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  • Ichigo Kurosaki a normal high school student, that is if seeing ghosts is normal, is turned into a shinigami by a mysterious girl and is thrust into a world of fighting for the dead and the living.

    this is the best anime i have watched in a while, even though i think it should be an hour long, and always keeps its audience in suspense. with the shinigami in the way of the hollows i will never feel safe alone a good way. and Ichigo's song is priceless and should be remembered for ever and ever and the most epic theme song ever. well right below sephiroth's theme. well im just filling the void of space that is the min word count soooo la la la la hey hey go watch bleach. o yea go watch bleach
  • Bleach is one of my favorite anime shows of all time.

    I just got into the show, but from what I has seen, it is awsome. The like the story. It is very well written. Most of all, I like the characters from the show. I think my two favorite ones are Ichigo and Chad; Ichigo for his look and big sword and Chad for his arm weapon. I am not that up to date with what is going on with the characters, but I still like it (mostly for the action). This show has alot of action and comedy too which is great. It can also be kand of random but its alright because all shows need a little randomness.
  • Bleach is awesome.

    This is an awesome anime,the music,story,and style make it worth watching.I started watching bleach since it first aired on adult swim,and from the first commercial I knew this was good.When finally watched the first episode (which I had to wait 1 month for)it was better than I imagined that night, I had to watch it again at second timeslot and I always do this.Bleach reminds me of another anime YUYU-HAKUSHO because the main charecter is always getting into fights,but in bleach unlike in yuyu-hakusho Ichigo is smarter than yusuke.If you watch bleach you know what I am talking about, if you don't try watching.

    if you have comments contact me my e-mail address is on my page.
  • Very Cutting Edge

    The first time i watched Bleach i thought.....this is awesome and i've been watchin bleach everytime on anime central but now there waitin for the 53 episode and the rest.

    Ichigo and Rukia hav a lot of great time fightin off hollows and savin spirits and the livin from hollows.

    Now that Ichigo is on a mission 2 save rukia, he learns more and more every step of the way and has his friends 2 help him out and meets new friends and new challenges every step of the way.

    So if u like supernatural Monsters, Samurai swords that can Transform (lol) then i would recommend Bleach!!!
  • This is one of my favorite shows

    This is a show about a teen named ichigo who can see gohsts then one day ichigo brings flowers to the spot where a girl died and she thanks him then later he sees her running and a girl with a sword comes and stops what ever was there then later that night she goes in his house the a hallow come and attacks she saves ichigo by blocking the hallow she tell ichigo to grab her sword and he can save them he grabs it and become a subitute soul reaper and battles many hallows and then the soul socity,bounto,and aizen and the Arrancar.
  • The best Anime ever made.

    Bleach is undoubtedly the best Anime ever made, it is fast, with practically no ammount of flashbacks and the fillers are nicely done, but as every filler - irritating because they do not advance the plot. The Bount Arc, which was a filler arc, was not as bad as people said it would be. Fights are fast, vicious, very drastic and bloody. The episodes are made that way that you actually cannot wait to see the new one. On a side note it is quite humorous, with lots of funny moments in it. Be warned - this show is very addicting, watch only at your own risk.
  • frikkin love this show

    omg i freakin love bleach. i used to hear people talk about it all the time but it was on adult swim and the only shows i ever watched on adult swim were fullmetal alchemist and inuyasha. and i had just started watching fma and inuyasha in like 2006 or so... i accidentally ran in2 an episode of bleach while i was channel surfing at midnight (lol) and it was the episode where rukia had to go to the soul society and that quincy guy was trying to save her. I started to like bleach since then and i liked the 2nd ending which really made me like the show . Well i cant detail the show cause i gotta go but i will say bleach is a very good show and after watching a few episodes from season 1 and 2, u might like it too. give it a try!!!!
  • Bleach is the story of ichigo,high school student with the ability to see ghosts. when he met rukia a soul reaper. Wounded by a hollow she must give some of her power to ichigo. when she accidentally give him all her power the adventures begin

