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  • Bleach is about a 15 year old Soul Reaper/ Hollow Ichigo Kurasaki, and his friends from the human world, and the soul society meet new enemys and challanges on the way to become strong in order to protect his loved ones!

    Bleach is an extrodinary show! There are a few problems like how there are so many damn!!! There are so many fillers it has really gotten tired! Theres even an arc and a season thats a filler! But besides that i love the show! Ocassionally, i like the fillers, but they have to be really funny! Kon is like really funny and perverted! lol! Anyways, I really enjoy watching the show and i am so happy for my friend hailey introducing it to me! I seriously watch it until 4:00 in the morning watching it! yey! lol, the hottest guys in my list are: Ichigo, Hitsugaya, Byakuya, Ukitake, Aizen, Uryuu, and chad! yey! i also think grimjoww is hot to! lol
  • Ichigo is a teenager who can see ghosts. This is normal for him, but everything changes when he incidentally becomes a Death god. Now, he must fight evil spirits and protect the people he loves.

    Great show! The first episode of the show makes you think you're watching another over-the-top dramatic anime, but if you decide to watch the next episode, you won't regret it.
    And for the people who have just begun to watch Japanese anime, I strongly recommend you watch Bleach.
    First of all, there are a lot of characters, so there will definitely be one which you will like. And all of them have their own unique stories.
    Second : there is enough action! There are fights throughout the series!
    And drama, of course. The main character Ichigo, becomes a " death god" ( or a reaper or soul reaper if you want to call it that ), because he wants to protect the people he loves.
    But on the downside, there are a few episodes that are anything but great. But hey, all shows have those right?
  • Ichigo, an ordinary high school student who is tough in a fight has just one unusual trait -- he can see ghosts

    Ichigo, an ordinary high school student who is tough in a fight has just one unusual trait -- he can see ghosts. One day he is attacked by a hollow, a vengeful spirit, which would have killed him except that he was saved by a girl named Rukia. She is a Shinigami, a guide to the afterlife and slayer of evil spirits. Unfortunately many hollows want to devour his spiritual power and Rukia is hurt fighting to protect him. After giving her powers to Ichigo so he can save himself, she finds she can't take them back. Now Ichigo has to do her job. He is now a student -- and Shinigami!x
  • The best anime I've ever seen! A high school student Ichigo Kurosaki meets a Soul Reaper. This leads him to the Soul Society where he meets his opponents, friends and enemies.

    Bleach is the best anime ever! It is very exciting, breathtaking. It has a sense of humor, you can laugh hardly :) But also it isn't just funny. It is also sad. You can cry too. That is why I really love Bleach because it isn't just another dumb anime but it's serious and funny at the same time. You can see there persons who never ever give up no matter what happens. How far could you go to protect the ones you love? That is the bottom line of Bleach I think. I think you can characterize the show like that. It is a very very great anime! Go Bleach :)
  • this show has everything Spoilers!

    ive watched evry episode Ichigo kurosaki starts out as a substitute soul reaper (death god) which defeat hollows after meeting Rukia he takes on different enemies other shinigami such as byakuya on bounts as well as arrancars and espada but he doesnt give in but will his hollow within takeover him or will orihime help him through and will he defeat aizen and live or will he die. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . .. this show has comedy,drama,romance and bloody ation yeah!!!
  • Shinigami fights

    When I first started watching Bleach it was because I had nothing else to do, but now I can't live without Bleach. It is amazing! It tells the story of Ichigo, a 15 year old boy, who can see ghosts. After meeting Rukia he becomes a Shinigami (Death God) and has to battle Hollows (evil spirits). Almost every fight in the series is detailed and exciting to watch. Besides fighting this series has great humor. I just love it! The filler chapter aren't as good as the rest of the action but they are enjoyable. If you like an anime with action, humor, to keep you interested in it you really should watch Bleach as it has all that and even more.
  • Theres always a demon vs humans anime but but theres also one that stands out from the rest and bleach is the one. beware spoilerss below

