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  • its the best

    Ichigo Kurosaki is a rough-and-tumble teenager who has always had the special ability to see spirits. The story begins with the sudden appearance of an oddly-dressed stranger in Ichigo's bedroom. This stranger is the shinigami Rukia Kuchiki, who is surprised at his ability to see her. Their resulting conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a hollow, an evil spirit. After Rukia is severely wounded during battle while trying to protect Ichigo, she decides to transfer half of her powers to Ichigo, hoping to give him the opportunity to face the hollow on an equal footing. Ichigo unintentionally absorbs all of Rukia's powers instead, allowing him to defeat the hollow with ease.The next day, Rukia appears in Ichigo's classroom as a transfer student. Much to his surprise, she now appears to be a normal human. She theorizes that it was the unusual strength of Ichigo's spirit that caused him to fully absorb her powers, thus leaving her stranded in the human world. Rukia has transferred herself into a gigai — an artificial human body — while waiting to recover her abilities. In the meantime, Ichigo must take over her job as a shinigami, battling hollows and guiding lost souls to the afterlife
  • The Most awsome anime ever.

    Lyk i said this is the most awsome anime ever this show is almost as good as the best show ever Naruto. who came up with this show because he deserves a metal for creating the best show on CN if not TV.This show gets pretty every season o i mean every episode. they need to show this show even more than once a night maybe even 3 times a night! I lyk FMA and Inuyasha but this show is off the wall cutting edge and a presonal favorite but i could only but 1 of those things. I love this show!
  • this anime is the best ive seen in years when they go to soul seciety you be amazed of all the action

    When you first hear the word "bleach," you probably think about disastrous washing experiences. But the series Bleach is anything but disastrous. Tite Kubo (the creator of Bleach) proves that even an old formula can be a huge success if you just add a few original twists and some hilarious comedy. However many people argue that Bleach is simply another "all about the fighting" anime. I will argue against that. Bleach is the story of a young man named Ichigo Kurosaki who is suddenly thrust into a world of Death Gods, ghosts and Hallows, where the rules are complex and deadly if broken. Death Gods send the "good souls" to be purified in Soul Society and cleanse Hallows. However, Hallows are much more dangerous than they look and one day a Death God named Rukia is bested and forced to give up her powers. To save Ichigo and his family, she offers her spirit ability to Ichigo. In an act of desperation to save his family, Ichigo accepts the transfer. The story following is that of Ichigo trying to come to terms with suddenly being the hero, and the responsibility that is a requirement of that job. Several other characters are introduced, all with varying views of Death Gods and powers of their own. Eventually Ichigo's adventures take him to Soul Society itself, where he battles to save one of his dearest friends. Yes, the fights are a huge part of Bleach. But the characters are what drive the story on. Ichigo's the rebel, but with likeability that no one can resist. His personality is a perfect contrast from Rukia's serious and smart one. The dialogue between them is absolutely hilarious, making for many a great situation. (Especially when Rukia starts living in his closet.) The wide variety of characters create a funny and lovable cast, from the ditzy Orihime to the silent Chad, to the dorky Ishida, to.... a stuffed animal named Kon? Between them all, it's impossible not to like at least one and keep cheering for them episode after episode. The soundtrack is well done, too. It adds to the humor, but also to the mystery that surrounds a lot of the plot. The animation has some interesting techniques, blending colors together to create a more "water-color" look, at least in the first few episodes. This is a wonderful anime that deserves a fair chance. It's not your average fighting show. Go Bleach!
  • 8)GREAT8)

    anime has always been in my heart but when i first saw bleach i thought what the hell is this crap but after watching for a while i can't stop watching it. it has everything: comedy action romance death spirits big blades and so much more that i would hurt my head trying to type it all in.
  • The best anime after Dbz I ever watched

    magnificent.Swords,Reiatsu and every thing that is mentioned in Bleach is awesome.Just like somene else said dragonball with swords I love it.They have really funny comic situations great plot great characters and so on.Just like I said absolutely fabulous.It would be the best anime off all times if Dragonball Z didn't exist.There isn't anything much to say
  • swords and ghosts come together in Tite Kubo's BLEACH series, following the trials of 15 year old ichigo as he comes to terms with life as a death god and the responsibility to protect that comes with it.

