Season 8 Episode 4

Rukia Retaliates! Release the Desperate Kido

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 09, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Thoughts thoughts thoughts...

    An all right episode. The fight between the imposter Kaien and Rukia continues. Nice and entertaining so far that features some nice spell action and power move exchanges, but what's holding the fight back is the whole sentimental reasoning and justification of it. This whole Rukia needing reassurance that this Kaien is an imposter thing feels so distracting and out of the way; the guy is trying to kill you, he's getting in your way of your goal, even if he is the real thing, he's trying to frikkin kill you. Not that Rukia should be free of these thoughts, but dwelling almost the entire episode on it is just...counterproductive.
  • AWESOME!!! Aaroneiro continues to fight Rukia. This episode rocks!!

    Rukia's battle continues. She is still fighting the fact that he looks exactly like Kaien so she might be holding back a little. But still she manages to see that he really isn't Kaien, because Kaien would never say or do things like that. Like when he said she had to choose between her friends or herself. Right then I think she got a hold of herself. But Aaroneiro doesn't give up that easy either. He uses Kaien's technique and remembers all of Rukia's moves, so now she is really confused. She knows that he isn't Kaien but at the same time feels that he is. Aaronairo later explains that he can consume hollows and hat he is the first gillian arrancar. So he really ate Kaien and took his powers. He then transforms into this hideous creature thing and when Rukia is about attack he stabs her. OH NO RUKIA!!!!! Don't die.. I know she's not she's gonna die, she's beat this hideous thing up!!! Rukia is so awesome! Well anyway that's like the end of it..
  • Rukia and Kaien start fighting and Kaien has a surprise.

    Rukia and Kaien keep fighting and now Rukia thinks thats is not the real Kaien but Kaien releases his zanpakto and it is a trident which shocks Rukia but she won't believe it is Kaien until she finds Kaiens weakness which is sunlight and she finds out its real form and it is two ugly heads in a jar which they have the ability to eat hollows so he ate the hollow that killed Kaien and now he has what Kaien has and now he releases his sword.

    This is the nastiest Bleach episode I have ever seen the two heads were nasty and his released sword is really disgusting it wasw a great episode but why did they have to show the Ishida and Sado scenes all over again why can't they put something differernt than show the same scene when they talk about them.
  • This episode continues Rukia's battle against the 9thEspada, Aaroniero Arruruerie (strangest name I ever heard!), who has been disguising himself as Kaien. What is he, really?

    We start off with a bit of comedy between Renji and his scarily loyal follower Dondochakka. Renji is concerned because he can sense Rukia's ki, though he is unable to tell who she's fighting. Rukia, meanwhile, has just been told by "Kaien" that if she brings him the heads of her four friends in Hueco Mundo, she will forever be forgiven for killing him. Rukia realizes that the Kaien she knew would never say something like this, and she begins the attack by releasing her zanpakuto. As the two fight, "Kaien" releases his zanpakuto as well, which we see is in the shape of a long trident with a blue plume at the edge, reminiscent of Ikkaku's shikai. As the battle intensifies, Rukia aims a spell at Kaien, which misses and hits the wall, shattering a giant hole and letting in sunlight. Curiously, the Espada appears frightened and quickly moves back into the dark.

    Rukia puts two and two together and realizes that something is not right (gasp!). From the beginning, "Kaien" was hesitant about being in the sun, claiming it to be bothersome. Rukia aims her next attack to a.) bind Kaien from moving and b.) break another hole in the wall behind him, letting in more sunlight. It is only then that the 9th Espada's true form is revealed. His head is actually a large tube (?!?) filled with red liquid that looks suspiciously like Kool-Aid. And within this delicious sugary concoction are two small, freakish heads who announce themselves to be the 9th Espada, Aaron-something something (look above for full name). He tells Rukia that his true (and only) ability is to absorb other Hollows and gain their strengths, memories, and abilities. He then releases his zanpakuto and turns into a giant, tentacled mess, thus ending the episode, and possibly Rukia's life. Oh noes!

    From the summary of the next episode, and the upcoming episode titles, it looks like Rukia and Aaroniero's fight will be put on hold, and instead we'll be focusing on Chad and Uryu's respective fights. I'm glad the pace is moving quickly, though I hope this doesn't mean more fillers.
  • Rukia and 9th espada continue their fight.

    Rukia discovers that Aaroniero has to stay in the shadows to retain the form of Kaien. So she uses some advanced kido stuff to break the roof. Quite ilogical i feel that Rukia can bind an espada with a binding spell especially the first one which was only a number 4, so that one shouldn't have had much power. The real power of Aaroniero is quite impressive, nice to know he's to only Gillian of the espada, didn't think there were any to begin with. Seems like the next episodes are going to focus on Ishida and Chad, so we will have to wait a little while till we see the conclusion of this fight. Some good stuff, let the next episode come