    when Ichigo touched a ghost his reatsu was unsealed and hollows (souls that have either refused to descend to heaven, had great resentment in their hearts or were turned into hollows by other hollows) come after him. Then Rukia a shinigami from squad 13 lead by Captain Jushiro Ukitake shows up at his house. The soul society saves lost souls and protects humans from hollows. Rukia was unable to fight such a powerful hollow and decided to lend Ichigo her powers temp.
    But he over absorbed her powers and left her in a weakened state until they return. After Ichigo gains the powers of a shinigami he gets into a fight with Uryu Ishida of the Quincy clan. Ishida hates shinigami for leaving his grandfather to die. He decieds to have a contest with Ichigo to see who can kill more hollows. He breaks hollow bait before Ichigo can decline. So many hollows gather that a Menos a huge hollow shows up. No one but a captain and some lieutenants can fight evenly with one. But Ichigo has such a huge amount of energy he was able to wound it. Soul society soon finds out and thus starting Rukia's punishment as its illegal to give humans their powers. She was sentenced to death Her borhter Byakuya Kuchiki and his liutentant Renji Abarai capture her and injure ichigo and ishida who try to protect her. She is taken to soul society to await execution. but that was only a ruse planned by former squad 5's captain Sosuke Aizen along with his assistants Tousen and gin ichimaru to get a special tool inside her the hogyoku. Soon after he escaped with the help of some menos. They escaped to the land of hollows Hueco Mundo. Now they plan on using the power of the hollows to kill the King of soul society.
  • About a soul Reaper named Ichigo

  • Incredible... Absoulutly incredible.

    There is so much I could say about this show. First off, in any anime, you should look at the script and voice dubs. Both are impecable. The storyline is fabulous, starting out slow then propelling it self along, creating cool and complexicated characters. With the perfect amount of action and humor, this show pushes everything to the limits. The amount of time out into this series is incredible. If you come in when the show is at its 204 episode, it will demand your time for you to catch up. The indepth in the story line is amazing, and is hard to understand if you just came in, so I recommend starting from the start. Don't be lazy! Now go and watch it. You'll be glad that you did.
  • There is just one word to describe this show - Fantastic!

    The show centres on Kurosaki Ichigo a normal highschool student who has always been able to see ghosts. One day he is attacked by one of these and a deathgod called Kuchiki Rukia arrives to save him. However, when she becomes injured Ichigo accepts her powers and from that day forth becomes a Substitute deathgod.

    Firstly I have to say that if you don't like anime then you won't like this but if like me you do then this will rock your world. The plotline is original and the characters are great with real depth and great development throughout the show.

    The animation is fabulous as is the voice talent. All in all this is a must for anime fans.
  • Awesome show

    If there was an anime i did like it was bleach...i learned to read faster when i was watching the japanese versions of the show lol.
    I dont really like anime shows but i do acually like this one....well maybe it is the good anime art, it isnt all badly drawn like alot of other animes, which is a good thing.
    My favorite character is Ikkaku Madarame This si a show worth watching..alot of people think that it is not in depth enough or it is repeitive but it is better then deathnote ..bleach is the way to go dude out!
  • the best anime ever

    To be honest, i think bleach is one of the most exciting, dramatic, action packed anime series. Almost every fight in the series is detailed and exciting to watch. You can really see how the character's mood changes all the time. With unexpected twists and turns. There is much added comedy and feuds even between friends and family that just make bleach even more interesting. The one thing i find good about a series, is the music. "Bleach" had exceptional music, all the emotional music actually made you feel sad, and the funny music always made you laugh, no matter how many times you've heard it. Bleach is a very origional series that one can definitely look forward to as this year's top anime series. The story is very origional as it employs a relationship with a shinigami, which can be compared to the grim reaper in the European society and United States culture. As the series goes on, it discusses the real truth behind hollows and the society in which the ghosts are vanquished to, the Soul Society. Although the jokes in the manga are not carried well to the anime, many people will find the series funny with plenty of places to laugh at. With many plot twist coming toward to viewers, it is sure to please those who look for genre that include comedy, super power, school kids, and fighting. The Manga is most definitely worth a read. As with most things, the book is always better. However, the use of understated body language and charged silences in Bleach is one of the main reasons I became hooked on this series. It is why I would also recommend you watch the show.
  • Kariya and the rebels enter past the gate. Kariya literally blows the rebels away. Mabashi causes trouble with the other Shinigami, Hitsugaya is demoted and Soi-Fon is in great danger.

