Bleach - Season 12

TV Tokyo (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • A hollow escapes Soul Society and comes to the real world. It is Ikkaku's and Yumichika's mission to capture it and transfer it back. As Ichigo wouldn't let them stay at his house Ikkaku and Yumichika are forced to stay at Keigo's and his sister who is really into Ikkaku. Keigo's sister tries to win over Ikkaku but it really pisses him off so Yumichika decides that Ikkaku needs to wear a wig. When both of them are thrown out of house and Keigo and his sister go buy juice a hollow suddenly appears.moreless
  • 7/14/09
    The episode starts with women from Soul Society choosing their swimsuits. The women and Ichigo are at the beach on vacation because Byakuya destroyed Women's association pool. Later on, Byakuya, Ikkaku, Renji, Ukitake and everyone else join them. Everyone seems to be having a good time until Watermelon - type hollow shows up and gets two vice-captains and Inoue.moreless
  • Wonderful Error
    Episode 15
    This episode is set before the first episode of the series. In Soul Society Rukia is assigned to protect Karakura Town and Renji is promoted to vice-captain. In the real world Ichigo and his friends have their first day of high school.
  • Captain Yamamoto is forced to take on Allon after the failure of the vice-captains. Unfortunately for Allon he is far from a match for the Captain-Commander. The other Captains are also working hard as Hitsugaya is forced to use his Bankai against Harribel, Kyouraku's fight with Stark intensifies and Soi Fon faces off against Barragan. Meanwhile, back in Hueco Mundo Renji and Chad face off against numerous Hollow, Rukia confronts the leader of the Exequias and Ichigo starts his battle with Ulquiorra.moreless
  • Matsumoto and Hinamori are terrified of Allon. Allon is too strong for both of them so he quickly beats them. Luckily, Kira and Hisagi arrive for help. Kira heals Hinamori's and Matsumoto's injuries while Hisagi is struggling with Allon. Iba comes to help but is very quickly taken care of. All the hope seems to be lost for Kira when Allon comes for him but suddenly Captain Yamamoto arrives, and slays Allon along with his creators. Meanwhile, Lilynette, Ukitake, Stark and Kyouraku continue their fights.

  • 6/16/09
    Matsumoto's fight against the three Fraccion is proving too much for her but luckily Hinamori arrives just in time to help her out. However, things soon go from bad to worse when the Fraccion enter their Resurreccion forms. Meanwhile, Ukitake, Hitsugaya and Kyouraku continue their own fights.
  • 6/9/09
    Soi Fon continues her fight with Ggio but when she gets into touble Omaeda must quickly defeat Nirgge in order to come to her aid. However, it may be Omaeda who needs help after he disrupts his Captain's strategy.
  • Both Soi Fon and Omaeda are having trouble dealing with their opponents and things get even worse when the Fraccion enter their Resurreccion forms.

  • With four of the Fraccion defeated, it is time for the real battle to begin, as the Espada face off against the Shinigami. While, Hitsugaya takes on Harribel it is up to Matsumoto to defeat her three Fraccion. At the same time Soi Fon and Omaeda fight against the last of Barragan's Fraccion.moreless
  • When Ikkaku is defeated and one of the pillars is destroyed the real Karakura Town begins to reappear. However, even on the verge of death Madarame refuses to reveal his Bankai and he has to be saved by Captain Komamura.

  • 5/12/09
    When Hisagi faces off against Findor Carias, his opponent proves to be much stronger than he first thought. As such Hisagi is forced to release his Shikai, Kazeshini in order to defeat him.
  • 5/5/09
    With Charlotte defeated one of the pillars is safe but the others continue to fight the Fraccion. Kira in particular is having a hard time dealing with his opponent, until, that is, he manages to lure him into a close range battle.
  • 4/28/09
    The battle of the pillars has begun with Yumichika fighting Charlotte, but can he keep a straight face battling someone nearly as arrogant as himself?
  • 4/21/09
    While Ichigo faces off against Ulquiorra in Hueco Mundo, Barragan takes charge of the Espada in Karakura Town. He then sets about summoning hollow to destroy the four pillars that were used to replace Karakura Town with the current replica. However, he had not anticipated that they would be protected by Kira, Ikkaku, Yumichika and Hisagi. As such he is forced to dispatch four of his strongest Fraccion to defeat them.moreless
  • Aizen begins his invasion of Karakura Town only to be confronted by the Captains and vice-captains of the 13 Protection Squads. In order to even the odds the Captain-Commander imprisons Aizen, Gin and Tousen in a fortress of fire and the group prepares to take on the Espada. Meanwhile, back in Los Noches, Ichigo rushes to save Orihime from Ulquiorra only to be attacked by the Exequias. He is then saved by the sudden appearance of Renji, Chad and Rukia.moreless
  • 4/7/09

    When a giant hollow fortress appears Kon and the others have only a few hours to destroy it and save the town. As such they must infiltrate the fortress and destroy the core hollow holding it together using 'the power of friendship'. Meanwhile, Urahara is able to finish his assignment unnoticed.

  • With Ichigo and the others still in Hueco Mundo Urahara recruits Kon to become the Soul Burial Detective Karakura-Riser and protect Karakura Town from the hollows. Hilarity soon ensues as Kon tries to use Urahara's newest invention to protect the town from hollows and himself from electrocution. However, Kon is not alone in his battles with the hollows, Don Kanonji, Arisawa, Ururu, Keigo and Chizuru are all on hand to help out.