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  • A Boy fighting the evil

    This is one of the best anime shows on the planet I'm almost sure of it. The first time I swa "Bleach" I hated it. But the second time I loved it. It soon became one of my favorite anime shows. The storyline here is exelent. And the story keeps getting better and better by every season. So if you are a fan of japanees shows or animation shows you should most deffenatly see "Bleach"
  • This show is about a kid named Ichigo Irazaki that was turned into a soul reaper or death god by a girl named Rukia, that was once a soul reaper.

    This show is sweet. One of the best shows I have watched in a long time. However I still like naruto better but it is one of my favorites. Rukia is hot! hot! hot! But Orihemi is hotter!!!! Because she has hugo knockers! Soul Reapers are sweet if they were real I would be one when I died... Or would I be a hollow? who knows... . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . ,. , . . .. . . . . .. .
  • This is a wonderfully addictive anime!

    The plot may be the way overused "I see dead people" story ,but this show can make up for that.Here are just a few reasons why this is such a great show.The fight scenes are must see TV and it has plenty of humor to keep things from getting too stressed.It's soundtrack deserves to be in everyone's CD collection.The characters are pretty unique (How many shows can you name with a talking,walking,wanna-be playboy stuffed lion?)The animation is good too.To top it all off the English dub wasn't half bad.If you need more proof of the power of BLEACH watch an episode.
  • An anime that finally grabs my attention...

    While I'm not much for anime in general, I found Bleach to be an exception to the rule. I first discovered the dubbed version on [Adult Swim] during a marathon. After a few episodes I was hooked.

    Since then I've moved on to the more authentic subtitled version. Bleach weaves an excellent, yet traditional (albeit modern) tale of unprecedented power. The main character, Ichigo struggles with his own existence until his world is turned around.

    Without revealing too much of the plot to new-comers, Ichigo can see spirits. When he sees someone attacking bad spirits that no one else can see everything changes. Ichigo then begins to defend those he loves against these spirits as he finds his power from within.

    Bleach is an interesting premise and I can recommend it to anime and action fans alike.
  • this is a great show not my fav but pretty good

    i like the the orange haired kid (ichago i think) his sword is so darn kool it like a uper sword and his sword cand talk and say it name that kool i wood like to have a sword like that also hes half hollow that pretty kool the sow is over all pretty good WHAT! only 57 words this is an out rage i m so un happy well ill half to sat more a buoght bleach then well what else is there is there ummmm welll hes kool his mom died thats sad all done (srry if theres spelling mistakes =P)
  • Well, This show is half funny and half action. And One word COOOL! I love this show. You need to watch the first Episode to Understand it Beacause you might not understand one thing they say. Well lets just go to the Review.

    Ichigo is my favorite character or however you spell it. He is cool with his Orange Hair and stuff! Oh and his huge Japaneese Sword! My favorite show is when he beats up people that killed a little girl. It was so funny! Oh and the part on the first episode when his dad kicked him in the face it was so funny and I almost crapped my pants!
  • Bleach is a well known among anime fans

    Bleach was the first anime i ever watched and was introduced to me by a friend , at first i wasnt sure what to make of it but after getting into each character and there differences its quite addictive , its lengthy storyline along with its originality gives it such a high score for myself , higly recommended people who enjoy anime
  • Ichigo, a human in the real world, crosses borders into the spirit world. He comes a Shinigami, soul reapers who help the dead reach Soul Society. However, there's always the opposing side, against Soul Society, the world, and Ichigo himself.

    Bleach is an anime that combines traditional beliefs and values with modern fantasies. In what other anime can you find a modern-era world that depends on a traditional, ranked world with medieval Japanese weapons and values of afterlife, honor, and true strength; with it, free use of today's world of high school and hanging out with friends? With this foundation, a multitude of characters, short and tall, young and old, liberal and conservative, strong and weak, (and so on), form a complicated political story, where power is tempting to the ones who maintain the stability of the world. Betrayal is not so uncommon, but at every one, still surprises us. The antagonists are never portrayed as evil, while the protagonists make mistakes and assumptions of the enemy and each other. The art is unique as well, with diverse building styles and colorful costumes. Overall, Bleach is something you should watch, and keep on watching; rather, the latter is something you'd choose by the time you settle right into the world of Shinigami and Hollow.
  • Now its borning

    Bleach is anime seris that's simlar to Inyuasha but with a female Insted of a wolf demon, but just so you know editor the guest stars are from Aqua Teen, 12 Oz. Mouse & Courage the Cowardly dog,.

