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  • I love this show soooooooooooooooo much! It's my favorite anime in the whole wide world! It's soooooooooo funny!

    I love this show! It's just completely amazing! I even check every Thursday to see if they have a new bleach episode! First of all, this show is just completely hilarious! I love how they can put in a tense scene then they just add someone funny to it. For example, everyone would be all sad and then all of a sudden kon or urahara comes in! HAHA! :) I also love how this show is so suspenseful sometimes! I hate shows that always show exactly what you expect to happen. It's so annoying, I mean, I want to be surprised sometimes and I got to say, Bleach does an awesome job with that! The best part about this show is all the action! It's freakin amazing! I love the different bankais and shikais! It's awesome! Bleach rocks!
  • Fantastic anime that has everything!

    I just started watching this show and I must say that I am extremely impressed. This show has everything: action, drama, suspense, and plenty of everyday issues with school and relationships. I like this show because the people seem real, and it doesn't have a lot of just talking like so many other animes do (in fact, when people start talking too much, other characters tend to kick them in the face!). I actually prefer this show over Naruto, which is saying a lot because Naruto is so popular. I haven't watched every episode yet, but I hope this show continues to be as great as the first episodes! Perfect 10!
  • One of the best anime

    This is one of the most popular anime series out there. There is a little of each aspect to it for every kind of fan. The most common being action with a hint of romance and, of course, comedy. Like any true anime, there is a mystery you are introduced to not long into the series. There is however a bit of a drag when Ichigo and company seem to be endlessly fighting to save Rukia. Will the fighting never end? Its redeeming factor is that as the battles progress, the skill and expections grow even greater, making it worth the wait.

    The characters are all amazing, each one is unique. Not to mention many unique hairstyles. The author made sure to even choose names for the characters that suited them best. This review ends here with the very strong encouragment to start this anime right away, just about anyone will love it!
  • very cool

    well i am not really caught up in the series, but ill describe it to my best ability. its about a boy name ichigo who has a strange power to see ghosts. one night a strange girl who appears in his room who says shes a soul reaper. they send lost souls to peaceful places. he is the only normal person who can see her. then a holow, a lost soul injures his family so he battles and sends it to the soul society. cuz he drained the soul reapers powers he becomes a soul reaper. all the other soul reapers and him must battle arrancars and hollows to keep the world peaceful. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!
  • This is an awesome show.

    Sorry if I spell anything wrong. This is the Japanese anime Bleach. This show is about 15 year old Ichigo Kurosaki. He can see ghosts. He first became a soul reaper when Rukia entered his room and they fought a hallow. Hallows are evil spirits that turn good spirits into bad spirits. The first huge ark is the soul society ark. All soul reapers get zanpakto witch are cool swords. They have three states. Sealed fourm, Shikai, and Bankai. All Bankai's are really powerful. After the soul society ark, Ichigo becomes friends with most of the soul reapers. You should try watching bleach.
  • Bleach is an AWESOME show!!! it's not better than naruto though. I like bleach because the action starts right from the beginning and that's what i like the most about any anime. I also like this show because the story is very cool.

    Bleach is an AWESOME show!!! it's not better than naruto though. I like bleach because the action starts right from the beginning and that's what i like the most about any anime. I also like this show because the story is very cool. This anime is also cool because there aren't that many fillers. naruto sometimes sucks because it has a lot of fillers. Anyways, this show is great because it is very easy to understand and it makes you want to watch it even more. Another reason why this show is awesome is because the first episode is one of its best episodes, in my opinion.
  • Bleach rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bleach is my current anime obsession.It is an awesome show, with great voice actors and amazing animation. The story starts with a high school student named Ichigo who has the ablity to see souls of the dearly departed. Then one day his family was attacked by a hollow(an evil soul),but a soul reaper named Rukia tryed to fight the hollow but she couldn't beat it. So she gave her powers to Ichigo and turned him into a soul reaper. But soon after that Byakuya(Rukia's brother) came to take Rukia to be punished for her crimes. Anyway Bleach is an awesome anime!!!!!!!
  • [SPOILER ALERT] Great Anime, what did you get for lunch? Fourth review, i didn't number the last one....

    what ever happened to the surviv1ng bounto?
    that is it, all i want to know, that is my review.
    19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 I am counting my words, I have to have 100. 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50.
    I guess i could right more in my review..
    I love the show, great, inspiring, all that jazz.
    Again i just wanna see the fight between the old guy with the fire zampaktoh (don't correct my spelling stalker.. i know i don't have one yet...) and ichigo
    fun fun fun.

