Season 3 Episode 19

Reality of Despair, the Assassin's Dagger Is Swung

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 06, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • DAMN wtf just happened?

    When I first saw this episode, I was at a complete lost of words. The HUGE plot twist was no doubt the driving point for this episode, but everything else was executed nicely. Despite Hitsugaya being at a captain level, he was still easily defeated by Aizen, and how he fell in defeat was just a masterful scene in itself. You also wonder what Aizen has planned next now that he nabbed Rukia and Renji with him. Though yeah, that plot twist was just humongous, although Aizen does suffer from James Bond villain syndrome--where the villain reveals everything, down to how he planned out his scheme, to the audience.
  • TOSHIRO!!!!!!!!!!*fangirlism*

    Rangiku and Toshiro arive at centeral 46 to find everyone dead. Later, Momo comes in to find Aizen (with Gin) alive(GASP!)! But Aizen STABS MOMO right trough the chest(NOO!!!!!!). When Toshiro finds Momo lying on the floor with blood, he gets SO outrageed that he releases his Bankai(hell yhea!).But Aizen takes him down in one blow(NOO!!!!AGAIN!!). When they show Toshiro right after he was tooken down, GOLDEN MOMENT!!(As you can see from my icon.)Unohana (captian,4th squad)shows up with Isane(Vicecaptian). Aizen and Gin get away to the excecution ground. Thats all I can remember. This is a golden episode (to me ), because it has Toshiro(LOVE HIM*Major state of fa girlism*)but it is kind of sad....but... This episode is AWESOME. The word to describe this episode.... INTENSE!
  • definitly my favorie episode.

    oh my god. one of the most revealing episodes. and absolutley my favorite, any other episode from this show would probably get an eight, even tho some idiotic person told me wat thys episode was about and wat happend wit captain aizen it still shocked me and i would have never expected it. captain aizen teaming up with ichumaru and that other blind guy. and how every one was hypnotyzed. and they were faked into believing aizen. im just wondering if hitsugaya and his sister are dead or alive. im gonna watch episode 61 right now. absolutley best episode ever. i cant even say anymore.
  • This episode touched me so badly!

    Well, we find out Aizen/Ichimaru/Tosen's true natures, and well, it's not very good for Soul Society...This episode almost made me cry, and I still wonder how Hitsugaya got defeated so easily just by using mass hypnosis. Maybe I left something out...This really shows how much Hitsugaya is willing to go for Hinamori. Great character development, and this is considered my favourite episode of all time, despite all the angst and the sadness and betrayal... They portrayed this very well, I'm just feeling bad for Hinamori because she's the one that Aizen hurt the most, by making her go against her classmate and friend, Izuru Kira, and against her childhood friend, Hitsugaya Toushiro. Aizen was right on one point, Admiration strays away from the truth. And in the end, Hinamori and Hitsugaya and the rest of Soul Society were nothing but victims..
  • Still in the Soul Society...

    Hatsumoto and Hitsugaya break into the Office of the Forty-Six and to their astonishment, they find all of the members slaughtered and they they see Kari run away from them. They chase him on the rooftops for a while and then they separate after learning that Hinamori is in trouble. Hitsugaya leaves Hatsumoto to fight Kari whose Bankai doubles the weight of anything it hits and Hastsumoto makes her sword turn to ash temporarily because it got hit. Meanwhile, Hinamori is taken by Gin to this building where she finds Aizen and he stabs her. Hitsugaya arrives on the scene and learns a shocking secret. That Aizen wasn't really dead, Aizen's sword can hypnotise and that his sword created a replica of him. Hitsugaya then uses his Bankai on AIzen but Aizen dodges it and hits Hitsugaya who collapses. Gin and Aizen get away. Also, Renji and Rukia find the blind guy and he telports them to the execution area and Aizen tells Renji to put down Rukia and step away. Renji and Rukia are in a corner as they are surrounded by Gin, Aizen and the blind dude. Is this the end for Renji and Rukia?