    The reason I watch this is because Rukia is like Eve from the specise movie [beacause both of them are clue-less in modern times]

    Now I think it bornig The red head-kid sounds like Shelly from South Park, The students look like there on drugs & it more Yakkity Yak than Naruto.

    [Adult swim] cancell ,Baby Looney Tunes, & Cybertron.
  • Newly bestowed with the powers of a death god, Kurosaki Ichigo battles the ghosts of the past and new enemies, all while trying to make it through high school. Based on an ongoing manga, BLEACH offers a pleasing combination of complexity and fun.

    The world of Kurosaki Ichigo gets a lot more complicated the day he meets a shinigami ("death god") and realizes that there is a lot more to his ability to see ghosts than he expected. Now with the powers of a shinigami himself, Ichigo battles the ghosts of the past and new enemies, all while trying to make it through high school.

    I have been addicted to BLEACH since I saw episode 1 years ago, when the series had just started coming out. Based on an ongoing manga, BLEACH offers a pleasing combination of complexity and fun. The characters are round and interesting. The heroes and villians alike are loveable but have their foibles. The art is not the richest I've seen, but it has its strong moments. This anime does not delve as deeply as it could into questions of morality, philosophy, and other overarching themes that deal with all of humanity; this lack of profundity knocked it down a few notches in my score. If pacing is everything, then BLEACH has struck the right chord, despite a huge filler arc (the Bounto arc) and a few filler episodes here and there (not that Don Kan'onji isn't great for breaking up tension). Background and other interesting tidbits are sprinkled throughout, and the plot is complex enough to have viewers surmising wildly after every hint. Humour is well balanced with drama as a fantasy world is constructed around ghosts, monsters, and death gods. If you can get ahold of them, the Lunar group did the best (IMHO) subtitling job up until the show was internationally licensed around episode 55. Dattebayo is currently subtitling and releasing the newest episodes.
  • One word to describe! "Awesome"

    In this world Death gods(also prnounce as Shinigami in japanese) are stylish, and kickass, they all wear samurai outfit with shining katanas, they fight fast and furios, and story also sometimes is quit funny, good humour I would say, and the story is also quit addictive, no kidding, I love this better than naruto. each of this show is getting better and better, specially the lates episodes.

    If you love anime, and you love good fast pace action, watch this !!
  • Bleach is awesome. Although the name is pretty weird...

    At first when I heard of this show i was thinking ' Huh? Bleach? What kind of silly name is that?' Also, I didn't really like it at first. But then, it just got better and better. I mean even the fillers were good. The dub was also quite decent.The fights are well animated and I love almost all of the characters (with a few exceptions). Only problems are that Kubo Tite (the mangaka) didn't really think out the power levels too well. One moment this guy pawns that guy and then he suddenly gets pawned by another guy. Also, the plot is too cliche an sometimes very preditable although I don't really care about that. As long as Kubo Tite does what I hope he would do XP. Watch it or regret it!
  • it is very intense

    it is an exillerating show full of surprise especially episode 21 where ichigo fights the gatekeeper giant gaurding the passage way to the soul society.the first episode shows about one of the main characters rukia kuchiki meets the the main character ichigo kurosaki when as little girl gets attacked by the monsters called hollows.these monsters are souls that have been inturuppted in there peace then the chain of fate gets destroyedd then they turn to hollows. My personell favorite character is hitsugaya toshirou because he is only 12 and the youngest soul reaper ever. he is also the captain of the 11 division. This is the end of my review
  • Bleach follows the life of Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15-year-old high school student with the ability to see ghosts, and a shinigami (Soul Reaper or, literally, "death god") named Rukia Kuchiki, who crosses paths with him.