    97 98 99 100

    maybe that will be my sign off from now on...
  • One of the best anime series ever!

    In my mind, this is one of the best anime series ever! This show has all of the elements that make it perfect. It has a good balance of action, comedy, drama, and horror. How I got started in Bleach:
    I started watching this show around January last year, just before one of my two dogs died. I told him that I will start watching Bleach. At first, I thought the show wouldn't be too good, but when I started watching every episode, I have been addicted to the show.
    How to unleash your zanpaku-to:
    There are two stages to a zanpaku-to: shikai, and bankai. Shikai is activated when you simply call out the name of the zanpaku-to. For example, Renji's zanpaku-to is named Zabimaru. When Renji says "Roar Zabimaru", shikai is activated, and Renji's sword transforms. Bankai is not easy to activate. First, you need alot of spiritual power. Second, you need to train 10 years to control bankai. Third, do not die in battle. To unleash Bankai, follow the previous steps, and say "bankai". After the zanpaku-to successfully transforms, say its bankai name. For example, Ichigo's bankai is named "Tetza Zangetsu". After Ichigo's zanpaku-to has transformed, he says "Tetza Zangetsu". That folks is how to use your zanpaku-to.
    Rock on Ichigo, Uryu, Chad, Orihime, Rukia!!!!!
  • Pure awesomeness!

    I just love this show, awesome storyline with interesting twists, unique characters with lots of flare and amazing fight scenes. It starts off so simple with a teenager who could see ghosts and entered the world of the Shinigami (Soul Reapers). It's filled with ever present emotions such as friendship and self sacrifice and the soundtrack is awesome;, full of flavour and always suits the moment. It fuses the worlds of modern Japan with ancient Japan very smoothly in varying degrees. There's not much to say other than watch it, watch it now. And if you don't want to it's just your loss.
  • Bleach is about a 15 year boy named Ichigo Kurisaki. He can see spirits of people that die. He later befriends a soul reaper named Rukia and becomes one himself.

    This is such an awesome show!!!!! I started watching it on Adult Swim and now I'm addicted. The only thing I dislike is that they show it so late, but at least its on a Saturday. My fave is Rukia!!! She's soo awesome (I hope I spelled her name right). Anyway Ichigo is pretty cool too. One of the main reasons the show is so appealing to me is because it has great main characters. Well the show is definetly on Adult Swim for a reason. I thinks its because of excessive blood or language. But who cares Its an awesome anime!!!
  • One of the best action animes out there, with the flashy powerfull moves and struggle for power...

    One of the best action animes out there, with the flashy powerfull moves and struggle for power.

    It is abbout a young boy in highschool (japanese cliche) that has the abilitiy to see gohsts and talk to them several of his family members share the same abilitiy as you will learn further in the series. He then meets a Shinigami (angel of death) and she pases some of here power to him in order to save his family, that is how it all starts. He developes and evolves and ofcourse, as the main character in most anime, has the latent ability of increadeble and unmesureable potention to grow. Although the story does seem to contradict itself sometimes but not anything big or noticeable. the struggle for power becomes kind of old but the newly developed skills are impressive enogh for one to overlook it.
  • Bleach is an action-packed anime, about Shinigami, hollow, and everything in between. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character and throughout the series, meets new enemies, friends, and missions...

