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  • Kurosaki Ichigo (the name has been given in an East Asian format, with the surname given first) is your typical 15 year old teenager, save for the fact that he can see ghosts. His life completely changed one day, when he met the Soul Reaper, Kuchiki Ruki

    If you're an actual anime fan, chances are you've already been downloading the fan-subbed episodes via irc or bit torrent, and you could care less what I have to say. I might even get flamed for not proclaiming this as an all time great, amongst the likes of Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist or whatever(incidentally, I don't think those titles are all that great either).

    But if you're relatively new to the anime scene or checking this review because perhaps some American company has licensed Bleach (and is now ripping you off by charging 30 dollars for 3 episodes) I'll say this: you're better off reading the manga (the comic version, which has already been licensed). The anime doesn't add that much to the series, except for the engaging opening and closing themes (which will probably be butchered by Cartoon Network or Toonami or whoever).

    Everything here is pretty standard issue for an anime story, which is not to say that it's not entertaining or anything like that. It's quite entertaining actually, it's just that the plot devices and character types are not terribly original. If you've watched an anime title or two already, you'll immediately recognize the recurrent themes and character archetypes in Bleach.

    To be fair, American comics/cartoons/shows also follow more or less the same formula, it's just a lot more noticeable when seeing it from an outside source.

    The bottom line
    Funny, engaging, with reasonably well animated fight scenes. The fights however, aren't terribly smart or innovative (as they were in the Rurouni Kenshin series). Not all that original. I wouldn't buy it when it gets licensed in America, but it's certainly worth the download while it's still being fansubbed. Your best bet is to stick with the manga, however.
  • starts out with Kuchiki Rukia, a death god giving her powers to kurosaki Ichigo, a 15 year old guy, but with breaking the laws of the other world, leads to serious trouble....

    started out cool, almost liek an inuyasha thing except it starts to get cooler with his death god powrers growing and learning new things, and when the went to soul society, this anime just heated up. this is my second favourite anime, ahead is gundam seed destiny and following behind this is Naruto.

    reccomended for those into anime!
  • Kurosaki Ichigo is just your normal 15-year-old who sees dead people all the time, until he meets the Death God Rukia. To protect his family and his friends he agrees to become a Death God himself. What new and strange adventure awaits him now?

    I just recently discovered this show and I'm really glad I did. This show is great, although at time it take a while to get somewhere.The characters are great and intriguing, story is original and you fall in love with every aspect of the show... yes even the "bad guys".
  • Being an improving anime series, Bleach gives you some supernatural hack-and-slash action, suitable humor, and a progressive plot: making the show come together as you follow along.

    Bleach can be your typical popular anime series. It presentation at times can seem typical of most anime series, which at times can get annoying, but don't get me wrong, Bleach has much to offer.

    This show takes you into a somewhat unique vision of the afterlife, which sort of makes you lost at the start of the show through the first part of the series. But if you hold your interests in the show, I promise it will pick up dramatically, clarifying on each characters past, present, and such and even some plot misunderstandings you may have along the way.

    Also, some unique abilities and memorable characters strengthen Bleach's presentation significantly, while shadowing out the lesser more forgetable characters in the show.

    My final plead though, this might be a show for anime fans, and will have difficulties attracting other audiences. Even given this fact, I recommend this series.

    It isn't the best shows TV has to offer, but it is definately one to be considered.

  • Not Quite Perfect

    Kurosaki Ichigo is a fifteen year old high school freshman who can see ghosts. Most ghosts he encounters are benign spirits, but one day, an evil spirit, called a Hollow, finds its way to town. Following the baddie is Shinigami (God of Death) Kuchiki Rukia, a girl plagued with the task of vanquishing evil spirits.

    Not surprisingly, Ichigo finds himself in the middle of the Shinigami/Hollow battle. Rukia soon is injured and the only way for them to survive the battle is for her to transfer some of her powers to him. You guessed it - he destroys the monster, and in the process, finds himself with some cool powers.
    Well now that we got the technical stuff out of the way, this show is something i like to watch but personally the manga is better. It can get boring at times, but I think everyone should give this a shot
  • The best anime show related to Shinigamis and Hollows than Inuyasha.

