed over his Hollow nature. Meanwhile, two Arrancar arrive, and consume surrounding humans. Inoue and Chad arrive on the scene to save Tatsuki, a bystander, but Chad is defeated easily. Inoue is about to get killed but Ichigo arrives.

    Ichigo's finally confronted by the fact that he will always be a Hollow. The problem is, do we really need half of the episode emphasizing that? Regardless, the arrival of the two Arrancar was plotted well. Character development with Tatsuki and Inoue will definitely pick up, especially since Tatsuki can now see spirits. I liked the color choices for the Arrancar: Ulquiorra has green-white themes and looks rather aloof, while Yami shows off his freakishly gigantic strength with rather tribal face designs such as his painted cheeks. What makes up for this melancholy episode is Chad's abrupt defeat by Yami; it wakes us up to the real strength of the Arrancar and also shocks us (and Inoue), to see Chad just ripped apart like that. A good episode, but not the best.
  • Even though many people might not know it yet, this episode is pretty much the start of the "Arrancar Arc."

    Well, it seems Ichigo once again gets scared to death by his hollow side, sometimes called "Shirosaki", telling him that his hollow side will erase him. The anime viewers also discover that Karin knows about Ichigo and his shinigami work (It makes sense she would know though). On top of that Yami and Ulquira (However his his name is spelt) show up killing ppl, and beating Chad and Inoue. This episode is the start of amazing things to come. My only problem with this episode was that they cut out the blood that was in the manga.
  • In this episode we see Ichigo face his fears about becoming a Hollow. This was bought on by the new transfer student who is a Vaizard. We also realize that Orhime's powers are not healing but time manupltion.

    Ok, so I saw this episode on YouTube, It's nothing special, from the beginning we see that Ichigo is not himself. We then realize that he is worried about what the Vaizard said. Tatskui approaches him and tells him that she knows he is a Shingami. From this moment on, you can tell Ichigo's world is not going to be quiet anymore. Rather than following the storyline I felt that it was devolping the characters as we don't see much fighting. Ichigo goes off to fight the Vaizard. We see Chad and Orihme going there as well. We see that Orihme's powers are not healing but some sort of time minuplation.