    I really love Bleach. I'm definitely not an action liking girl, because I absolutely hate Naruto and those kinds of animes. I don't really know, to this day, what made me so hooked onto Bleach, but I guess it's because of the amazing graphics, storyline, minimum amount of fillers (unlike Naruto), and interesting characters (Hitsugaya all the way!)

    Sometimes I feel, though, that one arc is being dragged on for too long, without even having fillers, as I mean, too many unnecessary battles. For an example, the current arrancar arc has each episode based on a different person battling a different espada. Who knows how long it would take for them to actually finish battling off all of them if we focus 2-3 episodes per battle?

    That's my only concern, other than that, Bleach is "absolutely fab".
  • Kurosaki Ichigosee`s spirits. One day Ichigo and his family is attacked by a Hollow. Kuchiki Rukia aka Death God(Shinigami) tries to help. She ends up injured and decide to transfer her powers to ichigo. Who then becomes a a substitute Shinigami

    Bleach has got to be the best Manga/Anime I ever seen/read. Kubo is a God. Im never dissapointed, even though i get tired of the anime fillers. Which is why i encourage EVERYONE to read the manga. Theres a lot of stuff they dont show in the anime series. Theres plenty of villians and action to keep anyone entertained.The character development is amazing. You really get to know the main characters very well. their strengths and weakness. Which makes the story line even more enjoyable. If you haven`t started watching Bleach yet. I just want to know what the heck is taking you so LONG? XD
  • awsome a classic in all rights and influental in other aspects

    the story of a strange boy who can see spirits, ichigo kurosaki meets a weird black robed person and it changed his life forever this unique story is unlike anything that i have ever heard of with the shinigami guards and the whole hierarchy of spirits and also the hollows a very strange monstrous thing that terrorizes the whole relm of the humans while the shinigamis do their best to stop them and bring them to the sprit society this show definately gets a 8.4 for originality but it is repeating on how they have to save someone from a random enemy like riuka from the soul society shinigamis and uyuyu from the soul stealers and so on and so forth
  • A very good anime with some good humor.

    I haven't gotten far with Bleach yet, so I can't really give it a full review. But like Dragonball Z & Naruto, this is a bit of a cliche. Ichigo who have Orange hair while Goku & Naruto have Orange suits. Ichigo is a little smarter than both Goku & Naruto. He's a substitute Soul Reaper, Goku is a fighter who's willing to fight Stronger people, & Naruto is a Genin Ninja (and he still is in Naruto Shippuden). Uryu who have Blue hair while Vegeta & Sasuke wear blue suits. All 3 of their clans have been wiped out. Vegeta's Saiyan clan have been killed by Frieza, Sasuke's Uchiha clan have been killed by his own brother, and Uryu's Quincy Clan have been killed by Soul Reapers. Unlike Dragonball Z but like Naruto, there's more female fighters in the anime. Because Dragonball Z, there's hardly any female fighters (except 18, Videl, Zangya, Fasha/Serpia, Pan, kid Chi-Chi). But unlike Naruto but like Dragonball Z, there stubborn lone wolf (Vegeta & Uryu) stayed with the good guys. Because Sasuke willing to join Orochimaru and stayed as a bad guy. Besides the comparison, the story is okay. The design/graphics look good. The music was good. The voice acting I'm so-so on (for the English Dub). Yes, the cast who did Naruto, Digimon, & a few animes they've done are the English dub voice actors who provided the voices. If you're looking for a good Dragonball Z reincarnation, then Bleach is actually good for you. The other would have to be Naruto.
  • this show definitely gets better every season

    omg i freakin love bleach. i used to hear people talk about it all the time but it was on adult swim and the only shows i ever watched on adult swim were fullmetal alchemist and inuyasha. and i had just started watching fma and inuyasha in like 2006 or so... i accidentally ran in2 an episode of bleach while i was channel surfing at midnight (lol) and it was the episode where rukia had to go to the soul society and that quincy guy was trying to save her. I started to like bleach since then and i liked the 2nd ending which really made me like the show . Well i cant detail the show cause i gotta go but i will say bleach is a very good show and after watching a few episodes from season 1 and 2, u might like it too. give it a try!!!!
  • everytime is a good time for bleach:)

    10 should I start...well there is this freshman Kurosaki Ichigo who meets a shinigami that gave her powers to him so he could protect his family. So he took all her powers though she would come to pay for her actions later on. I've seen much of the show so I'll try to spoil as little as I can.