    the world of bleach is a fascinating one, the show is brought to life by its tremendous fights and hilarious comic relief moments (more so in the japanese versions). its deep and irreverant characters share a sparkling on screen dynamic that will draw viewers.

    while sometimes the anime conventions found in bleach grate the nerves for the most part the overlong pans and cheesy facial expressions in comic moments pass unnoticed. sometimes even adding a kitsch value to the show.

    unlike any other show out there, bleach treads a fine line between philosophical ramblings on death, power and politics to frankly insane adolescent humour and cartoon excess. i love bleach, i encourage everyone to watch a few episodes at least before dismissing it, and if you, like me, become addicted be patient throughout the "bountu" seasons they do end and it gets good again!
  • Its my favorite anime!! i CANT wait for more episodes!!! bleach episodes sounds way better in Japanese then in who ever the traslator is,of the episodes (DB or LUNA) i say:GOOD JOB!!!Thanks for evrything and bye bye yall! *

    I just love bleach...there is nothing better then bleach....
    Its my favorite anime!!
    i CANT wait to watch all episodes!
    i CANT wait for more episodes!!!
    i AM losing my mind... ^.^ if it goes on like that i go C R A Z Y ! ! !
    Not that i already am...
    by the way bleach episodes sounds way better in Japanese then in english... i like it better that way ;) so who is the traslator of the episodes (DB or LUNA) i say:
    G O O D J O B ! ! ! Thanks for evrything and bye bye yall!
    * love *
    ~ iChY ~
  • This show rocks!!!

    This show, Bleach, is one of the greatest anime that was ever created. I really loved it so much. It is soooo freaking cool! The fighting scenes rock. The plot lines are great. And best of all, the characters are THE BEST. I the characters in this show. I especially like Ichigo the most. He is strong, cool, and just plain hott. This show is cool and you should watch it. It is funny too. It is hilarious! There is action, comedy, drama, romance, a little swearing and cold hard fighting violence. Bleach is one of my favorite shows now.
  • Its DBZ but with swords! O_O Yay more sensless overpowered fights! xD But its got an interesting story and a collection of some of the weirdest,funniest,coolest and god knows what else characters. o.o In other words...Bleach=Awesomness..

    Like I said in my stupid lil summary,Bleach is like DBZ but with swords and less spiky hair >.> But its got an interesting concept and storyline that can get you hooked quickly if you enjoy the action genre. I personally love this show,because first it isn't as overly dramatic as Naruto and 2nd >.> the fights can get nuts...and did I mention its all with swords? O.O Nah but seriously if your into action then watch Bleach its plot actually seems to move on unlike *cough*naruto*cough* and make more sense than those in the finally sagas of DB. Its characters add even more to the fun of this show,its random comedy is a plus in my book. So yeah,open up another window,go to and watch bleach! O_O
  • One of the best animes out there.

    I have to admit, I'm not that big of an anime fan. But when it comes to BLEACH, I go crazy about it.

    The story isn't like any typical anime. It is creative and is full of plot twists and turns. The characters are deep and believable. Although I've never read the manga (and I'm sure most of you others haven't) the anime explains what everything is and means, so it doesn't get too confusing.

    The story can be a little hard to follow sometimes (I've only seen part of the first season), but it more than makes up for that with all the action.
  • An anime you can get hooked on

    Bleach is a great anime about a 15 year old high school student named Ichigo Kurosaki. He meets Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper, and she gives Ichigo her soul reaper powers. While he is taking her place, they have to cleanse the hollows that show up in Karakura Town. This show has great characters, lots of action, and even romance. It's super duper funny, has great music and hot guys and girls. Cool swords and huge monsters are only a plus.All you have to do is watch the first few episodes and you get hooked. Overall, a great show =]
  • "Good action packed anime show"

    The first time I was introduced to bleach I found out how much action and violence this show had and I liked it and through watching all the season on the trusted websites I found I knew this show was going to be on my addicted list. Ichigo is a tuff guy who is connected in alot of stuff doing with spirits and the after life at first he didnt want to accept what he was seeing and when Rukia finally showed herself and made him a shinigami he knows that he has to help out the real world and the spirit world to keep it all in balance.
  • swords, ghosts, hot girls, what else is there

    it is a great show but the dub voices i'm not a big fan of, but i do love the first to openings, those are some great songs, the sword transformations from regular zanpakutou to shikai to bankai is what i love most, and the lesbian chizuro, i do love yuri, orihimexyourichi, well back on topic the comedy even during the heat of the battle is amazing
  • This is the story of Ichigo. One night, all his family got attacked by a Hollow and Rukia, a Soul Reaper, gave him half of her power to fight the Hollow. Because Ichigo has a strong spirit energy, he got all here power and became a soul reaper.