    The show starts when Ichigo, a 15-year old teenager who can see ghost kicked Rukia, a shinigami, assuming that she's some sort of a theif. At first, he doesn't believe Shinigamis but after an attack of an evil spirit called Hollows, he started to believe it and become a Shinigami after Rukia gave half of the powers to him( which he actually takes most of her powers away). Now Rukia can't return to her world and decides to train Ichigo along the way.

    Most one of the top 10 anime shows in Japan before and very exciting to watch. A full marks rating for me as this show rocks on ice.
  • More addicting then crack.

    This is by far the greatest anime ever made and is obviously my personal favorite. It is truely more addicting and better then crack. Once you watch one episode you can not help it and want to watch more and more and more its just that good. I dont think any anime comes close. It blends all the necessary qualities that an anime must have; great action, great diologue, great animation, great story line, great blend of characters, and the list goes on and on. So overall i would recomend this anime to anyone out there because bleach just is the best.
  • Bleach is a relatively new anime show that many have been intrigued by both in a positive way and a negative way. How we perceive the show depends mostly on if you both like anime as a genere and if you like the type of story it has to offer.

    Bleach is a very young show, but if you look beyond its age you will see that there is more to this show than beats the eye. Like many shows the anime not only brings up an interesting theme (being life and death that is) as well as to the other aspects such as the progressive leap in science that we have made during the last few years.

    Personally i have to say that the reason i like the anime is because of the layers of mysteries that it offers for me to solve. Also i like it for the theme since it is one of the more important questions that that consumes our everyday life on a more continous basis. If you are anything like me you will love the show and pretty much be unstoppable when it comes to having the next episode available for viewing.
  • Kurosaki Ichigo has been bestowed upon the powers of the shinigami by a death god named Kuchiki Rukia. After becoming "friends" Rukia is taken back to soulsociety by her brother to be punished for her crime. Now,Ichigo must set off to soul Society with hi

    This show is awsome.From the story,to the characters and even the weapons,this show is great.Bleach started out more mildly with Ichigo fighting hollows and meeting different characters which would play a big role in the future.Then it got even more interesting when the whole soul society story came into play.NOw there is even more characters with all of the Shinigami.Its also cool to see the different SoulSlayers.
  • Kurosaki Ichigo(your average 15 year-old high school student)happens to have the ability to see ghosts. When an evil-spirit known as a Hollow comes to devour his-soul a soul-reaper known-as Rukia tries to save him. He winds up accidentally taking her powe

    The wonderful show brings the balance of comedy, action, and serious issues. the fight scenes are the true highlight of this program , the inclusion of the connection between the soul-reaper and his/her weapons the soul slayers are very captivating and brings in deep thought. the fact that the weapon is a living being that the user must become one with to become powerful is a constant reminder that in real life you must focus your mind and body if you ever hope to achieve something, anyways the overall plot that changes from action to revenge to love is the only thing that I find wrong in the animosity doesn't stick to the main story from time to time and starts to wander. that is why I'm giving this a 9.6
  • Kurosaki Ichigo and the team defeatt hollows & the enemies!

    Kurosaki Ichigo and the team defeat hollows & the enemies! I have been downloading this show, Bleach for a while. But for some reason I stopped. This show is great, action packed, and a wonderful anime. Bleach's creator deserves a merit badge for creating this Anime! Good job you! Give yourself a pat on the back!
  • This is an absolutely great anime. With action and a Great story to boot. It starts with 15 year old Kurosaki ichigo who comes in contact with monsters only he can see and is saved by Kuchiki Rukia who is a Shinigami(death God)

    The Thing i like and i think other people will like about this Anime is its fast paced action and Story-telling not seen since Naruto. It starts Off With Kuchiki Rukia kind of Training Ichigo To be an excellent death god, since her powers are gone because she transferred them to ichigo to save his life, He then battles monsters called Hollows who only people with high spirit power can see. Then Later she is Captured and Sent back to Soul Society(home of the death gods) for acts of treason by giving a human her powers Ichigo then sets off with his friends to soul society to rescue her, but it is a journey faced with peril not only do they have to deal with other death gods after them but the have to deal with the 13 god generals who are after them. This Anime unlike most also brings Memorable original characters If You like Naruto you will Have to be a Baka to miss out!
  • BLEACH is an anime that focuses on excellent character development and top notch action. You can't but help fall in love with these characters and everything they go through. Already a classic in it's own time that is not to be missed by anyone.

