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  • Its changed plots three times at least but is still running steady. I dont want to give anything away so you will just have to watch it.

    WOOOOW!! Awesome show. Story line jumps and falls but still has kept my attention. Some cliffhangers need to be resolved some time soon but I still think that it is awesome that they have kept the romance way down.It needs to start having it on more accsesible channels and I dont think too many people really watch it because its sometimes hard to jump in and start watching it. It gets alot of bad things said about it because its classified as anime and that name for some reason gets bad credit. My parents personally dont like it but its an awsome and any body that watchs it enough to get into it will love it too.
  • I am only in the second season of the serries and almost exact 100 episodes behind everyone else but I cant get enough.

    Like I said earlyer, im 100 episodes behind you american's but I love the show to death. This is one of the first anime shows Ive watched and got me completely hooked on almost every single one.

    I love the show because I also like certain other cartoons but bleach has that extra little bit added to it. Gore. I love all the fighting and the blood.

    I like that every character is unique. You have your standard anime characters, the teen sensation that was misunderstood by almost everyone and built on tradgedy, the love interest, the strong silent type who is stronger than everyone except the main character and the enemy turned friend. But there are also a number of other characters who each have a story, a personality wether there good or evil.
    And the story is perfect. The original concept was a young boy who could talk to the dead. I supose that may have lasted a season or two. But then he is given extraudenary powers and thrown into a world where those who are viewed as good are all out to get him.

    I cant wait until the next episode. Bring on the next hundred.
  • This show is absolutely fabulous with some of the greatest fights anywhere.

    This show has great fights. It's a show were I don't care about the storyline or anything I just watch the fights. That does not mean the storyline is bad but it just means the fights are better. A lot of the characters wield huge swords that can transform into three forms. All three forms of the swords are different for each person. Renji for example has a third form (the bankai form) were it is a giant skeleton snake. However not all characters wield swords. There are hollows that are souls bound to earth or something (like I said I really care more about the fights) that don't have the swords (which are called zanpakto-or something close to that) and instead fight in different ways. Other examples of the diversity of attacks are some of Ichigo's friends attacks. Chad has a huge black and re thing on his arm which he uses to basically punch. Orihime uses a bunch of creatures that are parts of her hairclips. And Uryu uses arrows when fighting. In conlcusion the fights are good, watch if you like fights.
  • perfect show

    Intense strong action, dragonballz fans will love this, its lke a better version of it but its not as dumb as DBZ there is actually a story instead of a bunch of baboons with yellow hair screaming until their hair gets longer. Bleach is a great show overral, with different powers and cool catchy lines. I especially love chad and his saying with why he has two large arms. Bleach is right now a pretty good show with very intense battle scenes. But however the battle is the best part about it. I beleive this show has alot more potential than its showing. I beleive that there can be alot more done with this show, the right characters are there and the right attitude, however not all characters are developped, actually only like a dozen are. I myself find one of my favorite characters of all time in this show the captain 11 squad captain Zaraki!!!!! NOw thats attitude and even though not much is revealed about him he is a character with real hardcore attitude, dont care who it is, dont care what the consequences are, as long as i get a good thrilling fight out of it.
  • Intense strong action, dragonballz fans will love this, its lke a better version of it but its not as dumb as DBZ there is actually a story instead of a bunch of baboons with yellow hair screaming until their hair gets longer.

    Bleach is a great show overral, with different powers and cool catchy lines. I especially love chad and his saying with why he has two large arms. Bleach is right now a pretty good show with very intense battle scenes. But however the battle is the best part about it. I beleive this show has alot more potential than its showing. I beleive that there can be alot more done with this show, the right characters are there and the right attitude, however not all characters are developped, actually only like a dozen are. I myself find one of my favorite characters of all time in this show the captain 11 squad captain Zaraki!!!!! NOw thats attitude and even though not much is revealed about him he is a character with real hardcore attitude, dont care who it is, dont care what the consequences are, as long as i get a good thrilling fight out of it.
  • Well,I'll say this and say it again,this anime rules!

