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    (There might be some spoilers

    I have to say I become very picky when it comes to things I watch. It has to have a good story line that makes a little sense, it has to have a good character line. I'm what I consider a witty person so I enjoy witty things. It's one of the many reasons why I enjoy this anime. It can go from being hilarious to serious almost instantly yet still give the show a serious feeling. Here are the things I especially like about it.

    1. The characters are amazing. My personal favorite happens to be Kisuke Urahara. He's the store owner who used to be a soul reaper himself. I feel he has an excellent character design from the voice actor to the personality to the way his character looks and acts. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character and one of the first you see. He also has a very good character design. He's serious but that's what makes him good for the anime. He's serious and he fits the part. When I first saw Rukia show up in the anime, I instantly thought I was going to hate her. She eventually (by eventually I mean, like, one episode later) grew to my liking. She became like a sister figure to Ichigo and even decided to live with him which I thought was a cool idea.

    2. The plot is amazing. I love the plot. It makes sense to me. When she first told Ichigo that he was to become a temporary soul reaper, I was at the edge of my seat. Normally things like that would be cheesy on television but this was actually really good to me. I like how they try to incorporate every character in any way they can. Like when they traveled to the soul society, I liked how each character continued their own stories until they all meet up, still keeping the humor buried under all the action. Kisuke wasn't in over half the season but I felt so happy when I saw him again towards the end.

    3. Now, this is the only thing I didn't like about the show. I felt like when it first started, they were finding any way they can to come up with something new. I felt it was too soon when they introduced the Menos Grande. I felt it was poorly planned.

    I really recommend this anime. It's so awesome!