    Hello as you can see my name is tooncritic and I am new to and this is my review of bleach. I personally greatly enjoy the show even though I am in America and have only watched the first fifty something English episodes. First of all I think the story line is great, I love ichigos connection with his family. His dad can always give me a laugh. I also enjoy the increasing depth of characters. There are also characters I would prefer never existed or at least act differently mainly don kanonji who is more like an anime Michael Jackson than a comedic break from the main story though I do enjoy checking up on ichigos lesser friends. Overall I would recommend bleach as a must see but I suggest skipping the episodes that are unrelated to the story because well don kanonji scare the crap out of me.
  • BlEaCh

    The Bleach series follows 15 year old high school student Kurosaki Ichigo, and the adventures he has dealing with his rather unusual ability to see and communicate with spirits. But on one fateful night, he discovers that his until now harmless ability was about to put his own life and his families lives in great danger.At first glance, Kurosaki Ichigo seems like your normal 15 year old high school student. But life at the Kurosaki household is anything but normal. He lives with his father and two younger sisters who all help run the clinic they own. With a father who enforces the curfue with his fists and two sisters who can see ghosts also (but not talk with them like he can), there is never a dull moment in this house. But things get even stranger when one night he meets a spirit girl named Kuchiki Rukia, a Shinigami or an angel of death. She explains to him that because of his high spiritual concentration, he will be targeted by evil spirits called Hollows who would very much like to devour his soul. The only way for Ichigo to protect himself and his family is to become a Shinigami himself.So Rukia decides she will help him out by giving him half of her own powers to him, but in the process of doing so he unwittingly steals all of her powers. Weakened, Rukia is forced into her backup body (which unlike her regular body, normal humans can see it) until she regains some of her powers. Until she does, it is up to Ichigo to take over Rukias duties sent to her from Soul Society, or heaven. As if dealing with school and family weren't enough, young Ichigo must decide whether or not he is willing to accept the harsh responsibilities he will face as a Shinigami.
  • Bleach,in my view it is a excellent show !!! It is like a drama Action,but yet really funny!"And with every fiber of my being i encourage every one who sees this masage to watch even the first episode" and i Quote!so i give it about 100-10 stars!!!!!

    Bleach,in my view it is a excellent show !!! It is like a drama Action,but yet really funny!"And with every fiber of my being i encourage every one who sees this masage to watch even the first episode" and i Quote!so i give it about 100-10 is a excllent show and I enourage anyone who likes even a little action to watch it!!P.S.-most of the bleach serese is in japanise so u might hav't to read the english sub titles later in te first season cause som of the dubber are Lazy![no just kidding bout them
    being lazy]so plz watch it ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kurosaki Ichigo is a high school student, with the uncanny ability to see spirits. Having gained the powers of a death god, he fights his way through for justice and peace.

    I loved this show from the very start. The beginning was enticing and it ensnared me with its charm. Not a cute-type show, it dealt with a troubled high school boy who chooses a life of hardship for the safety of his family. Unfortunately, by doing so, he has taken up a greater burden than he thought. With plot twists, amazing fight scenes and a small love story,The story stole my heart. I followed it until the part after the fight in soul society but I never expected what happened next. Even more characters came up, stronger opponents, as well as a more confusing story line. Each character has their own story, each story in turn contributing to the story. a 10/10 on this show.
  • This is a great anime. It got me hooked at the first episode.

    Bleach is a great funny and cool anime. Being published by Dattebayo who also made the anime Naruto. The anime has a lot of action in it. Humor also shows up on a regulary base.

    Even at the most serious moments humor can get in again. For example when in a epic battle comrades start to argue with each other over something stupid.

    Watching only the first episode of it got me hooked on it. The anime is about a high scholar named Kurosaki Ichigo which is at the age of 15. Kurosaki ichigo isn't a regular person though. He has the ability to see and speak to ghosts and other spirits that can't be seen by normal humans. Early in the anime Ichigo meets a strange girl when attacked by a evil spirit named a hollow. On this day ichigo's inner powers awaken and he becomes a shinigami (Death god) with great potential. And from here on the fun really starts to begin. Get ready for a great dose of stupidity, action and humor.

