Season 8 Episode 12

Shinigami and Quincy, the Battle with Madness

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 05, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Pretty good.

    Lots of interesting events happening simultaneously, but the main event here is Ishida vs. Szayel, or more like Szayel and his fraccion. Throughout the fight we see Ishida's moves getting weaker and weaker and we're left in wonderment of what exactly is happening. Some pretty decent action scenes here though nothing of especially noteworthy. Although that was the meat of the episode, a good chunk of it was still left for Orihime and her sentimental and moral side, healing the very people that were so close to killing her. Whatever that song was playing during this process complimented the mood perfectly. Despite all this, the episode felt like it made little progress, hopefully we see more development the next couple episodes.
  • A great episode, they toned down the violence in comparison to the manga chapter it was based off ,but still great.

    As i said, you'll notice it was greatly toned down, in the manga as opposed to just a few scrapes Inoue has been battared and bloodied and has a disturbingly broken finger while grimmjow doesnt just kick menoly a few times he actually breaks off an arm and a leg, though they kept the dialogue the same. I'm bracing myself for the long fight between Ishida, Renji and our 8th Espada friend as it still has a ways to go but im liking how the anime is playing things out so far and i just hope they've got enough of a buffer between the anime and manga so they won't have to resort to fillers anytime soon.
  • Grimmjow surprisingly helps Inoue and Ishida and Renji are still trying to figd a way to beat Szayel Aporro.

    I thaught this was a pretty good episode, especially the part where Grimmjow comes in, really I start liking his character more and more. Inoue on the other hand is a little bit to soft i mean why does she help these arrancar i don't really get it, i guess it is just the her nature but still. Orihime's power is also way to strong i mean she can even bring back the dead i know Aizen compared her power to that of God but i mean ...

    The fight of Renji and Uryu could get really exciting allthough i don't really see a way for them to beat Szayel but i guess they will find one. They always do.
  • Ishida and Renji unite against Szayel, and Grimmjow pays back Inoue for restoring his arm, only to force her to do a 'job' for him afterwards.

    This was a nice episode, although the animation quality was a little irregular. Still, it was cool to see Grimmjow saving Orihime's @ss, and owning Loly & Menoly (although in a much less BRUTAL way than in the manga). Ishida and Szayel's encounter was cool too, specially because of what a funny and entertaining villain Szayel is. Not to mention his intelligence: he's one of the weakest members of the Espada, no doubts of that, but he still manages to face his enemies using his brains instead of the strength he lacks.

    Next week, both of this episode's storylines will reach their climax: Ishida & Renji joining forces to defeat Szayel, and Grimmjow & Orihime - well, you better wait and see for yourself what Grimmjow is up to, even though the preview makes it kind of obvious :)
  • Ishida and Renji vs Szayel Aporro, Grimmjow and Inoue!

    First! :)

    This episode can divide into parts!

    The first part is about Inoue and that 2 arrancar, who wanted to beat her. They almost killed her, but Grimmjow stopped them, and in a favor of his arm, he saved Inoue. But I think he wants something from Inoue. And that thing is...Ichigo. I guess Grimmjow "wants him back" :)

    The second part is about Ishida, who fights with Espada number 8, Szayel Aporro. Ishida is a good oppontent, but Aporro is better...yet. He analyzed Ishidas attacks, and prevent it, so hes arrows weakened! So Renji cant use his Bankai, Ishida his arrows, so its gonna be interesting to see, how they defeat an Espada! :)