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  • Bleach is currently struggling to maintain veiwers in japan, and its not difficult to see why. What seems to be the next dragonball Z is actualy relatively shallow and bland. With unoriginal characters and rehashed fight scenes.

    In japan Bleach is struggling to fight the seemingly endless success of deep and inventive shonen like One Piece (currently the highest selling manga in Japan) and Naruto. These shows are branching out into new terratory and such are attracting a huge fanbase. Bleach on the other hand insists on clinging to the old ways discarded since the time of Sailor Moon and DragonBall Z. Unoriginal characters combined with stories that rarely provide anything new are driving away the original fans of the show. The fight scenes present nothing inventive, although younger viewers are likely to appreciate the high budget of the action sequences.
    It seems that Bleach is simply trying to ride the wave that DragonBall Z left with updating the visual style, but not providing anything new to the genre. Because of this it is failing in its homeland and is unfortunately largly being supported by american audiences. We've gone past the time where a one-dimentional hero can beat up bad guys and young children will be impressed by it, and as such Bleach probably will not be around for much longer.
  • I give it a 0.5

    So anyways, this show has one of the most horrible ideas ever. "Hey look! It's a girl from a spirt world and we don't know what she's doing & so we'll call her stupid!" and such ... the whole plots lame and good shows like Rocko's Modern Life make this show look like pre-kinder garbage ... I was happy that Chalkzone got canned and canned good. I never want to see Chalkzone on Nicktoons Network ever again and if I do, I will shoot myself so hard ... as for Bleach well it's seriously messed up. That's final, and I'd rather watch Attomic Betty instead of this trash. That's all.

    let's see... I have to make this one hundred words, otherwise this review won't show. I mean, it really doesn't need a lot to say that this show sucks. The animation is horrible, and the people who voice everything is in monotone. I don't know how this, Yakkity Yak, and 6teen ever made the Adult Swim company willam street. It appears like the network was justing fulfilling their contract obligations to the creaters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 12 oz Mouse, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Squirrel Boy, everything eles from William Street. Turns out that the shows all became a big pile of crap that we see now. There is no love in this show.

    In a word: It Sucks.
  • What was Dave Willis & the rest from William Street was thinking, first we had Squrriel Boy from them now this

    Now I like anime dubs (Hamtaro, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Samurai 7, Basilisk, Shaman King, Mew Mew Power) but Bleach however is by far the worst English dub I've ever seen

    The made Ichigo Jinta's personal punching bag, & Rukia is just as peturfied like Blaze the Cat from Sonic the Hedghog (2006) & also the voice-acting, well they try to choose the voice-actor best suited for the charater & make them sound decent (almost) they did the same w/ My Gym Parter's a Monkey (yet another sad pitiful show)

    Yet I wonder why William Street would ruin a perfectly good anime. To get better rating. hope Super_Peter agree's w/ me
  • Bleach was Ok. Now its starting to get better than its rival Naruto.

    I think that the main character only uses his sword. Does he do anything else? Naruto surpasses this one in fighting in the earlier episodes as they have a diversity of fighting techniques, ie. qinggong (lightness skill), baguazhang, tai chi chuan, kuji kuri (finger weaving), tai jutsu, jeet kune do, energy management, shurikens, samurais and much more.

    Whilst this one is the character is just sword techniques like Inuyasha(come with something different) there are other aspects that attract me to this. Its funny and brings the viewer into a fantasy world. Lately, The story is picking up and now it surpasses Naruto (Naruto seems to be slowing down have to many fillers, hurry up and get to Sasuke god dammit).
  • I hate this show, the charaters never use their brains

    This show is by far one of the stupiest shows I have EVER seen in my life. First of all, it is a rip off of Yakkity yak, which has become stupid in itself over the years. This show is one of those shows that I would not let my kids near. It will distort their brain. Horrible, horrible and horrible! Please do us a favor and stop the madness!

    That's all I have to say about this show.

    Overall, I saw it is terrible and show be taken off the air as soon as possible before little kids start to talk to idiots!
  • bring on the thumb downs!!!!

    this show used rock with the funny jokes ichigo made
    but now there isn't much funny left
    sure that there action
    but mostly all now are fillers
    even in the jap verions it's fillers and here comes the thumb downs so go ahead a put a thumb down on this review i made now
    oh come on
    I have to type in 100 words, man this sucks so here are some random things
    pizza pie icecream paper keyboard basketball anime board king of kins jeff hardy undertaker the rock dbz and more stuff and bla bla bla spongebob fairly odd partents naruto Rocks My Sox
    Bleach rules so i know here comes the thumb downs hate me or not just telling the truth
  • Worst Anime in History!