    Where do I start? BLEACH is, as my summary says, an anime that primarily focuses on character development and action that is as amazing as the animation itself. The story of BLEACH is mainly about Ichigo. By some luck and coincidence he becomes a Shimigami or Death God. These are people who can see the dead and help send them back to Heaven or Soul Society. They also protect people from these demons known as Hollows. Hollows feed on souls and cannot be seen by the living. They only play a small part in this story.

    At the current moment, there have been 44 episodes of BLEACH released in Japan. The first half of these episodes focused on character development and this is one of the main reasons I love this show so much. It has incredible characters that all have a story to tell. You find out why each character is the way they are and how they came to know Ichigo. These are not some lifeless everyday people you couldn't give a damn about. I almost guarantee you that you will fall in love with one of these charming characters. Wether it be the serious but gentle Chad or the always excited but cute Inoue, you will find a character you have a soft spot for.

    So you may ask, what is the second half of BLEACH about? Action. Not to say that it's nonstop, constant action. There is still some side story and new people to meet, but it's more action then story telling. Any anime fan who is craving some awesome, epic battles will surely be pleased at the fights. Swords are used to settle disputes in BLEACH, but it's not the same boring slash and hack over and over again. Every BLEACH fan has his or her favorite fight. And it's only gotten better. The show continues, week after week, to deliver some great new action that can be appreciated by all anime fans.

    If you are looking for something new, hip and funny, I can't recommend BLEACH enough. It's really that good. I don't want to say too much, but it's already replaced Hellsing as my favorite anime series. I'm looking forward to each new episode. Shine On!
  • It wonderful and funny, I personally belive that Kubo's art style is great too. I find it hard not to copy some of his techniques.

    It's a rebellious manga that has broken the rules. In the very first chapter you see Rukia for the first time and she says "It is near...", This is typical cool character speach but instead of her going about her cool character buisines she gets caught by suprise when Ichigo kicks her. The only thing I don't like about it is Ichigo, he seems to be acting like a rebel and trying to be tough but I'm probably just paranoid.
  • not bad, not bad at all

    Some of the best episodes are the fight with Zaraki Kenpachi .. if Zaraki knew his soul slayer name he would be the best of the captains of the squads especially the "Bankai" stage of releasing his soul slayer.Also the fight with Abarai Renji is good. As to me the best of the captains is Kuchiki Byakuya with his flash step and his soul slayer , but Ichigo and Zangetsu ( Ichigo's SOul Slayer ) will fight it out :!) So Kuchiki Rukia will be saved I guess , when the fight with the captains ends i guess that Rukia will return it living worlds and both Rukia and Ichigo will fight the Hollows. And Ishida will get back his Quinchy abilities and so on
  • This show is great you should whach it. I whached it in jap. but is is still sooooo goooood.

    This show is great you should whach it. I whached it in jap. but is is still sooooo goooood. I am a fan of this show for shure. I have only wached to about episode 43 because I lost the coutinuing episode. This show is so good I don't plan to miss anie of the episodes.
    I strongly recomend it to all of you outhere.
  • bleach is a cartoon for anyone who loves anime its got action its got every thing it is something you cant believe.

    Two monsters shoot down from the night sky and land sinisterly on the dark ground. A mysterious woman standing atop a telephone pole overlooking a town. She speaks nothing more than to explain that she senses strong spiritual power.

    The episode cuts to day time and an orange haired youth dressed in a school uniform and carrying a book bag, confronting five guys, one of which, is already on the ground. Apparently, the high school student is angered by the knocked over vase and flowers that were an offering to someone who had died there. Although faced with 4 more guys, the boy cares not and stomps an unlucky punk's face into the street. After asking them a few questions, and punishing them physically for each right answer, the five boys are scared away and in the opposite direction. The orange-haired turns to a ghost girl and promises that he will bring her fresh flowers the following day. After this inquisitive observation of him being able to see ghosts, a monologue occurs in which the boy tells us who he is. His name is Kurosaki Ichigo and he is a 15 year old high school student.