    During the ensuing confrontation with the spirit, she is wounded and forced to transfer virtually all of her powers into Ichigo. Thus the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia begin. Together they search for hollows and perform soul burials on wayward souls, cleansing the spirits and sending them to Soul Society. The early parts of the story focus mainly on the characters and their past, rather than the actual occupation of the shinigami. However, as events unfold, the story begins to delve deeper into the world of these gods of death on the "other side" called Soul Society.
  • I recommend this show to anyone who like Sword fight/magic use/and great story and charaecter background that will pull u in every timeu watch a episode u just want to watch another and another till u watch the whole seris, it's not short and not rel long

    This show has everything anime has guys with spikey hair and bad attitude with the haunted pass. Ichigo(the main charaecter) blames himself for his moms deth years ago, then when his best friend Ruikia get capture by the soul socity for the serouis crime she has commentieed and the Ichigo has to go help and bring Ruikia, he gets trained to fight the men that capture Ruikia with many more then that waiting for him at the suol socity.

    Explanation-Ruikia is a soul reaper, is tho save soul and purify the curropted ones by fight them when ruikia gets injuried saving Ichigo. Ruikia gave ichigo her powers to fight off the monsters call hollows(curropted souls) so after awhile the soul socity finds Ruikia and they capture Ruikia, nad nearly killing Ichigo, after that he trained to fight and bring Ruikia back no matter what the cost
  • The show is brilliantly strong in everything apart from the fillers! (Where it is average at best!)

    Bleach in the story (from the manga) cannot be faulted, the animation is great, it has some comic relief in the form of Kon (a modified soul whose location is usually a stuffed lion toy) and each episode always leaves me wanting to see the next one!

    Unfortunately, for me, after the first major story arc, the Soul Society arc, the anime was too close to the manga to continue with the story (the anime would have overtaken the manga) so they introduced the Bount filler arc. Whilst being better than the Naruto fillers which turned me of that anime completely, they still lacked energy and pace and as a filler arc what annoyed me the most is that it lacked progression, even regressing the main character, Ichigo, so that they could rebuild him again.

    Now that the anime has picked up the manga once again I am enjoying this anime more and more (with the exception of a few left over bount arc characters who really need to be written out as soon as possible) and can't wait for each week's episode to come out!

    A Great series for sure, just don't do anymore filler arcs! Please!!!
  • this is a great show.

    bleach is the story of a 15 year old boy named ichigo kurosaki.ichigo has the unusual ability to see ghosts as well as he can see real day,he meets a shinigami(death god) named kuchiki rukiawho tells him about good souls and hollows(souls that turn evil due to sins or a particular darkness in their heart).then,a hollow,looking for ichigo,attacks his family.rukia gets badly injured in the battle and tells ichigo that if he wanted to protect his family,he should become a shinigami.then she stabs him with her zanpakuto(soul slayer) and due to his amazing spirit awareness,ichigo takes away nearly all of her power.then he defeats the hollow with ease.after that,ichigo's life as a shinigami begins.
  • An anime of a young teenager named Ichigo that has the ability to see ghosts at a everyday life and only sees them as an annoyance. Ichigo later meets a deathgod called Rukia after his encounter with her.Ichigo's fate changes when he becomes a death god.

    An anime of such action and storyline. This is a king of show that makes one view of the first episode and it will make them not stop watching, can be addicting when they continue to watch and waiting for the next episode that continues to never disapoint a fan. What more can you ask for when death gods with swords with abilities that nobody can ever dream of fight against their enemies. Reviews from the rest of the members here would say a unbelievable story line and continues to not disapoint you. After the first episode you would be a fan.
  • This show is one of my most favorite animes! Soul Reapers, Gost, demons, sword or zabatou.

    This show is great! I love this show! This show is one of my most favorite animes! Soul Reapers, Gost, demons, sword or zabatou. It has to do with a boy named Ichigo "Strawberry" kursaki (I think i spelled it right). He could see gost for as long as he can remember. One day he learns about hollows from a soul reaper he meets calld Rukia kuchki. Rukia offers to "lend" Ichigo her soul reaper powers. That is when the show begins. Great storyline, funny, and has alot of action. I said starwberry when i said his name because even though they don't say it in the show everyone know a anime is usally based on a manga which is a japanese comic book. You read from right to left and the back cover is the front cover. You read from right to left panels and pages like i said. In the Bleach one they call him Strawberry as his nickanme. Ichigo means one who prtects and strawberry. That just alittle fact.
  • Awsome!

