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  • Ichigo, a typical rebellious teenager is gifted with the ability to see and sense spirits. In a moment of desperation, he is given the powers of a death god, and his life would never be the same.

    Bleach. It has become one of the most popular and watched animes on the charts, and I simply had to find out what was so good about it. I have watched all the way to episode 65, and so I have a pretty good grasp on this show. Bleach was nothing brand spankin' new in my book. It had the typical shonen hero who happened to be a rebellious thug infamous for how hard his punches were. He was commonly ridiculed for the color of his hair, which affected the number of friends he had in his life negativly. Amazingly, his life took a gut wrenching twist when he met Rukia, who happened to be a full fledged shinigami. Because desperate times call for desperate measures, Ichigo, the main character, was given these powers to save his family from demon like creatures named Hollows.

    Later in the anime, things didn't become much more original. I will not mention any spoilers in this review, but only that the typical themes of past shonen animes were very much used, including physical training through a master who happened to be incredibly famous and strong (not to mention he was a stud when he was younger), and Ichigo undertaking many tests and quests that constantly brought me to a De Ja Vu.

    This anime entirely reflected a LOT of ideas used in animes such as Yu Yu Hakusho, and it really disappointed me.

    However, this show was full of really cool looking characters that really complemented each other. I enjoyed looking at them. The bad thing about that though was that there were simply TOO many characters introduced at one time, I can't even remember half of their names.

    If you like action packed, ghost-bustin, fist beating animes , then you'll definelty like Bleach. However, do not expect anything completely original from this show. Sadly, I'm afraid to say Bleach is extremely overrated.