    I don't know why but I just really hate this anime / manga for it's abysmal stroyline and for the fact that it's a ripoff of Yu Yu Hakusho! Bleach is known to be a very famous series but I think it's just nothing but uber crap! Bleach is about ghosts, souls, & reapers and other shit. So I will give this 1 / 10!

  • Kariya and the rebels enter past the gate. Kariya literally blows the rebels away. Mabashi causes trouble with the other Shinigami, Hitsugaya is demoted and Soi-Fon is in great danger.

    With the new and exciting opening, I thought this episode would be exciting as well. Mildly exciting. It was no surprise when Kariya revealed to the rebels that he was using them in order to enter past the gate for Soul Society. What caught my interest was when Kariya also revealed that there was an item he needed to retrieve before he destroys Soul Society. This raises subtle insecure feelings amongst the Bount clan. He was even hiding something away from them. This episode brings back nostalgia when when Ichigo and his gang are seen running around searching for members of the Bount. There were some minor funny moments here and there. Mabashi -- annoying as ever with his stupid flower doll, Rizu, fight and confuse Shinigami crowds that crosses his way. The 13 Protection Squads meeting was the best part of the episode. Captain Mayuri bugs Captain Hitsugaya about his failed attempts of eliminating the Bount. Captain Shunsui interrupts by telling Mayuri that he's the one to blame for allowing the Bounts to enter Soul Society in the first place -- Ishida's bracelet. Enjoyable scene, but is a shocker when the Grand Captain removes Hitsugaya from Captain status.

    I found it creative when Mabashi decided to use one of Rizu's abilities, which was controlling one of Soi Fon's men in stabbing her in the back.

    This episode was alright and I'm looking forward to the next one.
  • I don't get this show.

    This show really does not interest me. What is it suppossed to mean? I'll tell you what it means another stinking.. dun dun dun!...another anime show! Aren't there enough of these already? I've seen this show a bunch of times but don't get it for the freakin' life of me! Something about a weird guy who sees demons and some girl with big hooters? Or about swords and spirits? I DON'T KNOW!!! Seriously, kudos to anyone who watches it because, they can get into it. I'm not saying this is a BAD show, I'm just saying its way too hard to get into. SORRY!
  • A very good Shonen work, yet ruined by its genre

    Last time I gave Naruto a 1/10, and some people was offended. So this time I’m giving Bleach a 4.2. Before you guys call me an idiot again, let me just say that the highest score I’ll ever give to a Shonen work is 5. Therefore, 4.2 is like a 84%. I also want to say that I feel bad for Kubo the mangaka. This guy has the skills, yet he chose to go for Shonen and by doing so Bleach lost a lot of its potentials. The last thing I want to mention before getting into the review is that this might be my last long review on Shonen works therefore I’ll use it to explain why I despise Shonen in general.


    1 Same as last time, this review will focus mainly on the manga since I only watched the first 10 episodes of the anime but I’m still following the manga. Besides, everyone knows that the manga is better than the anime. I’ll start with the storyline first. Even though the series is not finished yet, the story itself is nicely divided into two major arcs. The first arc is the Soul Society arc (the SS arc), and the second arc, which is still ongoing, Hueco Mondo arc (the HM arc) which will be considered to start right after the SS arc in this review. The SS arc is where Bleach shines the most because of its originality. Most Shonen stories are about a group of teens either starting a journey for stupid reasons (like Battle B-Daman…I feel embarrassed even mentioning its name…) or beating endless bad guys to save the world. Not for the SS arc. The story is straightforward: Rukia was about to get executed by her comrades and Ichigo tried to save her by going into the society and challenging all the Shinigamis. There is no “growing-up” journey, there is no world to save, yet to me saving a dear friend is more captivating and realistic than all the other Shonen stories I’ve encountered. The best part is that Kubo is able to create about 180 chapters for this arc and the word “confusion” is nowhere to be found. This is what I call a good story planning. A good mangaka knows how to plan ahead and knows, even before he/she starts the first chapter, where the story should go for the next 179 chapters. Allow me to take you through what happened in this arc. It started off with Ichigo absorbing Rukia’s Shinigami power due to an accident which I’m sure you are all familiar with. The subsequent few chapters served as fillers and were mainly revolved around Ichigo helping Rukia to kill off Hollows since she lost all her power. The purpose of the fillers is clear: to introduce the world and all the main characters in the hero’s group. The fillers didn’t last very long, which is very good for a Shonen manga, and the main storyline soon kicked in. Byakuya appeared and Rukia was taken back into the Soul Society. The real arc started from here. Ichigo decided to go into the Soul Society and to save her. Once he was in the main city, Kubo prepared four fights for him: first with Ikkaku, then with Renji, then with Kenpachi, last with Byakuya, each one stronger than the previous. Now I’m not here trying to praise on how great or how complicated this story is. You have to realize Bleach is still a Shonen, it is no E7, and the story IS pretty simple. What I’m trying to get here is that the story is laid out in a very organized manner. Instead of dragging the story on and on and on like Inuyasha, Kubo clearly knows where he wants the story to go and he loyally followed his plan. And the story flows beautifully accordingly. This is no easy task if one really thinks about it. The story itself is not some typical Shonen stories you can drag on forever. We are talking about Ichigo challenging the entire SS, that’s it. How to keep the story going for 180 chapters, at the same time not to bore the readers a bit, requires a lot of creativity and planning ahead. You have to give credits to Kubo at least for what he did with the SS storyline.