    With the new and exciting opening, I thought this episode would be exciting as well. Mildly exciting. It was no surprise when Kariya revealed to the rebels that he was using them in order to enter past the gate for Soul Society. What caught my interest was when Kariya also revealed that there was an item he needed to retrieve before he destroys Soul Society. This raises subtle insecure feelings amongst the Bount clan. He was even hiding something away from them. This episode brings back nostalgia when when Ichigo and his gang are seen running around searching for members of the Bount. There were some minor funny moments here and there. Mabashi -- annoying as ever with his stupid flower doll, Rizu, fight and confuse Shinigami crowds that crosses his way. The 13 Protection Squads meeting was the best part of the episode. Captain Mayuri bugs Captain Hitsugaya about his failed attempts of eliminating the Bount. Captain Shunsui interrupts by telling Mayuri that he's the one to blame for allowing the Bounts to enter Soul Society in the first place -- Ishida's bracelet. Enjoyable scene, but is a shocker when the Grand Captain removes Hitsugaya from Captain status.

    I found it creative when Mabashi decided to use one of Rizu's abilities, which was controlling one of Soi Fon's men in stabbing her in the back.

    This episode was alright and I'm looking forward to the next one.
  • Bleach is adapted from Tite Kubo's manga. The story follows a fifteen-year-old boy named Ichigo Kurosaki who can see the souls of the dead. After meeting a Soul Reaper(shinigami or death god), Ichigo is forced to fight corrupted souls called hollows.

    Note: For people who have watched some of the first couple of episodes, it is completely different from the rest of the series. It starts off slow, but picks up after the first ten episodes. Bleach is the only anime I have ever watched that completely intrigued me. The story is unlike anything I've ever observed. I don't want to say too much about the story because it might spoil the show for anyone interested. Characters have deep individual plot lines that intertwine and blend seamlessly. Even some of the characters that have only background purposes are deeper than then main characters of other shows. Bleach can be described as an action, drama, comedy, and romantic show. The action includes innovative fighting with an extraordinary amount of abilities unique to each character. The connections the characters have develop continually throughout the series and keep the viewer interested and guessing. The comedy in Bleach seems to be completely random, but this makes it all the more hilarious. There will be a completely serious moment with high tension when all of the sudden, one of many comical relief characters will appear accompanied with playful music. This usually lasts only a few seconds before returning to the tense moment. The romantic component of the show is split into many different love stories. Some may be extremely obvious, and some obscure. There are those that are simple and easy to predict, and others are complex that will keep fans guessing. Another great part of Bleach is the Soundtrack. The background music greatly compliments the scene at any point in the series. Every season, new music is added which keeps it fresh and lively. There are constantly changing opening and closing themes in each episode. Each theme song has become an essential part of my music library. Final Overview: A great show for anyone, even if you have never seen an anime, or have little interest in doing so. Although it might not be appropriate for smaller children, adults and children can appreciate The Humor and action. I have yet to meet someone who did not like the show after watching the full first season.
  • A new anime I got into!

    This Anime totally rocks my socks. First of all all the action and all the violence and swearing. I just love all the action and fithing. I got into it not a long time ago and it is pure original and I never thought some one couls actually think of something this amazing like this. I will eventually give this show a 10/10. I only watched a couple of episodes it is not even edited it is like watching the original Japanese version. This is an amazing anime I have seen in a long time so I will continue wacthing it and see what Ichigo and Rukia are up to.
  • The show follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a substitute Shinigame, and all of his friends trying to battle unseen evils. Chad, Rukia, Renji, Orihme, and Ishida. Each character has their own special abilities.

    Ichigo Kurosaki was a normal high school student in modern Japan, except for one thing.. He can see ghosts. He later becomes a Shinigami, or death god after taking the powers of Rukia another Shinigami. His friends all seem to have strange powers. Ishida Uryuu is the last of the Quincys a race of people that hate Shinigames but try to achieve the same goal of exterminating hollows, or evil ghosts. Sado "Chad" Yastora is an extremely large and strong individual that hates to fight, however he believes in doing the right thing and later gains the ability to fight with giant fists, which become known as giants right arm and left arm of the devil. Inue Orihme gains the powers of the hibiscus sheild and can use that power for healing purposes but have very little attack power
  • Simply amazing. even thaat doesn't describe Bleach! I'm totally in love with it, theres nothing to hate about it!!

