Season 6 Episode 5

Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Good episode.

    The first episode in a while that didn't bore me with its excessive talking and artificial slice of life stuff, that must be a first, and hopefully a good sign of things to come. The fighting in the beginning was pretty interesting for a while, but was a bit muttered with, what else, dumb talking with Yami's big trap not shutting up. Overall though it was still entertaining. The episode hit a huge stop when it showcased Yoruichi doing nothing but eating food for a good straight 2 minutes, that part was super dumb. But then it ended strong, and for once, the artificial slice of life stuff between the Soul Society shinigami who came to aide Ichigo as they're walking down the school hall was actually pretty funny and entertaining. Overall, a good episode!
  • yaaaayyyy! poor ichigo-san..... feeling depressed and all... mm... i wonder if the shinigami can do anything to help...

    i completely agree with them though!! he's always needing looking after.. maybe they should go and punch some sense into him... wahhh! but no one knows about his biggest problem... or so it would seem... all because of that annoying habit of his to swallow every thing up and bottle it inside him so that it doesn't hurt anyone... *sigh* poor thing... no one can really do anything for him but his own self.... yaaaayyy! i adore the shinigami... chiuuu! ... ehe.... hey, but has anyone noticed? at the end, when *they* all burst in, ... ummm.... well... all the "normal" students are still in the room.. ehehe....
  • Ichigo attempts to defeat Yami. He is rescued, but Yami and Ulquiorra are done with their mission and leave. Later, a new team of Soul Society captains and vice captains arrive.

    Ikkaku, Renji, Rangiku, Toushiro, Yumichika, and Rukia, the namesake for this episode; which, by the way, only shows a few seconds of her. Hmph. However, Bleach episodes have always found the best cliffhangers to be the arrival of favorite characters; remember when Rukia saved Ichigo from Yoshino? That ended at the end as well. Anyway, I loved the coloring of this episode, and also the animations. Fight quality is upped in this episode compared to the Bounto series and the previous episodes, and is totally fresh. The arrival of the Soul Society Shinigami also was well drawn, with heads and arms and this gigantic chest (otherwise known as Rangiku) shown before their actual identity is revealed. Although I knew who they were from the voices, it was still gleefully frustrating to wait for their actual appearance. Great episode; this is why I watch Bleach.
  • In this episode the soul society team Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku, Toushiro and Rukia were finely came to the real world after we been waiting for them to be in human clothes from the seen in the beginning song

    In this episode the soul society team Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku, Toushiro and Rukia were finely came to the real world after we been waiting for them to be in human clothes from the seen in the beginning song, ichigo was so shocked when he saw them as that he was replaced his body for a giga that what I think he is cause he looked like he didn't know what they talking about when they mentioned the arrancars.
    It was the first time I see Urahara and Yourichi fighting together although they were a strong couple by making the tow Arrancars run away
  • Ichigo learns a bit more about what he's up against and some new characters arrive. An extremely well-paced and varied episode that's lots of fun and sets the scene for the next arc. By far the best episode since the filler arc ended.

    This episode inclues a wicked battle, last minute rescues, and some serious butt-kicking. There is bankai, high-flying acrobatics, and delicious hint-dropping about Aizen's plans. Ichigo and Inoue angst and characters and audience alike begin to realize just how uphill the battles they're fighting will be (including inner demons). However, the forboding tone provides exciting tension without getting overwhelmingly grim, and thus recovers well from the prior episode's filler feeling. Add perfectly in-character humor and an exciting twist to end the episode and this is exactly why I watch this show. On the technical side, much of the cinematography, including dramatic cuts and use of black and white, is very well done. I particularly liked the framing near the end of the episode. Look out for some great music during the fight, too. There is a tedious moment with Yoruichi that was probably supposed to be funny, but instead provides a very boring low point smack in the middle of an otherwise flawless episode.
  • well as you have seen from the last ep, 2 new enemies have appeared in the real world,the Varizzard and Arricand (i think),Ulquidrra and Yami both have amazing powers and almost killed chad, and were about to kill Inoue but Ichigo makes a dramatic entry

    Ichigo starts off with what i think is the first time in the real world (could be wrong i cannot remember if he did in the Bounto arc) his..... BANKI!!, fighting against Yami he looked liked he was going to win, with his Hollow wanted to come out, trying to keep it under control he was getting his *** kicked by Yami, and then who comes..... Yorichi and Kisuke holding the two off for a while and also trying to heal everyone there, they left as Ulquidrra said there mission was done, mean while Ichigo is wondering if he is to weak to try and protect Chad and Inoue, and after a while someone makes there comeback to the real world after the Bounto arc , it is not Renji (but he still showed up) but is was RUKIA!!
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