Season 3 Episode 22

Rukia's Resolution, Ichigo's Feelings

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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This episode recaps briefly the main events of Ichigo's adventures in Soul Society before revealing the aftermath of Aizen's departure.

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  • Wrapping up ties.

    Not sure how it worked with the dub but this was an hour long episode. The first half was a recap of everything that has happened in the rescue Rukia arc. Looking back it bewilders me how that despite how much suspense and build up developed before the Yamamoto vs. Kyouraku and Ukitake fight, they didn't actually show them fighting.

    The second half was pretty amusing though. Not hilarious but it was amusing, reminds me of a typical slice of life, but Bleach has the right mix of characters to make a successful slice of life show and it is reflected on this episode. Pretty decent episode overall that did a decent job of tying up loose knots.moreless
  • Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn't laugh to loud while I was watching this because we were at my aunt's house. Anyways, it shows how everyones doing after Aizen, Gin and Tosen left the soul society. Kenpachi wants to fight Ichigo, but Ichigo runs away like a little girl and shouts, "I'm never fighting you again!!!!!!" XD. Then it shows Rangiku in a empty room thinking about Gin for a reason. Then Toshiro(starts fangirlism) and Izuru show up. Rangiku and Izuru get drunk! XD(they're seriously hammered in the manga). Toshiro leaves to go visit Momo in a hospital room.And he dosen't say anything to her(I wanted to rip his head off!!!) Meanwhile, Rukia goes to Kukaku's place and apologizes for killing her older brother(bleh bleh...)^_^. Later, Toshiro goes back to check on Rangiku, and she,Izuru and another dude are passed out on the floor(Izuru and the other guy were in there underpants XD). Rangiku wakes up and said she almost died because of her boobs XD.After some contimplaiting(i don't know what that means XD, Toshiro shouts "OH SHUT UP!". Then other stuff happens..I'm not going to type anymore cause my fingers are gettin tierd. This episode is TO.FREAKIN.HILARIOUS. ^_^ :) XDmoreless
  • This was a good episode. I believe it is the end of the rescue arc.

    In this episode Ichigo and his friends are getting ready to leave for the human world. Basically the beginning was recaps of some battles. Then Ichigo was fighting with the baldy lol I mean Ikkaku. But they were just play fighting, the Kenpachi comes and scares Ichigo away lol. So Ichigo is running and bumps into Oriheme and she asks where Rukia is. Then they try to go find her. Ichigo knows that she would be in one of two places. Firt they check with Renji and Byakuya she wasn't there, and then with that Shiba clan girl and her brother Ganju. Rukia apologizes for killing there brother Kaien but they don't seem to mind. There were no hard feelings. YAY!! Then Ichigo comes and tells Rukia that tomorrow they are leaving but she tells him she's staying here, in the soul society. Anyway the next day everyone is at the gate to see off Ichigo and everyone. Rukia says thank you and Ichigo says "that's my line". So they get home safely. And that's what happened. But don't worry Rukia will come back in like 10 episodes.moreless
  • The end of a good arc.

    Well I enoyed this episode. I'll admit i didnt like the beginning because it was just a recap. It just explained the important fights through out the arc. Fights include Ichigo Vs. Renji, Ichigo Vs. Zaraki, Uryu Vs. Kurotsuchi, Yorouchi Vs. Soi Fon, Toshiro Vs. Ichimaru, and Ichigo Vs. Byakuya. After the recap special, we see the after math of Aizens betrayal. Everyone has their funny moments as Ichigo and crew begin theyre good byes.In the end Ichigo and crew go back home (without Rukia) and they all say good bye. I think this is a good way to end a cool arc. The episode concluded in a good way.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Before Ichigo leaves Soul Society, he is given a Substitute Shinigami Certificate Badge from Captain Ukitake, which not only identifies him as an official Substitute Shinigami, but acts like the glove used by Rukia to push Ichigo's Shinigami soul out of his human body at will.

    • Shinigami Golden: Kotetsu Isane (4th squad vice captain) wakes up from a nightmare screaming "Fish paste!" She is relieved to realize that it was only a dream, but is now too scared to go back to sleep. She contemplates visiting her sister, Kiyone; but figures she would probably yell at her because of how late it is. She ends up walking outside where she sees Captain Unohana Retsu, who tells her that it was a difficult day, and that once she calms down she should go back to sleep.

    • In episode 3 we see Ichigo stand in the sky as if he were on the ground. Yet in this episode he falls from the sky...why doesn't he just stop himself from falling?