    It is a great TV show. My friend told me I should watch the first episode and I got addicted. The story line is awesome and it gets better and better after each episode. Some (very rare) moments are boring and the story is not going anywhere. Because off those short and rare moments, I can not give it the perfect grade. That is why I give it a 9.9. I still like to watch t and I'm looking everywhere for a sub of the movie. If anyone knows where I could find it, please PM me as soon as possible.
  • Bleach follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki. A high school student in Karakura Town. Ichigo obtains the powers of a soul reaper through Rukia. And together the excorcise as many hollows as they can and help spirits pass on.

    Bleach is a great show for anyone who likes anime or a lot of action. It has great characters that make the show funny and exciting. Bleach is show that will always have you on the edge of your seat and anxious to see the next episode. There is some blood and adult language so if you are still in elementary school Bleach might not be the show for you. I love bleach and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys anime and action.
  • Ichigo, Ichigo and more Ichigo... what kind of show is this?

    This is an okay show. I watch it for good character interaction, funny sequences, Ishida, and Kon. That's about it. But something about this show compels me to continue watching it, that it really is something else eventually. But right now, no. I don't enjoy this show. I think it's mainly the main character, Ichigo.

    Family struggles, girls after him, and that orange hair! I don't like guys with orange hair... don't get me wrong, I think he's a good hero, just not someone I would like to see in that hero spot. If there's one thing I really don't like about Ichigo the most, it's the fact that he is said to be able to pick up bankai in three days. Now, I know that Kisuke could as well, but that's just pushing it a bit too far...

    But as for plot, I think I can handle it. The beginning is a bit slow, but I've heard that it picks up later. I really hope so, because this show has promise.
  • defnitely one of the greatest animes aired on [as]

    honestly I think this is easily the best anime on [as] since Fooly Cooly, yes Fooly Cooly was the greatest anime ever aired. But back to Bleach, the only negative thing that could be said about Bleach is the filler, but it is imperative that the so called filler is viewed and fully understood by any1 who isn't watching just for the bloodshed(not that I have anything against the awesomely bloody battles littered throughout the sereies. Other than that, which is a complait of complete immaturity anyway, there is nothing bad to be said about a show as amazingly awesome as Bleach(strange name though?)
  • Um uh...

    I dont know what its all about I just like the action that is in it not that I dont like it I just dont understand the point the only point I know is that they haf to defeat the halos and thats just about it the rest i definetly love the fighting with all the slashing and the battling and its kinda favorite character in this show is Ichigo
    (hey that rymed)Well I've ran out of things to say so...
    BLEACH is my favorite slashing,cutting and kinda funny proboly gets alot of money for being so funny oh yay...THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!
  • Just an alaround good anime..

    This is a great anime for anyone and as you start to breaze threw the episodes youll start to find the charicters even more likeable then when you started waching it. I think is kool that there is so many different types of sword and things in this show it not just every one has this power everyone has a different and unique wepoon for themselves o ya and the story is good and dosnt make you fall asleep like some other anime shows. if you u dont like this show i say now "why?" how can you not like this anime?
  • This Is A Brilliant Show About Ichigo And The Gang

    This Brilliant Show Is About Ichigo And The Gang Working Together To Kill The Hollows And Bring Peace To The Human World But Even Though Ichigo Is A Soul Reaper He Must Face Unexpected Foes.Ichigo Must Destroy Hollows And More If He Wishes To Bring Peace To The World Although It Looks Like An Impossible Mission Ichigo Will Have His Friends With Him Always Helping Him In Every Situation.The Director And The Cast Are Brilliant For Creating This Show. My Opinion BEST Anime Of All Time, If You Were Thinking Of A Show To Get Stuck Into Bleach Is It.
  • Great!

