Season 6 Episode 1

Reopening of the Substitute Business! The Terrifying Transfer Student

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 10, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Started of bad, ended strong, but perhaps not strong enough.

    As always, the slice of life parts to Bleach are always so...artificial. At first they seem to have all the ingredients to having some good high school scenes, but the characters are just so obscene that they almost seem, well, fake. It wasn't better knowing that those stuffed animal leftovers from the Bount arc made it over; I was hoping anything that had to with that dreaded arc would have rid itself. Fortunately the episode recovered from total mediocrity towards its end with Ichigo encountering his new classmate, Hirako, who has the powers of a shinigami himself. And then another twist pops up as Ishida's dad appears to save his ass from annihilation. It started off bad, ended strong, but perhaps not strong enough.
  • Yayyyyyyyy! FINALLY we finish with the filler episodes.... whew... ANYWAYS...

    Hey everyone!! Oh myyy! If that man at the very end was indeed the person Uryu said he was.... Wahh!! They look very similar, don't they?? Hmm... I wonder if he's a Quincy... But he's NOT!! cause everyone said he (as in Uryu) was the last Quincy... the VERY last. hmmm... OH!! WOW!! Watch the Next episode!! Hurry! YOU get so much out of it!! yayyy!! now we should.... finally GET OUR ANSWERS!!! yaaayyy!!

    But... when you really DO watch the next episode.... it might really make you mad like it did with me....

    Wow... father and son... they really DO look alike....
  • Hirako, a new transfer student, attacks Ichigo and reveals himself as the Vaizard, Shinigami who cross Hollow borders. Kon is being chased by a Menos, while Ishida is almost killed by one but saved by his father, a Quincy.

    Two new characters and some fresh returns of characters give this episode a fresh start from the Bounto fillers. Hirako as a Vaizard puts us back on track to the manga, and also reminds us of what happened in the first arc of Bleach. Ishida's father's appearance is just surprising and unexpected, and possibly directs our attention back to Ishida, who has been powerless for some time. The combination of Keigo's overly enthusiastic greeting, followed by Ichigo's nonchalant and rather painful return, brings back memories of the beginning episodes. This, in addition to Inoue's cheerful "Good morning!", Chizuru's harrassment of Inoue, the head-knuckling of Ururu, among other familiar occurrences, are powerful in the lead back to the past.

    Art is fresh and nicely drawn, compared to the fillers. The bright colors of school contrast well with Hirako's sudden attack in the evening. Hirako is drawn with intention of human as well as supernatural. For example, he appears to have normal facial features, until you notice that his teeth look strangely like a hollow's mask. Scenes with hollows look very familiar; shading looks much like the beginning's hollow's. Finally, Ishida's father's face is revealed to be a cold, Quincy-like appearance.

    Of course, since the episode starts an entire new plot, too much information cannot be presented, and therefore, the episode lacks a bit of depth. Of course, that will obviously be made up for the next episode(s).
  • FINALLY Back to how bleach should be.

    Ichigo going to school, vaizard floating around, giant hollows attacking! Just how it should be. I mean, its pure class the bount saga behind us, apart from a few characters, now the arrancar arc! Don't you just love the entrance Uuyrus? uuryu? The quincys dad coming out of the blue. Anyway, this episode shows exactally why i watch the show, it has action, to stupidity and all out comedy. I wish this show would air more frequenty!! Vaizard rule, i don't understand why he attacks ichigo tho, i think its because hes testing him, but its all good!!! For die hard bleach fans it goes without saying, but for those who watch it now and again! Now is the time to get fully into it!

  • This episode has been the best since the bounto filler arc ended (well, it's been the only episode since the bounto arc ended)

    I got a tad bored when they returned to school. It was as if nothing had changed. Tatsuki learns she can see Ichigo in his Shinigami form. This was an interesting plot twist, but it seems as thoug every one will eventually see Shinigami and such. This new student bugged me from the beginning when he showed up the episode before. That grin of his really creeped me out. We then find out he is part Shinigami, part Hollow. Mean while, Kon gets to run around in Ichigo's body, which is a bad idea, considering what he did to his body the first time Kon used it in the first season. The best and most nerve-wracking part was when Ishida got attacked by a Hollow, which is also bad considering he lost his powers as a Quincy, only to be saved.......... by his father!!!! I'm excited to see what happens with Ichigo and this new kid and on the edge of my seat to see what happens when Ishida is reunited with his father (and not necessarily in the best way.)
  • Ichigo is back in the real world killing hollows and going to school.

    Episode 110 was a great episode and sets up the next season. With the introduction of new characters and some old ones returning the sense of something big is about to happen in the future of ichigo. After the whole bounto "filler" story we are right back in why we watch bleach. Huge battles, ichigo getting stronger, and intriging characters that make you feel a contection to them. After the bounto story concluded i was wondering how the writers would pick up the story in bleach and i have to say they have done a good job at it. If your a true bleach fan you'll love this episode.
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