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  • Best show ever

    Loved it
  • want new season of bleach

    I saw bleach it is very good anime but only 3episodes ,we want more ,we want a new season
  • 4 Words

    The Final Getsuga Tensho !!!
  • we want new season of bleach

    i like bleach ....... but in only in 366 episodes its end,,,,,,,,,,, we watn more like naruto & naruto shippden , dargon ball ,z,gt ,kai ,.......... make new season of bleach .............. we want more new episodes of bleach,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Bleach.

    I honestly like Bleach. In fact, I wait everyday to hear of some information that it will be airing again. It is far from the best anime, but a good enough one to introduce someone in the genre. I liked the series for the most part, but there were some instances that I believe could have been fixed. One, in the Arrancar Arc I honestly think the supporting roles should have gotten a little more screen time, and Orihime not being so useless in the end of it. I mean, in the manga she healed someone who's top half was destroyed, yet she can't heal a simple hole in someone's chest? I honestly thought that was off. I would have been perfectly fine if Orihime was incapacitated in some way to prevent healing him. Now for her kidnapping by Aizen, I Honestly think Aizen would have been better off killing her. She rejects phenomenon so wouldn't she be a dangerous person if she escaped and honed her skills? Aizen may be a pretty decent villain, but to be honest, he's a bit stupid at times. The Filler of the anime was interesting, but not as well written as the canon. The only filler arc I genuinely thought could have been canon was the Bount arc. The series flowed into it nicely and it was executed with some decent story telling. Now for my main gripe about the series, it's animation. Tite Kubo's style works well for high production value and manga, not for a 366 episode series. A lot of times the animation was really choppy and looked like cut out moving pieces of paper. The only times the animation shined was during battle scenes where it seemed as though they dumped everything into them. Now I have to admit, the series did start when Computer animation was fairly new, and animation has gotten cheaper to do over the years, which is why the animation of Season 15 was decent, but this doesn't solve the problem that Tite Kubo's style wasn't meant for this kind of long run. In fact, the style looked outright weird for the first 100 episodes. While in the manage, it gradually changed to fit with the smoothness anime was beginning to adapt. Now, I was thinking that if Toei or A-1 pictures got a hold of Bleach, they could do something sort of like DB Kai to shorten the series, and make it more manga accurate, though it will still be over 100 episodes long, at least it would allow more people to watch it. As of right now, the anime has been growing in demand for the largely successful final arc of the manga. It is in my opinion the best written piece out of the series and I hope it will be animated soon, and in high quality too. Overall I give the anime a score of 7.5 for having a good concept, executed in a decent fashion, and having varying degrees of animation from bad to great. The Japanese dub is one of the best I've ever heard, with there rarely ever being a dull moment (Bleach movie 4 has the best animation of all of the franchise, and a good story too, so I suggest you watch it) (Also, Aizen has turned into a badass for once and is playing that role very nicely in the new arc, you should check it out at
  • Don't read this if you're looking for an intelligent review

    So, I think Bleach's anime was decent - what I really fell in love with was the manga (I know, I know, this is supposed to be a review of the anime, but I honestly don't want to talk about that, so I wont). It drew me in immediately and I couldn't stop reading it; it actually played a major part in my life - I can recall so many memories of reading the paper-backs and Jump magazine for hours in my local library (What, I'm poor and can't afford the manga) when I was but a wee lad of somewhere around 12. That's literally how I spent much of my summers: reading manga. However, out of all those manga only several really ever stood out to me, including Bleach. Unfortunately, for reasons that I myself don't entirely remember or understand, I was forced to stop. That didn't stop me from getting all the way through Ichigo's defeat of the main antagonist, though. Years later I returned to the manga to discover that it had become almost completely shit - the author had finally and totally overused deus-ex machina, to the point that literally nothing surprised me any more. "Oh, Ichigo is facing a supremely powerful opponent? He's almost dead? Well, fuck that, obviously he's going to survive to save the day, Maybe, my issue, though, is not with Bleach specifically - maybe it's just this whole "good guy triumphs over bad guy magically" thing that seems to happen in almost all the shonen that i've read? I think what I've finally realized is that while the manga and anime are totally over-hyped that doesn't change the fact that they mean so much to me (Which is kind of pathetic, don't you think?). So, for those of you who've bothered to read this load of bullshit, thank you for listening and have a nice life. Also, my rating is for the manga more so than the anime.
  • expected story phasing

    I loved it at first but then i got bored on the way how ichigo dies and then resurrected have only watched hundred and few episodes . I realized that i can always predict what will happen next.

