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  • tis show is cool because it has a dude with orange haire like naruto but bleach they can also fly and they have cool powers. :0

    this is cool because it has dudes that wear cool clothes like ninjas do and they can sommon animals and has captian codiga from naruto. you think this show is not cool but it is since there is nothing on tv too watch on this time so just watch it but the cool shows are naruto, code gease and espically not family guy. watch naruto its the same but it doesnt show the same mission like to destroy the dolss that toke about 2 months to kill the 4 of doll or 3 of them that is boring BUT has action nija style taijutsu and super powers . :0 :@ ).
  • A good storyline

    A very good show that you could easily start watching. It has a good storyline. The show has some funny moments along with pretty good action. Has some unlikely characters such as Kon a mod soal in a lion plushie toy. The character design in layout is really good. The manga is better then the anime...but yet the anime is one I would recommened. In Japan they are on episode 131 (prior to 7-5-07) and the DUB is on episode 40 (prior to 7-7-07) Some characters are inspirational, while others are just plain weird. So all around it is a great show.
  • this is the best show i have ever wached and it is super full of action and supence it just wants you to wach more and more of it i just can't blieve peolpe say it is bad it is the best they are wrong when they say that it is bad they are not smart!!!!!!!


    this is the best show i have everwachedand it is super full of

    action andsupenceit just wants you towachmore and more

    of it i just can'tblievepeolpesay it is bad it is the best they are

    wrong when they say that it is bad they are not smart!!!!!!!

  • Worst Anime in History!


    I don't know why but I just really hate this anime / manga for it's abysmal stroyline and for the fact that it's a ripoff of Yu Yu Hakusho! Bleach is known to be a very famous series but I think it's just nothing but uber crap! Bleach is about ghosts, souls, & reapers and other shit. So I will give this 1 / 10!

  • Bleach is still good, but it was better long time ago...

    I decided to review Bleach anime now, because there are lots of episodes are shown on TV. So I would like to review it, but not as a fan (even I am), I try to be objective this time and I try to write it spoiler free.

    Story and my opinions about the show:
    Bleach started as a great anime. That's true, there were similarities to Yu Yu Hakusho, then it turned into a different story. At the beginning we get to know the main characters, informations about Bleach's world. It started as a very interesting anime with great ideas. The character development was good, all the main characters were almost equal in development, the fight were good, the story was more multi-threaded compared to newer arcs. I think the first 63 episodes were excellent(except some filler episodes).

    After that a bad thing happened: a filler arc. Bleach became a little bit boring at that time. I was thinking about not to watch Bleach. In a filler of course, there couldn't be good character development, because it had effect on the later arcs. Ok, that is understandable. But the story was very weak compared to the first 63 episodes. The villians were just lame, their personality was not so complicated, they weren't interesting. Unlike in the previous chapters. We got to know a lot about the past of the other characters, the relationships were interesting, we got to know about why this, and this character do that, and that (sorry, I said, spoiler free!). The characters were more likable, there were nice twists in the story. I finally finished watching that arc, and a non-filler arc started.

    It was WAY better than that filler. New enemies, places, new likable characters, some of them were bad guys, but likeable bad guys. New allies appeared. The story here were good, but something bad happened with the character development. I mean the main character stayed in focus, his friends became less important in the story. The new allies were a good refreshment for Bleach, and they were really cool characters, personally I really liked most of them. Mainly the "creepy smile" guy. While the main protagonist became better, stronger, some of the others were just stopped in that, or developed slowly. One of Ichigo's friend became really annoying... "Kurosaki-kun!, Kurosaki-kun!" - drove me crazyness

    Other lame thing: the main antagonist. He was WAY TOO STRONG! Also very arrogant, nothing interesting in personality. Three of the main antagonists the other twos story were very well done, and they were very interesting compared to the previously mentioned guy. There were more fillers, but they weren't bad, personally I enjoyed most of them. Later the Ichigo's friend were useless in battles, but the captains, and vaizard were very useful, and they made Bleach more "colorful". But I can't say, Bleach became the old. Something was really missed and still missing from it. I became a little bit disappointed with it. I don't understand why Kubo Tite (the creator of the manga) ruined it with the above mentioned things. Sometimes I feel "Bleach is superb" sometimes I think "This is pathetic, and lame." That's the truth. The quality of the series is very variable. For some reason I like to compare Bleach with Yu Yu Hakusho. YYH was awesome. That was never boring, that's standard were always good, it was way more "stable". More emotional, Bleach became less emotional, Kubo didn't let the main characters die, always just "almost", that was pretty lame.
    I'm at episode 311 and I was so sad, how bad that was. Also the fight between Ichigo and the main antagonist wasn't good as people expected. Let's see it from an other aspect.

