Season 3 Episode 11

Renji, Oath of the Soul! The Death Match with Byakuya

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Oct 04, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Damn Renji...

    An interesting scenario, a lieutenant dares to go up against his captain in order to save his child hood friend, and it's not like that captain doesn't have special ties to Rukia too. Although for fifteen minutes the showdown between lieutenant Abarai Renji and captain Kuchiki Byakuya was joy to the eyes, it was cluttered with a lot of unnecessary trash talking. Instead of wasting your energy on showing off, they could be using that to swing their swords at each other. Though that is even more dragged down by the fact that even though what Renji did was somewhat honourable, seeing him struggle when he's close to death for the last eight minutes dragged it on more than it should have.
  • Renji VS. Byakuya, A Captain VS. his lieutenant

    Rukia's exicution date comes up again as Renji goes forth to save her. Ichigo is still in traing with his Zanpaktou "Zangetsu" with not many satisfying results. As Renji rushes to the tower to save Rukia's life, he comes across a very powerful spiritual energy......then comes to relize that it is very familiar to him, it is Byakuaya Kuchiki's. Byakuya then denys Renji the access to the tower, so Renji decides to fight Byakuya in hopes of beating him. The battle undergoes as Renji brings out his Banki which proves to be a match for Byakuya.....or so he thought. With Renji giving it all he has got, Byakuya just keeps bettering it. Then when Renji's Banki is finally beaten, Byakuya decides to show Renji what a truly powerful banki is....and does just that! With Renji In very bad condition, It would appear that Byakuya has won but Renji is still willing to die for Rukia and shows it by charging Byakuya. Renji catches Byakuya off guard by the attack but it did no good for his Zanpaktou snapped at Byakuya's cloths and Byakuya counter-attacked with a fininshing blow which left Renji on the ground lying in a puddle of his own blood.
  • Renji and Byakuya battling to the death! AWESOME!

    I didn't see the whole episode, and only saw maybe fiffteen minutes of it. But I saw enough to know that this episode was one of the greatest one yet. I hope that Adult Swim will air even more episodes because I read about what happens after this and I can say that its really intense. Renji surprises Byakua that he has achieved bankai. The name of Renji's bankai is Hihiô Zabimaru, which is a HUGE snake like sword that is really powerful. Using his spirit energy, he is able to conntect and detach the piece of the snake sword that bind it together at will, making it hard for anyone to break this form of Bankai. But that didn't stop Byakua. By using his bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, he was able to defeat Renji. Don't worry people who saw this episode. Renji is not dead. He play an important part in the next couple of arcs. Just hope and pray that Adult Swim will air more episodes soon, hopefully after Blood Plus or something. BLEACH FOREVER!
  • Okay, FYI for the dubbed only watchers: The episode was butchered down from a 48 minute special to a 20 minute episode for english televison. It was quite sad.

    Not just quite, but extremely hard to watch. I've seen the Japanese subbed episode about four times. It's a long drawn out battle between Byakuya and Renji, but in the dubbed, because of all the editing, it seemed like Renji didn't put up much of a fight. It seemed as if Byakuya walked in slapped him (Renji) and then walked out. I was completely and utterly ashamed. ASHAMED. But that wasn't even the worst part: They cut half of Ichigo's scenes with Zangetsu and then they cut the part at the end where Ichimaru shows up to taunt Rukia about her resolve to die. Totally cold. Adult Swim should be beat. They should have been smart enough to realize that if they were putting Bleach on hiatus, that last night's episode was a wise choice to stop at. It was somewhat a cliffhanger...and unfair to the die-hard english watchers. My advice? Download the 52-53 subbed special, suck it up and read all that you MISSED! It's worth it.
  • bleach episode 52 review

    this episode is one of my favorites for many many reasons. one of these reasons is because i love bankai's. i have been spawning off of each and every bankai that has appeared in this story arc. Renji's bankai is "baboon king Zabimaru" it actually doesnt resemble a baboon at all. it is a giant snake like creature that is connected in seperate parts by renji's spirit energy. Byakuya's bankai is a bigger form of Scatter, Senbonzakura. It is 1000 blades breaking up into a countless number of pieces and attacking at once, deadly to say the least. in the end, renji loses to byakuya, but proves his worth in the process. overall, this is a great episode that is definetly worth watching.
  • it was basically a fight between renji and byakuya.

    the morning of Rukia's sentence arrives.Abarai renji has completed his training and is heading toward soukyoku hill to stop the execution.he is intercepted by byakuya whgo tells him not to even try rescuing rukia and tries to finish him off with a flash step.much to byakuya's surprise,renji counters him.then he releases zabimaru's looks pretty cool.then byakuya and renji start seems like renji is gaining the upper hand.but byakuya shows off his prowess in demon magic by using a couple of cool moves.but renji still does not give up.then byakuya unleashes his own got see what it looks like for destroys renji's in seconds.he survives but is barely able to stand up.and he is unable to re-summon bankai.however,he manages to get his sword on byakuya's body.but he is still unhurt as renji does not have enough power to keep his blade in one piece.renji then collapses and byakuya leaves for soukyoku hill.this episode introduces kuchiki byakuya's bankai and shows us exactly why he is one of the most famous captains of the 13 squads.i didn't give this episode a full 10 only because the fight is not as cool as the ichigo-byakuya fight that's gonna come up.
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