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  • bleach tells the story of young ichigo kurusaki that becomes a soul reaper while saving his sister from an attacking hollow(demon spirit)ichigo now must fight off these hollows as a soul reaper.

    when i first saw bleach i thought hmmm looks like another average run'of'the mill anime.....boy i was wrong after about episode 3 i was hooked.I mean as in must see next episode or die hooked.Now in the english version were up to episode 40-50?,lets be resonable here if your a true anime fan(otaku)like me then you don't watch anime in eglish unless the voice cast are worth it like steven blum,johhny young bosch,or even quinton flyn.In terms of story bleach is pretty normal young boy growing and maturing in to a man,but what drove me to love this anime was'nt the story it was the great cast of supporting characters,rather funny and at times over the top dialog,great fighting(for an anime),strong back stories of the characters,and even comedic timeing of the hummur of the show itself.Currently i'm on episode 130(by this time you should be saying what and how the **** the answer is simple the internet.I have about three favorite characters from the show kepachi zaraki:in his debute episode he's seen as violent,blood thrist and even somewhat insane(which i like)but through later episodes you discover his pain and anguish of being alone.Next is ikkaku madareme:just like kenpachi but more hummorus hates when you make a remark about him being bald and even denies that as a fact despite that he dose'nt wear a wigg.Last but certainly not least is ishida orume?:you see him early on in the series as ichigo's rival in soul slaying but over time come to respect and admier him for his courage and high sense of pride.well in conclusion the show despite it's over used story line is worth the time to watch and if you wish to continue watching and hate waiting for the english episodes on cartoon network then go to daily and check it out bwahahaha.
  • My all time favorite anime!!!

    Bleach is my all time favorite anime, for many reasons. It's got great action, a great story plot, great charecter build up, great fights, great comedy, and an awsome story. Bleach is an awsome anime, that I recomend to all anime fans. I do not like the dub of Bleach, but I do like the sub. The action on bleach is pretty intence, and bloody, which is why I like it. there are a lot of animes out there, but out of all of them, I like Bleach the best. The biggest mystery, is why the manga/anime is called bleach, what does it mean? I give bleach a 10/10.
  • This is the best anime and show in the USA everyone in the world should have a chance to see this awsome show.

    I have reviewed this show many times it is very good it is like my new best friend and I just can not stop watching this anime. Every Saturday I wait until a new Bleach episode is on air to see I do not care if I am alone or with many friends it is still very good either way. Everytime I flip from channel to channel if I see this show on air you bet I will watch it without hesitation. I hope that Viz Media will continue to bring Bleach episodes from Japanese audience to American audiences as well.
  • About this anime (Bleach).

    Ichigo Kurosaki is a 15 year old teenager with an unwanted talent for seeing ghosts. This talent allows him to spot the Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki, whom he inadvertently interferes with during her duties. When Rukia is injured by a hollow that attacks Ichigo's home, Ichigo is forced to temporarily take her Soul Reaper powers to defeat the hollow. The next day, Rukia shows up at Ichigo's school as a normal human. She tells him that she has lost all of her powers, rather than merely the fraction she intended to give him, and cannot carry out her duties. Ichigo must take her place as Karakura Town's Soul Reaper while she recovers, guiding souls to the afterlife and defending people from attacking hollows.

    This show is about a 15 year old high school student named Ichigo Kurosaki who has the ability to see ghosts. One night Rukia Kuchiki who is a soul reaper appears in Ichigo's room and explains to Ichigo about wholes(normal spirits) and hollows(evil spirits). When a hollow breaks into Ichigo's house and attacks his family Rukia tries to kill it but is wounded and gives the blade to Ichigo and he kills it and saves his family. The next day at school, Rukia who is now in a gigai explains to Ichigo that she lost her powers to Ichigo and that he has to fight hollows. Ichigo declines but Rukia puts her glove on and knocks Ichigo out and makes him become a soul reaper. When a hollow is chasing a little boy who is a whole, Ichigo defeats the hollow and performs konso on the little boy. Ichigo is now a soul reaper.

    This show is really great. It has everything a TV show needs: action,dramatic moments,and of course belly laughs. I'm glad Japan brought it to America!
  • this anime starts of with a 15 year old teen then it explodes into a ACTION!!! paked adventure comedy that you will not sope whatching.

    OK. This is one of the best animes I have ever seen. Ps this was a personal note.

    I have found this anime to be an action/adventure, with a little comedy added in for a relief. I recommend it to all whom like anime. But I must worn u this anime is a little dull in the beginning, but after the 6 or 7 episode it gets rite down to the good stuff. So all around I give this an 8.9 on the anime scale.