    Then comes the HM arc, where the series started going downhills. Seriously, if Bleach ended right after Rukia was saved, I might have given it a higher score say 4.5. It would be a great saga about friendship packed with not the best but still very very good actions. Instead Kubo decided to prostitute himself, and we have the HM arc. Now what else can I say about HM arc except it’s a rip off of the SS arc? Sure, the action is getting more intense, and Ichigo is getting stronger and stronger. But it is still the same story, with Ichigo trying to save another friend of his—Orihime this time. The group is also going into another foreign land, this time instead of the Soul Society we have HM which hasn’t been mentioned at all prior to the arc and I was like “huh…why would hollows have a mansion…?”. What about Ichigo’s fights? Well, so far it is still pretty similar to what we had in the SS arc. The first fight he had in the SS was with Ikkaku, the third seat in the 11th division, in other words a weakling. So now in the HM arc he fought with a loser from the 3-digit division first. The second fight he had in the SS was with Renji, Lieutenant of the 6th division. The second fight he had in HM is with Grimjow right now, the 6th espada. I bet the next fight is going to be him Vs. Ulqi, because the third fight he had in the SS arc was with Kenpachi, not the strongest but still very very strong. Then Ichigo is going to fight with the top espada who corresponds to Byakuya in SS arc and then finally Aizen. Also note that in both arcs Ichigo always had a traitor beside him. In the SS arc was the guy from the 4th division and now we have the little hollow. Thus basically it’s the SS arc all over again, and at least for me, I’ve lost not all but most of my interests in Bleach these days. The only thing that still keeps me going is that I like the hollow Ichigo character and would like to see him fight again. I also like Orihime but for different reasons (see the character discussion part). Besides that, I don’t really care about what’s going to happen next.

    Another thing I’d like to comment on is the change in the fighting styles going from the SS arc to the HM arc. It’s not really included in the storyline but I don’t know which aspect this thing belongs to so I’ll just write it here. I mean, the best action scenes to date are still those in DBZ. So nowadays what people usually do is to avoid what’s already been done in DBZ and think about other ways of physical fighting. Sure it’s not going to be as spectacular as DBZ but what it lacks it makes up with innovation. Kubo did a good job in Bleach, at least in the SS arc. The most important aspect of the actions in the SS arc is that different people have totally different forms of power, which is demonstrated in the various Bankai releases. For example, Ichigo can either have superior speed or superior power but never both at the same time in his Bankai (I’m not talking about HM arc here). Byakuya’s bankai is more focused on ranged attack and cookie cutters with speed. Sure there might be some overlap but overall each character has his or her own distinct skills. All these are lost in the HM arc. In this arc, power and speed is everything, which basically contradicts what had been set up in the first arc. Tell me one thing that is unique about Ichigo’s Vizard state except it’s faster and has higher raw power. The most ridiculous thing in Bleach was when Ichigo outsped by Grimjow yet Ichigo was supposed to be the fastest in his Bankai form, at least that’s what I got from reading the SS arc. I mean, I don’t mind Grimjow beating Ichigo, but surpassing him in speed just doesn’t make any sense to me after Ichigo spent all that time finally achieved his Bankai state. These days in Bleach, speed and power have become the only determinant on who is stronger. With the loss of the variety of the skills, the fights themselves are getting more and more boring because we already have this in DBZ with much better actions. Also speaking of the similarity between HM arc and DBZ, doesn’t Grimjow’s released form look a lot like SuperSaiyin 3 in DBZ, with the eyes and the long hair and everything? I was practically laughing when I saw him like that.