    It is now night time in Karakura town as Ichigo walks into his house. The building directly adjacent to his own reads "Internal Medicine Pediatrics, Kuroskai Clinic." A normal greeting, by most standards, would be a simple "hello," but instead, the boy is greeted with a round house kick to the face by his father. While the two start fist fighting and arguing about how unhealthy it is to set a curfew for a teenage boy at an astonishing 7pm, his sweet little sister Yuzu tries to stop the fight from the dinner table. Knowing that once they start fighting, there is no way to stop them, Karin, Ichigo's other sister, asks for seconds and Yuzu happily obliges. Fed up with his father, and tired of having to knock him to the ground, Ichigo turns around and half-heartedly calls over his shoulder that he is going to sleep. Yuzu and Karin explain to Ichigo's father that he has been under a lot of stress lately because more and more ghosts visit him to be exorcised. Stunned by the fact that Ichigo refuses to talk to his father about the ghost issue, he asks his daughters, to which Karin coldly replies that he has the maturity of a child. The man runs to a huge poster of his dead wife and hugs it passionately, blaming his children's misbehavior on puberty.

    The next day, Ichigo wakes up and while he is eating his toast, he watches a live news feed explaining how a building was maliciously destroyed by an unseen force. He states that the building is nearby, gathers his things, and starts his walk to school, a fresh vase of flowers placed carefully in his book bag. His initial intentions were to bring the female ghost the flowers he had promised her the day before, but before he could find her at her usual place, a scream rings out from behind him. He turns and runs to investigate the cause only to be met by a mob of horrified citizens running in the opposite direction. A building close by has stone gouged out by three seemingly massive claws, but there is nothing to be seen. After the people have cleared the area and are no doubt on their way home for a new pair of underwear, a large mantis-like monster appears a few dozen yards from Ichigo and he is chasing the little ghost girl. Realizing that it is even dangerous for the dead, but disregarding his safety all together, Ichigo sprints to the girl to help her and they both begin to run away until she falls. The monster is a mere few feet from them and all seems lost until an ornate black butterfly flutters calmly in front of Ichigo's face. Before he even realizes what has happened, the girl from the telephone has appeared, dressed in black robes, and unsheathes a katana with the intent to kill. A swift horizontal slash to the monster's face and he writhes in pain. The unrelenting woman lands and begins the onslaught once more, and without emotion, tears the beast in half with the tip of her blade. The horrid creature disappears and the calm beauty returns her katana from whence it came and walks away. Ichigo tries to talk to her, but she just keeps walking.

    B PART

    It is the same day as the incident with the monster, but now night has fallen and we find Ichigo lying in his bed, thinking of the mysterious woman dressed in black robes. The same black butterfly floats in through the open window and Ichigo's pulse beats furiously. Behind him, the samurai woman materializes from the very wall itself and claims that "it is close." With that, she walks past Ichigo without acknowledging him at all, and heads for the hallway. Ichigo tries to communicate with her, but she ignores him, so he crudely kicks her in the back, sending her sprawling across the room. On her stomach, she cranes her neck backwards and, with a very confused and distraught look, asks him "You...can see me? kicked me?" She goes on to explain that no human should be able to see her, for she is a shinigami, or, a soul reaper. While she explains about a place called Soul Society, the scene cuts to the same little ghost girl being hunted by the second monster from the first frames of the anime. Now, the scene is once again Ichigo's room but the mood has changed from anxiety to frustration. Ichigo tells the woman that since he has never seen a shinigami, he doesn't believe they exist, and, on top of that, swats away the Soul Society business haphazardly. He grabs her head (she is considerably shorter than him) and he says that what she says is the imagination of a brat. Her lip twitches, she pushes him back, and performs a Kidoh, or a binding spell, rendering Ichigo incapable of movement. She whips out her sword, and with the hilt pointing downwards, bring the finely crafted tool downwards with immense force. Instead of hitting Ichigo, the hilt lands on the forehead of a lingering ghost and she sends him to Soul Society.

    Taking this opportunity to explain a few more things at her leisure, the warrior woman pulls out a drawing pad and some colors to illustrate her lecture. In childish artwork, she relates to Ichigo about the two types of souls in the world: pluses, or the souls that he commonly sees, and hollows, the monster from the city. Her job, as she puts it, is to lead souls to Soul Society by means of Konsoh, which she had just demonstrated, and to extinguish hollows. Ready to take serious questions from the boy bound by invisible shackles on the floor, she was taken off guard by his real question "Why do your drawings suck so bad?" Vengefully, she draws a cheesy mustache on him and the scene shifts once more to the girl and the hollow.