    What more can I say?Bleach is a very easy anime for me to get into.It's got really cool fight scenes,some intresting characters and true substance.It can be serious and have funny moments too like

    (Rukia looking down at Kon staring up her skirt)

    Kon:Nice angle.

    (Rukia steps on Kon)

    Kon:Oww! My stuffing's coming out!


    Kon:I was tied behind the toilet and listened to three small tinkles and two big plops from your dad!

    And then we've got serious moments where Ichigo relives the death of his mother.Ichigo's really cool.The Japanese version did a really good job of being true to the manga,I wish the english dub did the same but yo can only do so much under these censorship guidlines. So watch it,it's really cool
  • Great manga and anime.

    Bleach is your typical action anime. Lots of characters, a good story line (not including fillers), and is addictive. Bleach isn't the best manga or anime iv'e seen, but it's pretty damn good. Although I think the first 24 episodes or so were lame and boring. Although Ive never seen the dub and I stoped watching the anime at around episode 80 or 81 because of those lame fillers, I still enjoy the manga and I think it's beautifully drawn. The storyline is very interesting and is a thrill to watch somthing new and exciting happen every episode/chapter. Long live Bleach!
  • Hollows, quinces, and, soul reapers, oh my. Gotten love it.

    Yep, gotten love it. Hot anime guys and a butt-load of constant sword play. Ok, down to business. This awesomeful show is about a dude named Ichigo that gets a visit from this chick named Rukia and turns into a soul-reaper. From the night that started it all, Ichigo is thrown down a series of events that fall like domines. I can't exactly said much about those events,(I ain't no spoiler) but it's whatever. You can definely count on the fact that there'll be tons of insanity and fun with real seriousness thrown in. Dude, stop reading this review, get off the computer or lap-top, and go watch it!!! It's awesome!!!
  • What was Dave Willis & the rest from William Street was thinking, first we had Squrriel Boy from them now this

    Now I like anime dubs (Hamtaro, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Samurai 7, Basilisk, Shaman King, Mew Mew Power) but Bleach however is by far the worst English dub I've ever seen

    The made Ichigo Jinta's personal punching bag, & Rukia is just as peturfied like Blaze the Cat from Sonic the Hedghog (2006) & also the voice-acting, well they try to choose the voice-actor best suited for the charater & make them sound decent (almost) they did the same w/ My Gym Parter's a Monkey (yet another sad pitiful show)

    Yet I wonder why William Street would ruin a perfectly good anime. To get better rating. hope Super_Peter agree's w/ me
  • Ichigo is the man!

    I would have to say that Bleach is the best anime I have ever seen. I wish they would do more one hour marathons of Bleach instead of the one episode a week and sometimes every other week. I think the whole idea and theme behind Bleach is great. There is nothing I love more then sword fights. Just watching the progression of Ichigo and all of his friends in their power levels is great. The only thing I don't like is how he got Bankai. His training and transformation kinda reminded me of Dragonball Z, but when he transformed it was awesome. Keep up the good work and I love Bleach!
  • Bleach is one of the best anime

    .bleach is about a boy named Ichigo kurosaki who gains soul reaper powers from Rukia kuchiki,bleach is great anime that follows the pretty basic shonen formula one of the things that make bleach unique is it soundtrack the soundtrack is great with music that matches scenes. the same person who composees for bleach is the same person who composed
    neon genesis which is does a great job on the music. Also the animation for fight scenes like one time when ever Ichigo, rukia, chad ect, are about to kill a hollow the art changes into gorgeos lush scenes that adds to the animation. the voice acting is top notch even for the english dubbing of the anime.The characters are very lovable and the humor the character s brings to the series is comedy gold without being too silly. When you watch episodes 1-15 it seems to be a regular anime with characters with sad backstories but when the series hits the soul society arc episodes (16-63) thats when the storyline gets interestingly magnificent. Plus lots of charcters are introduced in the storyline and the series forshadows varios of unigue stuff which raises Questions like naruto . The same animation studio that animates bleach also animates naruto. after that series enters filler episodes(63-109)then after that the series then uses the save girl story engine which is reused in the series so many times that you feel the series lost originality. The current storyline the arrancar arc is airing so enjoy that but read the manga its better.
  • Bleach, ghosts spirits and monsters

    I truly like this show, very basic anime art style which is expected. I like the plot of this story and I think it is expressed on TV fairly well. Bleach is about a High School student named Ichigo with mysterious events taking place in his life that have to do spirits. When Ichigo encounters Rukia, a strange girl and a hollow; monsters that feed of other souls for the first time, the plot was set and the story was destined to be completed.