    Bleach is a very young show, but if you look beyond its age you will see that there is more to this show than beats the eye. Like many shows the anime not only brings up an interesting theme (being life and death that is) as well as to the other aspects such as the progressive leap in science that we have made during the last few years.

    Personally i have to say that the reason i like the anime is because of the layers of mysteries that it offers for me to solve. Also i like it for the theme since it is one of the more important questions that that consumes our everyday life on a more continous basis. If you are anything like me you will love the show and pretty much be unstoppable when it comes to having the next episode available for viewing.
  • A workable mix of Japanese mythology, religious themes, and, of course, disenfranchised teenagers!

    I was channel surfing and was fortunate enough to stop on "Bleach" on "Adult Swim", just as the openning theme ("Asterisk" by "Orange Range") was playing. Although I didn't understand a word of the Japanese lyrics, I was enthralled by the rock-rap beat. So, I decided to "stick around" and watch what turned out to be the premiere episode. I was not disappointed!

    Although there is nothing new, style-wise (i.e., it is fairly typical Japanese anime, and even "borrows" much of its evil creatures (called "Hollows") from the likes of the classic animated film, "Spirited Away"), it is nonetheless enchanting, successfully combining the real with the fantastic! From the "real" world, one of the characters, "Chad", looks, sounds, and even acts, like Sylvester Stallone's character "Rocky Balboa" from the "Rocky" movie series!

    I like the story line of a "Soul Reaper", Rukia (one of a group of humans specially trained to "release" the souls of the departed, both good and evil), who is forced to relinquish some of her powers to that of a teenage boy, Ichigo.

    The series is not without its problems, though.

    For one thing, as with most Japanese anime, I am uncomfortable with young girls being overly ogled by males, especially when two of the girls are daughters of a borderline, closet, pedophile father. Worse, there are numerous scenes where males - - including the father - - are seen looking up the skirts of the girls. I don't care if this is "normal" for Japanese society; they should clean-up their act. It is despicable, worthless, and complete unnecessary.

    For another, there is an episode (#7: "Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo") where a spirit, which had been meant to be destroyed, was accidentally "reanimated" inside Ichigo. At first, the audience isn't sure whether the spirit is benevolent or not, especially as it goes on a seeming rampage. But we soon learn that he is a kind soul, whose past combat training should have made him an ally to the series' heroes. However, rather than destory him, he is "allowed" to be kept alive, relegated to live inside a stuffed teddy bear, when he is not in Ichigo (it's complicated!). Why not use him and his fighting skills when necessary? Why was his personality brought down from a fighter to a wimp? If you've never seen "Bleach", and you are confused by this paragraph, then welcome to the club! ;)

    Despite the above reservations, the series not only entertains, but there is an educational factor as well. We get a glimpse of Japanese life - - for better or worse - - through the school and families, and learn something of Japanese (Shinto?) religious aspects.

    I am hooked on the openning theme song, and recommend the series, though not for pre-teens, especially toddlers, who may be frightened by some of the action and ghost slayings. Given the show's late hour on Cartoon Network, it's probably not an issue.
  • One of my most favorite anime of all time

    Bleach has been my favorite anime for a long time now. It has all types of feelings when you watch it. It's exciting, insane, hilarious, bloody, and just really awesome. It has everything I like about a good anime. It only has one true flaw to me but it still does not keep me from giving it a 10. The flaw is there are so many characters that it can be overwhelming at first when watching it but later it becomes easier to remember them. Other than that its perfect in my opinion. Full of twists, and really awesome battles that will keep you watching. I recommend any anime fans to watch this show.
  • Simply love the show!

    Wow, what can I say about Bleach? To start with, it's funny, actiony, dramatic, and just plain awesome! I saw the first few episodes (well, actually just the first one) and now I am hooked for life! (Though it still comes after Inuyasha in my book.) Anyway, Ichigo is definitely not your average guy: he can see spirits, becomes a Soul Reaper, starts exterminating Hollows...I sort of don't like the fact that he stole all of his Soul Reaping powers from Rukia (it would've been cooler if he'd developed them on his own) but I'm not complaining. It just adds to the storyline. Rukia just needs to loosen up a bit is what I say. Anywho, great show and storyline. Can't wait for the next episodes! It gets more exciting by each one.
  • Wow I was just looking for an interesting anime to watch, and man did I find it! This show has every element needed to make a good anime, action, risks, wonderful plot, and fabulous side-plots! This is a show that no one should miss.