    With the girl cowering at his feet, ready to be made into a meal, the hollow sniffs the air and realizes that a more delicious soul is nearby. This soul, he says, is near a shinigami, and, as he leaves the frightened girl on the ground, he stomps off towards the direction of Ichigo.

    Once more, the artwork depicts the orange haired youth and the shinigami with no name. A howling scream which rankles every bone in Ichigo's body rumbles through the air only to be heard by the boy himself. The second scream, though, is heard by both the woman and Ichigo, confusing the woman as to why she didn't hear it before he did. The third scream was by the innocent and pure Yuzu and the shinigami bursts into the hall to see what was going on. Ichigo's little sister stumbles through the hallway until she falls at his door, ignorant to the sight of the shinigami. She tells Ichigo that something has Karin and that he has to help her, and then she passes out. Without waiting, the robed woman vaults down the stairs to engage the hollow, but is stopped by the sight of Ichigo as he follows her and falls down the stairs to land at her back. His first sight is of Karin in the hollow's fist and his adrenaline courses through his body. He stands up, despite the kidoh, and tries to force his hands apart from behind his back. The invisible spell binded his wrists together, but this was nothing for him. The woman pleads with him and tells him that no human can break the kidoh seal with their own powers, and if they tried, their soul would be destroyed. Throwing all caution to the wind, Ichigo tries once more, and breaks through in a burst of light. His groans and grunts are drowned out by his footsteps as he grabs a folding chair and sprints towards the hollow. He is easily smacked away and lands in a heap of defeat and guilt.

    Coming to his aid, the woman explains her theory to him. She states that his spiritual power was influenced when he came in contact with the young ghost girl and since then, his spirit was unsealed. The orange haired high school student realizes what she is telling him and knows that both hollows are in fact after him. He doesn't want anyone to get hurt at his expense, so he runs in front of the hollow, willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone else. The hollow willing obliges and runs towards Ichigo, salivating and ready for his soul, but with lighting speed, the shinigami get breaks out her sword and lances between the boy and the hollow. She gets caught in it's mouth and is direly injured, but was able to force the hollow back to buy some time. She laughs as the wound leaches life from her with every drop of blood and says "At this rate, we will all become food for the hollow..." She then turns to Ichigo and asks him if he wants to save his family. His answer was obvious and she teaches him the way to do it. Her method of survival was untested, but they both agreed that this was the only way. She placed her zapakutoh, or soul cutter (katana) over his heart with the intention of transferring half of her power into the boy, making him a shinigami as well. "Give me your sword, shinigami," he says as he readies himself for impalement. She replies with "It's not 'shinigami.' I am Kuchiki Rukia." With that, she impales him with her soul cutter. A flash of light and a burst of spiritual energy light up the night and when the light dims down, standing in front of the hollow is a transformed Kurosaki Ichigo. He is dressed in black robes as well and on his back is a massive sheath for a gargantuan soul cutter clutched in his hand. Apparently, Ichigo took all of the shinigami's powers. Rukia, dressed in a white dress, is amazed by this boy. First, he is a human who broke the kidoh wih by his own valor, then he confused her senses and extracted all of her powers, and finally, she has never before in her life seen a soul cutter that large. The size of soul cutters, which we learn later on, represent the amount of spiritual power in one's soul.

    With a new fight to fight, Ichigo faces the hollow and promises him that he will pay for hurting his family. His first act as a shinigami is to sever the hollows arm and then takes off a leg. Tired of playing games, Ichigo uses his herculean soul cutter to split the hollow down the center and watch as it disappeared. Kurosaki Ichigo, 15 years old, high school student and....Shinigami!
  • Godliest fecking show ever!

    Bleach is the best BLOODY show ever!!! I love it! Can't get enough of it. I watch this show religiously, and I am so into it! I was never really into anime before I saw this show, and when my friend introduced me to it... I'm now addicted! *drool*

    Peace Out!
  • Gimme More!

