Bleach - Season 7

TV Tokyo (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Ichigo continues his battle with the Privaron Espada Dordonii. He is struggling with Dordonii's attacks since he refuses to go Bankai on anyone less than an Espada. However, Dordonii is proving to be a formidable opponent.
  • 11/28/07
    Ichigo and the others break into Las Noches successfully. However, they are immediately thrown off course when Nell falls into an old abandoned tunnel and forces the others to go in after her. When they get out, they are then forced to split up and take separate hallways. Meanwhile, Orihime is taken to see Aizen.moreless
  • Ichigo, Renji, Ishida and Chad catch up to the Adjuchas and rescue Nell and her siblings. A battle ensues between their group and the Menos who are led by another Adjuchas. Meanwhile, as Rukia and Ashido head toward Ichigo, their way is blocked by the leader of the Adjuchas, appointed by Aizen himself as a guardian of the Forest. Ashido and the Adjuchas begin fighting and Rukia is able to give a helping hand. Now she must reunite with Ichigo and try to escape the underground Forest.moreless
  • Nell and her group are captured by a group of Adjuchas and Ichigo sets out to find her with the others. Meanwhile, Rukia sets out to find her friends with Ashido's help. They are confronted by Adjuchas and Gillian along the way and forced to battle. Ashido's past is eventually revealed as they travel and Rukia learns about the story behind his mask.moreless
  • Lunuganga catches Ichigo and the others by surprise and sucks them underground. They awake to find themselves surrounded by Hollow with Rukia missing. Suddenly, they are joined by a whole group of Menos Grande. Meanwhile, Rukia wakes up and has a similar encounter with Hollow. She i saved by a strange figure with a mask who wields a zanpakutou.

  • Ichigo and the others intervene to save a little girl from three Hollows only to find that she is really an Arrancar named Nel. After a short episode, they are interrupted by the appearance of a Guardian who blocks their path to the castle. The guardian seems invulnerable to all their attacks until they get a helping hand from some old friends.

  • Chad and Ishida finish off their opponents and escape into the barren desert of Hueco Mundo. Aizen gathers the Espada together and informs them of the situation. Meanwhile, Ichigo and the others must survive the desert of Hueco Mundo and make it to Aizen's castle in one piece.

  • Ichigo, Ishida, and Chad arrive in Hueco Mundo to find themselves in a strange building. They are able to survive and avoid most of the traps but they must then find a way out of the building and deal with the guards who are there to get rid of any trespassers who dare to enter. Finally, Chad and Ishida's new powers will be tested in a real situation.

  • Grimmjow's Revival
    Episode 12
    With Urahara's help the gateway is opened and Ichigo begins his journey to Hueco Mundo with Chad and Ishida. In Hueco Mundo, Orihime is given tasks to demonstrate the extent of her power.
  • Ichigo wakes up and finds his hand healed. Realizing it was Orihime he is joined by Hitsugaya who tells him that something urgent has happened. Ichigo finds that Orihime has been kidnapped by the Arrancar. Commander Yamamoto recalls Hitsugaya's group to Soul Society and orders the not to go after Orihime.moreless
  • 9/19/07

    As the Shinigami recover from the battle with the Espada and Ichigo lies bandaged and asleep in bed, Orihime finishes her preparations to leave with Ulquiorra. She has 12 hours to get ready and she can only say goodbye to one person... Ichigo.

  • After saving Matsumoto Urahara commences his fight with Yammy and Luppi continues to battle the other Shinigami. Meanwhile, Ichigo is struggling to fight Grimmjow after losing his mask and even when Rukia shows up to help they are no match for him.
  • Ichigo continues his battle with Grimmjow but can only use his full power for 11 seconds. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya is fighting Yammy and Luppi is fighting Yumichika but when things start to look bad Urahara comes in and saves them. Ulquiorra appears before Orihime and tells her that they she needs to come with him or her friends will be killed.

  • Everyone is training to become stronger for the upcoming Winter War. Rukia & Orihime are training there powers, Matsumoto & Yumichika are training for bankai, Renji is training to make Chad stronger and Ichigo is training his Vizard powers. In the midst of all this training, a group of Espada arrive in the real world.

  • 8/22/07
    Patros is still battling Renji, while in Hueco mundo Aizen returns to the where the Hougyoku was. Renji activates his bankai and Lirin, Cloud and Nova join the fight. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Yumichika and Ikkaku are still fighting against the other two arrancars.
  • An Arrancar named Patros is sick of serving Aizen, because he is a shinigami. He takes the Hougyoku and plans on using it to become King himself. Ulquiorra catches him, but Patros has friends and defeats Ulquiorra very easily. Patros goes to the real world and is in a hurry to find Urahara, to see how the Hougyoku works. He asks his friends to hold off Hitsugaya's team.moreless
  • A girl is drowning in a river near Matsumoto and Kon. Matsumoto removes Kon from his regular stuffed animal body and throws him into the stuffed animal the little girl is holding. Kon saves the girl but Matsumoto leaves without him. Kon is then stuck with the little girl and has to play with her. The little girl explains to him that her parents are no longer together and that her mother works a lot. Kon feels sorry for her and takes her to her old home. Once they arrive a hollow attacks and Kon has to face it in order to protect the little girl.moreless
  • 7/18/07
    Hanataro of the 4th Squad and Rin of the Technological Development Bureau are sent to the real world on an investigation of the Arrancar. They meet a ghost who was once a cake chef, and he requests their help to fulfill his last wish. Things become complicated however, when a Menos Grande appears to crash the party.moreless
  • 7/11/07

    Mizuho Asano discovers her school's kendo team was ambushed by members of another kendo team from a different school. Being the student council president, she demands they challenge the other team to a match for revenge. With all of the good members too injured to participate, she asks Ikkaku to help train her team to win. He accepts and begins training all of the inexperienced freshman to be ready to fight in their upcoming match. Most of the freshman are injured during the training, leaving Ikkaku to ask his fellow Soul Reapers for help.

  • Karin is upset about Ichigo leaving and accidentally kicks her soccer ball into the street. Hitsugaya stops it and returns it to her. Karin then goes with her friends to their soccer field. Middle schoolers are using the field and refuse to let them have a turn with it. One of them challenges Karin and her friends to have a soccer match against them in a few days. Karin agrees to it, but her friends wonder how they could possibly win. While walking back home, Karin sees Hitsugaya again and decides to ask for his help.