    There is just one word to describe this: Great! This is a master piece by Tite Kubo, writer of a manga called Zombie Powder, which wasa failure. In order to make him self famous, he copied off of a show called Yu Yu Hakusho. This show has spectacular fillers, unlike most anime. We should thank Akira Toriyama for inspiring Tite Kubo about this show. Good job, Kubo!
  • Another brilliant Anime!

    Well what can I say, I found another anime to keep me company during my sleepless nights. A really great show at the very least and very entertaining as well. I love the characters, the plot and everything there's just nothing not to love about it. My third favorite show next to naruto and avatar: the last airbender, respectively.
  • sorry i just started to watsh bleach i saw a cupal of old epasods and one new epasod the one today someone please fill me in

    when i firs saw it i loved it the show was asuome i dont no mutsh about it but so far its the best show ive seen only about 3 epasodes 4 acusly 3 old ones and a new one sofar the show is asume i love it it has evry thing a good show needs imean think about haw maany pipel love the show one day i hope to catsh up some day on what i misst i cant belive i ddiedint no the show for that long i wish i saw all thouse epasouds i misst if you havent seen the show gieve itt a chanse its an cool show i hope you can read my crappy ritting lol i love that show
  • bleach tells the story of young ichigo kurusaki that becomes a soul reaper while saving his sister from an attacking hollow(demon spirit)ichigo now must fight off these hollows with the help of his fiends and fellow soul reaper rukia kuchki.

    when i first saw bleach i thought hmmm looks like another average run'of'the mill anime.....boy i was wrong after about episode 3 i was hooked.I mean as in must see next episode or die hooked.Now in the english version were up to episode 40-50?,lets be resonable here if your a true anime fan(otaku)like me then you don't watch anime in eglish unless the voice cast are worth it like steven blum,johhny young bosch,or even quinton flyn.In terms of story bleach is pretty normal young boy growing and maturing in to a man,but what drove me to love this anime was'nt the story it was the great cast of supporting characters,rather funny and at times over the top dialog,great fighting(for an anime),strong back stories of the characters,and even comedic timeing of the hummur of the show itself.Currently i'm on episode 130(by this time you should be saying what and how the **** the answer is simple the internet.I have about three favorite characters from the show kepachi zaraki:in his debute episode he's seen as violent,blood thrist and even somewhat insane(which i like)but through later episodes you discover his pain and anguish of being alone.Next is ikkaku madareme:just like kenpachi but more hummorus hates when you make a remark about him being bald and even denies that as a fact despite that he dose'nt wear a wigg.Last but certainly not least is ishida orume?:you see him early on in the series as ichigo's rival in soul slaying but over time come to respect and admier him for his courage and high sense of pride.well in conclusion the show despite it's over used story line is worth the time to watch and if you wish to continue watching and hate waiting for the english episodes on cartoon network then go to daily and check it out bwahahaha.
  • The Best Anime!

    I am one of Those People that Had Watched a Great Number of Totally Different Animes, and I have to Say NONE of them were as Fascinating as this one. Bleach in my Opinion is VERY Entertaining. In every Episode there is Something New Happening. Since it's First Episode Premiere I started Regularly Watching it, Whenever I feel Sick, or Tired I could Always watch it and I'll feel more Energetic Right Away! This Anime has alot more Action than most Animes Such as Naruto or Zatch Bell, those Shows are Based on Adventure, which Seems to be very Mild...
    All-in-All I find this Show Wonderful and most interesting for for Ages 8+.
  • Really good show. Ranks second right next to Naruto.

