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  • I Blame My Sister For Getting Me Hooked To This Awesome Show!

    But I also thank her. I absolutely love Bleach. I'm a new fan to anime/mangas and Bleach is my favorite by far. I'm head over heels in love with Kon. I think he's the cats meow. Sometimes I even believe that he's underappreciated by Ichigo and the others. But don't get me wrong, I love Ichigo. He's a very stubborn guy, who talks a big game, but then turns around and proves that he's not all talk. I must admit though, I am not a major fan of Orihime. In Japanese or English. Honestly, all of her whining, moaning, and babbling nonsense definitely wears on my nerves. All in all, I wouldn't be THAT upset if Ichigo failed to save her. I wish she was more like Rukia or Masumoto. She puts me in the mind of Tea from Yu-gi-oh, who I couldn't stand on my best days, or a whining Kagome from my other favorite,Inuyasha. Orihime aside, Bleach kicks butt. Period.
  • High school student Ichigo Kurosaki meets Rukia Kuchiki when she battles a hollow. The reason he meets her? The Hollow has his two sisters. When Rukia is down, she offers Ichigo a chance to save his family. He takes that chance.

    Personally, I was only into the anime that had romance in it or extreme humor. This anime surprised me. I started watching it because there was nothing on television, but wow! This anime is probably my favorite out of everything I've seen! Bleach is filled with either humor or seriousness. It has good timing, I must say. I definately recommend this. Especially if you like spirits, the feudal era, and/or fighting scenes. It also has some humor in it. This anime will not let you down. So please start watching it! Please rate if you can. Thank you very much. :)
  • Bleach is like a mystery, horror, love story, martial arts, slasher, comedy, soft core, cartoon in one!!!! And it is done masterfully!!! Tite Kubo is a genius!!!

    What more can I say!!! The summary really says it all. I personally have never seen a show where all of my appitites have been completely satiated all at one time! I personally identify with Ichigo because I also lost my mother at the age of 8. And it is quite suprising that they capture the psyche of a 15 year old with such a tragedy in his history so well. I really feel that Ichigo and myself are one and the same person, but you can just call me crazy!!! To see Ichigo's stubborn progression into someone formidable as a man and a warrior; is quite insipring and drives into the heart of those struggling to find thier inner identity by revealing the weaknesses of their strengths and show the perseverity of the human spirit when driven to accomplish the impossible. Kudos Ichigo Kurasaki and Tite Kubo!!!
  • grate show

    my brother show me this in Japanese so its one of his favorite show. so i want to say that the shows abut a teen ager that sees ghost so he find a sol reappear named rukya that she
    's gets in hurt in battle. so she gives him her powers he gets a giant sword then later after some time rokya get taken by the sole reapers one witch is her squad leader and there is her older brother she gets lock up steins to death so he go's with his friends to save her. the some people the wan to save her they get in battles allot the saver her will im not there yet well that abut it .
  • A great show, but mostly because of one arc.....

    Bleach is about Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who runs into a shinigami, Rukia. At some point, she is forced to give him her special powers to fend off a ghostly monster called a Hollow. The show mostly revolves around Hollows up until the next arc which is focused on saving the shinigami, Rukia, who is about to be executed for giving away her powers. This plot becomes the soul Society arc. The story soon revolves around hollows again, however.

    This is a good show, but mostly because of the soul Society arc. I found that I was not very interested in the Hueco Mundo arc or any arc after the Sould Society for that matter. The action is pretty good, but I feel that Ichigo and the other characters leap in power way too fast, and as a result, the show just doesn't feel believable....

    Overall a great show, but it's hard to become adicted.
  • In my top 5. A great anime!