    One more thing before going into the characters. The power of the arrancars seemed to be a little too strong. The non-espada arrancars are OK. It makes sense that only the Shinigamis with Bankai are able to kill them since they are indeed transformed from Menos which are usually handled by captains. I’m talking about Espadas here, especially from Ichigo’s perspective. During the SS arc, Ichigo defeated Kenpachi in his normal state. When faced with Byakuya, he still did very well in the beginning, and he only lost that battle (yes he did lose that battle, no question there) because at that time he couldn’t last his bankai very long. The conclusion is that if Ichigo can manage to increase his Bankai duration, he should be able to defeat Byakuya, who was portrayed as the final boss of the SS arc and the strongest Captain. However, Ichigo got his ass kicked by Grimjow even in his Bankai form during their first battle, and GJ didn’t even release. Later on Ichigo became a Vizard and greatly increased his power, and it’s true that he was stronger than released GJ in this form, but only a little as shown in Chapter 256. Therefore I wonder if SS even stands a chance against Espadas. Ichigo can beat Byakuya in his bankai form, yet he barely beat the 6th Espada in his Vizard form. There seems to be a huge power gap between the captains and the Espadas. I’m sure Byakuya, Kenpachi, and Hitsugaya will make their appearances later on in the series due to fans’ demand, most likely fighting an Espada as well, but how is Kubo going to pull it off when the Espadas are already being portrayed this strong? 1
    Now characters. This is what sets Bleach below 5/10 and is the main reason why I despise Shonen in general. To create characters with a certain depth, one must have a lot of life experience in order to understand the meaning of life, at least to some extent, otherwise you end up with Naruto. As I said many times already in this review, Kubo is no 20-year-old amateur mangaka. This guy has the skills to portrait realistic characters. You can tell that he really wanted to add real souls into his characters, yet these characters don’t fit in the Shonen genre so he basically gave up. Same as the storylines, I’ll discuss the two arcs separately because there are some changes in the characters between the two arcs. For the SS arc, all of the characters are still very close to the stereotypical Shonen characters that are not even worth discussing because there is nothing to talk about. We have a male lead who always makes rash decisions. We also have a cutie who has a good heart but kinda slow (Orihime in case you don’t know). The male lead has a rival too, who competed with him for cheesy reasons. The problem with all these characters, and this is also what I meant by characters with no depth, is that they often have less than five personal traits. The excessive appearance of this type of characters in Shonen works is because the mankaga wants to make their characters more heroic and more appealing to younger readers. What’s lost in doing so is the human touch which is what connects the characters with readers like me. I hate to reiterate this again and again, but if we can’t see ourselves in the characters and the things he/she does, then we won’t be able to make that connection. What makes us human is that we have a full range of emotions, and by having a character with only a few personalities, the connection is lost. Now the characters in Bleach are not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s nowhere near good. For example Ichigo, he makes rash decisions and sometimes behaves irrationally, he cares a lot about his friends and family, he is also arrogant, and that’s probably all there is to this guy. See what I meant by “nothing to talk about”? I would love to go deep into the characters and talk about their personalities but I just can’t do it with Shonen. Kubo did try to make him more realistic using all the fillers, you have to give him credits for at least trying. But he failed. The personalities that are supposed to come out of those fillers don’t have anything to do with the Ichigo later in the series, and I feel really sorry for Kubo because some of the fillers actually have some great potentials. For example, one filler chapter introduced Ichigo’s past and how he lost him mom. This one actually touched me a little considering it is a Shonen work. Ichigo’s fear of facing his past and him blaming himself for his mom’s death is well portrayed. Yet Kubo decided to drop this, along with other traits in those filler chapters. Indeed, we never see his connection with his mom ever again, and it’s such a good story to explore. I’ll tell you why Kubo did this though. He wanted to add depth into his characters, but he is afraid that by going too deep the readers won’t be able to understand what’s going on (thanks to the general stupidity of todays’ anime fans btw). So he hesitated, and ended up with these half-developed characters. 1
    However, there is one person in Bleach who does seem to have a soul and who started to shine right after the SS arc. I was really surprised by this, considering her role in the SS arc was her big breasts and her stupidity, and I already stated that I don’t really like the whole HM arc. I guess you readers have already figured out who I am talking about here. That’s right, this special person is Orihime. In the HM arc, Kubo did a very good job in portraying Orihime’s feelings towarda Ichigo yet not begging for sympathy. And this time, he didn’t hesitate on adding depth. Orihime clearly loves Ichigo, yet she is too shy to confess. More importantly, Ichigo obviously cares about Rukia a lot, and Orihime is afraid that she might ruin the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia by revealing her feelings, which again illustrates how much she cares about Ichigo. Yearning for love yet afraid to love, this is her role in HM arc, and a great personal conflict this is. From the look on her face when she was healing Rukia and seeing how worried Ichigo was, to her confession to the unconscious Ichigo on the night before she went to HM (perhaps the most touching moment in Bleach, I almost cried when she didn’t kiss Ichigo), Kubo has certainly shown that he does have the skills to develop realistic characters. The reason why she appears so real is that Kubo used a completely different approach to develop her character compared to all the others. No flashback, no inner world, but all from her facial expressions, her decisions, her thoughts, her behaviors, and her dialogues. And really, that’s how we get to know another person in real life. Rarely do we know a person’s past or his/her inner world, yet by observing the person’s appearance we start to make connections. However, this is why I hate HM arc. We have such a beautiful and well-developed character here, yet the story is not even focused on her. I mean, if I were Kubo, the relationship between Ichigo and Orihime would be the central theme of HM arc. Then Bleach would probably become the greatest Shonen work in history, or maybe even go beyond the Shonen genre. I’m not saying to turn Bleach into a romance story, fights should be retained, but more importantly the emphasis should be place on the characters’ emotion and interactions. Yet besides these shining scenes reserved for Orihime, the entire arc so far seems to be irrelevant to her at all. The focus of the HM arc is still about Ichigo’s group and all these mindless fightings. What I can’t accept even more is that we still don’t know how Ichigo feels about Orihime. Just exactly why is he going through all these troubles to save her, and don’t tell me it’s for the same reason when he tried to save Rukia. I can tell you guys right now there is absolutely nothing going on between Ichigo and Rukia, they are just good friends, even a blind guy can tell this. Yet Kubo still hasn’t revealed any of Ichigo’s feelings or thoughts toward Orihime. It would suck totally if it turned out to be a one-sided love as a conclusion because not only all the effort on developing Orihime but also the only potential of HM arc will be ruined.