    So there is this Soul Society, that people refrain to as Heaven, where two kinds of spirits go. One is the plus spirits and the second the shinigami sent spirits. Of course there could be intrusions from other worlds there.
    Well Soul Society is a place divided into two large ares. One is Rukongai and the other is the Court of Pure Spirits. In Rukongai reside the ordinary spirits of the dead. While in the Court of Pure Spirits live the shinigami. There are 13 squads that maintain law and protection to that place. each squad has considerate members lead by a captain and his adjutants.
    Well I can also tell you my favorites are Byakuya, Ichigo, Yoruichi, Hitsugaya and Soifon in that order.
  • Magnificen, Addicting and Awesome show!

    Bleach was the first Anime that I ever watched watched (yes, I'm new to anime) and I become obsessed with it after around episode 15 0r 16 and that is when Byakuya (whom I love btw) is introduced for the first time. It's so good, it leaves you wanting more and wondering what's going to happen next. The show get more addicting the more you watch it. In my opinion, Bleach is the best Anime that ever made. (There's DB/Z/GT of course), but that's just me. Now, I'm a #1 Bleach fan in the whole wide world. To be honest, Byakuya made me Like the show more. His Bankai is just so cool. If you haven't seen bleach, I don't which part part of the world you live in. Watch Bleach and then You'll believe my review.

    Bleach Rules!!
  • Best anime out there. Don't get mad, it's just my opinion!

    Before I begin, I just want to say that IIII, yes, I, think this of one of the best anime out there. Why? It's just addicting. The whole basis around the show just calls for my attention, not to mention the awesome fights, jokes, and the very cool unique powers every sword has. Everyone says Bleach is overrated, but I disagree. I'll be honest, I didn't want to start another anime, but I was bored so I decided to watch the first episode...and then the second...and then the third...and before you knew it, I was on Ep 10. I really wish I wasn't all caught up so I could sit and continually watch it. I just love the show and I recommend it to everyone!
  • An anime with a difference...

    Bleach.... what can I say? I first started watching Bleach when it came onto TV in the U.S. I've never turned back. One ting is enjoy about it is it is one of the only Anime dubs that was not completely butchered when it went to TV

    Ichigo is a high school student who has the ability to see spirits. One day, he sees a giant monster rampaging downtown that only he can see. He tries to stop it, and is almost killed until a strange girl comes in with a Zanpukto (sword) and gives him powers to defeat the monster. She is a death god (soul reaper in english), and she explains to Ichigo the concept of death gods and hollows, the monster she killed. But she tells ichigo he is now a death god too, she gave him almost all her powers. She stays with him in her human form.

    And so it is history...
  • Bleach is truly a great anime.

    You looking for an anime to watch when you've got free time? One that's full of action, and has a story that will make you want more? Bleach is the show for you, and not to mention a few more thousand or million viewers for each new episode. Bleach is about an ordinary school boy who takes the role as a Reaper. Ichigo, the main character, fights powerful enemies, mostly ghosts, but he's not alone. Together with good friends of his, he starts off in a new journey unlike any other!

    Bleach is a personal favorite anime of mine, and I'm pretty sure that more and more fans of these kinds of shows will watch Bleach too. 10/10.
  • Bleach is all about dead spirit call pluses and evil spirit call hollows that have masks and feed on souls. Ichigo a teenager that can see spirits and obtain power by a shinigami a death god called Rukia

    This is the best show i seen so far it doesn't contain little to no plothole. The characters have a lot of different moods unlike some shows. They mostly shinigami fighting against hollows. The show is very creative with pyscho such as myari and some other characters. Bleach has a way to save all good characters because to seems they never really die, each time you though aaww it's over, then another hero came and protect them. Regardless it is still a good show and it's worth watching although at the end is not that good, All they do is fight and i don't see the good plots like in the soul society arc. They were all fighting for one person. Becasue of characters never dying and the end was quite sloppy it still deserve a 9.8/10
  • Ichigo is a normal teenager who studies at school, IF you disregard the fact that he is a Death God that exterminates bad souls called Hollows.