    Ichigo learns about soul reapers and their perpose, and about hollow. When Rukia is injured from a hollow right outside Ichigo's house, Ichigo tempararily takes Rukia's power and defeats the hollow with ease; which gives the series it's coolness.
  • A young high school boy thrust into battling hollows of the spiritual realm to protect those he cares for. Tough and hard headed, as long as he can slice those who threaten his family and friends, he's content. A humorous edge will draw you in.

    Love this series. The Japanese voices are the most fitting. And American voice dubs make me sick... taking an amazing Japanese anime, and making just another run of the mill American cartoon. Luckily the story holds it's own. But I think it's sad to see the poor vocal acting.

    The plot captures your interest, and will keep you drawn in to the story. Animation and acting very well done. The battle scenes are beautiful artistic and tense. The only character I don't care for is Kon... who is a stuffed plushy pervert that's in each characters way. I guess that's supposed to be funny. But thankfully that character doesn't get much screen time. And Kon aside, this anime is flawless. It gets your attention, keeps you curious, makes you root for your favorite character, and will have you laughing, and maybe even bring you to feel sad. But one thing Bleach guarantees... is you have hope, so as long as you have hope you will not be sad... and your heart will wait with eager anticipation.
  • One of the best animes EVER!

    Bleach is one of the best animes I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of them believe me I have. It's funny, serious and has lots of action. The graphics are awsome, the voice acting is superb. All the characters have their own personalityand their voices totally match. Some charcaters can get annoying but I have notseen an anime where that is not the case. The action seens are the best I have ever seen and the weapons are really cool. The music in the series isn't annoying as it sometimes is in animes. Ichigo is a main character I actually like. Although Uryu Ishida is my personal favorite. He's such a nerd. But that's why I love him!
  • This is a show about a high school boy named Ichigo. Well he can see dead people. Due to that he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper. Together with a host of interesting characters they defeat and fight Hollows (pretty much demons).

    I totally love this show!!! Especially Toushiro Hitsugaya and Renji Abarai. SO hot *droll*. Great show if you like action, can stand blood, adventure, fantasy, and a little bit of romance. if you like anime you should differently watch this show. ichigo kicks a**! O i really hope that they continue dubbing it in english. subtitles annoying me but if thats the only way i can watch then i well toughen up.
    omg really funny show too. love mr. hat and clogs, lol. Urhara. also i think the english voice cast does a great job, not sucky like some of the other shows out there.
  • It a story about Ichigo Kurosak and his adventures as a Soul Reaper.

    Good show, it gets even better as the story progresses. The have very interesting characters, and the way the develop them
    is very well. The make you want to watch the show and you wind up finding your self concerned for the sake of the characters. This is one of my favorite shows that is still airing. I finding my self waiting for the next weeks episode to see what happens. I hope that the story is would remain as well as it is now and that the do not start to go down hill but if the keep to what the have been doing i don not see that happening anytime soon.
  • Bleach is bloody awesome and could most certainly be the best Anime i've seen in a long time!

    Bleach is a recent anime which is being shown today. I didn't actually get into Bleach until just recently. After hearing about it online, I thought i'd watch it. I've watched the first eight episodes and they are very good!

    The anime stars Ichigo Kurosaki, who gets Soul Reaper powers lent to him by Rukia Kuchiki. In pretty much every episode, they fight Hollows, monsters that are made from dead peoples' souls who can only be seen by Soul Reapers such as Ichigo and Rukia. There are some really cool characters in the anime and the story in every episode fits perfectly. Because Rukia comes from another world, she finds her own body and lives in Ichigo's closet. She does however become a student at Ichigo's high school. Bleach mixes comedy and action into it, making it a neat mix.

