Season 8 Episode 7

Right Arm of the Giant, Left Arm of the Devil

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 30, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Chad is suddenly badass!

    For much of the series, Chad has been seen as that gag who seems to lose his battles. Almost like the Yamcha of Bleach--well I believe he only lost one battle, albeit a major one, but it's almost like he comes off as a joke. In this episode he's shrugged that off and really elevated himself out of that image. For a while he's the one that made no development in his fighting abilities, yet in just a single fight he gains two whole new abilities, and we find out that his abilities are closer to that of a hollow than a quincy or shinigami, which provided a unique twist.

    I love Sados final form! It is AMAZING! I even love his not final form. I love his El Directo attack he used to kill that lowly Gillian and his La Muerte he used to kill Gantanbainne. I especially love the names of his arms, Brazo Derecha de Gigante for his right arm and Diablo for his left arm. When this happend Sado definatly became my favorite character over everybody else i mean i was yelling "OMG CHAD ROCKS!!" and screaming like a giddy school girl. But anybody who hasn't seen this episode or who doesn't want to see it cause it might spoil the rest of the series well I DONT CARE! Everybody HAS too see this episode or else nobody will ever like Sado.
  • Sados real form! Finally!

    I think in this series, Sado was one of the real burdens. But nnow!! OMG!
    His right arm, waith that shield on it...very cool. He could easily defeat that Arrancar. But when he Showed us his left arm, The left arm of Devil, that was too much for me. :D
    So the full episode was very very cool, with a lots of action, and humour. I dont know whats the name of the Epsada, that showed up, but I think he is gonna be too much for Chado.
    I hope his not gonna died... :S
    But im interested in a real fight with a real Epsada, against Chado, and his new abalities.
  • Chad and his new power is destroying that arrancar.

    Chad has finnaly discovered his true power and now he is destroying that afro arrancar Chad is beating the arracar until the arracar releases his sword and he attacks Chad only to realise Chad has a secound arm called left arm of the devil it seems Chad has hollow powers and he is more powerful in Hueco Mendo than in the Human world so Chad attacks he arracar and beats him with a cool atack and leaves only to find an espada Chad attacks the espada but Chad did not hurt and the espada attacks Chad.
    The episode was awesome it shows how cool Chad's powers are and the fight was really great I like the part where added funk music at the part where Chad was beating the afro arracar.
  • Sado discovers his true power and really kicks some ass!

    Well great episode i must say, really looked forward to this one and it was really worth it. Sado's new powers are quite cool, his left arm looks really nice though his right arm is something less cool but that doesn't really bother me. Really nice the little figure on the wall after he hit Ganten Bain. Again some funny things with Pesche. I know they are so predictable but man i just keep laughing with it, lol but i guess that's just me. Well things don't look to good for Sado right know running into Noitra. Just when he was starting to look really strong, he seems like nothing again. Shows again how fast your luck can run out :P
  • The growth of Chad.

    Well starting off, last week I claimed that I wasn't really interested in Chad's fight with Mosqueda, with my gut telling me that this was just going to be another fight to give Chad something to do. Looking back I couldn't have been more wrong. This episode does a great job of developing Chad as a fighter. For a while I'd grown tired of Chad's right arm and the lack of information behind it. In this episode I not only saw Chad's power grow but I started to get an idea of how he got his power in the first place which for me made the episode worth watching. Of course at the end of the episode Chad encounters an obstacle that puts his newfound skills in check, but to find that out you'll have to watch the episode for yourself. Another Note: Though I've enjoyed Peche's and Ishada's humor over the past couple of weeks the latest batch was kind of disapointing as it geared almost soley towards toilet humor. However watching Peche call Ishada "Ichigo" never gets old. Either way I can't wait for next week.
  • In this episode, Chad changes the tide of the battle. He acknowledges that his powers are similar to those of a Hollow, and since coming to Hueco Mundo, he is finally able to show his true powers...

    An exellent episode. The momentum stays constantly high throughout the show, and Chad finally shows his true strength. While it has been hinted at in previous episodes, Chad confirms that his powers are indeed that of a Hollow. They have shown themselves since coming to Hueco Mundo. Naturally, this strength greatly aids Chad in his first battle, but, without spoiling the ending, there is a major cliffhanger that will leave you craving to see the next episode. Or you could look at next weeks title, and get an idea of what happenes at the end of 158. Either way, this episode was excellent. It couldn't have been any better.