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Urahara: It's good to see you again, young Ichigo. I imagine by now... you've heard the truth about me.
      Ichigo: I have.
      Urahara: Words cannot express... how sorry... I am.
      Ichigo: Stop. It's alright. I'm not mad about it anymore. Look, you really didn't do anything wrong. I'm not sure what your motivation was... but the fact is... you helped all of us to become stronger. And, in the end, you probably saved our lives. For that... we're thankful. So please, don't apologize.
      Urahara: Okay...
      Ichigo: But I do wanna ask you one question. Why didn't you just tell me the truth? Did you think I would get scared and run away?
      Urahara: Uh... exactly right!
      Ichigo: (elbows him in the face) Now that just pisses me off!
      Urahara: You were taking it so well. I wasn't expecting an elbow in the face.
      Ichigo: One other thing. I want you to apologize to Rukia when you see her. I know she will say the same thing I'd say. Will you do that for me?
      Urahara: Yes.

    • Ichigo: Well, see ya around, Rukia...
      Rukia: Yeah. Thank you... Ichigo.
      Ichigo: (thinking) That's my line. Thank you, Rukia. Thanks to you, now it will finally stop raining.

    • Ichigo: (thinking about Rukia) Lookin' at her now, I remember exactly why I wanted to save her in the first place.

    • Ichigo: In the morning, they're gonna open up the gate for us to return to our world... and you're still not back to full health.
      Rukia: I have to tell you something. It's only right that you be the first to know.
      Ichigo: Huh?
      Rukia: I've decided... Ichigo... to stay here... in the Soul Society.
      Ichigo: Well, that's fine. Good for you.
      Rukia: Huh?
      Ichigo: Well, it sounds like you've made up your mind. So there's not much else to say. If you've decided that you wanna stay here, then that's what you should do.

    • Ichigo: Man, my feet are killing me! That crazy Kenpachi must have chased me for hours trying to fight me again. That guy is totally insane!

    • Rangiku: (sighs) So stupid...
      Toshiro: Talking about yourself?
      Rangiku: (screams) Don't sneak up on me like that! You scared me so bad, I almost popped out of my robe.
      Toshiro: So what if you had?
      Rangiku: Then I'd have been exposed!
      Toshiro: Which I doubt would bother you.

    • Ikkaku: Aw, come on! Don't tell me not one of you has the nerve!
      Ichigo: Well, in that case. I'll take you on if no one else will, Ikkaku.
      Ikkaku: Ichigo! Well, you've got guts, I'll give you that. But, can you handle it? Aren't you still in recovery?
      Ichigo: Both of us had serious injuries. When you saw recovery, you make it sound like I have some disease.
      Ikkaku: Recovery just means getting over something. You can use it for either, you simpleton!
      Ichigo: Cannot!
      Ikkaku: Okay, if it's not recovery, then what word do you use?
      Ichigo: Well... I'd use... Look, I don't know!
      Ikkaku: Hah! I knew it! You're all brawn and no brain, Ichigo!
      Ichigo: Me? Nothing goes into your bald, shiny head! It just bounces off!

    • Toshiro: What happened here? (finds both Izuru and Shuhei drunk and half naked on the floor and Rangiku still fully clothed and drunk flat on her face)
      Izuru: No... no more sake.
      Rangiku: (gets up) That was close, I almost died!
      Toshiro: How? What happened?
      Rangiku: I cant breathe if I lay face down because of my boobs! Don't you know what that feels like?
      Toshiro: I don't.
      Rangiku: Well you should have more sympathy! It's not easy being a girl and being beautiful.
      Toshiro: Oh, shut up!

    • Kotetsu Isane: K-Kamaboko! (fish paste)
      (Sits up in bed and looks around)
      Thank goodness, it was a dream.
      (Gets out of bed and begins pacing)
      What should I do? I'm scared so I can't go back to sleep. Should I go see Kiyone? It's so late that she might get angry if I wake her up.
      (She walks outside and sees Captain Unohana)
      Unohana Retsu: Isane.
      Isane: Yes!
      Unohana: It was a difficult day, wasn't it? Please rest after you calm down.
      Isane: Okay.

    • Renji: I'm no longer like the me then, I could easily defeat you now!
      Ichigo: What did you say?!
      Renji: After all I've become 5 times stronger than I was back then!
      Ichigo: Hah, well if you're five times then I'm 10 times!
      Renji: Then I'm another 10 times on top of yours!
      Ichigo: Too bad, 'cause I'm a 100 times better!
      Renji: If that's the case, then I'm a 1000 times better!
      Ichigo: Then I'm an additional 10,000 times better!!
      Kon: Leave the idiots alone... Lets go to the next one.

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