Season 8 Episode 8

Sado Yasutora Dies! Orihime's Tears

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 06, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Regressin'

    So the comic relief stuff with Pesche was hilarious, but the stuff with this Don guy is just dumb and really ate away much of the episode, ruining any flow and did a bad job of opening up the episode. Well the episode opened up with Chad getting killed and that one Espada playing around with Tessla, but the whole comedic relief stuff with Don and Renji was just really bad. The episode didn't quite recover from it despite a twist later that fight with Renji against the Espada. Not to mention what happened later with Rukia and Kaien, didn't we already see that exact same scene several times before?
  • One thing I got to say is way chad got right back up. Guy he took out didn't why would he do the same thing. None he'll be of know use for his friends.

    One thing I got to say is way chad got right back up. Guy he took out didn't why would he do the same thing. None he'll be of know use for his friends. I can understand not giving up but not giving up to die knowing that your friends still need you. It is a worthless death, if he does die. I see this a lot in bleach even though its an excellent show, these kids don't know when to give up thier lives and when to save it. First thing they do is throw it all away for nothing, knowing that your friends still need you.
  • A great episode that shows the difference in level between Ex-Espada and new Espada.

    This episode while it was an episode that showed Sado's development in strength due to his new arms it still didn't overpower him showing he is still nothing to an Espada like Nnoitra.
    I really respect that Tite Kubo could balance out the level of power between people unlike Masashi Kishimoto in the recent manga of Naruto.I really thought this episode while it didn't evolve much in the story it was interesting and caught my attention.Also seeing that both Sado's arms can use the Hollow abilities somewhat makes me look forward to the next transformation or level or whatever of his power.
  • Well Chad gets his ass kicked by Noitra and Orihime has a nice little chat with her dear friend Ulquiorra.

    A decent episode but nothing much really happened. It was just an episode that leads to the fights that are going to come. Chad isn't dead cause Noitra decides not to give him the final blow and so he stays alive with some luck. Everyone notices that Chad's reiatsu is fading but they keep believing in him.

    I really like Ulquiorra he just is so rational and emotionless, a little bit the opposite of Orihime.

    The episode ends with a little recap of what happened between Rukia and Aaroniero so it seems that that fight will also come to a conclusion in the next episode, and than i hope that Ichigo finally gets to do some more fighting.
  • Sado died or did he.

    Sado has lost again to an espada and Orihime is sad but she is also mad and takes her anger on Ulquiorra and so she slaps him when he gets her more mad meanwhile Renji has met the eighth espada who is a scientist like Mayuri and wants to take Renji as a test subject but Renji fights against him but his bankai got destroyed and now Rukia and the ninth epasda who is Kaien are going to finish there fight.
    The episode was okay but the episode title was weird it said Sado died and Orihime is sad but all that happened in seven minutes but it doesn't matter it was a good episode.
  • Sado dies and Orihme gets fiesty.

    Well I'll start off by saying I have been very pleased with the direction the Bleach series has taken recently. Every episode has been filled with action and personally I probably should have been rating the series a lot higher in terms of the recent episodes. However this episodes only purpose is to set up the other parts of the plot, so I wouldn't expect to much out of this episode. Nevertheless the episode does a good job of moving the story along. The first thing I want to point out is the espada Nnorita. In my opinon this guy seems like he's going to be a great villan. I mean seriously how can you not like a guy thats skinny as a toothpick but wields a huge weapon like the one Nnorita carries? To be honest I don't really know how to describe why I like Nnorita as a villan, but I do know that I can't wait to see him fight Ichigo. Or at least I think that he's going to fight Ichigo given that he says "I found a guy with massive spirit power" and given what I know about the series, no one has more raw spirit power then Ichigo. Anyway Renji finally gets a chance to show what hes made of, yet he's run into an espada that seems to rely only on technology. Either way I'll wait for the fight to develop and reserve judgement untill next time.
  • Chad didn't die...

    Chad didn't died. Orihime made her move and slapped Ulquiora. This episode was not so important and was not even that good at all but i give it 10 cause i love this show. Actually the whole show is full of that kind of episodes. So we saw Renji face Grantz and we had a lil fun when Abarai Renji kicked that big crying guy, donttcha know! I hope that they will not waste 100 episodes in this arc cause i will not "survive" that long (two years almost). I can ensure you that there are a lot more fights till the end! And hope to see Sado fighting again we may see more of his powers!
  • Little filler, but great anyway! New Espada=More action soon!

    Okay, maybe this was a filler episode, but I liked it. Chado cant be match for Espada 5. I think thats his number.
    And hes talkin about another opponent, so thats gonna be awsome.
    Renji got someone to fight with 2! Espada 8: Aporro. His Bankai was crushed in the first strike. Interesting. Ohhh and the conversation between Inoue and Ulquiorra was also great. Ulquiorra is cool I think. Little EMO, just like "L" but thats not a problem. And my favorite jokes are between Ishida and his hollow friend. /Dont know whats his name.../ /Only Ishida can remember that.../ :D
    So I think the next episode gonna be much better...I mean...adventurous! Maybbe we can see Rukias Bankai at last!!!
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