    Ps. the one thing I did not like about this anime is that I found that it protrudes from the story lien to much I wish they would stay on topic.

    Love the teenage anime critic. Aka: spartansmom.
  • Bleach is one of everyone's favorite new animes, and for good reason too.

    Bleach is the story of 15 year old Ichigo Kurosaki who can see ghost. One day he sees a ghost being attacked by a strange, horrible monster around the same time he spots a girl around his age running around with a samurai sword. The monster attacks his family and the girl is revealed to be a spirit named Rukia Kuchuki, a Shinigami sent to destroy the monster. She gets injured protecting Ichigo and his family and is forced to give him her powers so he may kill the monster, but that's just the first episode. This show has absolutely spectacular action, great characters, and absolutely amazing pacing and animation. The only problem I have with the show is the story arcs. Ichigo always has to save some kidnapped damsel in distress and travel to an unknown land to do so. This is particularly annoying since there are only two major story arcs in the (canon) story. However there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing in those very same arcs the repetitiveness is hardly noticeable. I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves the fantasy genre in general.

    if the epi was supost to be more energic than already are would be better than naruto ^^ but who know the future the epi are captain vs captain hell yeah :D just next to naruto my choise is Bleach eheheh is like to keshin :D but complety diferente...

    hmmm but this epis are getting just better ! wish this arrive to 20 seasons x) to make a record like naruto :D i hope sooooooo eheheh

    and if any one now where are torrents to bleach let me know please if isnt to much thx ;D

    thx god is reaching the end !
  • It brings out the shinigami/soul reaper in all of us.

    I began watching Bleach a very long time ago and thought his was an excellent anime. However, I was so busy with other things, my time was consumed, and I never had the chance to finish what I started. Recently, I've had the opportunity to begin to watch Bleach again, and I felt like I was falling in love all over again with the show. Bleach is mainly about a boy named Ichigo who becomes a soul reaper, or shinigami they say in the Japanese version by borrowing the powers of a fellow soul reaper Rukia, in order to save his family from what they call a hollow. In other words, a bad spirit. Bleach is so action packed, and a solid story to follow and keeps you interesting in the show. Each character is different and special in their own way when it comes to personality, and their abilities. I guess it wouldn't hurt to mention that they have many...good looking character's as well, one of them being Kisuke Urahara. Mainly, I just want to make it clear that I love this show, it's one of my favorites.
  • I love watching this show.

    This is one of the best shows in the world. It is full of action, and comedy, and suspence, and it rocks! I love this show! I love watching this anime! This show has very well thought out fights, and every thing with Kon (he is inside a stuffed lion) in it is very funny. I like this show very well. And it has a very good story plot. Bleach is very to watch awsome! I watched every episode. I also read the manga. It is one of my number one shows to watch and one of my number one mangas to read.
  • 8.2
    This show is unoriginal yes but it is still very good. The Substitute and Shinigami arcs was amazing. It had everything that type of show should of had. Unfortunately the Bounto arc was just boring. I struggled to get through it with high hopes for a new good arc. I was rewarded with the arrancar arc. But I have been mildly annoyed with this random arc cutting short my arrancar arc. The Kasumi arc is not bad they just should have waited for the arrancar arc to be over. Tho the show has slumps it always breaks out with good arcs that reward the viewers for waiting through the crappy ones.
  • It can, I watched, and I had to have it.

    This show is another one that I just happened to come upon, but it was well worth it. I love the plot and the characters as well as the spirit behind the entire show. I would have to say that it is one of my favorites to watch, in both english and japanese. With it's intense moments and corky spots, it has to be one of the most well rounded shows that has aired on adult swim recentlly. With the just coming out to dvd the entertanment wont stop. I can't wait for more episodes to air in english, and to watch the plot change with the characters.
  • One of the best anime series ever!!!!!!!!!1

    Finally get to reveiw this... Any ways, this show is about Ichigo Kurosaki, you typical 15 year old high schooler in Karakura town. But, he has the ability to see ghosts and spirits. One night, a soul reaper named Rukia flys in to Ichigo's room. In witch she explains that she is a soul reaper from the soul socitety. Then,a hollow attacks Ichigo's family and takes his sister Karin. While fighting the hollow, Rukia gets seriously hurt and she gives Ichigo her powers in order to kill the Hollow. I like this show because it is REALLY funny at times and violince (me like ^_^) I love this show SO much! YAYZERS!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow this show is so creative and amazing.