    However i can also say that this anime is not so bad because it had science in its story too that also reflects japan's tradition of samurai's and various characters of different situations to relate to. Its just not my type of anime to watch there was that missing feeling of excitement in me whenever i watch.

  • A Sudden Realization

    After being a devout fan of the series, I came to the realization that Bleach is actually a bad manga. Thus, this applies to the anime. It's the "so bad it's good" of anime. Soul Society arc was well written, but every thing after that is just redone version of it. The Gotei 13 are actually a weak organization and Yamato is a really bad leader. Even when Kubo explains some thing, it's complete and utter bullshit. Most of the time, it doesn't even make any sense. You're a fool if you think Bleach is deep, dark, and mysterious. You are just tricked into thinking so. This post will make some geeks flip their lid, but those of you need a take a realistic look at this series. I watched this from beginning to end. My opinion is more than valid.

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  • Y BLEACH is awesome!

    BLEACH is one of the best anime in the .. Because in most of the episode it shows more review about the stories. If u dont want me to spoil then dont read this i honestly hate how ichigo gets stuck in the presentest world he wakes up and i think that a mod soul saved him because there would be no way there could be a present soul in there when he was dead and the scientist poisend the researcher he ate a soul candy and blocked his soul so if u want me to go on then lke and tell me bye....
  • While I think it's a great anime

    It has a few flaws that keep it from being truly great.

    Filler arcs: A lot of anime have filler arcs that delay the main story and keep it running. I do not have a problem with that at all. however, these fillers are unlike anything I've ever seen. These filler arcs actually happen during a main story arc and are not even remotely canon with the series. The only filler arc I remember that never really did this was the Bount Arc.

    Filler Arc stories: Some of these arcs are excellent (even when they interrupt a main story arc) but some are single episodes that don't even make sense. Some of the episodes were even stupid, such as when they did those Halloween themed episodes.

    Continuing after the defeat of Aizen: Seriously, Aizen was an awesome villain and his defeat was perfect to conclude Bleach. After his defeat though, new enemies appeared and even before Aizen's defeat, I saw Bleach's quality decline, especially with the filler arcs.

    Other than all that, it is a great anime that had great action and comedy mixed into one. It also had great openings and music in it and a great cast of characters.
  • Bleach

    (There might be some spoilers

    I have to say I become very picky when it comes to things I watch. It has to have a good story line that makes a little sense, it has to have a good character line. I'm what I consider a witty person so I enjoy witty things. It's one of the many reasons why I enjoy this anime. It can go from being hilarious to serious almost instantly yet still give the show a serious feeling. Here are the things I especially like about it.

    1. The characters are amazing. My personal favorite happens to be Kisuke Urahara. He's the store owner who used to be a soul reaper himself. I feel he has an excellent character design from the voice actor to the personality to the way his character looks and acts. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character and one of the first you see. He also has a very good character design. He's serious but that's what makes him good for the anime. He's serious and he fits the part. When I first saw Rukia show up in the anime, I instantly thought I was going to hate her. She eventually (by eventually I mean, like, one episode later) grew to my liking. She became like a sister figure to Ichigo and even decided to live with him which I thought was a cool idea.

    2. The plot is amazing. I love the plot. It makes sense to me. When she first told Ichigo that he was to become a temporary soul reaper, I was at the edge of my seat. Normally things like that would be cheesy on television but this was actually really good to me. I like how they try to incorporate every character in any way they can. Like when they traveled to the soul society, I liked how each character continued their own stories until they all meet up, still keeping the humor buried under all the action. Kisuke wasn't in over half the season but I felt so happy when I saw him again towards the end.

    3. Now, this is the only thing I didn't like about the show. I felt like when it first started, they were finding any way they can to come up with something new. I felt it was too soon when they introduced the Menos Grande. I felt it was poorly planned.

    I really recommend this anime. It's so awesome!
  • Bleach

    I'm going to say it now: I'm an extremely picky person when it comes to anime. It has to have good art (What I consider good art), a good plot, and well made characters. So when I stumbled upon this anime, I wavered. This is not exactly the art I usually pick, but the plot intrigued me. I mean, is it everyday that you stumble across a plot including shinigamis? No. The answer is actually maybe, but it's not like super common. They are all about heros and crap like that. Anyway, I started watching and I was hooked. Despite the fact of my pickiness, this was GOOD. Good enough to have me watching an all nighter. Though I'm not finished (Episode 93 right now), I can confidently say this is a good anime to watch. (Evem though it is lagging at the episode where I am at, well, it will get better from what I If you need an anime to watch, try this one.
  • bleach is awesome

    bleach is one of my favorit animes to watch. its the the best one yet
  • A great anime

    bleach is not a great anime, it is an awesome anime
  • It's legendary for so many reasons......