    The art style is pretty decent in the manga. True, it’s not the best one I’ve seen. It also lacks some details in terms of shadows and textures. What it lacks in details it makes up by offering a very crisp style which I find enjoyable. For anyone wishing to go into the anime/manga business, the art style in Bleach is certainly a good place to start imitating. The anime somewhat lost this crispness. The graphics isn’t that good either. Some details in the background are missing. The characters sometimes seemed to be moving on a still hand-drawn background too. It also seems that they tried to integrate some 3D cells into the background design but the thing with 3D is that it can look amazingly good in a pro’s hand, but it can also look awkwardly uncomfortable if the person is not a pro. And whoever doing the background design for the anime is certainly not a pro. However, I only watched the part before they entered the soul society and I did hear the graphics was getting really good later on. Therefore I won’t judge this work in terms of its anime graphics. Same for the music.

    Other technical stuff about Bleach. First the humours. I don’t find the ones in Bleach as annoying and disgusting as that in Naruto. However, they are still not very funny to me. I can tell that Kubo does try to make the humours more mature, but since he chose to create a Shonen work, inevitably they still belong to those traditional Shonen gags. Examples include Orihime sometimes talking like a 2-year-old, Hiyori’s beating on Shinji, Ichigo’s spontaneous and rash decisions in the beginning of the series, etc. The good thing about these gags in Bleach is that they are not as exaggerated as in other Shonen works such as Slam Dunk or Dragon Ball, which helped to keep the characters more realistic and which also shows Kubo is doing his best to keep Bleach as mature as possible even in Shonen genre. The dialogues are definitely another shining spot. Some of the lines are really beautiful and actually have a certain depth in them, which are rarely found in this genre. The one I liked the most is the one about how people are similar yet dissimilar, and he used the analogy of magnets and water. Orihime’s confession in front of the unconscious Ichigo is also touching too. The problem with these lines is that they don’t really fit in with the characters because the characters still belong to those stereotypical Shonen types. Sometimes it feels a little fake seeing these lines coming out of those characters’ mouths. However that’s the problem with the characters. The lines themselves are perfectly fine.

    Overall, Bleach is a good Shonen work. The SS arc is certainly very intereting and even though it is getting more and more boring , also more and more repetitive these days, it still beats other Shonen works out there. Some depth can also be associated with this work thanks to Kubo. I will follow Bleach to the end, and if you are into this genre, Bleach is definitely something you should check out.
  • A show with a good start, which succumbs to the Dragonball syndrome of power-ups after powerup. WARNING: Spoilers abound.

    To start it off, the idea of Death Gods, Soul Societies and Hollows is quite novel. Afterall, the battle anime genre has been covered an infinite number of times so to come up with totally new rules has to be somewhat difficult.

    It all starts off well. We have the usual incident which pulls the main character into the storm. We have a good range of characters, from family to school friends that are well represented and gets a balanced screentime.

    The artwork is good and stays loyal to the manga.

    However, the extremely unfortunate thing is, this balance changes for the worse. What started as a school comedy with the odd battles here and there turns into a full-time fighting genre. The battles I find are monotonous and repetitive. Also the fact that blood loss and injuries don't seem to affect characters in battle for the worse. It can be argued injuries boost the power because the strongest move is done to finish the enemy, which is also the time one is the most injured. The humour feels dry as well.

    The worst thing is the Dragonball syndrome. I feel this series is running far longer than it was intended, because it turned out to be a cash cow. It's only natural to milk the cow as much as possible - which led to the Dragonball syndrome. We first have an oversized Zanbakutou, then a "real" form, which then has an "Ultimate form" - ala Bankai. Now we have the controlled Hollow transformation - Super Saiyan anyone? The mask and weapon designs are quite amazing though.