    Bleach is a great anime with a catchy storyline. It's about a fifteen-year-old kid named Ichigo Kurosaki that can see spirits. He meets a shinigami (death god) named Rukia Kuchki who gives him power to save his family and friends from hollows. Rukia is sentenced to death for staying in the human wold for too long. So Ichigo trains with the famous Kisuke Urahara to become strong enough to save Rukia. He then goes to the soul society with his friends, Chad, Uryuu, and Oriheme. Ichigo befriends a healer named hananturo and succesfully saves Rukia. But that's not the end of his adventures. He continues to fight for good to help his friends. In this series there are unexpected twists and turns that add excitement that makes you want more. Bleach truly is an amazing anime.
  • In my Top 10

    Bleach has a good storyline and great chracters. The only thing that kept me from giving this show a 10 is the upcoming Bount arc. I haven't seen it yet but i usually don't like filler arcs. Except Davy Back Fight in One Piece:). So overall i would say Bleach is a good show with a lotta of originality. I like alot of Shonen Jump anime and Manga(especially Eyeshield 21)but this is one of the best. Also the detail on the Zanpak'to's are great. The sword fights in the Soul Society arc are cool. Most Notably Toshiro's Intial Relase. Top ten BLEACH FOREVER.
  • Bleach is one of the best animes I've ever encountered!

    Bleach is a spectacular anime. It is a samurai/shinigami based anime. It's extremely hooking episode after episode. The real-time battle based episode are simply fantastic. Ichigo, the main character, is torn apart by contradicting feelings. He becomes a shinigami in order to protect his family and friends but he realizes that he needs to get stronger to be able to protect them... It also has it's share of romance and it's extremely funny too... The anime is based on very strong japanese morals like honor and family. The japanese culture is well illustrated too...
    Bleach is simply an amazing animation...
    I recomend it to all anime-lovers and to everyone who is looking to spend a good time...
  • A great anime

    This is a fabuous show. It started out with Ichigo meeting Rukia. She told Ichigo all about the Hollows. They could suck out human's soul. So there's a group called the Soul Society. He received great power from Rukia to save his family from a hollow. That's how his "adventure" begins. The next saga came the Soul Society saga. It was time forRukia's execution because Rukia have lost all of her powers as a Soul Reaper(Shinigami). The mission was sucessful. The next saga comes the Bount Saga. They have to batle Bounto. They have greater power then Hollows. That's just part of it. There are more. You'll just have to watch it for yourself.
  • so addictive!

    right now, BLEACH is my favorite anime in the whole wide world! i mean, who wouldn't love it? with great storylines, interesting characters, awesome soundtrack, uncanny humour, what's not to love? point me to the creator of bleach for i would like to shake his/her hand personally together with more than a two thumbs up for a really superb job!

    make sure to really watch this show and you'll love it with all your heart. you really can't go wrong with this one. somehow, i feel connected to every character and maybe this show will touch you the way it did to me.

    really, really awesome!
  • ichigo goes and rescuse rukia then fights bounts then fights aizen again

    great show my favorite as you can see on my blog getting better and better even though there are a lot of fillers all the bankai's shown are awsome like ikucua bankai it is incredible it was shown recently
    bankai i love saying that word it is my favorite word
    its getting closer and closer to the fight with aizen i can tell
    it is cool to see ichigo get vizard power and control them
    this series should never stop it is so good if you have not seen it you are missing out on a lot please excuss the spelling i am a bad speller when it comes to japanese words
  • bleach is about a young man named ichigo kurosaki who accidently gains soul reaper powers from a soul reper named rukia.

    i wasn't interested in bleach at first but i've since watched nearly every dub episode and have four manga volumes. i like this show because they don't edit the blood or swearing. the second opening music is among the reason i never miss an episode. i someties stay up to watch the repeat just for the music. my favorite character is ichigo because he's so cool and doesn't want to quit trying to save rukia. zangetsu is a cool zanpakto because he doesn't listen to ichigo when he complains. my favorite villian character is kenpachi zaraki even though he nots really that bad. we've only had about 45 episodes in english but i think we should have a marathon for the one hundreth episode like they did for naruto.
  • Shinigami, or Death Gods are the main story revolving in the series, as the story advances, we see the anime's protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo, venture into Soul Society, a place where Shinigami exists as squads and protect the peace of the world.