    The show is not only about fighting, there are lot of funny thing in Bleach. One of them is the artifical soul called Kon. He is a perverted, and he how he acts is very funny. But not only him is a funny character. Isshin Kurosaki, who is Ichigo's father is a very idiot character of Bleach, he is likeable, acting so childishly, otherway, he can be very serious, and really, not a bad person.
    The captains are cool. They have very different power, and there are reason to like them. Character design is very good too. In this aspect, I'm satisfied with Bleach. Animation / graphics:
    I think it is true to nowaday's anime standard. Not excellent, but good. Sometimes they used 3D animation, but rarely, and the usage of it was good. Unlike the story, the animation's quality was good all the time.

    The graphics are also not bad, the scene are the very same quality at all the time, the characters and the scenes look good.

    Music of Bleach is EXCELLENT! Shiro Sagisu made Bleach's music absolutely brilliant, very varied, and I can't say a bad word about the soundtrack. That's very well done! Same pertain to the openings and endings.

    Sounds / voices:
    Japanese voices are very good, but the english dub isn't good as the japanese one. But overally, it's ok. Sound effect are also good in my opinion.

    Final verdict:

    Started as very good, nowadays it's just a little bit above mediocre. Started as a 9/10, continues, as a 5.5~6/10 than it is around 7.5~8.0/10

    Animation / graphics:

    Not bad, it could be a little bit better. Not comparable with a Death Note, so I give a 7.5/10

    Definitely a 9/10. Very good, varied, no boring, and lame music, good ending and opening songs. Lot of different styles are not problem, I think that's rather a good point.

    Sounds / voices:
    8.5/10, the voices are the stronger part compared to the sounds. Japanese voices are better, than other dubs.

    Final score: 7.5 (not an average)
    (It was promising at the start)
  • I am finally writing my review on Bleach I never thought I would have a chance to write this but here is my review.

    Bleach is a manga and anime series about a man named Ichigo Kurosaki who one day meets a shinigami (dubbed soul reaper in english) named Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo steals her job as soul reaper and becomes one himself and along with him are Uryu Ishida a man who hates soul reapers because one of them killed his family except for his dad and Yasatora Sado who's nickname is "Chad" who gets strong after getting bitten by a hollow and can see hollows and Orihime a girl who can heal people. On there way they enter the soul society and what happens is that a evil soul reaper named Souske Azien who is the antagonist of the series who of course is the one who was unleashing hollows upon the world and wants to become ruler of the world so it is up to Ichigo to defeat Souske Aizen and save the world. Bleach is a great series the only problem is that in the anime they don't usually have much action this series right now has been getting worse since then but Bleach I will still watch now and then so Bleach is a good series I would give this a 8.5.
  • Perfect Stuff

    Nel Pisses me off, because she is a jerk for not telling ichigo first and leaving him to face that espada wounded and severely damaged. Bleach is just great
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  • A boy name Ichigo becomes a soul reaper for the first time when he meets Rukia Kuchki.

    This is a really nice show but the thing that pisses me off about this show is that the arcs drag on and on and on thats y i took 10 points off. That "defeat the arancar" arc is gonna be hell-a-long as the show progresses.I really wish the author of the series would stop dragging on battles and let the bad guys hurry up and die already.

    Also this show is so similar to Inuyasha and thats y i took off half of a point. I was gonna give it an 8 but there is something about the anime and the manga that I just cant help but love so i settled on giving it an 8.5.
  • Right now... Bleach is probably my favourite anime, and I doubt that I'll ever lose my obsession with it.

    Amazing. And the episodes are still coming! It's so Awesome! Right now... Bleach is probably my favourite anime, and hopefully, I'll never lose interest in it. I haven't seen a lot of episodes, and I'm just near the start of the second season, but it's getting really awesome. Not to mention that Ichigo's getting more powerful, and everyone's killing everyone else, the major funny moments, AND... Toshiro Hitsugaya is just a little cutie, so Awesome and Adorable! I Loved him as soon as I saw him, except... I kinda spoiled everything for myself, since I read what happens to him and Momo and Aizen on the internet before I watched it, but now I know what to expect... still, I wish I hadn't done that. Anyways, at the start when Ichigo first became a Soul Reaper I just loved it, not to mention Keigo's Awesomeness with his jokes and all, I couldn't stop laughing. And then came all the Hollows, the Quincy's, the... ah... Spiritual Pressure, lol, the Zan-Pakuto (or however it's spelt), the Lieutenants, and of course the Awesome and Lovable Captains, then the murdering of a fellow captain. Non-Stop Awesome fights and never-ending hilarious moments are hopefullly going to never stop! It's something that you can't get out of, obsession much, lol. I'd have a lot more to say about Bleach, but that's be too many words to type. Forever will Bleach be Awesome. ... The Hotness of the guys are an added bonus!
  • this show is really interesting and could use some work in some places, but over all it's kool.