    I love Bleach all the characters are so cool espcecially Chad *dribbles* aint he just hot? Anyway moving on the idea of the Hollows and the soul reapers is just awesome. Everything is just so well planned and thoughy out. I can't wait to watch more of it. The thing is that I started wtaching half way through the second episode and so things are slowly coming into place.
  • A orange-haired protagonist, hollows, pluses, and samurai spirits that protect the balance between spirit world and human world!? What more could a person ask for .. *read on*

    Warning - Reading this review might make your eyes bleed. ForlornHope claims no responsibility for any kind of injury that might result from this ^^; Now that we've got that settled and you're willing to take the risk..

    Bleach is about a 15-year-old guy named Ichigo who has the strange ability to see ghosts, but one day when he touches a female spirit the seal on his spirit energy is broken and all of a sudden all these bad spirits, or hollows as they're called come after him since high leveled people are on the top of their eat list y'know. Enter Rukia, a spunky 150-year-old "Death God" who sports black samurai clothes and sword to the rescue. Unfortunately she gets seriously wounded in a battle, so at last resort she transfers all her powers to Ichigo and he takes the place as a "Substitute Death God" until she regains her spirit energy. And later on he even gets to go to soul society on a rescue mission where it becomes much more than the monster of the day anime. The only cons I see about this series is that it's really cliché. It's shounen, what else can I say? Our loud-mouthed main character has unnatural power without even training and the "damsel in distress" thing that comes in later is really really cliché. But if that doesn't bug you I say that you should go for it! You won't be disappointed ^^
  • Bleach is one of my favorite anime.

    Bleach is really awesome except some episodes that is kindda boring or unnecessary, but most of the episodes are really cool and in each episode there is something new and exciting that happens.

    I really love their themes and endings except the lame ending of happy people that was really sucks.

    Anyway I really recommend this anime :)

  • Bleach is an excellent show and one of my top ten favorite animes.

    Bleach is an excellent show, but it will move a little slow at first if you watch it episode by episode. I think bleach is best when you watch like 3 to 5 episodes at a time, but the show is so good you probably won't be able to wait. The intense story and fight scenes make this anime great. The opening themes just keep getting better and better. The comedy is nice sometimes, but sometimes it really isn't need. If you like anime and action, you should check it out.
  • The best cartoon ever created.

    This is whith out a doubt the best anime i've ever seen, and keeps getting better. Its got a lot of good action, and the animation is done beatuifully. The story keeps elvoing and getting better every episode.
    The show always leaves me wanting more. If you're looking for a good action ainme or just something goood to watch, Bleach is the answer.
  • Best anime ever!

    It picks off where the last episode left off. The battle contiunes between Renji and Ichigo. Which is a cool battle, because it seems Ichigo can't hit this guy. Until Ichigo does his thing, where he gets lots of sprint pressure and starts too pick up speed and kicks Renji's butt.

    Renji is knocked to his knees, which is cool , considering he seemly seems evil, because he attacked Rukia in the last episode. As you think Ichigo's is going to win and kill this 6th Vice Captain of the Soul Society, his Captain steps in. Just before the sword hits Renji, and Ichigo thinks he has him, his soul cutter has been broken. He wonders what the heck happened, and looks at Byakuya and wonders if he did it.
  • The best Shonen Jump series currently in Japan. While it may bring nothing new to the table, Bleach is just plain fun. From a huge cast of characters to incredible action sequences, Bleach is one of the most addictive series in recent memory.

    One of my personal favourite anime series, Bleach is the adaptation of Kubo Tite\'s popular manga (as featured in Shonen Jump).

    Named after Nirvana\'s first album, Bleach is the story of 15-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo, a boy with a constant scowl on his face, who just happens to see ghosts.

    One fateful night, Ichigo meets a Shinigami (Death God) by the name of Kuchiki Rukia. The Shinigami are powerful beings responsible for the slaying of demonic spirits known as \'Hollows\' and sending the spirits of the dead to the after life, Soul Society.

    When his family is attacked by a Hollow, Ichigo is forced to stand up and protect the people he cares about most. The only way to do so... to become a Shinigami himself.

    The basic premise of Bleach may be nothing new, but where the series shines is in the characters. The relationship between Ichigo and Rukia is undoubtedly the core of the show and a lot of the emotional and comedic moments comes form the interaction between the two.