    So I first watched Bleach back in 2006 and I've loved it ever since. It's weird because I watched randomly and I was glad I did. It was the 1st episode and I remember being so excited when Ichigo was fighting against the hollow. I find Ichigo to be a little cocky and rude sometimes but that is okay. Kenpachi has got to be one of favourite characters. He's so fun to watch and he is a little weird but that's what so great about him--and not to mention his indredible strength. The show is kind of confusing sometimes because their are so many characters and the story moves somewhat quicker than most anime. Anyways everyone should see it if you like action and anime then this is for you.
  • Shinigami fighting hollows and a special one that is strong and brave goes through many battles and adventures.

    this anime is one of my favorites because of all the action and comedy. The creative concept of this show is cool, the way they all have their own zanpaktou and stuff. Is pretty cool, but it is really hard to find the episodes these days but its worth it now because after you watch a couple, you will get so into it that you cant stop and youll try to find it not matter what. Its a very action packed anime and it is very fun to watch and listen too. It will make you think, "Why cant i be a shinigami" but then again, what show doesnt make you want to be in it.

    This is the best show in the world. It is full of action, and comedy, and suspence, it rocks! I love this show! I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this anime!!! No other show is as good as Bleach. This show has well thought out fights, and every thing with Kon in it is funny. I like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like this show. And it has a good story plot. Bleach is awsome!!!
  • Great anime.

    good show watch it every saterday Im a pretty big fan of the manga and I think it has a good story and great animations I think rouroni kenshin is a little better but probebly my favorite anime on adult swim The best part of the series that I have seen so far is when ichigo uses his bonki and when he fights the squad 11 captain in the soul society one great things about the series is the action sometimes the action sequences can blow your mind there so impressive and well put together the soul society ark has gotta be my favorite part of the series
  • Ichigo kurasaki becomes a sould reaper and fights hollows and insane soul reapers

    good show watch it every saterday Im a pretty big fan of the manga and I think it has a good story and great animations I think rouroni kenshin is a little better but probebly my favorite anime on adult swim The best part of the series that I have seen so far is when ichigo uses his bonki and when he fights the squad 11 captain in the soul society one great things about the series is the action sometimes the action sequences can blow your mind there so impressive and well put together the soul society ark has gotta be my favorite part of the series
  • Ichigo Kurosaki and friends go to the soul society to save a girl who saved ichigo's life, rukia kuchiki. after saving rukia, ichigo returns to the world of the living and after awhile incounters new villians. renji and rukia return later to help.

    Its awesome! I personally love it. I have to say that if anyone gets wounded, injured, or killed i cry. I do really i cry! its just so sad! but anyway im absolutely obsessed with anime so i do that to just about every show i watch and something bad happens or its just plain sad! well thats about all i have to say is that i like it and you should too. lol. I do wish i had more to say about it but i really love it. its awesome and you should watch it and see if you enjoy it.
  • some people say this is just as good as naruto.

    a lot of people say that this series is just as good as naruto. maybe i should start watching this. a lot of people who watch naruto also watch bleach. but i dont think i have the time to watch episode 1 to current episode or read chapter 1 to current chapter. i will one day watch or read this series i just dont know when. most naruto forum threads have some discussion and im left out of it since i dont know what they are saying. but i always see people saying the name Orihime . . . . .
  • Bleach is fantastic. Keeps you guessing almost all the time.

    Bleach is awesome. Ichigo is an awesome character. I love his awesome bankai with his hollow mask on. It always has you guessing what'll happen next. Aizen's rebellion was the shocking part that probably got everyone hooked. Faking his own death and sending all of Seireitei into panic. Then the Espada arc where he took on Grimmjow and Ulquiorra. And this new arc where he finally beat the heck out of that purpled haired guy. I love all of Ichigo's fights. Back to back he beats or ties with all those Shinigami, Espada, and bount. This is one great fabulous show.

    This show is so good,should be watched by all!

    Great show about a kid,I would love it to be reality,I think it is so good,Should be watched by all,Watch it now,google it,stop reading this

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  • about dead japanese ppl, dead spanish ppl, n high skool ;)

    fast-paced n action packed....

    ichigo: A normal 15 year old high skool student, except for the fact he can see spirits. He's torn up over his mothers death and he's angry. Rukia: A past soul reaper who's lost her powers helps Ichigo all while trying to understand him. one fate full day ichigo gets the power n becomes a substitute soul reaper/shinigami/death god n vows to protect all his frends, family n everyone else... there are three 4 arcs so far...soul society arc was really gud, the bount arc was gud, the vaizard/arrancar arc is amazin n the fillers r ok.
  • Good show

    Ok so this show has to be the single best show that is anime that is running right now with new episodes if you eliminate death note from the picture i mean this easily knocks out the new digimon seasons and that other stuff like inuyasha or however you spell it this show has countless adventures and misteries like when they where in that fun houe thing with traps where they could not go more than 3 rooms in one derection or they would hit a boobytrap but in all realality the traps where all a fake and all they had to do is go straight that is just one example of the show but like i said this is one of the best if not the best snime out right now and for all those who like naruto get a better show
  • great anime!!! very funny especially in the earliest episodes.