    First, Bleach may have deviated from its original purpose a bit as the series progresses, but its original purpose was one of the best I've seen in any manga because the idea of souls, using and connecting with your spiritual energies to do EPIC stuff but then the dark side of the soul, if you feel truly empty and abandoned the good of your soul then the power of your emptiness comes through, as a hollow, so people who review based on bleach as a normal anime just don't get bleach,

    As well that it is a shonen anime shows the clashes between the light and dark, balance is in everything, as for soul reapers, hollows exist, and so fights occur and they are battles of souls and their convictions, not necessarily strenght, such as kenpachi can beat espadas but draws with ichigo, as in he reacts to the opponent and will never go down without his opponent dying as well (but ichigo stlll SOOO should have been poned) and how ichigo can defeat powerful people (but cannot defy the SS or the Espadas without a ton of help because they are too strong) because his character and personality fit with his power, and in response to Az 0k's negative and shallow ideas it is NOT all about speed and power because Szayelaporro uses billions of abilities, so does Aaroniero, the 8th Espada, the one with the controlling power (forgot his name) and most of all Aizen, Tia, Stark, Barrangan, Gin and Kaname just nnoitora and kenpachi are the only ones in the whole of bleach who just use speed and power and grimmjow and ichigo do a bit although they use other abilities as well.

    With the addition of a friend and comedy type manga at the start and in places in later bleach shows life without soul reapers and hollows, but when Tite Kubo adds this in he still shows this manga types reaction because of his thoughtful and troubled atmosphere when he is contacted by the vizards and when tatsuki and karin (through don kanonji) starts to ask ichigo about soul reaper affairs shows the realism with this manga.

    As a final note- In responce to HVAC25000's comment, Naruto is not childish!!!!! i would do another review on that but i should probably be doing homework......

  • Hilarious!!!!!

    Everything about it is hilarious!! The characters, the facial expressions, the lines, the fights, the bickering, and most of characters!!!! There's always a part in every episode where I just have to rewind it over and over and just laugh. An awesome anime!!! :)

  • I'd like to defend my favorite show.

    Well to start off I'd like to say a previous posted comment by a person is completely rediculous. Your clever words would not be able to explain your poor rating. Rating a low score for the brand it belongs to is just childish. I would know because I'm 15 years old.

    Comparing SS arc and HM is a unprofessional review. Stating they are the same is not really the truth. The SS arc Ichigo was the only successful to defeat his opponent as everyone else was useless. HM they all did the share of actually being of use. The arcs might both share "saving the helpless woman" but your story about his opponents are off. 3 digits were "ex-espada" meaning their spot was taken by a different arrancar with slighty up to extremely more power than the previous.

    Ichigo later fought number 6 espada Grimmjow. Why is it a shocker that Grimm is stronger than Ichigo? You were planning every fight to go easily? You were wrong about Ichigo's as well. Ichigo's bankai can probably be infinite if he really wanted to be like that forever. Bankai is all superior to shikai so your story about power and speed is just crap. What else is crap is you comparing the look of Grimmjow and SS3, maybe this show isn't for you. Grimm is a fucking panther not a glowing homosexual that dyes his hair yellow with his energy. You say this guy is supose to be a equal of Renji? Dont make me laugh. Grimmjow is his own person. He doesn't give a flying shit about anyone else.

    Next to talk about is Ulquiorra. He seemed like a man with no emotion. He follows the orders of Aizen and no one else. Sorry to say this shut up with the stupid Ulquihime stories because it won't happen he is clearly confirmed dead when he turned to dust. He would only be compared to Byakuya because Ichigo both times needed the help of his inner hollow to help him win.

    There is a clear mistake in powers when Ichigo being defeated by Yammy but Kenpachi and Byakuya easily defeat Yammy.

    Aizen. Clearly this would be the difference in these arcs. This can also make things even more the same since Ichigo did not kill him. Only difference is Aizen didn't get away. You can say they are the same because the character Aizen is very clever and he both used these as distractions creating these adventures of Ichigo going to save a friend so he can get to his real objective.

    What I did not like was what happened to nel and her just kicked from the story in like 1 episode after finding out what she truly was. They destroyed her importance by turning her to a little kid what is this GT? Her story was really interesting because she was betrayed by a "ally" just because she was a woman, stronger than him, didn't take him seriously, and would not fight him to the death.