    i started to watch this show because adult swim was running out of anime show to watch since they keeped on showing reruns,but over all this show ain't half bad accually i was writing a stroy along though lines of spirits and what not but this show is much better than what i had in mind..(lol). thats why i give this show a 9.4/10.
  • love this show

    I love watching bleach it is good show it's about a soul reaper name Ichigo Kurosaki who gains soul reaper power from another soul reaper name Rukia Kuchiki together they fight off hollows before they turn lost soul into hollows later in the series rukia gets taken by other soul reapers to the soul society and now Ichigo must save her from being died but before that he trains to get stronger in ode to save her after saving her he has to save the world from other evil. I watch this anime every week when there are new episodes. I love it
  • I liked Bleach for the first 70 episodes after that it really started to get worse. The storylines are weak, characterizations are poor, and the fighting is the only thing this show has. Nothing really special here.

    I originally gave a positive 8.5 review for Bleach because I had seen the first 70 or 80 episodes or so. I originally watched the anime (dubbed version) and I became intrigued especially the conflict between Ichigo and his friends trying to stop the Soul Society from executing Rukia. I don't want to recap the whole series but yeah, you know basically Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper or Shinigami as they say in the Japanese version which sounds so much cooler btw, and stops Evil Hollows or monsters who devour human souls, blah, blah. I'm not getting to technical or it would take years. Anyway the problem I found with Bleach is that they really topped themselves with the Soul Society Arc and kind of had nowhere to go after that. The structure of the storylines became kind of worse, Ichigo was severely weakened for the most part. I mean how many battles do he lose before he wins? And the show lost all the compelling aspects of character development in favor of having a insignificant battle every week. Not to mention the Bount saga, that was such a horribly boring saga. I had to fast forward episodes just to see Ichigo or Ishida fight. I mean seeing all these other characters fighting it's not that entertaining because we don't know them to begin with and they just appear out of the blue and start fighting. Which leads me to a problem with another problem they have too many stock characters and though some of them are cool, the majority of them are quite boring. So yeah the structure of the storylines I have found a little bit irritating. They set up this anticipation for a battle, cancel the anticipation and just do the battle as fast as possible. At-least build it up like a show like DBZ would do. For example during the Freeza saga Goku didn't face Freeza till the end, because they built this anticipation. In Bleach, there is no anticipation the characters will fight, practically the entire story and they'll get their butts kicked and end up fighting these people 4 to 5 times before they beat them. Anyway Bleach is for some people, but I'm heavily disappointed and I'm officially through with it. It just takes all the anime stereotypes and reinforces it and not even in a good way. It's Yu Yu Hakusho-lite in my opinion.
  • Bleach is an amazing anime, but there are somethings that have made me lose interest. I have followed this anime for 9 seasons. It kept wanting more and more then the fillers came. I understand that they needed to place fillers in, but their boring

    Bleach is an amazing anime, but there are somethings that have made me lose interest. I have followed this anime for 9 seasons. It kept wanting more and more then the fillers came. I understand that they needed to place fillers in to allow the manga, that their following, time to get ahead for a short while, but the fillers that they placed into the anime were both boring and, to me, unappealing. The bounto season was great for originality, but the others I cannot watch. Other than the fillers, except the bountos, I'm completely addicted to BLEACH. Love It!!!
  • I don't watch that much cartoons, but that's a good one.

    I was reluctant to start watching this anime, I thought, oh great another uninspired anime with repetitive enemies and I was right, in the start...

    But after watching some episodes of Bleach I found that this is actually a quite amusing new anime with a good storyline (for an anime that's bound to be 100+ episodes) and great characters. The story really picks up after about episode 20, and if you last this far you'll never gonna stop watching. The soundtrack is also awesome and it fits into the fighting scenes very nicely.

    At the moment we're all waiting for the fillers to stop, but even with the fillers this anime is still worth watching, so if you must suffer the first 20 episodes and get ready for an anime to blow you away.