    Bleach has blood in it, and the Japanese version even has swearing in it. Rather cool actually.

    Bleach is bloody awesome and could most certainly be the best Anime i've seen in a long time!
  • Definitely a must-watch!

    Fifteen-year-old Ichigo has always been able to see ghosts, and one day this ability enables him to meet Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper. Rukia is chasing down a nearby Hollow. When the Hollow attacks Ichigo's family, Rukia transfers half her powers to Ichigo...but something goes horribly wrong and he ends up with all her powers instead. Ichigo has to learn how to use his newfound powers to act as a soul reaper until Rukia gets back on her feet, but when she is brought back to the Soul Society and put on death row for giving Ichigo her powers, he has to band together with his friends to rescue her.

    Bleach is a really interesting show with good character development, action, and humor. Ichigo's power grows dramatically over the course of the series, making for some great action scenes, especially when he's pitted against the Soul Society's strongest. This is something every self-respecting anime fan should watch.
  • Awesome show! Its like a crossover of two other great shows (Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin). What with all of these Shinigamis, and Hollows, and Soul Reapers, and what not, waht\'s not to like?

    This is a very awesome show. It\'s based off of the original manga by Tite Kubo. The storyline is about a 15 year old who gets Shinigami (Death God) powers/abilities. The begginning of the show is a bit slow-paced, and uneventful, however this show really picks up during the Soul Society arc. The best thing about this anime, is that it has qualities of both Yu Yu Hakusho (my favorie action anime) and Rurouni Kenshin (also a really awesome series). Put them together in a blender, add a little bit of Shinigami action, and you\'ve got yourself an awesome series called Bleach. The only real major flaw that I see in this show, is that in order to not catch up to the manga too fast, the episodes don\'t cover a lot of the storyline, and can be quite slow-paced at times. Also it has had quite a few filler episodes (for it had coughten up with the manga anyways). However the fillers for Bleach aren\'t that bad, and they are definnitely a lot better than Naruto\'s fillers, at any rate. So this is a great action anime, and I reccomend it to anyone who likes both action and anime!
  • The story of 15 year old ichigo kurosaki, who, for as long as he could remember, has been able to see the souls of the dead. Then, one night a mysterious girl who goes by the name Rukia gives him powers to stop a hollow. Thus begins his shinigami life!

    Absolutley great show, a little unoriginal feeling at times but great plot and character development. There was a lot of hype, but when it finally came, it was sort of dissapointing. You really have to commit yourself to start watching it but i guarentee that you'll love it as soon as the episodes really start to roll. shf dfisjf dejfiodjv d siou esiusi riusi rji grugifsug iijiofjvi gifu gijiov ij ig ioj idj bioj 8sfodak foaiwopf uvif jiowur427 5u 8t3 yu90ut94 u0j9u 8569i0 igjun 3u u9uipjretu wiu53k iyk54i90v v fkgjesr0fue v3b4i9r jt4ii prekt90igp' 98t9jg345j0[9itg'pe jkt0['j 0m94ui490[ut i5eitw3i4-8eir-943i590 9i4509 43509e 459i4 [
  • Ichigo Kurosaki is his name and Soul Reaping is his game. He has been given unwanted special powers given to him by a ex shinigami Rukia. Now he must protect the souls from hollows by sending them to the soul society. He has help from his friends though!!

    Okay to start things off, I recommend this 100% its like my favorite show even though I have only seen like the first 70 episodes. I need to really start to catch up on it again. I have been watching dub though, and it is further back than I am and I don't exactly like it. I would have to say that Toshiro Hitsugaya would be my favorite character, because I represent the short people like myself, and plus he is pretty kick arse. XD Anyways, this show has a lot of action, adventure, blood, and some romance. It has been approved and recommended by Novoxy! =] =]
  • bleach is a show that tells a story about a gifted young man called "Ichigo Kurosaki". He has the ability to see ghost and hollows, and so does his other family members except for his father. His mother died. He is now called a shinigami and he is kool

