Season 3 Episode 8

Rukia's Nightmare

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Sep 13, 2005 on TV Tokyo

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  • Yeah, more flashbacks, just what I've always wanted -_-

    So it's about time that we finally meet Ganju's brother Kaien, and like expected, his take on Rukia murdering his brother is misunderstood. There is no way that Rukia would kill a fellow death god in cold blood without an explanation.

    Although the episode was fairly dark, it just wasn't that enjoyable. Kaien seems like a fairly cool guy, but they killed him, along with his wife, way too early for the audience to get a really good feel for him. So basically it felt like a non important character was killed off and they made a bigger deal out of it than they should have. And like said before, this was a flashback episode. God knows how many flashbacks we already had so far in Bleach.
  • This episode rocks!!!!!!!!!! Mainly because Rukia is my favorite character. But still a great episode and one worth watching.

    Rukia's execution is nearing and just the night before she has a nightmare of some past events. Rukia is adopted into the Kuchki family (sorry if thats misspelled) and soon joins squad thirteen. She quickly becomes close to Kaien who is the leutinent of squad thirteen. And she greatly admires Kaien's wife stating that she wanted to be just like her. Kaien promises Rukia that he would never let anything bad happen to her. He also greatly resembles Ichigo. At least in my opinion he does, except with longer and darker hair. One night Kaien's wife returned from a mission but all of her men were killed and a hollow possessed her. She obviously was not her self and started killing innocent people. Kaien runs after her along with Rukia. The hollow is then shown in its true form and Kaien goes to kill it but instead the hollow possessed him. Rukia tried to stop it from happening but the Captain stopped her and told her to run away. She did what was she was told but ran back feeling worried. The hollow jumps at Rukia, but her blade pierced right through it, killing both Kaien and the hollow. She is then shown hugging Kaien as he dies. SO SAD!!
  • A very... dark flashback... But a great episode none the less.

    This epsiode is really for fans of the drama side of Bleach, or fans of Rukia or Kaien. This epsiode starts out lightly, with Rukia joining squad thirteen, and finding that eveyone around her treats her differently because she is from the Kuchiki clan. However, the liutenant, Kaien, is different, and treats her like eveyone else. Her relationship with him grows, which makes up the first half of this episode.

    The second half of this episode takes on a very darker tone. Kaien's wife is taken over by a hollow during a recon mission, and soon starts to kill other soul reapers. The hollow is later found by Kaien after it was finished with his wife's body, and the two soon start to battle. The hollow uses it's ability to take away zanpaku-tos and Kaien loses his blade. After that, he is no match for the hollow, and is soon taken over by it.

    The hollow fights Ukitake, but he soon is struck by his sickness and is unable to fight. Seeing that Ukitake would cut through Kaien's body to kill the hollow, the hollow runs from him and attacks Rukia.

    As the hollow leaps at Rukia, her blade plunges through Kaien's body, killing both him and the hollow in the process. Kaien says his last words to Rukia, and dies. This makes Rukia feel guilty, and that she is not worth sheding blood for.

    The majority of the episode is a flashback, with just the begining and ending being Rukia thinking over the event. The episode is very special, and can be a tearjerker. I strongly advise fans to watch this episode, it is one of my favorites.
  • This is a good episode. There was too much hype circulating about this episode and in my opinion, it couldn't stand up to that hype, but it came pretty close. Finally, we meet Ganju's brother, the infamous man that Rukia references, Kaien.

    This episode reveals Rukia's shortcomings: being afraid to die and fleeing without honor until she convinces herself to go back. Despite how scared she is by the mutated Kaien she saves the day and Kaien from further pain. Even though she saved Kaien (I am aware that "saved" is not really what she did, but she did prevent the hollow from controlling him any further, even if it meant death for him) she still doesn't think she's good enough, and doesn't deserve thanks. But this experience forced her to grow and not interfere in any battles to preserve pride. I'm still trying to understand her feelings toward Kaien. I think they are mostly of adoration and respect. Kaien was the first person to treat Rukia like a regular person despite her recent adoption into the Kuchiki family. She was alienated by her peers and treated differently because of her prestigious family. I found it really interesting to finally see Kaien's wife, in the manga they never showed her face, it was mostly just her backside, or her eyes would be obscured. The animation in the episode was excellent, the colors were great, and the shadows were really extreme and related well to the serious mood of preserving Kaien's wife's honor. Squad 13 seems like a well put together squad. I still dislike those two 3rd seat people, (or whatever seat they are), Sentaro and Kiyone, they're just obnoxious. Ukitake is amazing. Despite his illness which in the US episodes they haven't identified to us yet (or maybe I'm wrong please tell me if I am) but we know that he coughs up blood at the most inconvenient moments but despite that he's a true fighter and a respectable captain who doesn't base to his actions on his feelings. When Kaien was possessed with that strangely powerful hollow, Ukitake barely even hesitated to kill him when he realized that the two spiritual entities were combined (the hollow and the soul reaper). This episode doesn't explain a lot, like why does Byakuya despise Kaien's name? (ex. Byakuya was just going to leave Ganju for dead before he heard that he was a Shiba), how long has Rukia known Kaien, or his wife? Are there typically hollows in the Rukongai? Where did they come from? I feel like this episode spurs more questions than it answers, perhaps further information will be revealed in the episodes to come.
  • Seeing into the past...