    Amazing doesn't even summarize Bleach. As soon as I saw the seventh episode on Bionix, I was hooked. Now, I am everything Bleach. Bleached my brain, my mind, my clothes. It's one stain I love living with. The characters are hilarious, the plot line is great. Even the few filler episodes in this series has a purpose!
    Theres no point wasting your time or bandwidth on other anime shows when you could be watching the 192 episodes of heaven.
    The only flaw with this is the anime is a little chopped up. It has two filler storylines, although they are good, they do not fit in with the usual stpryline of the manga.
  • One of the best anime shows of all time!

    This show is basically about a teenager named Ichigo a girl Soul Reaper (shinigami) named Rukia gives him her shinigami powers to save his family. He is now a shinigami and with the help of his best friends, they keep the world safe from Hollows. Hollows are evil spirits that look really freaky. "They are formerly human spirits that were not sent to Soul Society in due time after death. This led to their corruption, robbing them of their sense of being and giving them a craving for human souls." (Wikipedia)

    The main characters are:
    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Rukia Kuchiki Renji Abarai
    Inoue Orihime Sado Yasutora (Ichigo calls him Chad)
    Uryu Ishida My favorite characters are Renji and Ichigo! They both crack me up!

    The fighting is awesome in Bleach! (There is pleanty of it!) And it also has humor! The best genres together! =D

    I didn't think the show sounded good at first, but it is much better than I thought! Definately watch it or at least give it a shot! 10/10 show!
  • One of the best shows on Television right now. Bleach is about a 15 year old boy named Ichigo Kurosaki, and his dealings with the "Soul Society", and later, Hueco Mundo.

    I could go on and on about how great this show is, but I won't. I'll simply state that if you love Anime, this is one show that you MUST watch. Find somewhere to watch Bleach, and watch it.

    I myself have always preferred the Subbed version, but the Dubbed version that is shown is the West is still pretty damn good in terms of voice acting.

    Basically, it is about a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see ghosts. This initial premise expands to incorporate the idea of a "Soul Society" where soul go after they die, but the plot expands to something so much bigger and better as you continue the story (Which I won't elaborate on here).

    Simply a must-see series!
  • About a boy named Kurosaki Ichigo, and how he has the ability to see spirits and eventually gains powers of a Shinigami(Death God),& how he fights against evil spirits(hollows)& other bad guys to protect his family,friends,his home,and Soul Society.

    I love this show!!! it is one of the best Anime I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them. A lot of anime shows start out slow but this one caught my interest right away. I love all the characters, and there are a lot of them. This show was really well written, and the storylines are fantastic. Like when he goes into soul society for the first time to rescue Rukia and meets all of these awesome bad guys. But later those "bad guys" become his allies, and they fight together to take down the real mastermind behind everything Aizen. But I also enjoy the fact that Ichigo does whatever he needs to do to protect his friends like going into Heuco Mundo to rescue Orihime. And I have to say that battle with Grimmjow was one of the coolest fight scenes ever, and I can't wait to see some of the upcoming fights between Aizen and his espada and Ichigo and the Captains of Soul Society! it is really exciting.
  • Maybe I should start reading the manga.

    Well, Bleach is probably the only hit in Japan that isn't completely overrated like the once amazing, now craptastic ornage jump-suited, loud, and obnoxious teenage ninja in training whos name you all must know by now after that description. This show has a lot of story to go along with its action and makes you (it depends) want to believe (notice how I said want cause I wouldn't mind if it were reality) that the afterlife involves really cool fighting and using the word "bankai" a lot. The only down side to this series is that every once in a while, they'll break to a story line you could care less about, kind of like what they did until 2 weeks ago. Sure, the whole Amagai thing was good but I'd rather watch the Hueco Mundo saga anyday.
  • Damn, I bleached my frigin mind. Guess that's one stain I don't mind living with!