    Kurosaki Ichigo is a hot-headed 16 year old high school freshman. The story begins when Kuchiki Rukia, a shinigami appeared before Ichigo's bedroom. Ichigo saw her and immediately revolted, Rukia was stunned by how Ichigo was able to see her. Shortly after, a Hollow, an evil spirit appeared, Rukia despatched to destroy it, however, she was injured in the battle while trying to protect Ichigo. She then transfers half of her powers to Ichigo, hoping he can defeat the Hollow in her stead, but Ichigo unknowingly absorbs all of her powers instead of half of it. It was later revealed that is was the strength of Ichigo's spirit that caused him to absorb all of her powers. Rukia, being stripped of all her powers, have to wait for her powers to recover, in this time, Ichigo have to take over her duties as a Shinigami, killing Hollows and guiding spirits to their afterlife.
  • Really awesome!

    Bleach has to be one of the best shows ever!

    Well written characters: The characters are so well-written that it is almost creepy. In a good way. Nearly all of them has extensive background stories that we actually see in the series itself. This helps making them more real, many of them actually seems like real humans and living beings; they have experienced a lot in their lives, and we get to see that as proof that they are, in fact, humans. I can't even list the number of my favorite characters from the show here; it will just be too long.

    Excellent stories: Well, the story-line are just so great! I liked it from the first time; when Ichigo became a shinigami, through his Hollow-beating times, to when Rukia gets captured, and sentenced to death. Then, Ichigo train, travel to the shinigami world; Soul Society. Ichigo and some of his closest friends that have also acquired mystical powers then try to stop the execution, and as they do, they experience many fights, adventures, and are gradually let in on the darker things happening. And then it's all revealed by Aizen; and I find those episodes to be genius; no they make the whole first 60 episodes genius, more genius than they were. It's amazing how everything's plotted like that; it was just pure awes. After that, there's some filler stories about the Bount, before picking up on the storyline from before, now with new, terrifying enemies and plots. It never stops giving me awes because its just so awesome!

    Songs: The intro and ending songs are something to themselves. They are just so fantastic, all of them, so much that they're all on my favorite song list now. And we get so many songs; and they're all so great, and it's just pure awes!

    More: Well, what more is there to mention about this fantastic show? Well, nothing I can thing of now. I've talked about the awesome characters, the perfect storylines, and the beautiful and rockin' songs!

    The greatest ever! 10/10
  • Ichigo has alot of spirit energy inherited from his parents and as a result it attracts trouble. At first He could only see ghosts and his spirit energy was absorbed into his closest friends Inoue and Chad. Spoilers

    Then when he touched a ghost his reatsu was unsealed and hollows (souls that have either refused to descend to heaven and had great resentment in their hearts or were turned into hollows by other hollows) come after him. Rukia a shinigami from squad 13 lead by Captain Jushiro Ukitake. The soul society saves lost souls and protects humans from hollows. Rukia was unable to fight such a powerful hollow and decided to lend Ichigo her powers temp.
    But he over absorbed her powers and left her in a weakened state until they return. After Ichigo gains the powers of a shinigami he gets into a fight with Uryu Ishida of the Quincy clan. Ishida hates shinigami for leaving his grandfather to die. He decieds to have a contest with Ichigo to see who can kill more hollows. He breaks hollow bait before Ichigo can decline. So many hollows gather that a Menos a huge hollow shows up. No one but a captain and some lieutenants can fight evenly with one. But Ichigo has such a huge amount of energy he was able to wound it. Thus starting Rukia's punishment as its illegal to give humans their powers. She was sentenced to death but that was only a ruse planned by former squad 5's captain Sosuke Aizen to get a special tool inside her. Soon after he escaped with his Comrades former captain of squad 3 Ichimaru Gin and former captain of squad 9 Tosen Kaname. The escaped to the land of hollows Hueco Mundo. Now they plan on using the power of the hollows to kill the King of soul society.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki was a normal teenager until he met Rukia Kuchiki. Then things became dangerous. Fighting Hollows, and saving people. And picked up friends along the way.