    We know from the last episode that Rukia's execution has been moved up. We see her lying on the floor of her cell thinking of her past. She was placed in the squad of Captain Ukitake, but since he was sick so often, Kaien took over for him. Kaien made Rukia feel at home there, helped her to grow as a Soul Reaper. Then a mission came up where Kaien's wife had to check out a Hollow, she came back different. Kaien, Captain Ukitake, and Rukia go after her. By the time they get there, the Hollow had already killed her. Kaien fights the Hollow himself and is taken over by it. Ukitake tell Rukia to leave, that he will fight it on his own, and she runs, but turns and comes back. The Hollow/Kaien goes for Rukia and falls on her sword. The Hollow is dead and as Kaien dies he thanks Rukia for this. As I was watching this, I was thinking if only Ganju could see this, then his anger would be gone. Great episode.
  • Rukia finally accepts the fact that she is going to die as she reflects on her tragic past with Ganju's older brother Kaien.

    This is my #1 favorite episode!!! I still almost cry while I watch it, even though I've seen several times. Kaien-dono is like... one of the coolest characters in the show, so... ...I'm glad he isn't really dead... Captain Ukitake is the second coolest captain (after Captain Ichimaru) but I've noticed something... This is the episode that the quote from episode 9 (Ukitake's little "life vs. pride battles" lecture) is from but what he says then isn't exactly what he says in this episode... I know they'd have to change it since he says Kaien-dono's name, but it is stupid... They should have just had it the same way from the beginning... And another thing... In the first flashback, Ukitake is shown wearing all black, but in the "offical flashback," you can see his captains robe... This is only in the manga, but I think it is strange... But I'm just pretty obseverant... To summarize, this episode is very sad and extremely tragic, but it is the best damn episode of the best damn series on television!
  • i think this episode is really special and touching, i thought it was good because it shows how rukia was related to ganju\\\'s family and how she affected his life as a young boy and him growing up to hate death gods thats why i think its very special ep

    It maybe a flashback, but i feel it had to be in this series. We see that Rukia cared about someone very deeply before, and looked up to him. Kaien, was a good friend to her as well, helping Rukia get over the nervous of being in the one of the 13 squads

    Then one night, that has effected Rukia and the shiba clan to the current time, she remembers the night she killed Kaien. It was that she had no choice, because a hollow took over his body and thretend to kill her. In self defense, she put her soul slayer up and Kaien the Hollow jumped and fell into it and died.

    Those memories effected Rukia since that painful night. Enough to have lost the will to live, and even be killed by ganju whos brother she killed.

    Overall they did a good job at showing the way she feels this way, and you can start to fell for her, because you can see the way she thinks.

  • We learn a dark little secret of Rukia, that seems to be holding her back from her being her best.

    It maybe flashback, but it is still needed in this series. We see that Rukia has cared about someone before, and looked up to him. Kaien, was a good friend to her as well, helping Rukia get over the nervous of being in the Gotei 13. Also made her feel like she was part of it, due to her certain sisutation.

    Then one night, that has effected Rukia to the current time, so remembers the night she killed Kaien. It was that she had no choice, because a hollow took over his body and threated to kill her. In self defense, she put her zanpakuto up and Kaien Hollow ran fell into and died.

    Those memories has effected Rukia since that painful night. Enough to have much self-pity, self-regret and worse of all, the will to live.

    Overall they did a good job at showing way she feels this way, and you can start to fell for her, because you can see the way she thinks.
  • Mostly all the flashbacks and intermissions that are used in anime series, are irritating as hell ! But these are greatly used in Bleach. +Guest appearence of voice-actor Houchu Ohtsuka? (Naruto(tv) as Jiraiya)

    I have to say that mostly all the flashbacks and intermissions that are used in anime series, are irritating as hell ! And only delay the story-line (Let\'s look at a fine example DBZ Super Saijan saga... need I say more?)
    But in Bleach, they also suspend the story-line making you wait in great anticipation for the next episode, but here they contribute in the story-line making the viewers understand some of the emotional dicissions of the characters. Simply put: Greatly done! Now I can wait with great anticipation but without the frustration :)

    And I also would like to note that (for the Naruto-fans) the Reitai-hollow sounds a awfull lot like the voice-actor :Houchu OHTSUKA Who did the voice\'s of Jiraiya (Naruto) and Johji (Samurai Champloo, ep 6)
    A guest appearance maybe ?