    Characters which used to get plenty of airtime in the beginning are suddenly cast aside (school friends) which reflects the change in emphasis of this series. In other words, forgoing any inter-character relationships and development for all-out, full-time battle only. I know some people like non-stop battles but unfortunately, I don't.

    The voice acting replicated how the manga was written and is a great performance. It's also my personal opinion they unfortunately sound like a bunch of 8 year olds. Unfortunately, such is the nature of the source material and I should actually praise the animation for replicating it so well.

    I enjoyed another anime called Hellsing. It is outrageous and pointless but the scale of the "incorrectness" made it appealing. Bleach is similarly a pointless bust-them-up but I find it to be very dry.

    I found the Rukia arc enjoyable so a 9.2. After that, it got so unbearably dry and repetitive that I'm inclined to give a 0.0. 4.6 lies just in the middle so I'll give this a 4.6! (or something below 40% in my head).
  • Perfect Stuff

    Nel Pisses me off, because she is a jerk for not telling ichigo first and leaving him to face that espada wounded and severely damaged. Bleach is just great
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  • Well so far this show has been a good show ive only watch like 2 to 3 episodes. But mu cuz Kailyn likes to watch Anmie and I watch soom with her and its relly but anyways give it a try.

    Well so far this show has been a good show ive only watch like 2 to 3 episodes. But mu cuz Kailyn likes to watch Anmie and I watch soom with her. All right I sont know that much about this show but maybe someone can help me learn more about the show. Now I watch Kenshin and some other shows. But I havnt watch that much Bleach. All right now i sound like a dork. Anyways If you need to ask a qustion and ill ask my cuz Kailyn to answer you for me. Well anwayz i wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read this stupid reveiw but thank anyways Destinee Hall.
  • "yeah, you heard me, my spiritual pressure is bigger than your spiritual pressure! Now I am going to talk about my spiritual pressure some more, then I'll listen to you talk about how big your spiritual pressure is..but mine spiritual pressure is bigger"

    I grade this anime out at a C- and I think that I am being very generous. If the show was as good is the first 8 or 9 episodes, I would have graded it out at a 9.2; if it was as bad as the middle episodes, I would have given it a 3.3 or lower. This show is going down hill - on a slippery slope with no breaks - fast. Given how intriguing the basic premise is, how imaginative the characters are, the depth of the relationship and devotion among Ichigo, Rukia, and their friends, Bleach really should be a much, much, much better anime. Perhaps I made a mistake in watching a few of the middle episodes on impulse so my first impression was a particularly bad one. But I just can't get by how grotesquely horrible the dialogue is. Watching CSPAN is more stimulating - and I am an anarcho-syndicalist at heart! I think that I summed it up as well as it can be above: "my spiritual pressure is bigger than yours!" That's it. There isn't anything more sophisticated in the dialogue than that. I kept hearing how good this anime is and how many people recommend it, so I have been trying to stick with it...but please, somebody tell me it gets better. Tell me that the enormous pool of intrigue and potential that is Bleach comes to some sort of fruition. And that the time I spend watching it while waiting for Blood+ or Inuyasha hasn't be in vain.
  • Ichigo, Ichigo and more Ichigo... what kind of show is this?

    This is an okay show. I watch it for good character interaction, funny sequences, Ishida, and Kon. That's about it. But something about this show compels me to continue watching it, that it really is something else eventually. But right now, no. I don't enjoy this show. I think it's mainly the main character, Ichigo.

    Family struggles, girls after him, and that orange hair! I don't like guys with orange hair... don't get me wrong, I think he's a good hero, just not someone I would like to see in that hero spot. If there's one thing I really don't like about Ichigo the most, it's the fact that he is said to be able to pick up bankai in three days. Now, I know that Kisuke could as well, but that's just pushing it a bit too far...

    But as for plot, I think I can handle it. The beginning is a bit slow, but I've heard that it picks up later. I really hope so, because this show has promise.
  • yu yu hakusho wanna be

    Wow What a rip off yu yu hakusho..........don;t get me wrong- this is a good anime.........only because it's soooooo simular to yu yu hakusho, but it isn't a replacement. Bleach has some good action and.........basically it\\\'s good, the adventures, are cool....and adventurous, it got a great concept and is pretty funny^^ I don\\\'t really have much to say about shows but its so simular to yu yu hakusho ...well really maybe if this show had a better stoy line it could compete with yu yu hakusho, but then I say, Watch the show if you liked yu yu hakusho.
    but i think yu yu hakusho is way way better.
  • Bleach is a good adventure series, however, it lacks any deep or inspiring themes.

