Season 8 Episode 11

Szayelaporro Laughs, the Net Trapping Renji Is Complete

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 27, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Interesting.

    Some interesting new developments. Although a very short lived battle, what was presented to us between Ichigo and Ulquiorra was pretty entertaining; seeing all those flashy beams go after Ulquiorra was nice. Though the story then takes a turn when it is revealed that there are three other espada that are actually stronger than him. Then you have Ichigo getting his ass beat, Renji getting his ass beat likewise, Rukia and Chad already getting their ass beat, and even Orihime is getting her ass beat! Don't think the atmosphere was meant to be this dark but it actually does set up the story nicely; the rescue mission is looking like a fail and you're wondering to yourself, because it's inevitably going to happen, how things are going to turn around from here on out?
  • Ulquiorra, The new number one villain in all of anime.

    Let me clarify something to everyone Ichigo the main charter and hero of bleach just DIED in this episode!!!!
    On the bright this is anime so he will defiantly come back to life in a strange way. But that doesn't change the fact that he was killed. He didn't just lose the fight, he lost his life! This is not like the regular anime were the hero gets killed than comes back to life a second later with even more power than before and beats the living hell out of his opponent. He was killed for real and died for real by the hands of Ulquiorra.

    Now for someone to kill Ichigo you would think that person was the strongest of the Espada, well you be WRONG the one who killed him was the 4th strongest of the espada (Did not see that comeing) Ulquiorras character up until now has been just an emo know it all, now it's mega, cereal killing, super strong arch villain! The truth about Ulquiorras rank is both shocking and scary. The fact that the hero of the story was beaten by rank 4 makes the top three seem like over lords! Although there are a few captains who are there is still hope of beating Aizen. But their will defiantly be a REMATCH between Ichigo and Ulquiorra!

    For all the people who hate Ulquiorra because of personality I don't object BUT you have to give him props for killing Ichigo!
  • The fight between ichigo and espada number 4 was so intense

    How crazy was the fight in this episode i loved the effects. The combination of ichigos hollow mask and his brute strength was just amazing. Top episode but kind of weird at the end. This episode will defenitly be in one of those best fight scene episodes. How crazy was it when Ullquira jumped off the pilar and it exploded under the force it was crazy. And when he fired his cero OMG i could not believe ichigo survived that. i was absouloutly amazed by it. If you don't agree that the fight scene was awsome then you have no taste. Bleach is awsome I LOVE IT
  • Ichigo and Ulquiorra collide, with catastrophic results and a shocking revelation. Meanwhile, Renji struggles against Szayelaporro, and just when the battle seems inevitably lost, a friendly face arrives to save the day.

    I had a lot of expectations put in this episode, that's probably why some parts disappointed me a little bit. However, it was still a very good installment and it featured one of the best (and shortest) fights yet, also known as Ulquiorra's mega-pwning.

    The very first minutes felt so exciting that I almost bited my nails, even though I've read this part in the manga like a thousand times. The music, the animation - everything involving Ichigo versus Ulquiorra was just a major ass-kicking event. The quality, however, dropped as soon as Ulquiorra began beating the cr@p out of Ichigo, and I thought the rank revelation would feel a lot more shocking, but I still loved it. Not to mention Ulquiorra's trademark blow - the chest perforation. God, did I mention that he just RULES the world?

    Anyway, the thing is - Ichigo is, for the moment, out of the game. And Renji is not doing good, and he certainly looks like the weakest member of the Suicidal Rescue Time right now - although the Bankai restriction is more than enough to justify that. Still, that doesn't change the fact that he is in seriously deep sh!t, but luckily Ishida arrives just in time to prevent his butt from being kicked by Szayelaporro's freakish minions, the Octava Fracción. The next couple of episodes are going to feature some pretty good fighting scenes, and they're probably going to look even better than in the manga. Can't wait for that. Last but not least, Orihime is getting her assed kicked too - well, more of her head, actually. But I guess I'll save my opinions about that 'til next episode, 'cause that's when this will get particularly interesting.

    Argh, I'm just loving Bleach so much these days!
  • Ichigo gets his ass kicked by Ulquiorra and things don't look that well for Renji and Ishida neither.

    Well the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra should have been a lot longer, if it were up to me. But i guess this is just a build-up to their next fight i hope, allthough the gap between their power still is pretty big, Ulquiorra didn't even drew his Zanpaktou so, i guess Ichigo still has a long way to go. Renji was also in some trouble fighting against Szayel, not being able to use his bankai he couldn't really do anything, and I also doubt that Uryuu could take on Szayel.

    And at last Orihime seems in a bit of trouble to. Too female arrancar seem jalous at here and want to kick her but, i wonder who is going to save her, because the entire gang is being beaten up.
  • Good episode

    This was a good episode, this is why I watch and love Bleach. It started out with Ulquiorra and Ichigo "battling". Ichigo then goes into his Vizard form and begins to fight. He launches many Getsuga tenshou's and Ulquiorra has no problem deflecting them with one hand. But soon to his surprise, it starts overpowering him and he is forced to use both hands to deflect and comes out all torn up. That me happy because i remember when Ulquiorra called Ichigo a piece pf trash, and now he is having issues fighting him. Then he gets serious and fires a greenish cero at him which knocks Ichigo far, and all of a sudden Ulquiorra is by him and strikes him. THen, while Ichigo lays on the rocks Ulquiorra comes up to Ichigo but is stabbed. He then peirces thru Ichigo's chest. Meanwhile renji continues his fight and to no suprise, he is loosing and is near defeat, but then Ishida shows up! Can't wait till' next week!
  • OMG! Kurosaki Ichigo vs Ulquiorra Schiffer, Szayel Aporro vs Abarai Renji and...

    Ohhh My God this episode was awsome. Mainly the first part was my favorite. Ulquiorra vs Ichigo. Ichigo goes bankai, with the hollow mask, but thats not enough. He fights everything he has, but Espada number 4, is much more stronger than him. He tries to escape with Nel, but Ulquiorra can keep up with them...and defeat Ichigo... :(
    I think only Nel can save him...

    The other part was about Renji vs Aporro. The wasnt as interesting as the first one, but cool anyway. Renji cant defeat by himself, and without his Bankai. Of course there is always a saviour... ;)

    Ohh and 2 little arrancar girl started to insult, and beat up Orichime...someone must save her too! :)

    Soo this episode was awsome! 10/10! What are they gonna do with the other Esapada and Aizen if Kurosakis Hollow form cant even defeat the 4th strongest Espada???
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