    Also, watch it in the original Japanese version (don't even know if there are other versions available, but if there are, you know what to do)
  • Pretty interesting anime, worth watching.

    I started watching this on recommendation, saw the first few episodes and was hooked. The characters are likeable and the overall concept is quite interesting. The only thing that bugs me about this show is that there is quite a lot of filler, you dont really notice it at first, but after a while you realise that very little actually happens in an episode and the fights are often broken up with needlessly long sections of dialogue which had me wondering 'wait are they still fighting?' Another thing is that the afterlife in many scenarios looks quite a lot more miserable than initial life, which seems a bit odd, although this may well be purposeful.
    Having said that I do like a lot of the ideas in Bleach, the Hollows are pretty well designed and I feel that the different Soul Slayers are a very nice addition.
    Overall a pretty decent show, good animation although its not the best (see Samurai Champloo and GITS for great aesthetics). Bleach is definately worth checking out, but in my opinion it cant compare to Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • A great anime with some potential but in the end its kind of disapointing.

    Bleach...what can i say about this anime?

    At first i thought it was a rip off of other anime's i've seen in my lifetime,namely Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha with a slightly Kenshin twist in it.

    I never wanted to see it but coming apon my sisters who seemed to be enjoying the show i decided to give it a go.I was hooked on it after seeing it,but slowly and surely it quickly lost my intrest.

    The main character Itchigo is one of the more basic main characters that would appear in a anime geeks wild fanfiction.He's handsome (?) athletic basically a total toughguy,seriously he's almost perfect.Then he gains the powers of a soul reaper by the name of Rukia and after that he continuously amazes everyone around him by using ablilities that Rukia never fails to tell us that they would take a normal person years of training to even begin to attempt it.

    But seeing how he's the Main character of the guys own manga/anime series,he can get away with it.

    Most of the other characters were nicely thought out and had interesting backgrounds and stories to tell.Each contributed something to the series be it for comedy relief or action packed buttkicking it was never a dull moment until "Superman" showed up.

    All in all a good anime and should be watched mainly for its well thought out storyline,actionpacked battles,funny moments and romantic scenes.
  • I give it a 0.5

    So anyways, this show has one of the most horrible ideas ever. "Hey look! It's a girl from a spirt world and we don't know what she's doing & so we'll call her stupid!" and such ... the whole plots lame and good shows like Rocko's Modern Life make this show look like pre-kinder garbage ... I was happy that Chalkzone got canned and canned good. I never want to see Chalkzone on Nicktoons Network ever again and if I do, I will shoot myself so hard ... as for Bleach well it's seriously messed up. That's final, and I'd rather watch Attomic Betty instead of this trash. That's all.

    let's see... I have to make this one hundred words, otherwise this review won't show. I mean, it really doesn't need a lot to say that this show sucks. The animation is horrible, and the people who voice everything is in monotone. I don't know how this, Yakkity Yak, and 6teen ever made the Adult Swim company willam street. It appears like the network was justing fulfilling their contract obligations to the creaters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 12 oz Mouse, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Squirrel Boy, everything eles from William Street. Turns out that the shows all became a big pile of crap that we see now. There is no love in this show.

    In a word: It Sucks.
  • "yeah, you heard me, my spiritual pressure is bigger than your spiritual pressure! Now I am going to talk about my spiritual pressure some more, then I'll listen to you talk about how big your spiritual pressure is..but mine spiritual pressure is bigger"

    I grade this anime out at a C- and I think that I am being very generous. If the show was as good is the first 8 or 9 episodes, I would have graded it out at a 9.2; if it was as bad as the middle episodes, I would have given it a 3.3 or lower. This show is going down hill - on a slippery slope with no breaks - fast. Given how intriguing the basic premise is, how imaginative the characters are, the depth of the relationship and devotion among Ichigo, Rukia, and their friends, Bleach really should be a much, much, much better anime. Perhaps I made a mistake in watching a few of the middle episodes on impulse so my first impression was a particularly bad one. But I just can't get by how grotesquely horrible the dialogue is. Watching CSPAN is more stimulating - and I am an anarcho-syndicalist at heart! I think that I summed it up as well as it can be above: "my spiritual pressure is bigger than yours!" That's it. There isn't anything more sophisticated in the dialogue than that. I kept hearing how good this anime is and how many people recommend it, so I have been trying to stick with it...but please, somebody tell me it gets better. Tell me that the enormous pool of intrigue and potential that is Bleach comes to some sort of fruition. And that the time I spend watching it while waiting for Blood+ or Inuyasha hasn't be in vain.
  • It's like naruto, and in the same time it isn't. BANKAI!