    The animation is superb, featuring a very bold, mainstream style. The animation gets better in later seasons where the fight scenes become more complicated and lively. Also, the animators don't take too many shortcuts, however, the artwork still features quite a few things that usually bother me, such as speed lines, but I didn't mind too much. Kubotite's style can be clearly seen in the animation. The attention to detail is very good. Overall, the animators capture the liveliness of this series perfectly.

    The music is fair and has its own distinct sound, featuring modern electronic instruments. It is varied enough to fit each of the scenes well. The opening and ending themes are also pretty good.

    There isn't very much to say about the voice acting, but the Japanese version sounded fair enough to me.

    The characters are also good. The cast is actually very unique. The story takes personalities which are really clichéd and stereotyped, but adds interesting little quirks here and there to make them special. There are a great number of examples of this. The characters are really only two-dimensional, but at least they're interesting.

    The plot is also pretty good. It starts out very generic and boring. However, it manages to pick itself up and has quite a few strong moments later on. It isn't really a deep anime, but it works well as an action series.

    This show isn't really a run-of-the-mill action series, nor is it a deep and meaningful epic. Several distinctive characteristics of this series make it rise above other shows of its type. One can see why so many people love this show. Overall, it's a good series, but really only mildly interesting.
  • better than i thought

    ok i just wrote a 150 word review for this show and after i gave it a rating, refreshed the page and everything i typed was gone!!! this is the second time this has happened today and i am super pissed!!! now instead of writing a review im going to fill in the gap wih meaningless letters a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y and z now i know my a b c's next time wont u sing with me ?
  • Ichigo is a nobody, like any anime, becomes unexplainably powerful and defeats the enemy. Wow, amazing...not.

    The first season of this anime rocked (Wanna save Rukia? Ok, let's go!), then, the following seasons just left me with more questions, and underveloped ideas than answers and it drew conclusions from nowhere to continue... I tried not to let that bother me... but around episode 40-something the show made less sense until it became plotless. At the moment I don't see a where is the show going, just a series of events leading up to an event that probably will never happen.

    If this series ends, I will be surprised, for it will be that day it might even interest me. This is another show that, to me, seems improvised and that soon it will have random episodes and slowly become like Pokemon, it will never end. Aside from the first season and the fight scenes, it is simply worthless.
  • Man......The show sucks.

    I was a bleach addict till episode 167 but once those additional arcs which made no sense started happening, the show got worse and worse until I gave up trying to justify it in front of my friends and became a critic myself. Damn stupid show!!!!!
  • Ehh (might have spoilers)

    Ichigo Kurosaki has the unusual ability to see ghost and helps those he can. One day Ichigo is draged into a world of Shinigami, Hollows, and Quincy where he struggles to hold on to his humanity whilst fulfilling the duties of a Shinigami. This series is very long (366 episodes) and has alot of fillers in between the main story that Tite Kubo is trying to tell. I did enjoy this series when the main story was actually going on and my favorite arc was the Soul Society arc. Once Aizen captured the show was never the same after.
  • bleach

    Ichigo initially brages into Hueco Mundo along with his allies Chad and Ishida despite the opposition of Soul Society. Their mission was to save their friend Orihime from the grips of Aizen and his notorious Espadas, a group of immensly powerful Arrancars. He was later on joined by Rukia and Renji who both disregarded Soul Society's position on the matter in order to save their fried. As they enter Aizen's colossal head quarters, they encounter enemies with unfathomable powers and also made some odd friends. Will they succeed, or will they fail to save the life of Orihime from the binds of Hueco Mundo? Watch and find out.
  • It's like naruto, and in the same time it isn't. BANKAI!

    There is a problem with bleach that drags down the whole ratinga abit. The quallity is very shiffted, sometimes i love it and could watch it for hours, and sometimes i barley manages to watch throgh it. The problem is the same as naruto, but the overall quallity is better.

    I also thinks that the animation is "Creepy" sometimes, like when Rukia presents here paintings, it's somewhat crude.
    Bleach also succed where Naruto fails, making fillers that is watchible.

    In short notice, Bleach needs some finetuning to reatch the real high points on the scale, and maby cut down on the whole fighting and concentrate abit more on the story.
  • I Think this Show is Great and Very funny I can't wait to see more episodes!!