    Also it seems you've become a ichime lover. Time to prove some little kids wrong. Sorry to dissapoint you with this and show you a one sided relationship. What is Orihime to Ichigo? Only a friend that goes to the same school he does... thats all. You see all the love from Orihime to Ichigo and automatically think they belong together. She can cry Ichigos name all she wants, but Ichigo does not see her in that way. You might say stuff about him saving her but that wasnt his only objective he set when he went there. Evidence when Grimmjow said "If you were really here to save her wouldn't you have snatch her up and ran by now?" Something like that sorry if it is not the same. He even said I came to stop this war. The only time Ichigo was worried about Orihime was when she turned up missing but wouldn't you be worried if someone you knew went missing?

    Ichigo would have more feelings for Rukia. If it wasn't ment to be that way fault on the writer for misleading the fans with all of this. When Rukia was being taken he would've nearly killed himself if Rukia didn't stop him. The story of Ichigo would be over and no one would like bleach. Rukia was persistent in letting Ichigo live by almost giving her life just to stop Byakuya from delivering the final blow.(giving her life as going with them knowing she will get a harsh punishment) Ichigo went to SS to save Rukia and for nothing else. He didn't want to fight but just to bring her back. Also I would say when Rukia was in the real world Ichigo opened up to Rukia nothing he has done to anyone else(not even his FAMILY!!!) When she wasn't there he always became sad. When she comes back everytime his face lights up with a smile. He says "RUKIA!" with a stupid looking face. Then she always responds with "You fool!" From first meeting her he can't function properally without her by his side telling him what to do. xD beautifully explained right?
  • Its an ok anime

    Bleach in my book is an one of the best action animes that i've seen... the only thing i can say that i do not like about bleach or for most anime for that matter are dubs (not all dub animes are bad) when i see a dub version its like they try too hard or can't bring out the emotion of the character like hollow ichigo... the dub version just don't bring out that insane personality that he has, also fillers some fillers are ok but others are just not cool... i understand that they use it to not jump a head of the manga but its bad when they try to tie it in with the original plot which ends up making no sense... the one thing that tics me off is when people say its a rip off of something or that the show is not believable.... come on people any thing that was created is not 100% original, inspiration has to come from some where and in reality majority of anime has the same or similar underlying theme... and if your looking for reality in anime or cartoon then you have major issues... go watch a damn documentary if you want real but don't complain about irrelevant or unnecessary issues.
  • Ehh (might have spoilers)

    Ichigo Kurosaki has the unusual ability to see ghost and helps those he can. One day Ichigo is draged into a world of Shinigami, Hollows, and Quincy where he struggles to hold on to his humanity whilst fulfilling the duties of a Shinigami. This series is very long (366 episodes) and has alot of fillers in between the main story that Tite Kubo is trying to tell. I did enjoy this series when the main story was actually going on and my favorite arc was the Soul Society arc. Once Aizen captured the show was never the same after.
  • Isn't perfect, but still an amazing anime!!!

    Bleach is definitely one of the best animes today even though it has went a little overboard with the filler episodes. The storyline, the characters and the fight scenes in my opinion make up for the extensive fillers but I do wish they would quit with the fillers or at least make a proper transition from the original storyline to the fillers. I hate it when they just decide to cut the story and all of a sudden switch to a filler and this is the only reason why I don't give Bleach a 10.
  • A legend comes to end

    still cant believe that this amazing masterpieace is over , it really was a one hell of a ride. I envy everyone who hasnt watched it yet because i would do anything to watch it all over again for the first time.
  • Good One!

    I have been addicted to bleach ever since it came out and have all the episodes on dvd so far.... just wish they could bring them out faster... I'm always trying to get other people to watch them with me so they can see how good it is... with something different happening all the time it just makes you want to watch to see how it all ties in at the end

  • Pure Awesome

    I love this anime, It has a lot of action, super powers and a lot more. Ichigo is a easy character to like. And if anyone haven't started looking at this anime must start looking at it now because your missing out on a lot of fun and action. If your looking for romance or love interest in this anime this is not for you. Even though there might be some situations where there might be some love interest it's never clear on it meaning they don't exploit it. But they do have a lot of deep friendship in this anime and that's why its so great. DON'T MISS OUT!!!

    P.S. One con is they have pretty good amount of fillers and sometimes fillers within fillers.
  • Bleach,Good for some. Bad for others.

    First off let me just say,don't complain about Any anime.the producers put a lot of effort into it and we should at least honor it.

    Now,I'm not a hardcore bleach fan,but even i know that it's cool.

    Pros:Decent character development,Good fight scenes.Good plot.and Superb animation.