    But Ichigo and Rukia aren\'t the only players; there\'s a HUGE cast of characters, each with their own personalities and pasts. Characters who may at first appear to be antagonistic, turn out to be good people deep down. The series has a great habit of making the viewer not only root for Ichigo, but for his friends and enemies too. You really become attatched to these people and care about what happens to them.

    Throw in some great action, an intriguing view on the afterlife, a murder-mystery, and a talking stuffed animal and you have one of the most addictive anime series in the last couple of years. Bleach is good fun and will keep the viewer glued to the screen desperately awaiting the next episode.
  • Simply The Best.

    Bleach is simply the best anime I have ever seen. It's got something for everybody, comedy, drama , action , suspence. So basically it's just got everything you really want in a great anime show. I gave this show a 10 but in reality in a scale of 1 - 10 I would give it a 20. Everytime i watch this show it gets my blood pumping ang my adrenaline flowing. I now that many of you out there will agree with me and say this is the best new anime series in a long time.
  • Waiting every single episode with the same impatience!

    A very good anime at this time. Easy to understand, a story carefully written to make you follow every second of the show, a lot of humour. Characters are even better: every one has his own particular profile and powers... ;-) And not to speak about the music, just excellent!
    Just watch and ENJOY with pleasure!!!!
  • I had nothing to do. Bleach was on; I had never seen it before. I chose to watch it. Best idea ever.

    My fairly recent move to Japan meant I was open to hundreds of anime. Which was perfect, since I just discovered my ecstasy in it the summer before the move. Now, being half-Japanese, I can get around alright even though my Japanese is marginally mediocre, so I was pretty much free to check anything out. So it was a tired night and I had nothing to do. Bleach was on; I had never seen it before. I chose to watch it. Best idea ever.

    But enough about me, and more about my new love: Kubo Tite's Bleach.

    Bleach is the story of your average orange-haired high-school guy, Kurosaki Ichigo. Average, aside from the fact that he's been able to see ghosts for as long as he can remember. His lively father and two younger sisters don't mind much. Neither does he. Until a girl clad in a black samurai outfit appears in his room one night, claiming to be a Shinigami - a death god. Her name's Rukia, and her job as a Shinigami is to send Hollows to the soul society, which is why she's there ... Ichigo's family is about to be attacked. Ichigo runs off, and Rukia has to save him. But bad things happen, and Rukia ends up lying on the ground, bloody, and in no condition to keep fighting. She asks Ichigo if he's willing to resort to the very last resort: Rukia needs to transfer some of her powers to him, so he can fight. Unfortunately, she oversaw his immense spiritual power, which resulted in his becoming a full blown Shinigami.

    What a huge load of stress on just your average orange-haired high school guy.

    So Rukia is forced to stay on Earth as a human (even as Ichigo's classmate), and Ichigo is forced to take on the responsibility of doing Shinigami work, along with school.

    Now, all this talk of death and ghosts and blood might have you a little put off. But don't walk away from this show with only half the story. Let me tell you, 90% of anime has some sort of comedy in it. This is a damn funny show. Whether it's Ichigo's father leaping from the roof to wish him good morning, Inoue Orihime's otherworldly daydreams, Kon's never-ending search for a top heavy girl to take care of him, or Urahara Kiske's lighthearted mood and his two supernatural Hollow-slaughtering preteens, there's plenty to laugh with in pretty much every episode.

    Yep, that's Bleach. Intriguing characters, intriguing plot and intriguing messages, in the midst of great action, romance, and comedy.

    Great show. Don't miss out on it.


    Please take note that I've only ever seen and read Bleach in Japanese, thus I'm not aware of any changes that may have been made in the translation from Japanese to English.
  • awesome

    i fust watched the first episode and this show rocks im mean i love the comedy and i love samurais i deffinately love this show just like inuyasha. im now starting the second episode and its living up to its reputation and i love its theme song. the end song isnt that good
  • The worlds best animated ghost show.

    Once I read the first volume I had to see the anime version.I cant get enough of it.Im collecting the volumes that come out in the US and when it officialy is dubbed into the english language I will buy those DVDs too.So those of you who havent seen it yet you must watch it.
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