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  • It's legendary for so many reasons......

    First, Bleach may have deviated from its original purpose a bit as the series progresses, but its original purpose was one of the best I've seen in any manga because the idea of souls, using and connecting with your spiritual energies to do EPIC stuff but then the dark side of the soul, if you feel truly empty and abandoned the good of your soul then the power of your emptiness comes through, as a hollow, so people who review based on bleach as a normal anime just don't get bleach,

    As well that it is a shonen anime shows the clashes between the light and dark, balance is in everything, as for soul reapers, hollows exist, and so fights occur and they are battles of souls and their convictions, not necessarily strenght, such as kenpachi can beat espadas but draws with ichigo, as in he reacts to the opponent and will never go down without his opponent dying as well (but ichigo stlll SOOO should have been poned) and how ichigo can defeat powerful people (but cannot defy the SS or the Espadas without a ton of help because they are too strong) because his character and personality fit with his power, and in response to Az 0k's negative and shallow ideas it is NOT all about speed and power because Szayelaporro uses billions of abilities, so does Aaroniero, the 8th Espada, the one with the controlling power (forgot his name) and most of all Aizen, Tia, Stark, Barrangan, Gin and Kaname just nnoitora and kenpachi are the only ones in the whole of bleach who just use speed and power and grimmjow and ichigo do a bit although they use other abilities as well.

    With the addition of a friend and comedy type manga at the start and in places in later bleach shows life without soul reapers and hollows, but when Tite Kubo adds this in he still shows this manga types reaction because of his thoughtful and troubled atmosphere when he is contacted by the vizards and when tatsuki and karin (through don kanonji) starts to ask ichigo about soul reaper affairs shows the realism with this manga.

    As a final note- In responce to HVAC25000's comment, Naruto is not childish!!!!! i would do another review on that but i should probably be doing homework......

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