    Ichigo's life was normal until Rukia Kuchiki became involved in his life. This changed and he and Rukia were sonn fighting Hollows. And along the way picked up Chad, Uryu, Orihime as friends. Then when troubled appear in the form of two soul reapers. Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki, stir up some trouble taking Rukia with them when they leave and leaving Ichigo to die. But after being healed and trained Ichigo leave to find Rukia with Chad, Uryu, Orihime and a talking cat named Yoruichi. And they each find their own share of problems. And they pick up to more crew members Ganju Shiba and a squad 4 member Hanotado.
  • Almost makes me forget they cancelled inuyasha

    This has to be the one of tyhe best animes i have ever seen. The only reason i started watching it is because inuyasha ended and i needed something new to watch. I started watching when it was on adult swim from episode 15 or 16 and then i had to go find the first 15 episodes because i was hooked. I love the storyline, it starts off with ichigo and rukia going around the city killing hollows they it slowly gets involved with other soul reapers and quincys, until finally ichigo has to go to the soul society to fight soul reapers to save his friend rukia. All in all its a great show!!
  • ok this show is about a 15 year old boy who could see who ghost and becomes death god/soul reaper. and takes over for rukia. and i admit i havent seen all of it but is a really good show so far.

    i love this show. its suberb. how can anyone give it less than a 10? there absolutley no words for it. its funni, sad, drama, action filled with fighting, drama. it has everything and evry kind of genre to make a show a good show. my only regret is that i onli started watching it and im trying to catch up and im onli in season 3. but its still my favorite show. and i cant wait till i see more and see how it becomes but i know for sure it will probably be one of the best shows in my opinion.
  • A great show to watch that keeps you interrested.

    The show is confusing to me because ive only seen maybe 20 episodes and they are scattered, but yet even with no understanding im interrested, which is extraordinary. Not many thing that you know nothing about can be so interresting. I dont know what soul reapers are but i have so many guesses and knowing what they are could only make it better, i know ichigo needs to save rukia, but i still dont know the story behind it even if you are just jumping into watching this show it can be amazing and fun to watch like how i watch it.
  • it is the duty of a soul reaper to to destroy hollows, evil spirits and help the good ones pass on. this show focuses on a soul reaper named ichigo kurosaki.

    first of all this show was ranked the seventh anime in japan so it is pretty good. second if you are having a hard time understanding it go bak to the begining of the show and start from the top. yes there are alot of episodes but hey don't all good shows run for a good long time? and if don't have the time or desire to catch up then you are missing out because this show kicks @$$. some of the zanpukuto, weapons of the soul reapers, are flippin sweet and the fight scenes are just the same. but if you're not into anime or lots of action w/ a little humor mixed then i suggest do not watch this.
  • ichigo is a guy who vowed that he would save his friend rukia because she saved him once and for that she must go to jail now he is going to break her out. together ichigo,uryu,orihime,and chad fight together to save rukia from exicution.......

    i loved this show its one of the best shows that ive seen in a while i love all the action and how ichigo tries to save rukia because he cares about her. i also love how much uryu cares for orihime and risks his life just to save hers. this show is awesome and if u havent seen it then u need to cause it rox!!!!
  • Bleach and inuyasha are rele good shows and they are about demons and poeple like in bleach is bout hollows and bout a boy that i think likes rukia and the boy's name is ichigo and inuyasha is bout this demon that likes this one girl named kagome .