    It's pretty damn cool.although,

    Cons:Fights could be made a little more fast paced.Plot can be a bit more diverse and the characters need a little more work.This one is in my top 10 anime list.
  • A very good Shonen work, yet ruined by its genre

    Last time I gave Naruto a 1/10, and some people was offended. So this time I’m giving Bleach a 4.2. Before you guys call me an idiot again, let me just say that the highest score I’ll ever give to a Shonen work is 5. Therefore, 4.2 is like a 84%. I also want to say that I feel bad for Kubo the mangaka. This guy has the skills, yet he chose to go for Shonen and by doing so Bleach lost a lot of its potentials. The last thing I want to mention before getting into the review is that this might be my last long review on Shonen works therefore I’ll use it to explain why I despise Shonen in general.


    1 Same as last time, this review will focus mainly on the manga since I only watched the first 10 episodes of the anime but I’m still following the manga. Besides, everyone knows that the manga is better than the anime. I’ll start with the storyline first. Even though the series is not finished yet, the story itself is nicely divided into two major arcs. The first arc is the Soul Society arc (the SS arc), and the second arc, which is still ongoing, Hueco Mondo arc (the HM arc) which will be considered to start right after the SS arc in this review. The SS arc is where Bleach shines the most because of its originality. Most Shonen stories are about a group of teens either starting a journey for stupid reasons (like Battle B-Daman…I feel embarrassed even mentioning its name…) or beating endless bad guys to save the world. Not for the SS arc. The story is straightforward: Rukia was about to get executed by her comrades and Ichigo tried to save her by going into the society and challenging all the Shinigamis. There is no “growing-up” journey, there is no world to save, yet to me saving a dear friend is more captivating and realistic than all the other Shonen stories I’ve encountered. The best part is that Kubo is able to create about 180 chapters for this arc and the word “confusion” is nowhere to be found. This is what I call a good story planning. A good mangaka knows how to plan ahead and knows, even before he/she starts the first chapter, where the story should go for the next 179 chapters. Allow me to take you through what happened in this arc. It started off with Ichigo absorbing Rukia’s Shinigami power due to an accident which I’m sure you are all familiar with. The subsequent few chapters served as fillers and were mainly revolved around Ichigo helping Rukia to kill off Hollows since she lost all her power. The purpose of the fillers is clear: to introduce the world and all the main characters in the hero’s group. The fillers didn’t last very long, which is very good for a Shonen manga, and the main storyline soon kicked in. Byakuya appeared and Rukia was taken back into the Soul Society. The real arc started from here. Ichigo decided to go into the Soul Society and to save her. Once he was in the main city, Kubo prepared four fights for him: first with Ikkaku, then with Renji, then with Kenpachi, last with Byakuya, each one stronger than the previous. Now I’m not here trying to praise on how great or how complicated this story is. You have to realize Bleach is still a Shonen, it is no E7, and the story IS pretty simple. What I’m trying to get here is that the story is laid out in a very organized manner. Instead of dragging the story on and on and on like Inuyasha, Kubo clearly knows where he wants the story to go and he loyally followed his plan. And the story flows beautifully accordingly. This is no easy task if one really thinks about it. The story itself is not some typical Shonen stories you can drag on forever. We are talking about Ichigo challenging the entire SS, that’s it. How to keep the story going for 180 chapters, at the same time not to bore the readers a bit, requires a lot of creativity and planning ahead. You have to give credits to Kubo at least for what he did with the SS storyline.

    Then comes the HM arc, where the series started going downhills. Seriously, if Bleach ended right after Rukia was saved, I might have given it a higher score say 4.5. It would be a great saga about friendship packed with not the best but still very very good actions. Instead Kubo decided to prostitute himself, and we have the HM arc. Now what else can I say about HM arc except it’s a rip off of the SS arc? Sure, the action is getting more intense, and Ichigo is getting stronger and stronger. But it is still the same story, with Ichigo trying to save another friend of his—Orihime this time. The group is also going into another foreign land, this time instead of the Soul Society we have HM which hasn’t been mentioned at all prior to the arc and I was like “huh…why would hollows have a mansion…?”. What about Ichigo’s fights? Well, so far it is still pretty similar to what we had in the SS arc. The first fight he had in the SS was with Ikkaku, the third seat in the 11th division, in other words a weakling. So now in the HM arc he fought with a loser from the 3-digit division first. The second fight he had in the SS was with Renji, Lieutenant of the 6th division. The second fight he had in HM is with Grimjow right now, the 6th espada. I bet the next fight is going to be him Vs. Ulqi, because the third fight he had in the SS arc was with Kenpachi, not the strongest but still very very strong. Then Ichigo is going to fight with the top espada who corresponds to Byakuya in SS arc and then finally Aizen. Also note that in both arcs Ichigo always had a traitor beside him. In the SS arc was the guy from the 4th division and now we have the little hollow. Thus basically it’s the SS arc all over again, and at least for me, I’ve lost not all but most of my interests in Bleach these days. The only thing that still keeps me going is that I like the hollow Ichigo character and would like to see him fight again. I also like Orihime but for different reasons (see the character discussion part). Besides that, I don’t really care about what’s going to happen next.

