Bleach - Season 10

TV Tokyo (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Lurichiyo and Kenryuu attempt to settle their differences with a very unusual game of soccer. However, the group must be careful that Soul society does not discover that they are illegally using a barrier as the pitch so when Ikkaku arrives to investigate what is going on they tell him that Ichigo is undergoing intensive training. They then get him to join the game although he doesn't understand what is happening and ends up battling with Ichigo whilst the game continues around them. however, their battle soon attracts a hollow and the group must join forces to fight it off. This causes Lurichiyo to lose the game. But Shuu soon arrives to explain how all of the commoners back in Soul Society are really looking forward to the soccer tournament and Kenryuu is forced to concede that it is a good idea after all.moreless
  • Back in the real world again. Lurichiyo appears at school and attempts to talk to Ichigo but he gets annoyed with her and she leaves. The gang eventually find her at the Urahara shop. They then encounter Kenryuu and discover that the reason Lurichiyo left Soul Society was over a soccer tournament. This leads to Kenryuu and Lurichyio having an argument and it is up to Ichigo and friends to come up with a plan to reconcile the two friends. As such Ichigo, Ishda & Kenryuu comes up with the Seppuku Persuasion Strategy. Although this works at first Lurichiyo and Kenryuu ultimately decide to settle their differences with a soccer match.

  • Aizen seals Ichigo and the others in Hueco Mundo before heading for Karakura Town with his strongest Espada. When he arrives however he is confronted by the remaining Captains of the 13 Protection Squads.
  • The fight between Kenpachi and Nnoitra reaches it's end with both sides going all out.
  • After Nnoitra is unable to defeat Kenpachi he releases his sword apparently leading to Kenpachi's defeat.
  • 12/23/08

    Kenpachi continues his fight with Nnoitra but can't seem to land a blow, but despite this Kenpachi is having the most fun of his life.

  • Following his apparent defeat Szayel Aporro Granz reforms his body and takes control of Kurotsuchi's Bankai. Kurotsuchi quickly deals with him however and Szayel is defeated.

  • 12/9/08

    Now that Zommari Leroux has been defeated by Byakuya, Hanataro sets about healing Rukia's wounds. Meanwhile Kurotsuchi enters into combat with Szayel Aporro Granz. Although things seem to be going badly at first Kurotsuchi quickly defeats him... or does he?

  • 12/2/08
    Byakuya encounters Zommari Leroux the seventh espada whilst trying to find Rukia, and a dangerous confrontation begins but the Espada's arrogance will eventually lead to his downfall.
  • Kenpachi rescues Ichigo from Tesla by cleaving him in two, much to the shock and horror of Nnoitra. Kenpachi explains that it was thanks to Urahara, under orders from Yamamoto that he was able to come to Hueco Mundo. Kenpachi also says he did not come alone, Unohana, Byakuya and Kurotsuchi have also joined the rescue mission.moreless
  • Pesche and Dondochakka go all out to defeat Szayel Aporro and show us just how powerful they really are.
  • Nelliel's Past
    Episode 5
    Nnoitra and Neliel continue there battle, and there past together is explained. Nnoitra reason why he hates Neliel is because of his hatred for stronger women. So in the past he worked together with the Szayel Aporro who isn't an Espada, to create an opening to attacker her. By attacking Dondochakka and Pesche, and a device that hides Nnoitra. The result of the flashback results in Neliel to become her child form.moreless
  • 11/4/08

    Ishida and Renji struggle against their clones. Szayel reveals a second ability: he is able to create voodoo dolls of an opponent by wrapping them in his wings. He succeeds with Ishida and Renji, and shows that by using them, he can cause pain to the targets and damage their internal organs. Meanwhile, Nnoitra is still losing to Neliel, but they hesitate before they can deal each other fatal blows, and Nnoitra notes that he has despised Neliel even before her departure.

  • We learn that Nel is not the weakling she appears to be, in fact she is former espada number 3, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. Will Nel fight or will she die by the hands of espada number 5, Nnoitra Gilga?
  • Renji and Ishida find themselves back in the same room as before with Szayel Aporro waiting for them. He transforms and attacks with strange techniques that catch the group by surprise. Meanwhile, Ichigo struggles to hold his own against the 5th Espada Noitora. The injuries from his previous battle weigh him down but his opponent is relentless. Noitora reveals a startling secret about Nel's past.

  • 10/14/08
    After a recap of Ichigo's battles with Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, Ichigo takes Orihime and Nel and prepares to leave but an injured Grimmjow refuses to accept defeat. Ichigo tells him that it is over but their conversation is interrupted by the intervention of an unexpected enemy. Meanwhile, Ishida and Renji find themselves in another bad situation.moreless