    Man, I've only seen a few episodes, so I won't attempt a full show synopsis, or even a synopsis at all for that matter! But from the episodes I've seen so far, I know I'm already addicted, not only because the anime, plot, and quality (to name a few) are all cutting edge, but because it's just a great show in general. And you gotta love Ichigo, who doesn't? But seriously, I'm glad Bleach is still in syndication, and continues to be in Japan and America. Japan, by right, is ahead of us in that they've aired more Bleach episodes, so that means there's plenty more to come, and thank God, because more Bleach is what I want!
  • Bleach is about a young high school student by the name of Ichigo Kurosaki with unexpected turn of events must fight Hollows as a soulreaper and defend souls and people from these evil souls. Bleach gets more interesting as it goes on. A great tale!

    Bleach is such a mystery at first because you learn that Ichigo is not averge kid because he can see ghost. Then he gets power from Rukia, a "Soulreaper' from a different realm and fights evil spirits known as "Hollows" and thats what I like about Bleach. With each new episode there is a new problem with a Hollow and sometimes they even effect Ichigo's high school friends like Chad who was trying to protect a bird that had the spirit of a little boy in it from a Hollow. The side character are good too and even have their own conflicts to deal with. There is also alot good action and fights in Bleach as well whether it be Ichigo battling a Hollow or even other Soulreapers. The fight scenes look great. The only things I don't like about Bleach is that their is alot of filler episodes and Ichigo seems to power or rather level up in power quickly even during a battle for with unexplained reasons. All together I think Bleach is really good and you will have fun watching it.
  • Bleach is about a 15 year old boy named Ichigo Kurosaki who has can see spirits of the dead. One day, he meets a soul reaper named Rukia Kuchki. While Ichigo's family is being attacked by hollows, he's given the powers of a soul reaper by to save them.

    Bleach is quickly becoming my favorite show (well not right now because of the fillers).the story itself is very creative. i like the whole idea about wholes and hollows, and i also like the idea of the zanpakutou, and how each one has their own name and unique power. theres a lot of action, and thats what got me into the show in the first place. before Bleach the only other anime i ever watched was Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon (if you can even count that as an anime). it's a really interesting show if you ever get a chance to watch it.
  • Other than cussing, this show is flawless.

    Bleach is amazing! Every Shinigami is evil/cool/sappy/creepy in their own way. The songs are catchy. The 3rd season's theme song is still ringing through my head. Toshiro is the coolest (pun intended) Shinigami ever! Just being one of the youngest captian, is enough to make me relate to him. Just to let you know, i'm a boy. I'm not one of those fangirls who squeal evey time they hear Toshiro Hitsugaya's name. Like Naruto, the hero harbors an evil spirit. That just racks up the suspence. Scince there are 1,000,000,000,000,000 caracters (not really), there are a bunch of diverse VA's. If only 10 people voiced the many characters, this show would stink. All in all, this is the best Anime EVER!
  • Love it!!!

    The story opens with the sudden appearance of Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki in Ichigo Kurosaki's bedroom. She is surprised at his ability to see her, but their resulting conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a "hollow", an evil spirit. After Rukia is severely wounded while trying to protect Ichigo, she attempts to transfer half her powers to Ichigo in order to let him face the hollow on equal footing. Ichigo instead unintentionally absorbs almost all her energy, allowing him to defeat the hollow with ease. The next day Rukia appears in Ichigo's classroom as a seemingly normal human, and informs Ichigo that his absorption of her powers has left her stranded in the human world until she recovers her strength. In the meantime Ichigo shelters Rukia in his home and takes over her job as a Soul Reaper, battling hollows and guiding lost souls to Soul Society.

    After a few months of this arrangement, in the sixth volume of the series, Rukia's Soul Reaper superiors interpret her disappearance as desertion, send a detachment to arrest her, and sentence her to death. Ichigo is unable to stop Rukia's capture, but with the help of several of his classmates who also possess spiritual abilities and ex-Soul Reaper Urahara Kisuke, he sets off for the Soul Reaper base, located in the afterlife realm known as Soul Society. Once there, Ichigo and company battle against the elites of the Soul Reaper military, and are ultimately successful in halting Rukia's execution.

