Season 8 Episode 3

Rukia and Kaien, the Sorrowful Reunion

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Dec 26, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Great fighting scenes.

    A pretty good episode, but for the most part it felt like it was running around in circles a lot. What was the point of the imposter Kaien, if he really is the imposter, to be toying around with Rukia for that long? He had a million tries to have killed her, yet he pointlessly played with her emotions and memories. Just never saw the purpose in that; having some of that stuff would have been great, I mean the episode can't be 100% fighting, but more than half of the episode was just that pointless running around in circles wondering if he was the real thing or not. Fortunately the fighting scenes were great.
  • Awesome!! I love this episode!!!

    In this episode of bleach, Rukia encounters the arrancar Aeroneiro or something like that. She finds him outside but then he asks her to come inside where there is no light. He takes her inside and then removes his mask...KAIEN?!??!?! What he's dead!! Rukia is very shocked. The whole episode is a lot of talk but it's awesome anyway. Rukia has flashbacks of her and Kaien training together and all the happy times they had.. AWWWWW!! He attempts to fight her again and knocks her zanpakto right out of her hand, he says that he could kill her right then and there, and that he should kill her because she killed him first. She agrees with him and says that she deserves to die by his hands but first she must save Oriheme.
  • Kaien's back! But all may not be as it seems. I've been waiting FOREVER to see this in the anime YAY!!

    Kaien Shiba makes an unlikely comeback to the cast of Bleach. Although Shiba is already dead when our story with Ichigo begins, through the series we learn about him and his past with our favorite short-pint Shinigami, Rukia. I don't wanna give anything away for those who haven't seen the episode, but...imagine seeing someone alive that you know should be dead, because you killed them yourself. And not just anybody, like a enemy or an innocent bystander. But a close friend, a mentor. If you can imagine all of that, then you know exactly the turmoil that Rukia is going through. Hate that I gotta wait till the 9th for the next episode, bloody holiday! Lol.
  • Is Kaien really Kaien or is he a imposter?

    Well we get to see one of the Espada's true face. It turned out to be Rukia's old friend and teacher Kaien. Rukia was shocked to find out he was alive and that he is currently serving as a Espada for Aizen. He claims that he has a plan to defeat Aizen but he will need Rukia's help to make it work. The personalities match up but there is something weird about Kaien. He asked Rukia to kill herself to pay for her sins. Rukia said that she would kill herself after she rescued her friend but Kaien bursted out laughing saying it was only a joke. Afterwards he told Rukia to kill her friends because she knew their weaknesses and that he was being serious. Rukia then realized that the man standing in front of her could not be the Kaien she knew and they both engaged in combat.
  • Rukia and Kaien have a reunion to bad it wasn't a good one.

    Rukia meets an espada who turns out to be Kaien. Rukia is shocked and realizes it is Kaien after fighting him with a wooden sword and then Kaien talks about what happened to him and what he is planning to do to get revenge on Aizen so Rukia agrees to help him but Kaien attacks her and he explains why he wants to kill her but Rukia says that she has to save Inoue first and Kaien has another plan and tells Rukia to kill her friends but Rukia says no and she knows that isn't Kaien and she attacks.

    This episode was good and it was already obvious that isn't the real Kaien we did get to see who is attacking Sado and we now see Rukia fight Kaien.
  • Go Rukia !

    Loved this episode. Well, mostly cause I love Rukia, but still. So, Kaien is back... or is it Kaien? He leads her into a room that reminds me of old, abandoned factory, and then he takes his mask of. And Rukia goes into shock - as every normal person would - when seeing his face. And we thought she's over married man she was crushing on 100 years ago? Hell, no. Though, it's kinda funny to see submissive Rukia with a sad puppy eyes. Only other time you can see this is when Byakuya does something or say something, like gives her her nice cloak against the sand and she goes all girly. So, Rukia goes in shock and start talking with Kaien, who soon turns out to know everything that he should. Memory test - passed.

    So he starts testing Rukia, to see how much stronger she's gotten - and he's glad to see that she really is stronger and faster then before. Yeah, right. Cause as soon as he made sure she's not trashable, he proposes to her to help him defeat Aizen by paying of her debt for killing him. And here we see why Rukia is so awesome character... her response is "Sure, but after I finish saving Inoue". Yay Rukia. And she starts to snap out of the shock. Slowly, slowly... But Kaien was joking... Again, yeah, right. Still, Rukia is starting to feel her free-will returning as supposed Kaien start acting like a moron. Here, I must add a comment: How come all of the Aranncar are so stupid? Looks like that green tears emo guy whose name I can't spell yet is the only one with a slightest trace of brain. So, back to Rukia/Kaien reunion, proto-Kaien is not up to the fact that Rukia is on to him, so in the effort do spice things up a little, he proposes to Rukia to kill all of her friends as a payback for killing him. La, la, la. Wrong question moron.

    Cause now, our Rukia is not girly, not lovey-dovey, and most definitely not shocked. She looks in those (I must say beautiful) eyes she loved so much, and she takes out her zanpaktou.

    Silly aranncar... you though you can mess with our girls mind? Hell, no.

    And so the battle commences.
  • Rukia and Kaien talk about what happened but when Kaien tries to kill Rukia, she starts to think that he is not who he appears to be.

    A pretty good episode, nothing really special, i was kinda expecting that Kaien wasn't the real Kaien, offcourse that doesn't really make sense. It kinda irritates me that they always give such a long summary, 5 minutes of 20 minutes episode is quite long.

    Next episode will be even better i think, we get to see Rukia fight but i wonder if she will be able to take that Kaien guy down, unless she has some other tricks on her sleeve. The guy were Sado is fighting against looks really weird with his afro-hair which is orange to make things even worse :p. Waiting 1 week again, it is just so long ...