    Ichigo is a normal teenager that goes to school as a regular teenager, like others. But unlike normal people, Ichigo and his family (excluding his mother) can see ghosts, spirits that haven't 'rested' yet. Soon, a girl appears in her room. She claimed to be a shinigami. She explains to him that a shinigami comes and goes to send spirits to the Soul Society, Heaven as we know it, and that Hollows are those wicked souls that end up having their souls eaten by other Hollows, or when their soul is too wicked for the Soul Society. During Ichigo's adventures, he further learns how to perform his duties to the fullest, and comes across new foes and friends.
  • Best use of Shinigami since...ever.

    I first saw the Bleach manga, and I was absolutely trapped by the story, mixture of Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Samurai 7; even though Bleach has a signature of its own.

    Usually, when I watch an anime AFTER I read the manga, I get a little bit disappointed, because of poor animation, misplaced character voice acting, etc. But Bleach, far from letting me down, got me even more hooked to the story.

    Kurosaki Ichigo, a middle-schooler from Karakura Town, has a very rare ability: he can see dead people. This ability will find itself enhanced one night that Ichigo accidentally meets Kuchiki Rukia, a Shinigami (Death God). Rukia, as all other Shinigamis, dedicates her time to slay Hollows, monsters that devour human souls. Just watch the first chapter... you'll get hooked right away.

    Here's a little thing you should know. Bleach manga writer, Kubo Tite, is still drawing Bleach. So the story is not over. So, how does this affect the anime? Bleach, starting in chapter 63 or so, begins what is commonly known as a "filler": chapters on the anime that are not drawn in the manga, created with the sole purpose of giving the author time to finish the manga.

    Bleach's filler is... um... not so good. At least, not as good as the non-filler anime. You can watch it, but it will not add much to the real story. The real "second season" of Bleach comes around the 105th episode or so. And it absolutely, definitely, seriously, no-kidding-around-on-this-one, ROCKS!! The only thing I have against Bleach, and so I put a 9 Vote to it, is that I don't like long series, such as Naruto or One Piece. In fact, I don't watch either, but Bleach, I'll watch it until it ends, because it is seriously worth it. Trust me, it's great.
  • One of the best anime since DBZ!

    Bleach is about 15 year old, Ichigo Kurosaki, who is currently in high school. Ichgo, since he was very young, has always seen spirits of the dearly departed, this in such leads him to help these "lost souls". He later meets a soul reaper named Rukia, and somewhat befriends her. The a creature called a hollow, that feeds on souls, attacks Ichigo's 2 sisters, and Ichigo palns to sacrifice his soul to the hollow to protect his sisters and put an end to the hollow's rampage. Rukia intervenes and is seriuosly wounded by the hollow. Rukia, saying the only way to defeat the hollow is to let Ichigo "borrow" her powers. Ichigo makes quick work of the hollow and the story of Bleach is set in fold.
  • One of the best shows ever

    Over the summer of 2007 my friends told me about two shows that were on adult swim they were Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist. Right away i stayed up to 1 in the morning to watch them with my friends while we talked on the computer about the episode we were watching we had alot of fun. I liked Fma better then bleach but then after finishing the show and the movie. I stopped awhile intill one day in october i stayed home from school sick one day, i was bored cause my mom doesnt let me play video games when im sick so i decided to watch Bleach on the computer then i was hooked. I couldnt stop watchin by halloween i had caught up with the episodes coming out which was around episode 156, yea my social life declined but it was worth it. Ever since then every week i get pumped to see a new episode. This show is the best anime ever.
  • This is my best anime series of all time!

