Season 6 Episode 10

Zaraki Division's Secret Story! The Lucky Men

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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  • Ikkaku's flashback

    A flashback episode? First reaction to that is something like oh man a filler episode? Well, that would be the case if this episode wasn't actually good. It opened up well with Yumichika and Ikkaku having a blast from the past before they became part of Kenpachi's fighting squad, and Ikkaku also clashed with Kenpachi himself in a rather entertaining bout. What was also pretty interesting, if it isn't filler, was how Renji went up to Ikkaku for pointers on how to get stronger. This episode has really given depth to the character of Ikkaku, and it ended in a pretty badass way with him defeating his opponent in the present time.
  • Conculsion of Ikkaku's fight. The episode is mostly flashbacks.

    This episode gives you a really good look at Ikkaku's character. It is one of those flashback episodes which has always been good. This gives an extensive explanation of how Ikkaku came to be a Death God which I thought is better than showing the rest of the fight. Not an amazing episode in my opinion but it does it's job. It gives a nice break from all the action happening in the plot and it may not be building plot but it is definitely not a filler. I really like how it gives us a really good look into Zaraki's story as well. Overall a pretty good episode.
  • A history episode featuring Ikkaku and how he came to be in the 11th squad. An episode like this isn't up there with my favorites by any means, but it was still entertaining.

    A history episode featuring Ikkaku and how he came to be in the 11th squad. An episode like this isn't up there with my favorites by any means, but it was still entertaining. The episode gave us some much needed insight and history to a fan favorite, Madarame Ikkaku. The episode can be summed up with, Ikkaku was in Rukongai looking for people to fight, he found Zaraki and we can all guess upon the outcome of that. After losing, Ikkaku joins the 13 squads to serve under the man who had beat him, and blah blah blah. The most suprising part of the episode was when Ikkaku revealed he could perform Bankai not long after joining the squads. He hid it from everyone becasue he didn't want to become a captain, and he wanted to always fight under Zaraki. The last two minutes of the episode showed the outcome of the fight between Ikkaku and Edorad (his arrancar opponent) with Ikkaku being the victor. I'm sure many of you (me included) wanted to see the story progress more, but for a history episode, this one wasn't bad. It answered many questions we had about Ikkaku and his past, which is good. The history was dragged out a little long in my opinion. If they wanted to, they could've shortened the history to about half the episode nstead of the whole thing. This episode left me with a slight feeling of dissapointment after waiting two weeks for its release, but an episode like this concerning Ikkaku had to come out eventually so it's alright I guess. I just hope next weeks episode will be better.
  • An Ikkaku centered flash back episode, all of the flashbacks are new scenes however. Included are the first meeting between Zaraki and Ikkaku, Ikkaku and Renji, and Ikkaku's denial of becoming a Captain.

    An Ikkaku-centric episode, but still very well done. This episode flashes back to when Ikkaku and Yumichika first met Zaraki Kenpachi and Yachiru. It then follows to the time when Renji joined the 11th squad and had a few short scenes with Ikkaku teaching Renji how to fight. It later shows Renji asking Ikkaku to become a captain after the results of the SS arc. Ikkaku of course declines and gives his reason for wanting to stay in squad 11.

    The fight scene between Zaraki and Ikkaku was decent, as was the scene between Ikkaku and Renji. However, that's all it was, decent. If you want an episode heavy on the action, go back one episode, otherwise it was still a good episode and fills in a few blanks on one of the more mysterious shinigami. All in all a must see episode, but not one you'll want to watch over and over again.