    There is a problem with bleach that drags down the whole ratinga abit. The quallity is very shiffted, sometimes i love it and could watch it for hours, and sometimes i barley manages to watch throgh it. The problem is the same as naruto, but the overall quallity is better.

    I also thinks that the animation is "Creepy" sometimes, like when Rukia presents here paintings, it's somewhat crude.
    Bleach also succed where Naruto fails, making fillers that is watchible.

    In short notice, Bleach needs some finetuning to reatch the real high points on the scale, and maby cut down on the whole fighting and concentrate abit more on the story.
  • Based on the manga of the same name, the story revolves around Ichigo, a substitute shinigami, his friends, and the soul society trying to rid the world of evil and chaos, aka typical fighting anime with decent characters

    Bleach in my opinion had a great start for a fighting anime, it had the proper balance of fighting, comedy, and drama. Like with many shows balance never stays on course. With this series the first 2 arcs (62 episodes) keeps the balance, but fillers have ruined this show, the next arc is a filler that allows for no plot development (approximately 40-50 episodes) the following arc has been plagued with balance issues where the comedy is overused and again fillers are popping up, as of summer 2008, this anime has again started fillers and as a result has not reached its potential for how good it can be. This is a show that is good and if I had to rate the first 2 arcs I would rate it a 9/10, but currently the show is at best above average due to mostly likable characters and an intriguing mythos, I only suggest hard core fighting anime fans to watch this
  • Bleach is currently struggling to maintain veiwers in japan, and its not difficult to see why. What seems to be the next dragonball Z is actualy relatively shallow and bland. With unoriginal characters and rehashed fight scenes.

    In japan Bleach is struggling to fight the seemingly endless success of deep and inventive shonen like One Piece (currently the highest selling manga in Japan) and Naruto. These shows are branching out into new terratory and such are attracting a huge fanbase. Bleach on the other hand insists on clinging to the old ways discarded since the time of Sailor Moon and DragonBall Z. Unoriginal characters combined with stories that rarely provide anything new are driving away the original fans of the show. The fight scenes present nothing inventive, although younger viewers are likely to appreciate the high budget of the action sequences.
    It seems that Bleach is simply trying to ride the wave that DragonBall Z left with updating the visual style, but not providing anything new to the genre. Because of this it is failing in its homeland and is unfortunately largly being supported by american audiences. We've gone past the time where a one-dimentional hero can beat up bad guys and young children will be impressed by it, and as such Bleach probably will not be around for much longer.
  • better than i thought

    ok i just wrote a 150 word review for this show and after i gave it a rating, refreshed the page and everything i typed was gone!!! this is the second time this has happened today and i am super pissed!!! now instead of writing a review im going to fill in the gap wih meaningless letters a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y and z now i know my a b c's next time wont u sing with me ?
  • bring on the thumb downs!!!!

    this show used rock with the funny jokes ichigo made
    but now there isn't much funny left
    sure that there action
    but mostly all now are fillers
    even in the jap verions it's fillers and here comes the thumb downs so go ahead a put a thumb down on this review i made now
    oh come on
    I have to type in 100 words, man this sucks so here are some random things
    pizza pie icecream paper keyboard basketball anime board king of kins jeff hardy undertaker the rock dbz and more stuff and bla bla bla spongebob fairly odd partents naruto Rocks My Sox
    Bleach rules so i know here comes the thumb downs hate me or not just telling the truth
  • Tight!

    This is the best anime show I've ever seen. It is the perfect fusion of anime, comedy, and action. With all the sword-fighting and laughs, It caught my attention. The story is so amazing , I can't wait for more episodes of Bleach. Each episode is another adventure, better than the last. It is the best. I love the graphics and animation on the show.I wonder what Aizen's plan is. I just love this show. I hope the show never ends. It is so awesome.This show will always be the best anime show in the history of all anime shows.
  • Bleach is a great action anime but it's kind of annoying now because of fillers.

    I watched 1 episode of Bleach and I got hooked on to it. The biggest thing that bothers me is the fillers. I didn't mind 1 or 2 fillers to get back to the original story but whole seasons for fillers?! The zanpakuto season was extremely boring and now there's another one! I also think some of the minor characters should be more important like Keigo or Tatsuki. The thing I like most about Bleach are the characters and the fights. Most characters are well likable and it's impossible not having a favorite character from Bleach. Bleach is also very funny, Kon's perverted attempts are hilarious! I also love Rukia beating up Ichigo for insulting her drawings! I love the intensity of the fights. I think Bleach is an anime worth watching!
  • Excellent...