    I haven't seen all the episode myself yet but it got me so hooked on it that I must see what happens next. If you like action, monsters, bad ass swords and aren't afraid of blood then you should really start watching this anime.
  • this is a good show

    even though i dident see all the episodes of the series yet i love this show

    this show unlike some other shows have very good violance and this show has a great storyline, the first time i saw this show i kept watching it and i loved it

    Bleach is a great show for people who like anime and action. this show has alot of things, Action, violance, and somtimes some jokes to go along with it. this show makes very good sence and alot of people will understand the story for this show. somtimes in other show the first episode sucks but the first episode rocked and since that happened i saw episodes and i became a fan of this show

    this show aint like other shows. Very good series i give it a 9.7/10
  • Bleach is a great great anime with original storyline and great fights.

    Kurosaki Ichigo is like every normal teenager, the only weird thing about him is that he can see...ghosts!One day a shinigami (or death god) called Kuchiki Rukia comes by his house to protect his family from a hollow (lost soul) and after an incident while protecting Ichigo, Rukia is forced to bestow upon him the powers of a shinigami so that Ichigo may finish what she couldn't.From that day on Ichigo's life will change dramatically since a shinigami's duties are heavier from what he thought.Will Ichigo be able to live a double life as a normal teenager and a shinigami or will he quit?
  • It's an anime about a 15-year old boy named Kurosaki Ichigo who has the ability to see ghosts.One day his life drastically changes and he becomes a Shinigami.

    Well,It's about Kurosaki Ichigo who is a not-so-average 15 year old with the ability to see ghosts.
    One day he starts among seeing normal spirits sees a Hollow and Shinigami.One day he meets with the Shinigami Kuchiki Rukia and when battling the Hollow she is wounded and passes on her Shinigami powers to him.Ichigo becomes a substitute Shinigami and is very good at being a Shinigami and rapidly becomes stronger and stronger.But one day the Gotei 13 which are the official squads of Shinigami find out of this and take Rukia back to Soul Society which is the world where the Shinigami live and it's up to Ichigo to save her.The story is built in arcs and every single one of them is highly interesting.
  • Ichigo was a regular high school student untill he saw ghost, but now he must send them on and fight evil spirts.

    Ichigo Kurosaki is a high school student who wasn't any difrent any body else, except his orange hair and his scence of justice and ability to fight. Then he started to see ghost and then one day his town was attacked by a hollow which is a ghost which wasn't passed on into the after life. A soul reeper named Rukia Kuchiki came to fight it and pass on some ghost when she found out Ichigo had the ability to see her. The hollow then attacked them and Rukia wasn't able to beat it with Ichigo interfering so she stuck her sword into Ichigo and gave him some of her powers. Now Ichigo is a soul reeper and Rukia has broken the Soul Societys laws by giving up her powers. Ichigo then finds out that his energy affected his friends and gave them powers as well. Yasutoro "Chad" Sado with amasing strenght and his right arm covered in a shield. Orihime Inoue the girl with a good heart like Ichigo's and the ability to summon six fairy like creatures that are good at sheilding more than attacking. Last is Uryû Ishida who is a silent type who is the last of the Quincy's who are the soul reepers enemys. Together they must help save Rukia from being exicuted by the soul society but that is where the real plot starts.
  • here is my reveiw for bleach if you could leave some feed back

    well to start off the show starts off slow the first couple episodes were like so-so but once he meets the qunincy character in the show it starts picking up because the main character ichigo get's soul reaper powers from another soul reaper and becomes a substitue for the rest of the series it has an amazing story and there is only a few episodes where there is not a great fight going on and it is made by the same people as naruto (way less fillers) so if you like that you will porbaly like this the only let down to bleach was that there was no real emotion for most of the series so far it has it's heart touching moment but they are short and few wich osme people might like and thats just fine but i do like sad stuff that why i personaly watch anime that is why it did not get a perfect score but everything else is top notch and thats charlie's word
  • This show is so funny. This is he 2nd best anime in the world, and thats a fact. Ichigo is such a clown. I hate Uryuu because he's too tall and skinny, which is gross lol... I like the lezo, cause she is kool and funny. Yourichi is super cool yoshi.