    Bleach is a highly reccomended show to watch. Bleach is in my top 10 anime list and also my top 5. Tatsuki, Rukia and especially Ichigo are my most fav. characters. The reason why I like Tatsuki is because she isn't like other girls. She is strong, confident and is a great friend. Rukia, is a funny character, and is intelligent. She also is open minded and is a good friend too. When it comes to Ichigo, I personally like his hair style. Its very kool. I like how he is tall, thin, and is muscular. Well good - bye.
  • an anime and manga that centers around a high school student named ichigo kurosaki

    i just recently started watching and reading this so i don't know as much as others. but from what i've seen so far this is a very well written series. one night, after helping a whole(good spirit), ichigo goes home to his family. while trying to sleep, a girl named rukia kuchiki, invades his home. she is surprised he can see spirits. she explsins herself saying she is a soul reaper(person who guides souls to the soul society)and came to execute a hollow(bad spirit) his family is attacked and he tries to be the hero by getting in the hollow's way. rukia saves him and tells him that the only way to save his family is to become a soul reaper himself. he does and saves them. more complex plots come into play later, after rukia is captured by the soul society for violating their law. i'm taking this series at a slow pace to enjoy the full ride!
  • Awesome show!!! But US is too far behind. Hurry up!!!!!

    this show is awesome. the spirit world, soul reapers, hollows, squads. this show is like the history of the world form another perspective. i still can't believe a show like this exist. i hope it never ends. Ichigo is by far the best and most comical anime character i have seen. his powers are awesome and his hair is the best. i whish my hair was orange like that. I want to know the entire story, it is addictive. i hope this show never ends and i want to catch up with it, like it is in japan. i need to know the full story.
  • Ichigo gets to Hueco Mundo, Grimmjow gets his arm, and we find out Orihime's powers impinge on God's...

    Though this episode starts off relatively slow, with Tatsuki & co. following Ichigo to Urahara's it soon picks up pace when we get to Las Nochas (Aizen's stronghold) and see Orihime heal Grimmjow's arm- ne, get it back COMPLETELY.
    Grimmjow, wanting to reclaim his position, then kills Luppi with a cero blast to the face, and Orihime is left wondering if she has done the right thing by coming here. Aizen then reveals that much about Orhihime's powers: no- she does not reverse time or space, no- she is not a healer. Aizen says she has 'Phenomenal Rejection', a power to limit, reject or reduce anything that happens to a certain object. Then he says= "This woman has an ability that impinges on God's territory." We now fully realise the enormity of the situation, and I was left fearing for what The arrancar were going to make Orihime do. Ichigo, Ishida and Chad, meanwhile, are creating a path made of spirit particles through the void to reach the hollow world, and of course Ichigo is terrible at it, while Uryuu is brilliant. This is mild comic relief, to seperate the tension, and the episode ends with another build up of suspense-
    Orihime is sitting in her cell/room, and Aizen in a chair, when both feel a massive reiatsu bearing down upon them.
    The episode ends with Aizen stating- "They've come."
    All in all, a brilliant example of Bleach, and where it lacked in the fights department it raced ahead in plot development. In no way a filler, They're finally well on the way to getting 'Hime back. :D
  • Well so far this show has been a good show ive only watch like 2 to 3 episodes. But mu cuz Kailyn likes to watch Anmie and I watch soom with her and its relly but anyways give it a try.

    Well so far this show has been a good show ive only watch like 2 to 3 episodes. But mu cuz Kailyn likes to watch Anmie and I watch soom with her. All right I sont know that much about this show but maybe someone can help me learn more about the show. Now I watch Kenshin and some other shows. But I havnt watch that much Bleach. All right now i sound like a dork. Anyways If you need to ask a qustion and ill ask my cuz Kailyn to answer you for me. Well anwayz i wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read this stupid reveiw but thank anyways Destinee Hall.
  • The best show since Dragon Ball Z

    I swear this is the best anime show since Dragon Ball Z if anyone say other wise they need to get some serious help you can never get pass a classic sword fighting Cartoon. Now when I first saw this show it was the very 1st episode I was like" wtf I just saw a man stab a monster in the 2 front teeth" there is alway consent action none stop this is defently a classic show. Once you watch this show and you see the characters you will instantly fall in love with this show.