    We are introduced to the world of Bleach though the experiences of Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old high school student who has great personal spirit energy and happens to be able to see spirits. As a result of what appears to be an accidental encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami or "soul reaper" (literally "death god"), during which she is seriously wounded trying to protect him from a hungry ghost known as a Hollow, Ichigo ends up with her borrowed Soul Reaper powers and her mandate to protect human beings from the Hollows which try to prey on them. In the meantime, Rukia herself is stranded in an artificial human body and joins Ichigo as a student in his class, limited to being a guide for him until her powers return.

    Later in the series, the spirit powers of two other students in Ichigo's school will also awaken as a direct result of personal encounters with the spirit world; while a third is discovered to be a secret warrior in the ongoing battle to protect humanity from the Hollows.

    However, the series takes great care to emphasise that the vast majority of people live their lives without ever realising that this other world exists all around them. While the Soul Reapers have tools which assist this continued lack of awareness, they are rarely needed. Until Rukia takes on her human body, no one except Ichigo is able to see her. Even when Hollows are at their most destructive, most human beings can't see, sometimes even refuse to see: and many, including Ichigo himself, try to come up with rational explanations for what they cannot understand until rationalisation is no longer possible.

    In the central mythos of Bleach, humans souls come to the Soul Society at death, to be reborn years or centuries later into the world of the living in a vast cosmic balance. Even Hollows are not so much killed as freed from their unhealthy attachment to a world of which they should no longer be a part. The purpose and duty of the Soul Reaper is to protect this cosmic balance at any cost. Emotional and other merely "human" considerations have no place in the Soul Reaper's samurai-like focus on duty, a parallel further emphasised by the outfit of the Soul Reaper and by the symbol and focus of the Soul Reaper's power, the spirit-sword, or zanpakuto.

    White, the undyed or bleached lack of all colour, is traditionally a symbol of death and mourning in eastern cultures; but it is also the colour of emptiness and thus of beginnings. In Pure Land Buddhism, white represents the Buddhist interrum paradise where souls are brought to help them achieve enlightenment, and from which a few enlightened souls will return to help other Buddhists arrive at the Pure Land. (Interestingly, later episodes in the series make it clear that Soul Reapers were themselves once human.) In many ways black, its polar opposite, is also its complement: death, yes, but also enlightened awareness sharing its knowledge, wisdom, and power while seeking to learn anew. In English, the words "black" and "bleach" even derive from the same root word. In the black and white world of the Soul Reapers, the orange-haired Ichigo continually inserts a jagged element of awkward humanity into Soul Reaper abstraction.

    Like so many other top-quality anime series, Bleach is adapted from a manga, or graphic story (comic book), which has been running in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 2001. While many manga-based anime soon run into the problem of getting ahead of the existing manga storyline, Bleach takes its time developing individual character storylines, and thus ends up with some of the best developed personalities in the entire field. Consequently this anime does demand a little more active work than most on the part of the viewer: but it is well worth the effort.
  • Completley Out Of This World

    I have to say when I first saw this show I thought ''Ew, how pathetic this show sucks'', but then I started to watch it more and soon became addicted especially with Ichigo and his hollow problems until he visits the Vizards and fixes it so now he can control it. Believe me that was scary because at first he was getting his *** kicked but then he went in and his eyes flashed blue and he kicked his inner hollow's *** right back. Everyone Go Ichigo! Everyone Go Bleach! again Everyone Go Television and Everyone Go Rule! Rules Yeahh
  • Ichigo Kurosaki a normal high school student, that is if seeing ghosts is normal, is turned into a shinigami by a mysterious girl and is thrust into a world of fighting for the dead and the living.

    this is the best anime i have watched in a while, even though i think it should be an hour long, and always keeps its audience in suspense. with the shinigami in the way of the hollows i will never feel safe alone a good way. and Ichigo's song is priceless and should be remembered for ever and ever and the most epic theme song ever. well right below sephiroth's theme. well im just filling the void of space that is the min word count soooo la la la la hey hey go watch bleach. o yea go watch bleach
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