    Well i can't say too much about it becuase I have only watched 27 episodes but for what i have seen so far it Looks like its going to be a very good anime the only Thing I don't like is all the fighting and they drag it on a little to Long for me I much more purfer Lovey dovey things that get to point faster but that's just me^^. anywayz get back to the stuff I like about I think it has a great plot awesome english voice actors and actress very funny and fun to watch makes you laugh at the littlest things but still keeps a very endepth point to it Think anyone that loves anime with a little bit of everything in it should watch This and what's also great is there is a lot of episodes!!
  • Ichigo Kurosaki is a 15 year old who can see the spirits of the dead. One day he sees a strange creature attacking a lone soul and a girl who destroys it. After this encounter his whole life becomes mixed up with Soul Reapers and monsters called Hollows

    I dont get y ichigo in episode 68-69 didnt use his ban kai i mean wats the point if u dont use it in a time of need lol well thats all i have to say bye. have a nice name o and my name is jake mims im 12 years old and i love animation it the best some one tell me if u find a better animie web site ill check it out well good bye for now. o and how come rukia comes back in episode 70 i mean i thought she was staying up there. bye
  • Now its borning

    Bleach is anime seris that's simlar to Inyuasha but with a female Insted of a wolf demon, but just so you know editor the guest stars are from Aqua Teen, 12 Oz. Mouse & Courage the Cowardly dog,.

    The reason I watch this is because Rukia is like Eve from the specise movie [beacause both of them are clue-less in modern times]

    Now I think it bornig The red head-kid sounds like Shelly from South Park, The students look like there on drugs & it more Yakkity Yak than Naruto.

    [Adult swim] cancell ,Baby Looney Tunes, & Cybertron.
  • Disapointing

    Bleach was first considered good in my books, but now it's going downhill. Not only that, but it's very unrealistic. I understand that this is just a manga/anime, but really? ichigo loses like 1 milk carton of blood,says something like "my vision is getting blurry" and next thing you know 10 chapters later hes gotten cut,beaten,and so many other things, yet he still manages to win the fight.Another thing would be every single character, just gets stronger and stronger just like that. within a blink of an eye.yep.makes perfect sense.The story has just drifted farther and farther away from the original idea.Although i am impressed about how many characters there are all with there own power.that's all folks.
  • Don't read this if you're looking for an intelligent review

    So, I think Bleach's anime was decent - what I really fell in love with was the manga (I know, I know, this is supposed to be a review of the anime, but I honestly don't want to talk about that, so I wont). It drew me in immediately and I couldn't stop reading it; it actually played a major part in my life - I can recall so many memories of reading the paper-backs and Jump magazine for hours in my local library (What, I'm poor and can't afford the manga) when I was but a wee lad of somewhere around 12. That's literally how I spent much of my summers: reading manga. However, out of all those manga only several really ever stood out to me, including Bleach. Unfortunately, for reasons that I myself don't entirely remember or understand, I was forced to stop. That didn't stop me from getting all the way through Ichigo's defeat of the main antagonist, though. Years later I returned to the manga to discover that it had become almost completely shit - the author had finally and totally overused deus-ex machina, to the point that literally nothing surprised me any more. "Oh, Ichigo is facing a supremely powerful opponent? He's almost dead? Well, fuck that, obviously he's going to survive to save the day, Maybe, my issue, though, is not with Bleach specifically - maybe it's just this whole "good guy triumphs over bad guy magically" thing that seems to happen in almost all the shonen that i've read? I think what I've finally realized is that while the manga and anime are totally over-hyped that doesn't change the fact that they mean so much to me (Which is kind of pathetic, don't you think?). So, for those of you who've bothered to read this load of bullshit, thank you for listening and have a nice life. Also, my rating is for the manga more so than the anime.
  • Ichigo, an ordinary high school student who is tough in a fight has just one unusual trait -- he can see ghosts

    Ichigo, an ordinary high school student who is tough in a fight has just one unusual trait -- he can see ghosts. One day he is attacked by a hollow, a vengeful spirit, which would have killed him except that he was saved by a girl named Rukia. She is a Shinigami, a guide to the afterlife and slayer of evil spirits. Unfortunately many hollows want to devour his spiritual power and Rukia is hurt fighting to protect him. After giving her powers to Ichigo so he can save himself, she finds she can't take them back. Now Ichigo has to do her job. He is now a student -- and Shinigami!x
  • There are many swordsman anime that are either good, or otherwise, not exactly unique in their stories. Bleach however, is pretty damn unique, if not enjoyable.

    The show starts off moderately good, and then when it
    picks up, you\\\'re instantly hooked, and just have to keep
    watching so you see what happens next. The large list of
    characters and their personalities all have a serious, yet
    comedic side to them. The battles are incredibly good, and
    enjoyable to watch as well. The many abilities and special
    attacks done are all pretty cool and nice to watch.

    The concept and plot is relatively simple, and although it
    does get deeper, it\\\'s not done in a way that forces it all
    on you at once.

    The cons however, are there. The show can get very wordy
    at times, and although it does help explain a lot of things that go on in Bleach, it may turn others off. Also, the
    show tends to leave a lot of dangling plots, including
    some very bad filler. There is also a VERY large cast,
    with some being enjoyable while others, not so much.

    Overall, it\\\'s certainly worth checking out.

    So why\'s it called \"Bleach\"? Need I remind you it IS an
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