Season 3 Episode 9

The Reviving Lion

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • An underrated filler episode.

    Is this episode filler? Yes. Does it suck? Not entirely. In fact, I found it a nice chance of pace from the usual Bleach dosage I get because I thought the humour in this episode was actually funny. No, it wasn't just funny, it was hilarious! The dialogue and writing in this episode is noticeably better and more well constructed. It actually looked like an actual comedy team wrote the show. Basically, the first half was classic. The second half? It went back to Bleach's usual unfunny slapstick comedy, so that got some points docked off. Though the scene where Jinta is getting punished literally made me laugh out loud.
  • Yet another unecessary episode about Don Kanoji. Don Kanoji and his recuits are with Kon when a hollow attacks him. They save the day.

    I'm so sick of all of these filler episodes. Don Kanoji yeah it was enjoyable the first time he appeared but his showing up again and agian is painful. I"m sure most fans of Bleach will agree these filler episodes are stopping us from seeing what we started watching in the first place. Ichigo and Rukia and Orihime and Uryu and Chad and the Soul Society! I really don't understand why half of this series is fillers, when there are more than enough chapters in the manga to make episodes from. Currently there are 298 chapters of bleach. However episode 147 just started a mini-filler arc. Doesn't make sense and yes i'm irritated. Some fillers are good but after a while you want to skip them and get back to the show.
  • What's with Karakura King?

    ok, so it is kinda funny. It's just unfortunate timing. I cannot express how little interest I have in a filler in the middle of this great Soul Society arc. I can't say that it appeals to me, but I gave it a chance; I watched it knowing full well that not Ichigo nor Chad nor Orihime, nor anybody else important would show in the episode. Watching it with that mindset helped me enjoy it a little better. Man, Don Kanonji sure is desperate. It's not worth staying up until midnight, but it's okay to watch if you have some free time.
  • Don Kanoji is back!

    Don Kanogi comes back to Ichigo's town becuase he is suffering from a ratings slump and he first recruits Kon and the rest of the team apart from Karin. After doing a few training exercises with Kon being victimised. Kon or (Karukara King, I think) runs away and is captured by a Hollow that is about to eat him, when Don Kanoji and the others save him. The Hollow then causes a tornado and they try to get out and and the bazooka girl throws Kon, Jinata hits him with a bat and then Karin saves the day (she comes earlier) and kicks Kon, which then destroys the tornado and the Hollow is defeated.

    Overall, an O.K filler epi
  • kon's in it? :\

    quite a lame ep i'd have to say. sure the centipede like hollow was pretty cool... but come on, that 'bwahahaha' dude is just lame (his name escapes me cuz he's so lame). well, thats just my opinion... means nothing :\ i was really hopin it could have ichigo's training. but of course not.
  • This weeks episode featured Kon, Karin, Yuzu, Don Kanonji, and the younger boy and girl from the Urahara shop. Don Kanonji is in a ratings slump and needs to add young "heros of justice" to make his show more succesful. The 5 battle with a centiped hollow

    This episode was not unusual to the series, as almost every episode in the series so far has had some comedic elements. I suppose its purpose was to advance the characters who are not in the spirit world a little further, Ichigo\'s sisters primarily. Of course while watching this episode I was foaming at the mouth wanting to know what was going on with Ichigo\'s Ban Kai training. Unfortunatley I will have to wait another week to see what has become of Ichigo, as Rukia\'s execution draws near. Overall I thought this was an entertaining, light hearted episode, that was not painfull to watch ... but what was up with the hollow in this episode? It seemed like the writers made it seem too human to actually be an evil hollow IMHO.
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