    Ichigo is a a ranga (Orange head lol) who is destined to be a Shinigami. With the help of his friends, Orihime, Yourichi, Uryuu and chad, The friends will battle strong enemies, shinigami's and especially hollows. At first I though that this was likethe 7th book of Harry potter, but now I realise it is completly different lol. I like it when Yourichi fights because she shows the best action. I want to see more of the lezo, that likes Orihime. Well when I first saw that Orihime, got her powers, the school was a living dead and it was-scary-lol...
  • My, oh my... that was unpredictable...

    I use to be huge anime fan and when i started to watch this i expected some s''t like DBZ but i was WRONG!
    It is funny and serious and same time. Here we have all necessary ingredients for perfect anime: Protagonist ('lil young for superhero), his friends (some of them strange), love story (the girl wasn't that beautiful) and bunch of enemies (more of them become friends of protagonist and one strange father-son relationship :P. I love this show. I kinda prefer it's bad guys than good ones. They are perfect and very bad. So I'll recommend it to all who are willing to "waste" some time with that good anime.
  • This Anime is sooooo under-rated!! Why don't i ever see it on's top ten list!?

    Its such a brilliant show, ive been hooked ever since i saw the first minute of the the first episode!! I found the story to be really interesting, and as i went on, i found the story to be amazing! The art is also amazing, and the fighting you see is mind blowing!
    Naruto is another amazing show, but it has had its bad episodes, but bleach..there hasn't been one bad episode yet, and i really doubt there ever will be! It just does not fail to amaze! Definately a 10 out of 10 anime, and should go down in the top 10 animes of all time list!
  • Bleach rocks!

    Bleach is about a high school student named Ichigo Kurosaki who can see ghosts and then one day a Soul Reaper/Shinigami named Rukia who accidentally gives him Soul Reaper powers and Rukia has to stay in the human world while Ichigo fills in as a Soul Reaper. But then she learns that the soul societey is after her because giving people soul reaper powers to normsl people is against the law of the Soul societey and is scentenced to death. So Ichigo and his friends who also have spiritual powers have to infiltrate the soul societey and save Rukia. I don't want to give away too much after that but it's an awesome series. It has a lot of action and cool characters. I highly recommend it to any anime fan.
  • Best Anime Ever!

    Bleach is one of the best animes I have ever seen. It's funny, serious and has lots and lots of action to it. The graphics are awsome, the voice acting is good. All the characters have their own personality and their voices totally match that. Some charcaters can get annoying but I have not seen an anime where that is not the case. The action seens are the best I have ever seen and the weapons are really cool. The music in the series isn't annoying as it sometimes is in animes. Ichigo is a main character I actually like. Although Ishida Uryuu is my personal favorite. He's such a nerd. Watch Bleach!!! (Some Lines Borrowed from Angel-Angelus, my dear friend)
  • Bleach is basically the best anime I have ever seen.

    Bleach may seem to some that it is just the "new" Dragon Ball Z, but that is not the case. Bleach is entirely it's own anime, with great battle sequences, original storyline, great plot, and some very funny jokes in there also. Though the first season may not intrest everyone (though I personally loved it), the show gets better every season, well, except the Bount filler arc season, which I personally did not like. Besides that, Bleach is a great anime, and for anyone looking for one, I would recommend Bleach.
    And, no, it's not the new Dragon Ball Z, it's better.
  • Awesome!!

    I highly recommend this show. Bleach is one of my favorite shows. However, it isn't perfect and still has a lot of kinks to work out. For example, Ichigo, the main character, gets to almost impossible levels in an absurd amount of time. Then his entire gang is left miles behind him. He manages to beat captains that have had faaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr more training and experience then his puny fifteen year old life. That doesn't seem right. However, ignore that and you'll be left with a show with impressive action,incredible comedy, and lovable characters, which is exactly why I love Bleach.
  • Ichigo is your average 15 year old...except that he can see spirits and is now a Soul Reaper!