    Wow I really like this show. I don't know why I was so stubborn to finally watch an episode. I was really missing out! I really like the idea and I am now on my way to watching up to the latest episode. Good thing it's so popular or I would've never gave it a chance. Trust me, I'm pretty stubborn with watching shows for the first time. What really makes this show different however is how it has a serious tune to it like the soul society and the blood/gore. Yet at the same time it's very funny and really has that Japanese humor that I enjoy. Again, great show. Should be on every anime-watchers list.
  • bout tis guy, kurosaki ichigo.....

    one of da best anime i hv so far of da best...suggested to any anime fan to watch...da storyline is good(even though i hvnt watch finish) but still a great anime to gets better ever season oso....dun miss out tis great anime...bleach movie WAS TOTALLY AWESOME...IT ROCKS....recommended to ALL BLEACH/ANIME FAN....da graphics were good too (well depend on wat kinda media u r usin to watch) i watch in to me was good...da movie storyline was A-W-E-S-O-M-E...ok no more...da end...nth much more to write bout...u juz gotta watch it urself...learn more japanese...hehe...xD
  • All aboute bleach

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    This article is about the chemical substance. For the manga and anime, see Bleach (manga). For other uses, see Bleach (disambiguation). Commercial chlorine bleachTo bleach something, is to remove or lighten its color, sometimes as a preliminary step in the process of dyeing; a bleach is a chemical that produces these effects, often via oxidation. Common chemical bleaches include "chlorine bleach", a solution of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), and "oxygen bleach", which contains hydrogen peroxide or a peroxide-releasing compound such as sodium perborate or sodium percarbonate. Bleaching powder is calcium hypochlorite.

    Contents [hide]
    1 Types of bleach 1.1 Other bleaches 2 Hazards 3 History 4 Chemistry 5 How bleaches work 6 See also 7 References 8 External links [edit] Types of bleach

    [edit] Other bleaches
    Chlorine dioxide is used for the bleaching of wood pulp, fats and oils, cellulose, flour, textiles, beeswax, and in a number of other industries. This can result in formation of dioxins, and the paper industry has begun to use peroxides instead.

    In the food industry, some organic peroxides (benzoyl peroxide, etc.) and other agents (e.g. bromates) are used as flour bleaching and maturing agents.

    Not all bleaches have to be of an oxidizing nature. Sodium dithionite is used as a powerful reducing agent in some bleaching formulas.

    [edit] Hazards
    A problem with chlorine is that it reacts with organic material to form trihalomethanes like chloroform, which is a well known carcinogen. There is debate over whether any risk from the chloroform in treated drinking water is worth the benefits. However, the use of elemental chlorine in industrial processes such as paper bleaching, with its attendant production of organochlorine-persistent organic pollutants (including dioxins), does not have any benefits. As a consequence over 80 % of the woodpulp is nowadays bleached with chlorine dioxide, reducing the dioxin generation under detectable levels.

    Chlorine is a respiratory irritant. It also attacks mucous membranes and burns the skin. As little as 3.5 ppm can be detected as an odour, and 1000 ppm is likely to be fatal after a few deep breaths. Exposure to chlorine should not exceed 0.5 ppm (8-hour time-weighted average - 40 hour week).[citation needed]

    Another hazard is the formation of acrid chloramine fumes when hypochlorite bleach comes into contact with ammonia or urine or hydrogen peroxide, which, though not nearly as dangerous as chlorine, can cause severe respiratory distress.

    For these reasons, some consumers prefer the use of natural cleaning products as an alternative to bleach.

    [edit] History
    Chlorine was first characterized by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774 (as an adherent of the Phlogiston theory, he called it "dephlogisticated marine acid"). French chemist Claude Louis Berthollet, noting the bleaching properties of chlorine, invented hypochlorite bleach in 1789. In French, bleach is known as Eau de Javel, after the village where it was manufactured.

    Several alternatives to bleach have recently appeared in industrialized countries. These substances are touted as being less toxic, and the use of bleach as a stain remover has become less popular in the United States. However, due to the recent upsurge of illness due to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus azureus (known as MRSA) and other bacterial pathogens susceptible to bleach, the bleach industry has recovered somewhat, and the use of bleach as a disinfectant is increasing in a variety of industrial and commercial, as well as household settings.

