Season 6 Episode 2

Shock! The Father's True Character

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 17, 2007 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Ishida is saved from the Menos by his father who has becoem much more powerful since they last met. Meanwhile, Kon is surprised when Ichigo's father, Isshin arrives to save him from the Grand Fisher.
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    • (Ryūken speaking to Uryū about being a Quincy)
      Ryūken: I told you, didn't I? I have no interest. You have no talent!

    • Isshin: (Isshin and the Arrancar clash) I'll teach you the basics. All captain class Shinigami are controlling the size of their zanpakutō. Otherwise, they would all have to swing around a zanpakutō the size of skyscrapers, just like you. Remember this: You cannot gauge an opponent's strength by how large his zanpakutō is. (The Arrancar splits in two)

    • Isshin: Sorry, Mr Hollow. But Ichigo's not home right now. As a replacement or something, how about playing with me instead?
      Hollow: Who the hell are you?
      Isshin: My bad, my bad. I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Kurosaki Isshin.

    • Ryūken: (He finishes off the rest of the hollow) Uryū. You are still an amateur. You're a fool that headed off to Soul Society, unskilled, and then proceeded to lose your completely undeveloped powers. And then, driven by your small sense of pride, you were unable to fulfill your objectives. But, I am able to restore your lost powers to their previous state.
      Ishida: (Stunned) That's not possible!
      Ryūken: You don't believe me? It's the truth.

    • Ryūken: How annoying. (He finishes off the top-half of the hollow, in one shot) Don't you know? The only way to deal with high-speed regeneration is finish the job before it can regenerate.

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