Season 3 Episode 16

Senbonzakura, Crushed! Zangetsu Thrusts Through the Sky

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Soi Fon and Yoruichi continue their fight invoking memories of how they became friends many years before. Meanwhile, the battle between Ichigo and Byakuya continues and Ichigo shows off his new technique called Getsuga Tenshou.
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  • Step up from last episode, not saying much?

    Let's look at the timeline for this episode. Ten minutes of flashback between Soi Fong's and Yoruichi's past, five minutes of drinking session between Iba and Ikkaku, and then half flashback and half fighting between Ichigo and Byakuya. Take out all the flashbacks in Bleach and cut down the filler, this episode would probably be only episode 40. Okay, not really. The flashback with Soi Fong and Yoruichi was all right, nothing special, but it kept on hinting of a lesbian relationship. Although stupid, Iba and Ikkaku's drinking session was sort of entertaining just because it's ludicrous to have a drinking session with the enemy you're fighting with during the middle of the fight. The fight between Byakuya and Ichigo was mostly just Ichigo showing off and telling Byakuya to call out his bankia. Nothing special.moreless
  • Very nice look into Soi Fong and Yoruichi's history together.

    I must say, after a few lacklustre episodes, this one's a welcome change of pace. The interest of Soul Society doesn't just lie on the fights, but in its long background and interaction between the characters. The look into Yoruichi's past in Soul Society as well as her care-free attitude in life with Soi Fong works much better than random fighting.

    I haven't read the manga (like many others), so I found the fact that Ikkaku and his opponent knew of 'Kidou' since I thought it was a technique developed by Soi Fong (or so she said in the last episode?) but anyways, the episode turns up the intensity in the last few minutes, showcasing Ichigo's new technique (albeit not the last).

    The most exciting part for me must have been the episode preview. The look on Ichigo's face when he was all bloodied up... excellent...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Ichigo releases a Zanpakuto move called "Getsuga Tensho".

    • Soi Fon's original name was Fon Shaolin. Her family changed it right before she was apprenticed (for lack of a better word) to Yoruichi. Yoruichi trained Soi Fon to become a better fighter, back in the Keigun's.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Byakuya: I see you have mastered the Flash Step. Don't think it will change anything. It won't.
      Ichigo: What's all this casual analysis of my powers? You said talk was useless, but now here you are, takin' it easy on me. I thought you were gonna kill me. Didn't you say you intended to cut me down? You haven't even put a scratch on me yet, Byakuya. Does your silence mean that this is all you've got? Huh? I don't believe it. Show me your Bankai, Byakuya! Come on! I heard what you said. You told me you were gonna kill me first and then execute Rukia with your own hands.
      Byakuya: So I did.
      Ichigo: I will not allow that! I'm gonna defeat you, Byakuya. I'm willing to risk everything. I'm gonna crush you till there's nothing left! You act as if, for some reason, it has to be this way. You say I wouldn't understand. Well, you got that right! I can't even imagine... what kind of monster would actually threaten to kill his own sister. But, I promise you, you'll never say such a thing in front of Rukia again. Release your Bankai now... or I'll kill you where you stand!

    • Soi Fon: (sadly) Tell me why. Help me understand. (crying) Why didn't you take me with you? I would have gone anywhere with you. You must have known that. Oh, Lady Yoruichi...
      Yoruichi: You have gotten much stronger since the last time I saw you, Soi Fon.

    • (flashback)
      Yoruichi: How have you been doing, Soi Fon? Are you getting used to your role here with the force?
      Soi Fon: Um... yes, Commander, I am!
      Yoruichi: Hmm...what is that sound I'm hearing? Buzz, buzz... buzz, buzz... buzz (smacks Soi Fon on the top of the head) Aha! Oh, thought it was a bee. But it was just all those thoughts inside of your head.
      Soi Fon: (embarrassed) I... I suppose...
      Yoruichi: And I thought we were through with that Commander stuff.
      Soi Fon: Yes... I forgot.
      Yoruichi: Hmm?
      Soi Fon: Umm... Lady Yoruichi, I meant.
      Yoruichi: (giggles) See? That was easy!

    • Ichigo: It's Getsuga Tensho. I'll say it once more, Byakuya Kuchiki. Attack with your bankai now, I'm going to destroy you completely this time!

    • Soi Fon: (crying) Why... why didn't you take me with you? Yoruichi-sama..... (breaks down in tears)

    • Iba: (hopping up some rocks) Alright! I'm starting here.
      Ikkaku: Again? You cheater!
      Iba: Moron, it's your fault for being bad at rock-paper-scissors.

    • Ichigo: Release your Bankai! I'll crush it with my hands.
      Byakuya: What cheap, provocative words. No matter what you say, my mind will not change, neither will your fate, nor will Rukia's. Bankai? Don't be so full of yourself, brat. For you to die by my Bankai is 1000 years too early. Scatter...Senbonzakura.

    • Iba: Oh, the Sake is all gone.
      Ikkaku: What? You drink too much in one gulp! Relax, it's natural for Sake to disappear eventually.
      Iba: You drank it!
      Ikkaku: Don't make it sound like it just evaporated! ****, let's go.
      Iba: Alright.
      Both: (repeatedly) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

    • Man: The Lady with the shrine is Tenshiheisoban, the Princess of Shihouin Clan. She's the future General of the Keigun. The purpose of our clan is to support her in every way.
      Soi Fon: In every way?
      Man: Yes, in everything. It is both our duty and destiny. From this day on, your name will be changed to Soi Fon, and you will live to serve her.
      Soi Fong: (present voice) When I first saw her, it was like meeting God.

  • NOTES (2)