    [edit] Chemistry
    The process of bleaching can be summarised in the following set of chemical reactions:

    Cl2(aq) + H2O(l) H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + HClO(aq)

    The H+ ion of the hypochlorous acid then dissolves into solution, and so the final result is effectively:

    Cl2(aq) + H2O(l) 2H+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + ClO-(aq)

    [edit] How bleaches work
    Color in most dyes and pigments is produced by molecules, such as beta carotene, that contain moieties (pieces) known as chromophores. Chemical bleaches work in one of two ways:

    An oxidizing bleach works by breaking the chemical bonds that make up the chromophore. This changes the molecule into a different substance that either does not contain a chromophore, or contains a chromophore that does not absorb visible light. A reducing bleach works by converting double bonds in the chromophore into single bonds. This eliminates the ability of the chromophore to absorb visible light.[1] Sunlight acts as a bleach through a process leading to similar results: high energy photons of light, often in the violet or ultraviolet range, can disrupt the bonds in the chromophore, rendering the resulting substance colorless.[2]

    [edit] See also
    Household chemicals [edit] References
    E.R. Trotman. Textile Scouring and Bleaching. London: Charles Griffin & Co., 1968. Dr. Bailey Bodkins. Bleach. Philedelphia: Virginia Printing Press 1995. ^ Field, Simon Q (2006). Ingredients -- Bleach. Science Toys. Retrieved on 2006-03-02. ^ Bloomfield, Louis A (2006). Sunlight. How Things Work Home Page. Retrieved on 2006-03-02. ... [edit] External links
    Washington Post's A Sanitary History Of Household Bleach Retrieved from ""
    Categories: Articles with unsourced statements since March 2007 | All articles with unsourced statements | Bleaches | Disinfectants | Laundry | Dyes | Household chemicals
  • The Names' Ichigo Kurosaki, A Subitute Shinigami

    Bleach is one of my fave Anime (Naruto tops the best). Bleach is about a 15year old school boy called Ichigo Kurosaki whos' life changed for ever when he met a shinigami called Rukia, she gives him her last powers of a shinigami to him and now Ichigo is a Sub Shinigami who must go around Killing the Hollows that walk around the village.

    Ichigo has many friends to helo, Chad, Uryuu, Inoue and of course, Rukia.
  • Ichigo And Synopsis

    Ichigois a 15-year-old who attempts to cultivate a detached image, for which he keeps his eyebrows constantly furrowed and his mouth always in a scowl. However, he is revealed to be kinder and more intelligent under the surface than his appearance and attitude would suggest. Ichigo has natural orange hair, a fact that annoys many upperclassmen in his school, who constantly pick fights with him.[3] Ichigo claims that he does not care what others think (both about his hair and other subjects) and seems to enjoy fighting the bullies.

    Ichigo is also a capable student, ranked at 23 of 322 in his school.[4] Ichigo regularly studies and doesn't neglect his schoolwork, due to the fact that he has nothing better to do at home. It is later revealed that Ichigo works so hard only to overcome the misconceptions that many teachers tends to have about him, based on his hair color and interactions with other students.

    Ichigo possesses the unusual ability to see spirits as a consequence of his innate spiritual power. After the full extent of Ichigo's immense spiritual power is unlocked as a consequence of his meeting with Rukia Kuchiki, as well as his subsequent inability to control it, many of his friends begin to develop spiritual powers due to their proximity with him. Constant exposure to Ichigo's energy causes several of his classmates to become spiritually aware, and some even develop their own unique powers as a result.

    Ichigo lives with his father Isshin Kurosaki and his two younger sisters, Yuzu and Karin. His father runs a small medical clinic in their house, and recruits the entire family in his business. While Ichigo's father is portrayed as a comical, inept character who often challenges his son with mock attacks and berates him for being late for dinner, his two younger sisters both have the ability to see ghosts to a lesser degree. They are also more normal than their father.

    Ichigo likes chocolate and spicy food. His favorite celebrities are Al Pacino and Mike Ness and the person he admires most is William Shakespeare.[1] He is uncomfortable around nude or immodestly dressed women due to the "tough guy" image he tries to maintain.

    Ichigo's name, written with homophone kanji, means 1 and 5 or 15 when separated as ichi (Ò») and go (Îå), the reason behind the two numbers' frequent appearances in the series. The word ichigo (¥¤¥Á¥´), written in yet another way, actually means "strawberry" in Japanese, and is normally only used as a girl's name; when the gatekeeper Jidanb¨­ teases Ichigo about this fact, Ichigo proudly states that his name is spelled with ichi (Ò») as in "one" and go (×o) from "guardian". Ichigo's father once told him that his name means "he who protects."