    Well thats all for my review I encourage everyone to watch this show.
  • Beautifully crafted anime...I've fallen in luv once again.

    Ah, For awhile I thought my love for InuYasha had been overshadowed by Bleach, but I've come to the decision that they are both my number one. Bleach is a beautifully drawn anime about a orange-haired fifteen year old named Ichigo with the ability to see spirits. Enter Rukia, a Shinigami (Soul Reaper) who transfers her powers to Ichigo after she is gravely injured and unable to save his family. That's the start of a face paced-some what comical tale about Ichigo who has to save Rukia from her own people (Soul Society) when they set out to kill her. And that's just the first arc. Bleach has morphed into a weekly obsession for me, where I sit and giggle at Rukia's rough treatment of Ichigo, Keigo's psych-babble (my baby!) and where I also cringe at Orihime's idiotic nonsense. She's annoying...but still a well thoughtout character.
  • A show with a good start, which succumbs to the Dragonball syndrome of power-ups after powerup. WARNING: Spoilers abound.

    To start it off, the idea of Death Gods, Soul Societies and Hollows is quite novel. Afterall, the battle anime genre has been covered an infinite number of times so to come up with totally new rules has to be somewhat difficult.

    It all starts off well. We have the usual incident which pulls the main character into the storm. We have a good range of characters, from family to school friends that are well represented and gets a balanced screentime.

    The artwork is good and stays loyal to the manga.

    However, the extremely unfortunate thing is, this balance changes for the worse. What started as a school comedy with the odd battles here and there turns into a full-time fighting genre. The battles I find are monotonous and repetitive. Also the fact that blood loss and injuries don't seem to affect characters in battle for the worse. It can be argued injuries boost the power because the strongest move is done to finish the enemy, which is also the time one is the most injured. The humour feels dry as well.

    The worst thing is the Dragonball syndrome. I feel this series is running far longer than it was intended, because it turned out to be a cash cow. It's only natural to milk the cow as much as possible - which led to the Dragonball syndrome. We first have an oversized Zanbakutou, then a "real" form, which then has an "Ultimate form" - ala Bankai. Now we have the controlled Hollow transformation - Super Saiyan anyone? The mask and weapon designs are quite amazing though.

    Characters which used to get plenty of airtime in the beginning are suddenly cast aside (school friends) which reflects the change in emphasis of this series. In other words, forgoing any inter-character relationships and development for all-out, full-time battle only. I know some people like non-stop battles but unfortunately, I don't.

    The voice acting replicated how the manga was written and is a great performance. It's also my personal opinion they unfortunately sound like a bunch of 8 year olds. Unfortunately, such is the nature of the source material and I should actually praise the animation for replicating it so well.

    I enjoyed another anime called Hellsing. It is outrageous and pointless but the scale of the "incorrectness" made it appealing. Bleach is similarly a pointless bust-them-up but I find it to be very dry.

    I found the Rukia arc enjoyable so a 9.2. After that, it got so unbearably dry and repetitive that I'm inclined to give a 0.0. 4.6 lies just in the middle so I'll give this a 4.6! (or something below 40% in my head).
  • I Blame My Sister For Getting Me Hooked To This Awesome Show!

    But I also thank her. I absolutely love Bleach. I'm a new fan to anime/mangas and Bleach is my favorite by far. I'm head over heels in love with Kon. I think he's the cats meow. Sometimes I even believe that he's underappreciated by Ichigo and the others. But don't get me wrong, I love Ichigo. He's a very stubborn guy, who talks a big game, but then turns around and proves that he's not all talk. I must admit though, I am not a major fan of Orihime. In Japanese or English. Honestly, all of her whining, moaning, and babbling nonsense definitely wears on my nerves. All in all, I wouldn't be THAT upset if Ichigo failed to save her. I wish she was more like Rukia or Masumoto. She puts me in the mind of Tea from Yu-gi-oh, who I couldn't stand on my best days, or a whining Kagome from my other favorite,Inuyasha. Orihime aside, Bleach kicks butt. Period.
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