    The Hallows are comeing, and there is danger over ever horizion. This is just a tiny portion of the amazing anime Bleach.

    It all starts with one 15 year old boy, Ichigo, and he has the rare ability to see ghosts. This ability was used by this short tempered boy to help spirits that he met along his way, no big deal, until he meets a soulreaper that changes everything.

    Rukia a strong, determined, and cunning soulreaper is shocked to have given Ichigo almost all her power. She ohad never planned for him to become a substitute soulreaper, and never knew that anyone had such unrefined power as he did.

    The characters' interaction with each other is everything. It's tragic, hiliarious, thoughtful, or anything else that always seems to fit in perfectly with what is going on around them. The side stories are also just amazing to see, and wonderful in all aspects in and of themselves.

    Now you cannot forget the main-plot though, and believe me they haven't. Dispite haveing so many great sub-plots in the stories, and sometimes even in the same episode. The series, unlike so many others, never forgets to include the main-plot in the episode while still having everything balanced out.

    Let me just tell you that I could say much more on why this show is great, and I recomend that you watch this show asap. This is just an amazing anime that you just cannot miss.
  • a classic in the making.

    Ok so the way I got introduced to this, was through its manga. At first I was pleased with it. I would pick one up here and there, to get my fix. But then something happened. Its story line grew capturing me into needing to read the next part. Soon after, adult swim started to air this show. And its smooth animation along with its beautiful color, made me a fan for life. This anime seems to be getting more and more unpredictable. With its amazing plot twists and character development. This is a must see for any anime fan. For, in my opinion it is the best of the big three. (Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.)
  • top 5 animes ever

    A boy called Ichigo has been able to see ghost sense childhood. His mother got kill by an evil ghost called "hollows" so now he becomes a "Death God." to stop hollows from killing other people. Now he plays the game of death everyday if he loses he dies. if he wins he gets to play another game. but in the end will he be the same person or be like the one who killed what was precious to him in the first place? tune in on the next episode of one of the best animes ever, called "BLEACH" !
  • yu yu hakusho wanna be

    Wow What a rip off yu yu hakusho..........don;t get me wrong- this is a good anime.........only because it's soooooo simular to yu yu hakusho, but it isn't a replacement. Bleach has some good action and.........basically it\\\'s good, the adventures, are cool....and adventurous, it got a great concept and is pretty funny^^ I don\\\'t really have much to say about shows but its so simular to yu yu hakusho ...well really maybe if this show had a better stoy line it could compete with yu yu hakusho, but then I say, Watch the show if you liked yu yu hakusho.
    but i think yu yu hakusho is way way better.
  • great anime.

    Seriously when I first watched this show I liked it a lot. It is about Ichigo Kurosagi who is a teenage who has the ability to see ghosts. After he fights a powerful beast he meets a Soul Reaper named Rukia who he greatly underestimates and she owns him in a fight. Bleach is one of my favorites. good. good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good. good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good It gets a perfect 10
  • just a perfect anime that everyone should love...

    I was first just a naruto fanboy..and my cousin suggested that i should get into something different...and this is it! after watching a few episodes...i finally realized that this perfect for me! in my opinion,even better then naruto!first episode starts out with a guy name ichigo..with a normal life except he can see ghosts..then a girl name rukia comes along and later on,gives him his powers and ichigo starts out a bit bad but later in the show becomes a powerhouse that no one can stop!!! This show is just abosolutely the best ive watched!!!!
  • Bleach is a Japanese anime

    Ichigo is a 15 year old boy who can see and speak to ghosts. However, one day, his life was changed when a mysterious girl (and her bad drawings) tell Ichigo about Hollows (demonic creatures who feast on human souls). Ichigo then becomes a Death God when Rukia (the girl) passes her powers onto him by accident. He then defeats the hollow and he knows that he has to become a Death God until Rukia develops her powers again. Ichigo is reluctant to become a Death God at first, but he knows that he should since he took all of Rukia's power