    [edit] History Ichigo at age nine, shortly before his mother's death.Ichigo's mother, Masaki Kurosaki, began taking him to a dojo to learn karate when he was four years old.[5] There, he met and fought with Tatsuki Arisawa, whom he lost to the first few times. Whenever this happened, he would start crying, only to stop instantly when comforted by his mother, to whom he was deeply attached. Tatsuki described Ichigo as a thin child, who looked very happy and always smiled when around his mother.[6]

    When Ichigo was nine, Masaki was killed by the hollow Grand Fisher, although Ichigo did not find out the true cause of her death until early in the main Bleach storyline.[7] After her death, Ichigo was distraught and stood on the shore where his mother was killed for days. The entire Kurosaki family transformed at the death of Masaki ¡ª Karin became tough and did not cry again, while Yuzu took up the household chores. Prior to learning about Grand Fisher, Ichigo felt guilty for his mother's death, blaming himself for wandering too close to the water and causing her to put herself in harm's way to save him. Even after that, Masaki's death continues to influence Ichigo by causing him to feel guilt for his inability to protect those close to him: because of this guilt, Ichigo developed a resolute will to gain the power to protect his loved ones.

    Three years before the main storyline, Orihime Inoue's older brother Sora died in the Kurosaki clinic from injuries acquired in a car accident.[8] Ichigo watched as Orihime cried for her brother, although he did not find out that the crying girl he saw was Orihime until a short time before the main storyline.[8]

    While in junior high school, Ichigo met Yasutora Sado, then from Mashiba Junior High, who helped him out of a fight. Ichigo called him Chad because of the nametag he was wearing, which can be read either Sado or Chad, and continued using the name after being corrected. Chad, although extremely strong, was often the target of beatings because he refused to fight for his own sake due to a promise he had made as a child to his grandfather. Upon discovering this, Ichigo made a deal with Chad in which they both agreed to fight and risk their lives for something the other was willing to risk their life for.

    [edit] Synopsis

    [edit] Early story
    At the beginning of the series, Ichigo sees and confronts Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami, when she enters his home. During their conversation, a hollow attacks, having tracked Ichigo back to his house. Because of Ichigo's interference with Rukia's work in his personal effort to protect his family from the hollow, Rukia is wounded and forced to transfer her powers to him in a desperate measure to save the Kurosaki family. During the transfer, Ichigo fully absorbs Rukia's powers rather than taking half, as she had intended. Having her shinigami abilities and his own immense spiritual power, Ichigo makes short work of the hollow and Rukia leaves.

    The next day, Rukia shows up in Ichigo's class, now apparently a normal human as the other students are capable of seeing her. Rukia informs Ichigo that she is using a gigai ¡ª an artificial body used by shinigami when they need to recover their powers or stay in the human world for extended periods. While she recovers her abilities, Rukia insists that Ichigo take over her job, battling hollows and performing soul burials in her stead. At this time, he is only able to transform into a shinigami when a special seal on Rukia's glove is used to "knock out" the shinigami portion of his soul, and is dependent on Rukia to transform. Their acquisition of the modsoul Kon removes this dependency.

    Ichigo's new duties set off a flurry of activity both in the human and spirit worlds. At one point, the hollow Grand Fisher, who has evaded the shinigami for over fifty years, comes to the human world and attempts to consume Ichigo's sisters, Karin and Yuzu. It is at this point that Ichigo finds out that Grand Fisher killed his mother and seeks revenge. Rukia tries to keep Ichigo from fighting, as she feared the hollow was too strong, but Ichigo orders her to go with Kon and take his sisters home. She is reminded of Kaien Shiba's last fight as a fight for honor, and reluctantly follows his orders. Ichigo greatly wounds Grand Fisher, but the hollow manages to escape.

    During a duel with Ury¨± Ishida, a Quincy, a massive amount of hollows, including a Menos Grande, are drawn to the human world and defeated in one form or another, mostly by Ichigo and Ishida. Chad and Orihime also have their dormant powers awakened as a result, and each defeat a hollow on their own. Ichigo's victory against the Menos draws the attention of Soul Society, triggering the beginning of the next arc. Meanwhile, Ishida and Ichigo develop an uneasy friendship as shinigami and Quincy, with both of them apparently saving each other's lives.
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