    It is then revealed that Rukia's execution and Ichigo's rescue attempt were both manipulated by Sōsuke Aizen, a high ranking Soul Reaper previously believed to be murdered, as part of a far-reaching plot to take control of Soul Society. Aizen betrays his fellow Soul Reapers and allies himself with the hollows, becoming the primary antagonist of the series, and Ichigo teams up with his former enemies in Soul Society after learning that the next step in Aizen's plan involves the destruction of his hometown. After this point, Bleach chronicles the war between Aizen and Soul Society, a plotline which has not yet been resolved. According to Tite Kubo, the ending of the series is not yet planned out or written.[1]
  • Ichigo, a young rangah man, has the similarities of a shinigami, that is rare of a human to have. He discovers that a young shinigami girl, Rukia, walks through his walls and into his bedroom. He then punched her and since then his life had changed 4eva.

    This is one of my top favorites. I really like that girl, who I forgot. But she uses her hairclips to fight. I liked it when she discovered her powers, because I like reading Zombie Mangas. I'm ready High School of the Dead at the moment. Anyways, I really like it now, and its actually more unpredcictable than I anticipated. I didn't think it would be this great. I love it now and I will never stop reading it. It didn't have a get impact on my life, but I did find it boring at first. Now I am adicted.
  • bleach

    Ichigo initially brages into Hueco Mundo along with his allies Chad and Ishida despite the opposition of Soul Society. Their mission was to save their friend Orihime from the grips of Aizen and his notorious Espadas, a group of immensly powerful Arrancars. He was later on joined by Rukia and Renji who both disregarded Soul Society's position on the matter in order to save their fried. As they enter Aizen's colossal head quarters, they encounter enemies with unfathomable powers and also made some odd friends. Will they succeed, or will they fail to save the life of Orihime from the binds of Hueco Mundo? Watch and find out.
  • Bleach is a must see for people who enjoy seeing Humour, violence, sadness, determination and honour in one!

    Bleach has got to be an alltime favourite Anime for any fan, of this kind of Genre. Following Kurosaki Ichigo your unlikely high school student who stands out from the others, not for just his unique hair style. Showing how much he can grow when become a soul reaper, going through the stages of getting Bankai and even defeating the most strongest of shinigami. You can see how much he cares for his friends, and the good amount of humour involved in this aswell. It's an all round enjoyable anime, with sadness, comedy, determination and all about the honour of a soul reaper. So many adventures and it seems as if, it gets from bad to worse and so many emotions aswell. A good anime if you love all these kinds of things in one anime, it's made up of so many things which makes this a true anime!
  • Bleach ,Shinigamis vs Hollows .Death gods vs evil spirits .

    Until Now ,Bleach is the best anime if we had taken the characters ,it's plot might not be the best i have seen but overall it is great ,an action packed anime with added humor ,a touch of drama and a slice of life .
    Bleach follows the life of Korusaki Ichigo ,A 15 years old high school freshman with a very unique ability ; he can see ghosts since early ages .he manages to live somehow normally with this ability until the day he met a mysterious girl wearing a black kimono called kuchiki Rukia ,she tells him that she is a shinigagmi "Kanji for death god " fighting departed spirits that became evil called hollows ,after nearly being killed by one , Rukia transfers her powers to Ichigo to save his and his family's lifes , hence ichigo becomes a shinigami himself .
    the series goes on as Rukia becomes forced to live in the material waorld ,unable to return to the soul society where shinigamis and all departed souls live ,with the help of ichigo to complete her job of hunting hollows and transferring souls which are called pluses to the Soul Society .after a few period , ichigo learns that what rukia did of transferring her powers to him is a crime for shinigamis ,the soul society sends shinigamis to bring her back for trial , ichigo learns that he is not match for a trained shinigami, so he trains to recover his powers which he has lost to those who were sent to recover Rukia with a mysterious man name Urahara Kisuke ,ichigo then travels to soul society with his friends Ishida Uryuu a Quency (Kanji for the destroyer ) ,Sado Yastora a giant human with spiritual strength ,Inoue Orihime i girl also with abnormal spiritual strength . the later two receiving their powers due to their relationship with Ichigo .
    The group travels to the Soul Society to save Rukia led by talking cat named Yoruichi ,their they fight the shinigamis ,learn more about their strength , and then find themselves sucked into a bigger plot that was brewed by one of the shinigamis captains ,in an attempt to be the king of soul society .and so on goes the story ,introducing many new characters ;friends and foes . showing many fights , powers , funny scenes and amazing revelations .
    all the above is considered less than 10% of the whole story of bleach .and the story still keeps on going , and we are still on watching .
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