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  • I am finally writing my review on Bleach I never thought I would have a chance to write this but here is my review.

    Bleach is a manga and anime series about a man named Ichigo Kurosaki who one day meets a shinigami (dubbed soul reaper in english) named Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo steals her job as soul reaper and becomes one himself and along with him are Uryu Ishida a man who hates soul reapers because one of them killed his family except for his dad and Yasatora Sado who's nickname is "Chad" who gets strong after getting bitten by a hollow and can see hollows and Orihime a girl who can heal people. On there way they enter the soul society and what happens is that a evil soul reaper named Souske Azien who is the antagonist of the series who of course is the one who was unleashing hollows upon the world and wants to become ruler of the world so it is up to Ichigo to defeat Souske Aizen and save the world. Bleach is a great series the only problem is that in the anime they don't usually have much action this series right now has been getting worse since then but Bleach I will still watch now and then so Bleach is a good series I would give this a 8.5.
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