    Omfg bleach is one of my fav shows it's my second to fav show just like inuyasha i watch it everynite along with inuyasha and i think that anybody that likes anime or inuyasha which is also anime i would say that u watch at least once to see if u like it and if u watch it then i will gurateen that u would like inuyasha and bleach and anime so i justhope that u enjoy it and i think that they should make more inuyasha shows and movies and bleach movies and i will be happy forever .
  • You need to watch this show in jap not with english dubs.

    bleach follows the life of ichigo who one night meets a death god named rukia who gives him all of her powers by accident. the first season is good with my highlight being the fight with renji where ichigo gets murdered. the second season has many good fights including,but not limited to ichigo vs. zaraki, ichigo vs. rukias older brother, and many more. the thrid season is knida of a let down until the fight with karyia. the fourth season has good fights against the arrancar and ichigo vs. his inner hollow. i stoped watching after ep 129 because the shows are starting to get really bad where al they do is talk. my review is on the japenease version not the english version cause i dont watch it. so overall it is a great show woth lots of blood and maturity to keep you coming back for more...... a least it did for me.
  • I love This Show!

    This Show is one of My all Time Favoite! I see Every Episode each Night! I love How Ichigo is Always Fighting Either Hollows or Soul Reapers!And Ilike The Entire Show.So Far I Haven't an Episode!I Like Every Episode That showed!I Can't Always Remember The Names of The Bleach Charaters But I Remember Them Later I Know Ichigo,Rukia,Renji,Chad,Orihime,Uryu
  • dun dun dun dun

    ok so like i was in big bear and thats like the only time i watched tv in like my life and they had this full channel of anime and of course ovisly why im writting this bleach was on omg i forgot what the guy with the orange hairs name is i wish i could remember but still he's all smexi and stuff uh the show was good to ver bloody woosh so like i told my friend i liked it and she all duhhh everyone does so nao i try to watch it as much as i can wich is pretty hard but kk bye.
  • Love it! Can't Express How Great It Is! A Super Natural Masterpiece! 10 out of 10!

    My All Time Favorite!I love this show! It has the most brutal sword fights /W/ gallons of blood (Mostly From Ichigo's Head), Side Splitting Comedy, Hot Anime Babes, & You can feel the Emotions of the characters! Naruto could only match if it switched to Ault Swim (More Blood & Language!). If you haven't seen this show & like Anime like Naruto you need to check this show out! 10 out of 10! Simply Mind Blowing! Can't Say Enough About It! Freaking Awesome!
  • BLeach to me is the great anime!

    Bleach is a real good anime i mean like there is lots of blood and action and stuff.I just like really love the story of bleach and the whole concept. Bleach is just like really cool,if you dont like bleach then somethin must be wrong with you cause bleach is real great.
  • Awesome!

    It's not horrible and it's not perfect but I gotta say its close to being perfect! Just by 0.1%. I don't know why I didn't put a 10 there but for some reason they need to improve. The comic relief is the best part.

    Ichigo: "That's all believeable to me.... Along with flying pigs and the tooth fairy!"

    This almost beats Code Lyoko too, but CL still wins.

    A few more fights, funny scenes, and Ichigo flipping out, it might beat Code Lyoko. Just because this is 1 of the best anime shows out on cable, that doesn't mean you shouldn't just watch this show.... Not!
  • I have been watching bleach since it came out probably, im on vol. 20, (When it comes out). I started a website all about bleach, (In progress). I'm still working on it, but it works.

    Bleach rules. Anime rules. B L E A C H R U L E S L I K E N A R U T O B U T N O T E X A C T L Y. W A T C H B L E A C H O N A D U L T S W I M E V E R Y N I G H T A T 11:30. S H I N I G A M I, A R R A N C A R, R A N G I K U. W A T C H BLEACH.
  • I don't get this show.

    This show really does not interest me. What is it suppossed to mean? I'll tell you what it means another stinking.. dun dun dun!...another anime show! Aren't there enough of these already? I've seen this show a bunch of times but don't get it for the freakin' life of me! Something about a weird guy who sees demons and some girl with big hooters? Or about swords and spirits? I DON'T KNOW!!! Seriously, kudos to anyone who watches it because, they can get into it. I'm not saying this is a BAD show, I'm just saying its way too hard to get into. SORRY!
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