Season 6 Episode 22

Rangiku's Tears, the Sorrowful Parting of Brother and Sister

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jun 27, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • That's it folks!

    Finally the end of this boring filler arc sees its end, and it sure ends in a fillery manner packing your favourite 90's action cartoon cliches. Like when Hitsuga-ya had trouble finding the arrancar, and Yui was able to weed out his location by the sound of his flute. Classic use of symbolism. While this episode isn't any better than the other fillers in this arc, what makes this one rise above those is the prominent role Captain Hitsuga-ya played. The guy is perhaps the best character in the whole show and seeing him slay down that arrancar was pretty damn awesome. But alas I'm just happy this is the end of these fillers; I hope canon content follows and not another filler arc.
  • A reasonable ending to a really boring filler series ...

    There's no arguing it - the last few episodes with Yui, Shota and the cloning arrancar were nowhere near usual bleach standards.However, one has to note that this one did an OK job of wrapping it up. Here we see Yui summoning up the last traces of resilience left in her to try to save Shota from the same doom that befell her. The soul society understands the nature of this arrancar and isolates the original one. Just when we think that the battle is over the arrancar vanishes behind a barrier and becomes undetectable once again. In the end Hitsugaya has to use his bankai to break the barrier and that too with the the help of Yui who somehow pinpoints the location with her eerie music. A tearful Rangiku ells Shota that the Soul Society is the only place where he can be with his sister again and sends him there. I'm just glad that this filler fiasco is over and the real action can begin
  • i said this once and i will say it again

    i said this once and i will say it again-- is it me or is this show bullishhing? wasting time, procrastinating whateva u wanna call it? with all these damn fillers, my goodness in the last like five - eight episodes that Bleach dude has not been in it to much. the last 3-4 episodes has been about that little ishh and his dead ash sister.
    was this like a four parted movie? is that boy and his sister ganna be important in the future? wha the hell was it all about him for? i wanna see bleach and the arrach things scrappp man.. i downloaded these episodes before i got to work and when i got off all i could think about was showering eating taco bell and watching some good ash cartoons but that dang bleach freaked it all up 4 me.
    anyway i cant wait till they pick up with the freaking story already.
  • This episode was about the bond of a brother and sister

    This was like a part two of episode 130 when the shinigami team find a hollow that transformed into a sort of arrancar but was a special kind that could create clones and dovoure souls with these clones and take forms of humans after they supspect that Shota's sister Yui may be a clone so when Shota and Yui vanish from the holding place they had in Orihime's house Matsumoto and Shota find Yui in the park where Matsumoto found Shota the first time the arrancar shows hiself and uses Yui to try and eat his soul but a part of Yui resists the arrancar and tells Shota how she forgave him for what he did but the arrancar eats her soul and Matsumoto promises that when they kill the arrancar her spirit will be reborn when soul society finds out how to track the arrancar the find the area where he is and captin Hitsugaya uses his reiatsu in his banki form to break through a barrier the arrancar had around him when the arrancar is revealed captin Hitsugaya uses his freezing banki to weaken him and Shota & Matsumoto uses her to finish him and in the end Shota is finally sent to soul society to meet his sister again.
  • A good exciting ending to a filler of the series. I enjoyed it even though I cannot wait for the main plot to pick up again. That being said this was a good episode to watch with some good battles and I personally liked the ending bit where it died.

    In my experience there are some good filler arcs and some bad filler arcs. I have also come to realize the how good or bad the fillers are depends on the series. Bleach has its share of fillers and I cant really decide if there are more good ones or bad ones. I will however classify this one as being somewhere in the middle. This episode in particular was fairly good and more interesting then some of the others that are seen. Given that the fights were fairly short it was not as action packed as some of the other episodes but every episode has its ups and downs and overall I would give it a rating between 8 and 9.