Season 6 Episode 2

Shock! The Father's True Character

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Jan 17, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Remnants of the Bount arc still live on.

    And I thought the slice of life stuff in the previous episode was bad. Not only does it last longer in this episode than it does last, it's even more terribly executed. Half of it was spent with those three dolls from the Bount arc, and like before, their conversations with each other are just so bad. Made the episode really hard to swallow. Then the whole twist with Ichigo's dad being a shinigami, unfortunately it was ruined because there was a lot of dumb filler talk with Kon and the hollow he was about to kill. Action lasted for like 5 seconds. Lame episode.
  • Sweet!

    This is one of those special episodes that will make you want to keep watching the show. A new transfer student is revealed to be similar to Ichigo in more ways than they expected. It is also mentioned that Ishida lost all his powers, and gets attacked by what appears to be a menos grande, luckily though, Ishida's father shows up in time to save his son, even though Ishida is not so grateful by his father's sudden return. Kon gets ambushed by Grand Fisher, who is looking for Ichigo. Grand Fisher is killed by none other than Isshin Kurosaki, who is a shinigami.
  • This is one of the best episodes of bleach so far. They are involving every one in the series. That is what makes it is great.

    This episode showed true talent of the creatures. Then are showing the way it all links together with Isshin Kurosaki, Ryuken Ishida, and Kisuke Urahare. When I watched this episode I was surprised and thinking to my self why did I not see that sooner. Man, when Isshin kicks the s**t out of grandfish, that was the best and made me wander more about him. Like, what division captain was he from and why did he leave. Then some how he knows Urahare and Ryuken. I was not really that surprised by him knowing Urahare. This will be very interesting to find out what's going to happen
  • sigh... even though it keeps people watching, i really don't like having so many new characters and information.... it's quite a bit to absorb...

    mmmhmm... just as i said in the summary... i really dislike having so MUCH new-ness to take in... how sad........... SO! a shinigami, eh? then it really does make sense... about how ichigo has so much spirit energy... really... now, i just wanna know more about who isshin is, like what his 'job' as a shinigami is, and all... hey! mayhaps he's retired!! that would certainly explain why he's not seen at soul society or anything... mmm... how very interesting!! in episode 112 quote kon 'he's incrediblely strong!' ... i wonder why and how!! wahhh! mmm... well ... i don't wanna ruin anything for anyone.... so! everyone! you should all watch bleach forever!! YAYYY!! XD
  • Ishida's father offers Ishida a way to become a Quincy once again. Kon is almost killed by the chasing Menos, but is saved by Ichigo's father. Ichigo notices the strange reiatsu and leaves Hirako, rejecting his offer. Ichigo's father defeats the Menos.

    This episode seems more like a Part II of the previous episode, with its rather step-by-step process of finishing each encounter. However, the lack of real action was made up for by its many revelations: Ishida's father, Ryuuken's role as "The Last Quincy" is utterly unexpected, and by far, cool; we see a rival Quincy and a rather powerful one, making Ishida a much more important character. His one condition not to have relations with the Shinigami makes it hard for us to predict Ishida's decision, leaving suspense as to whether or not Ishida will once again be a Quincy in the future. Ichigo's father, Isshin, being a Shinigami is just as shocking, and is further made powerful by Isshin's awareness of Kon and the three Bounto-sensor mod souls. Hirako's character is revealed as possibly not such an evil guy; his funny reaction after Ichigo runs off shows his human side, revealing something about the Vaizard.

    A great episode for the story, but not without the lame one-slash fighting scenes.
  • The Revelations of this episode and sheer style is what makes the manga arc so thrilling to watch (again)

    This episode characterises the difference between the manga arc and the filler arc. Where as the filler arc almost felt lifeless and each episode was watched with almost negligence this episode kept me glued to the monitor in anticipation of the next revelation, both the characters of Isshin and Ryuuken are excellently portrayed and their entrances are both suitably stylish with both being really powerful.

    I'm really looking forwards to see how they develop in this storyline, it would be a shame to see them just pushed to the side.

    Favourite Quote:
    (Ryuuken speaking to Uryuu)
    Ryuuken "I told you, didn't I? I have no Interest. You have no talent!"
  • Hollows are running riot over the town, while ichigo carries on talking to the Vizard. While Kon is in Ichigo's body and been chased by a giant hollow, unexpected help arrives for both Kon and Uuryu.

    This is a real boosed from the slow and depressing bount arc, although that arc wasn't that bad, i do see no point in it, but to be a filler and be a cure for insomnia. Anyway to the point, This episode is purly awesome after watching the sub version just a while ago it showed true spirit in the story and give me a rush while watching the show. Also, whats this? Ichigo's dad a shinigami? a powerful one at that looks to be beyond captain level. makes me wonder if Ichigo's dad should of saved his wife from the fisher hollow. But we'll never know. A must watch for all bleach fans!!
  • By what ive read in the manga this one is going to be awesome.

    This episode is about how we find out Ichigo's father is a Shinigami(Death God)....well I believe so its either this one or one of the next ones. Ive read the manga past this area back when Ichigo was fighting the Bonto from the beginning so hopefully the anime will match the excitement of the manga.
    There is this fighting action with Urahara then Ichigo's father drops in on the battle and he kills the Hollow. So far Ichigo hasn't found out this little bit of info but I'm sure he will.
    Blah Blah Blah its kinda annoying trying to get 100 words...oops done.