    The story opens with the sudden appearance of Rukia Kuchiki in Ichigo Kurosaki's bedroom. She is surprised at his ability to see her, but their resulting conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a "hollow", an evil spirit. After Rukia is severely wounded while trying to protect Ichigo, she intends to transfer half her powers to Ichigo, hoping to give him the opportunity to face the hollow on equal footing. Ichigo unintentionally absorbs almost all her powers instead, allowing him to defeat the hollow with ease.

    The next day, Rukia appears in Ichigo's classroom as a transfer student. Much to his surprise, she appears to be a normal human. She theorizes that it was the unusual strength of Ichigo's spirit that caused him to absorb almost all her powers, thus leaving her stranded in the human world. Rukia has transferred herself into a gigai - an artificial human body - while waiting to recover her abilities. In the meantime, Ichigo must take over her job as a Soul Reaper, battling hollows and guiding lost souls to Soul Society.
  • Showing animes whos boss.

    Okay Bleach is by far one of the best(if not the best) animes of all time. The charatcers are easy to become a fan over, the sword fighting is just amazing, and the art is one of the best I have seen in a anime. Over 100 episodes just shows how many people love this show. Although I dont like how the main charatcer,Ichigo, always seems to defeat almost every enemy he faces but than again most shows do that. Over I love this anime and think any anime fan would be crazy not want to watch this anime. Got to love sword shows.
  • Bleach talks about people, who can see souls of dead people and need to fight with bad ones. Bleach includes also a little bit of love ;)

    Bleach is called to be for teenage boys, but it is watch also by girls (in my country...). I personally just love it and couldn't live without it. And this is the only one anime, where I love main character (Kurosaki Ichigo) ;P. My friends are going crazy when I'm talking 'bout this... I think it gonna be (or already is) one of the best anime. It is like infectious illness, which make ill one by one, who just see the title. Opening and endings are great, music in the background, too. Characters are made perfectly, they show how normal people are, even if they aren't normal. Just great for everyone, who like good fights, music and plot.
  • Blaech is one of the best anime shows yet

    Bleach follows the life of Ichigo Kurosaki who is a high school student with the ability to see ghosts, hollow's and Soul Reapers. Rukia is a Soul Reaper who crosses paths with Ichigo and has no choice but to transfer her powers into him so he can save his family, Thus the adventures of Ichigo and Rukia begin. Together they search for hollows and perform soul burials on wayward souls cleansing the spirits and sending them to the Soul Society.

    The early parts of the story focus mainly on the characters and their pasts, rather than the actual occupation of the Soul Reapers.
  • Shinigame are the spirit protecters of the real world who fight an eternal battle against hollow, spirit people turned demon like, which takes a strange turn as a human boy gets caught up in the struggle to conquer the world.

    A few people said i should check it out and i was reluctant to do so but if only 5 episodes in i was hooked.

    ive never been a fan of anime that focuses a long time on building relationships between characters and establishing the background snippit by snippit but bleach does it very, very well.

    it may have one of the slowest build ups of all time, theres never really a huge clash untill your in the high 30 episodes but its well worth the wait.. and its not a boring wait at all, however once you get the episodes 70-80 fillers kick in.. and unlike other anime that have huge filler arcs, bleach's fillers are just as enjoyable as the real story, unless you read the manga youd never tell it was filler.

    after the fillers the real fun starts, you realise all of the begining was much like a pre-match show and now its kick off, getting straight into the action with surprises and twists along the way and a bundle of new characters, if the begining bores you or your not interested at the first, stick through it untill episodes 110+ for one of the best anime arcs ever.
  • Kurosaki Ichigo is a high school kid who can see ghosts and isn't surprised by this fact at all.Trying to protect his family,Ichigo gets the power of a shinigami from Kuchiki Rukia.Now its Ichigo's job to do the work of a shinigami and protect everyon

    Bleach in my opinion is one of the best manga and anime of the 21st century.While the world may be crazy over naruto but I can say it without a doubt that bleach surpasses naruto in everything except popularity.It has an amazing story with classic characters which will never go out of your mind.The heart stopping story and the plot twists will always keep you entertained.Its one of the few animes and mangas which gives us a combination of humour and action.I recommend bleach to all anime lovers.SUrely in the coming years Bleach will hopefully make the same impact as Dragon Ball series did.

    Story:- 9.5/10
    Voice Acting:-10/10

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