    I just started this show today and I love it. Its about a 15 year old boy who can see the souls of the departed. He has 2 sisters, one of which can also see souls. He tries to help the souls be at peace and protects things sacred to them. He meets this girl, Rukia, who is a Soul Reaper and when they meet up with a hollow, or a demon spirit, Rukia protects Ichigo, causing her to get injured. As a last resort, Rukia's power is transferred to Ichigo and he is now a Soul Reaper. I can't wait to continue watching!
  • Bleach is about Ichigo Kurosaki, a "replacement shinigami". He gained his powers when he met Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami. The Soul Society arc is about Ichigo going to the soul society to rescue Rukia, because she was taken back and w

    I think Bleach is a top notch show. It has really cool characters, but there's a lot of them. Though the fillers get really boring, i think it's worth watching.
    The plot is pretty good too. But the one thing i don't really like is that the plot is kinda repetitive. The first arc: Ichigo goes to Soul society to rescue Rukia (Rukia stays in Soul Society). Second arc: Rukia come back. Ichigo has to save the soul society from the Bounto. (Rukia stays in soul society, again) Third arc: (Rukia comes back again)
    Ichigo has to rescue Orihime who was taken to Hueco Mundo. It's not REALLY repetitive though..any way, Bleach is really really good.

    My favorite characters are: Grimmjow (Arrancar), Ichigo (shinigami), Ruka (shinigami), Ashido (shinigami), Ichimaru Gin (shinigami), and Maki Ichinose (currently dead. shinigami)
  • Ichigo and others have to find their way through their lives as Shinigami's, Quincy, Advent Humans, and other spiritual beings in order to make a fun and exciting plot.

    To summarize it all up, my number one favorite show. The action within this show is phonominal and breathtaking. Sure the Bounto Arc was a total boring filler but it still was jammed packed with action. I will probably continue watching this show for many years even after it stops airing in Japan. Although, it seems I can't watch the Dub versions of them as to they just don't sound right. Maybe they should get Japanese people doing Dub it would sound more right. Anyway back on track, my favorite character is Renji with his awesome Zanpakutou, Zabimaru, he pwns just about anyone with skill as well as awesome looks. XD No homo
  • One of the best Anime ever

    Bleach is a great anime at first it didn't make sense but at the second arc I was man thats awesome and started liking it. The show is really funny and very violent but isn't that why we like anime. Okay so this show is about Ichigo a highschool kid who gets shingami powers from Rukia and they fight hollows to save there town then Rukia gets kidnap by other shinigamis and Ichigo and his friends must save her. I only saw the dub episodes but I'm starting to watch the sub ones on the internet. So overall this is a good anime and you should watch it.
  • This anime is truly one of the best out there.

    2 worlds exist. The human world and the spirit world or what they call soul society. along with the 2 worlds many othe things exist around it like the hollow world. Hollows are souls that was not sent to soul society and they become soul sucking monsters. Shinigamis are the warriors of soul society. the lower class shinigamis are assigned places in the human world and their mission is to send all lost souls to soul society beofre they turn to hollows. In Soul Society There are 13 protection squads. Each squad has a powerful Captain. each captain are far far stronger than any hollows in the human world. Until recently when 3 captains betrayed them and went to the hollow world. ever since then they have been causing chaos to the human world.
  • This show is not too bad. When I first saw the show on Cartoon Network, at first I thought "I don't know." And then as the show goes on, I started to like it a lot and now I kept watching it every single week. I'm going to rank this show a 4/5 stars. Yeah

    I like this show, even though Naruto is my top anime show I like to watch. Bleach is about a high school boy who has the ability to see other ghoasts and spirits that others can't. Ichigo Kurasaki, along with his family, runs a local clinic to help anyone who are in need of medical treatments. One night, Ichigo lies down on his bed when he sees someone in his room. That person Ichigo saw happens to be a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki, who was on a mission to find a Hollow, evil spirits. When Ichigo's family was attacked by a Hollow, he goes to help save them from getting their souls eaten, but to do that, he has to become a Soul Reaper. Now that he is a substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo has to what it takes do the job of a Soul Reaper. Hollows Beware!
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