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  • Its an ok anime

    Bleach in my book is an one of the best action animes that i've seen... the only thing i can say that i do not like about bleach or for most anime for that matter are dubs (not all dub animes are bad) when i see a dub version its like they try too hard or can't bring out the emotion of the character like hollow ichigo... the dub version just don't bring out that insane personality that he has, also fillers some fillers are ok but others are just not cool... i understand that they use it to not jump a head of the manga but its bad when they try to tie it in with the original plot which ends up making no sense... the one thing that tics me off is when people say its a rip off of something or that the show is not believable.... come on people any thing that was created is not 100% original, inspiration has to come from some where and in reality majority of anime has the same or similar underlying theme... and if your looking for reality in anime or cartoon then you have major issues... go watch a damn documentary if you want real but don't complain about irrelevant or unnecessary issues.