    Another thing I’d like to comment on is the change in the fighting styles going from the SS arc to the HM arc. It’s not really included in the storyline but I don’t know which aspect this thing belongs to so I’ll just write it here. I mean, the best action scenes to date are still those in DBZ. So nowadays what people usually do is to avoid what’s already been done in DBZ and think about other ways of physical fighting. Sure it’s not going to be as spectacular as DBZ but what it lacks it makes up with innovation. Kubo did a good job in Bleach, at least in the SS arc. The most important aspect of the actions in the SS arc is that different people have totally different forms of power, which is demonstrated in the various Bankai releases. For example, Ichigo can either have superior speed or superior power but never both at the same time in his Bankai (I’m not talking about HM arc here). Byakuya’s bankai is more focused on ranged attack and cookie cutters with speed. Sure there might be some overlap but overall each character has his or her own distinct skills. All these are lost in the HM arc. In this arc, power and speed is everything, which basically contradicts what had been set up in the first arc. Tell me one thing that is unique about Ichigo’s Vizard state except it’s faster and has higher raw power. The most ridiculous thing in Bleach was when Ichigo outsped by Grimjow yet Ichigo was supposed to be the fastest in his Bankai form, at least that’s what I got from reading the SS arc. I mean, I don’t mind Grimjow beating Ichigo, but surpassing him in speed just doesn’t make any sense to me after Ichigo spent all that time finally achieved his Bankai state. These days in Bleach, speed and power have become the only determinant on who is stronger. With the loss of the variety of the skills, the fights themselves are getting more and more boring because we already have this in DBZ with much better actions. Also speaking of the similarity between HM arc and DBZ, doesn’t Grimjow’s released form look a lot like SuperSaiyin 3 in DBZ, with the eyes and the long hair and everything? I was practically laughing when I saw him like that.