    I don't know what to say about Bleach that hasn't been said already but I'll try. One of the parts of it that I like the most is the fact that it sticks to the manga quite closely and doesn't diverge or contradict manga very much. Characters are great, story and atmosphere are quite interesting. Don't get me wrong it ain't the best story in the world but is more or less above average. Among the minuses of the anime I count long filler arcs, over use of censorship on human or human looking characters and general slow pace. Those who love shonen will probably love Bleach, and those who don't will find some other entertainment. For the rest enjoy this great show because there ain't that many that can compare to it in the shows genre.
  • 15 Ichigo Kurosaki year old boy who has had the ability to see spirits since as long as he can remember. One day he encounters a Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki who gives him her powers to defeat a spirit monster called a Hollow. Now Ichigo is a soul reaper.

    Bleach is great. I for one especially like the Soul Society arc. I like how Ichigo trained & gained all of his powers. Hopefully Ichigo learns to control his hidden powers that might one day consume him. Also, what makes this show so great is how they retain suspense. Also most shows have crummy,boring, humdrum flash backs but Bleach has action packed and entertaining flash backs. Such as the Ikkaku and Kenpachi flashback. My favorite thing about this show is how they utalize their swords or zanpakutoh's different levels of power. Kind of like Dragon Ball Z and Super Saiyans. Shikai and Bankai and a rumored thirdform are the levels of these swords. Overall a great show and one of my and a lot of others personal favorite show. Bleach is awesome!
  • Many people have done an excellent job of summarizing the story, so I'll just cut to the chase and jump straight into the review.

    Bleach is one of my all-time favorites. It has everything a great story should have--humor, action, drama, an excellent plot, and unforgettable characters. The only downfall is that the story takes a long time to get going; the main plot doesn't kick into high gear until around episode 30 or so. However, the rest of its pros more than make up for its cons. Just about every character in the series has a backstory and internal conflict, making each one an individual who stands out from the rest. The plot is just as impressive; for those of you who are worried that Bleach is all-action and no story, you have nothing to worry about. The plot is compelling and original, filled with tons of clever plot twists and subtle foreshadowing. This is one story that will definitely suck you in and leave you breathless by the end. However, the reason why I love Bleach so much is for the symbolism and themes. Yes, you read that right. You have to pay very close attention, but Bleach is filled to the brim with subtle symbolism. For those of you who enjoy stories with deeper meaning, you'll definitely enjoy this show. It's by far one of the best stories I've encountered in a long time--even compared to novels.
  • Hang in their fans! It gets AWESOME.

    Let me explain how mangas and anime series work (I'm sure most of you know). A great manga comes out but while it is still being published and has not been finished yet, it gets turned into an anime. The anime sometimes starts to catch up to the manga, so they have to put FLUFF stories in to buy themselves some time.

    That's what happened to bleach.

    So far, there are three fluff stories.

    1. Bounts (not a terrible fluff story to watch, but kinda long. You get to see some sneak peeks at Ichigo's power so that makes up for it).

    2. The princess (yeah, I couldn't stomach that one. I never finished it. I just skipped it and waited for it to end.)

    3. The swords taking human form (currently in this one now and it is GREAT! VERY interesting).

    ok. so after the Bounts stories, the series picks up again, with a vengeance. Same with the story after the princess ones.

    So don't give up on Bleach because it is SO well worth it! you won't be sorry for sticking with it!
  • Bleach is about a 15 year old Soul Reaper/ Hollow Ichigo Kurasaki, and his friends from the human world, and the soul society meet new enemys and challanges on the way to become strong in order to protect his loved ones!

    Bleach is an extrodinary show! There are a few problems like how there are so many damn!!! There are so many fillers it has really gotten tired! Theres even an arc and a season thats a filler! But besides that i love the show! Ocassionally, i like the fillers, but they have to be really funny! Kon is like really funny and perverted! lol! Anyways, I really enjoy watching the show and i am so happy for my friend hailey introducing it to me! I seriously watch it until 4:00 in the morning watching it! yey! lol, the hottest guys in my list are: Ichigo, Hitsugaya, Byakuya, Ukitake, Aizen, Uryuu, and chad! yey! i also think grimjoww is hot to! lol
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