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  • I'd like to defend my favorite show.

    Well to start off I'd like to say a previous posted comment by a person is completely rediculous. Your clever words would not be able to explain your poor rating. Rating a low score for the brand it belongs to is just childish. I would know because I'm 15 years old.

    Comparing SS arc and HM is a unprofessional review. Stating they are the same is not really the truth. The SS arc Ichigo was the only successful to defeat his opponent as everyone else was useless. HM they all did the share of actually being of use. The arcs might both share "saving the helpless woman" but your story about his opponents are off. 3 digits were "ex-espada" meaning their spot was taken by a different arrancar with slighty up to extremely more power than the previous.

    Ichigo later fought number 6 espada Grimmjow. Why is it a shocker that Grimm is stronger than Ichigo? You were planning every fight to go easily? You were wrong about Ichigo's as well. Ichigo's bankai can probably be infinite if he really wanted to be like that forever. Bankai is all superior to shikai so your story about power and speed is just crap. What else is crap is you comparing the look of Grimmjow and SS3, maybe this show isn't for you. Grimm is a fucking panther not a glowing homosexual that dyes his hair yellow with his energy. You say this guy is supose to be a equal of Renji? Dont make me laugh. Grimmjow is his own person. He doesn't give a flying shit about anyone else.

    Next to talk about is Ulquiorra. He seemed like a man with no emotion. He follows the orders of Aizen and no one else. Sorry to say this shut up with the stupid Ulquihime stories because it won't happen he is clearly confirmed dead when he turned to dust. He would only be compared to Byakuya because Ichigo both times needed the help of his inner hollow to help him win.

    There is a clear mistake in powers when Ichigo being defeated by Yammy but Kenpachi and Byakuya easily defeat Yammy.

    Aizen. Clearly this would be the difference in these arcs. This can also make things even more the same since Ichigo did not kill him. Only difference is Aizen didn't get away. You can say they are the same because the character Aizen is very clever and he both used these as distractions creating these adventures of Ichigo going to save a friend so he can get to his real objective.

    What I did not like was what happened to nel and her just kicked from the story in like 1 episode after finding out what she truly was. They destroyed her importance by turning her to a little kid what is this GT? Her story was really interesting because she was betrayed by a "ally" just because she was a woman, stronger than him, didn't take him seriously, and would not fight him to the death.

    Also it seems you've become a ichime lover. Time to prove some little kids wrong. Sorry to dissapoint you with this and show you a one sided relationship. What is Orihime to Ichigo? Only a friend that goes to the same school he does... thats all. You see all the love from Orihime to Ichigo and automatically think they belong together. She can cry Ichigos name all she wants, but Ichigo does not see her in that way. You might say stuff about him saving her but that wasnt his only objective he set when he went there. Evidence when Grimmjow said "If you were really here to save her wouldn't you have snatch her up and ran by now?" Something like that sorry if it is not the same. He even said I came to stop this war. The only time Ichigo was worried about Orihime was when she turned up missing but wouldn't you be worried if someone you knew went missing?

    Ichigo would have more feelings for Rukia. If it wasn't ment to be that way fault on the writer for misleading the fans with all of this. When Rukia was being taken he would've nearly killed himself if Rukia didn't stop him. The story of Ichigo would be over and no one would like bleach. Rukia was persistent in letting Ichigo live by almost giving her life just to stop Byakuya from delivering the final blow.(giving her life as going with them knowing she will get a harsh punishment) Ichigo went to SS to save Rukia and for nothing else. He didn't want to fight but just to bring her back. Also I would say when Rukia was in the real world Ichigo opened up to Rukia nothing he has done to anyone else(not even his FAMILY!!!) When she wasn't there he always became sad. When she comes back everytime his face lights up with a smile. He says "RUKIA!" with a stupid looking face. Then she always responds with "You fool!" From first meeting her he can't function properally without her by his side telling him what to do. xD beautifully explained right?