    One more thing before going into the characters. The power of the arrancars seemed to be a little too strong. The non-espada arrancars are OK. It makes sense that only the Shinigamis with Bankai are able to kill them since they are indeed transformed from Menos which are usually handled by captains. I’m talking about Espadas here, especially from Ichigo’s perspective. During the SS arc, Ichigo defeated Kenpachi in his normal state. When faced with Byakuya, he still did very well in the beginning, and he only lost that battle (yes he did lose that battle, no question there) because at that time he couldn’t last his bankai very long. The conclusion is that if Ichigo can manage to increase his Bankai duration, he should be able to defeat Byakuya, who was portrayed as the final boss of the SS arc and the strongest Captain. However, Ichigo got his ass kicked by Grimjow even in his Bankai form during their first battle, and GJ didn’t even release. Later on Ichigo became a Vizard and greatly increased his power, and it’s true that he was stronger than released GJ in this form, but only a little as shown in Chapter 256. Therefore I wonder if SS even stands a chance against Espadas. Ichigo can beat Byakuya in his bankai form, yet he barely beat the 6th Espada in his Vizard form. There seems to be a huge power gap between the captains and the Espadas. I’m sure Byakuya, Kenpachi, and Hitsugaya will make their appearances later on in the series due to fans’ demand, most likely fighting an Espada as well, but how is Kubo going to pull it off when the Espadas are already being portrayed this strong? 1
    Now characters. This is what sets Bleach below 5/10 and is the main reason why I despise Shonen in general. To create characters with a certain depth, one must have a lot of life experience in order to understand the meaning of life, at least to some extent, otherwise you end up with Naruto. As I said many times already in this review, Kubo is no 20-year-old amateur mangaka. This guy has the skills to portrait realistic characters. You can tell that he really wanted to add real souls into his characters, yet these characters don’t fit in the Shonen genre so he basically gave up. Same as the storylines, I’ll discuss the two arcs separately because there are some changes in the characters between the two arcs. For the SS arc, all of the characters are still very close to the stereotypical Shonen characters that are not even worth discussing because there is nothing to talk about. We have a male lead who always makes rash decisions. We also have a cutie who has a good heart but kinda slow (Orihime in case you don’t know). The male lead has a rival too, who competed with him for cheesy reasons. The problem with all these characters, and this is also what I meant by characters with no depth, is that they often have less than five personal traits. The excessive appearance of this type of characters in Shonen works is because the mankaga wants to make their characters more heroic and more appealing to younger readers. What’s lost in doing so is the human touch which is what connects the characters with readers like me. I hate to reiterate this again and again, but if we can’t see ourselves in the characters and the things he/she does, then we won’t be able to make that connection. What makes us human is that we have a full range of emotions, and by having a character with only a few personalities, the connection is lost. Now the characters in Bleach are not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s nowhere near good. For example Ichigo, he makes rash decisions and sometimes behaves irrationally, he cares a lot about his friends and family, he is also arrogant, and that’s probably all there is to this guy. See what I meant by “nothing to talk about”? I would love to go deep into the characters and talk about their personalities but I just can’t do it with Shonen. Kubo did try to make him more realistic using all the fillers, you have to give him credits for at least trying. But he failed. The personalities that are supposed to come out of those fillers don’t have anything to do with the Ichigo later in the series, and I feel really sorry for Kubo because some of the fillers actually have some great potentials. For example, one filler chapter introduced Ichigo’s past and how he lost him mom. This one actually touched me a little considering it is a Shonen work. Ichigo’s fear of facing his past and him blaming himself for his mom’s death is well portrayed. Yet Kubo decided to drop this, along with other traits in those filler chapters. Indeed, we never see his connection with his mom ever again, and it’s such a good story to explore. I’ll tell you why Kubo did this though. He wanted to add depth into his characters, but he is afraid that by going too deep the readers won’t be able to understand what’s going on (thanks to the general stupidity of todays’ anime fans btw). So he hesitated, and ended up with these half-developed characters. 1
    However, there is one person in Bleach who does seem to have a soul and who started to shine right after the SS arc. I was really surprised by this, considering her role in the SS arc was her big breasts and her stupidity, and I already stated that I don’t really like the whole HM arc. I guess you readers have already figured out who I am talking about here. That’s right, this special person is Orihime. In the HM arc, Kubo did a very good job in portraying Orihime’s feelings towarda Ichigo yet not begging for sympathy. And this time, he didn’t hesitate on adding depth. Orihime clearly loves Ichigo, yet she is too shy to confess. More importantly, Ichigo obviously cares about Rukia a lot, and Orihime is afraid that she might ruin the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia by revealing her feelings, which again illustrates how much she cares about Ichigo. Yearning for love yet afraid to love, this is her role in HM arc, and a great personal conflict this is. From the look on her face when she was healing Rukia and seeing how worried Ichigo was, to her confession to the unconscious Ichigo on the night before she went to HM (perhaps the most touching moment in Bleach, I almost cried when she didn’t kiss Ichigo), Kubo has certainly shown that he does have the skills to develop realistic characters. The reason why she appears so real is that Kubo used a completely different approach to develop her character compared to all the others. No flashback, no inner world, but all from her facial expressions, her decisions, her thoughts, her behaviors, and her dialogues. And really, that’s how we get to know another person in real life. Rarely do we know a person’s past or his/her inner world, yet by observing the person’s appearance we start to make connections. However, this is why I hate HM arc. We have such a beautiful and well-developed character here, yet the story is not even focused on her. I mean, if I were Kubo, the relationship between Ichigo and Orihime would be the central theme of HM arc. Then Bleach would probably become the greatest Shonen work in history, or maybe even go beyond the Shonen genre. I’m not saying to turn Bleach into a romance story, fights should be retained, but more importantly the emphasis should be place on the characters’ emotion and interactions. Yet besides these shining scenes reserved for Orihime, the entire arc so far seems to be irrelevant to her at all. The focus of the HM arc is still about Ichigo’s group and all these mindless fightings. What I can’t accept even more is that we still don’t know how Ichigo feels about Orihime. Just exactly why is he going through all these troubles to save her, and don’t tell me it’s for the same reason when he tried to save Rukia. I can tell you guys right now there is absolutely nothing going on between Ichigo and Rukia, they are just good friends, even a blind guy can tell this. Yet Kubo still hasn’t revealed any of Ichigo’s feelings or thoughts toward Orihime. It would suck totally if it turned out to be a one-sided love as a conclusion because not only all the effort on developing Orihime but also the only potential of HM arc will be ruined.

    The art style is pretty decent in the manga. True, it’s not the best one I’ve seen. It also lacks some details in terms of shadows and textures. What it lacks in details it makes up by offering a very crisp style which I find enjoyable. For anyone wishing to go into the anime/manga business, the art style in Bleach is certainly a good place to start imitating. The anime somewhat lost this crispness. The graphics isn’t that good either. Some details in the background are missing. The characters sometimes seemed to be moving on a still hand-drawn background too. It also seems that they tried to integrate some 3D cells into the background design but the thing with 3D is that it can look amazingly good in a pro’s hand, but it can also look awkwardly uncomfortable if the person is not a pro. And whoever doing the background design for the anime is certainly not a pro. However, I only watched the part before they entered the soul society and I did hear the graphics was getting really good later on. Therefore I won’t judge this work in terms of its anime graphics. Same for the music.

    Other technical stuff about Bleach. First the humours. I don’t find the ones in Bleach as annoying and disgusting as that in Naruto. However, they are still not very funny to me. I can tell that Kubo does try to make the humours more mature, but since he chose to create a Shonen work, inevitably they still belong to those traditional Shonen gags. Examples include Orihime sometimes talking like a 2-year-old, Hiyori’s beating on Shinji, Ichigo’s spontaneous and rash decisions in the beginning of the series, etc. The good thing about these gags in Bleach is that they are not as exaggerated as in other Shonen works such as Slam Dunk or Dragon Ball, which helped to keep the characters more realistic and which also shows Kubo is doing his best to keep Bleach as mature as possible even in Shonen genre. The dialogues are definitely another shining spot. Some of the lines are really beautiful and actually have a certain depth in them, which are rarely found in this genre. The one I liked the most is the one about how people are similar yet dissimilar, and he used the analogy of magnets and water. Orihime’s confession in front of the unconscious Ichigo is also touching too. The problem with these lines is that they don’t really fit in with the characters because the characters still belong to those stereotypical Shonen types. Sometimes it feels a little fake seeing these lines coming out of those characters’ mouths. However that’s the problem with the characters. The lines themselves are perfectly fine.

    Overall, Bleach is a good Shonen work. The SS arc is certainly very intereting and even though it is getting more and more boring , also more and more repetitive these days, it still beats other Shonen works out there. Some depth can also be associated with this work thanks to Kubo. I will follow Bleach to the end, and if you are into this genre, Bleach is definitely something you should check out.
  • Man......The show sucks.

    I was a bleach addict till episode 167 but once those additional arcs which made no sense started happening, the show got worse and worse until I gave up trying to justify it in front of my friends and became a critic myself. Damn stupid show!!!!!
  • Disapointing

    Bleach was first considered good in my books, but now it's going downhill. Not only that, but it's very unrealistic. I understand that this is just a manga/anime, but really? ichigo loses like 1 milk carton of blood,says something like "my vision is getting blurry" and next thing you know 10 chapters later hes gotten cut,beaten,and so many other things, yet he still manages to win the fight.Another thing would be every single character, just gets stronger and stronger just like that. within a blink of an eye.yep.makes perfect sense.The story has just drifted farther and farther away from the original idea.Although i am impressed about how many characters there are all with there own power.that's all folks.
  • Ichigo, a typical rebellious teenager is gifted with the ability to see and sense spirits. In a moment of desperation, he is given the powers of a death god, and his life would never be the same.

    Bleach. It has become one of the most popular and watched animes on the charts, and I simply had to find out what was so good about it. I have watched all the way to episode 65, and so I have a pretty good grasp on this show. Bleach was nothing brand spankin' new in my book. It had the typical shonen hero who happened to be a rebellious thug infamous for how hard his punches were. He was commonly ridiculed for the color of his hair, which affected the number of friends he had in his life negativly. Amazingly, his life took a gut wrenching twist when he met Rukia, who happened to be a full fledged shinigami. Because desperate times call for desperate measures, Ichigo, the main character, was given these powers to save his family from demon like creatures named Hollows.

    Later in the anime, things didn't become much more original. I will not mention any spoilers in this review, but only that the typical themes of past shonen animes were very much used, including physical training through a master who happened to be incredibly famous and strong (not to mention he was a stud when he was younger), and Ichigo undertaking many tests and quests that constantly brought me to a De Ja Vu.

    This anime entirely reflected a LOT of ideas used in animes such as Yu Yu Hakusho, and it really disappointed me.

    However, this show was full of really cool looking characters that really complemented each other. I enjoyed looking at them. The bad thing about that though was that there were simply TOO many characters introduced at one time, I can't even remember half of their names.

    If you like action packed, ghost-bustin, fist beating animes , then you'll definelty like Bleach. However, do not expect anything completely original from this show. Sadly, I'm afraid to say Bleach is extremely overrated.
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