Season 8 Episode 9

Testament, Your Heart Is Right Here...

Aired Tuesday 7:00 PM Feb 13, 2008 on TV Tokyo

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  • Flashback -__-

    Don't know about you but I'm really getting tired of this battle. Kaien this Kaien that, don't really care; just fight the damn guy already. Rather than that, Rukia goes through some dragged out flashback about more Kaien. Albeit some of it was nice to see; the sentimental message being sent was a bit meaningful, but the flashback overall felt unnecessary. The presence of filler could definitely be felt. And then if that weren't enough, the battle ends in an anti-climatic way. Seriously it couldn't have ended any better? Guess the message behind the episode was enough to not bring it down to a 6.
  • Pure Awesomeness!! One of my favorites!!

    Rukia is still fighting against Aaroneiro. She is still on his zanpakto way up in the air. lol. But she is like dying there so I really shouldn't lol. But anyway as she is there her eyes start to fade as if she was about to die. And with her last thoughts she thinks of Kaien. She remembers when Kaien told her about when people die and where they are left. In the hearts of their friends, Rukia remembers this and all the happy times she spent with Kaien. And then does her third dance with everything she's got. She knows that Kaien was left in her heart and stabs Aaroneiro right in the face!! YUCK!! That was gross looking! But Rukia totally rocked!! She is AWESOME!!! He dies and his true face was shown! Rukia falls to the ground very injured and hurt. She says that she is coming to save Oriheme and won't die here. This was one of my favorite fights in all of bleach! I loved it!!! I give it a 10/10!!
  • An episode about Rukia's past...

    This episode was a very interesting one that even though we knew of Kaien and his past and how it ties with Rukia's was able to show us some aspects about her past we didn't know.It's really a 180 turn from the previous episode with that one being rather about the present and this one digging in the past.The level of drama was just right,without it being to emotionless to be cared of or of it being too dramatic and being a bit too emotional for a person like me to watch.The past wasn't again too digged into and had efficient information.It was a really worthwhile episode to watch.
  • Rukia has to fight the 9the espada in his released form, is she up to it?

    Well i really had hoped that her 3rd dance would have been a little bit more spectacular, now it was just her sword that was restored with ice. The fight itself was actually just a flashback, but it was nice to Kaien, he really looked like a nice lieutenant. For the rest this episode was nothing really special. Glotoneria wasn't really a cool release, i really wonder how he would use all these 30000 hollows powers. Well anyway Rukia, and Sado look kinda out for a huge part of the time, so we might finally come to Ichigo and Renji fights!!!
  • Rukia finally face with her demons...

    I wasnt expected for an episode like this. Yeah I thought there will be more action, but I liked it with these flashback parts too.

    Rukia remembered for the first met, and the trainings with Kaien-dono.These parts were cool, and funny. OKay, I dont liked how Rukia killed Espada number 9... That was very lame. U cant kill some1 this strong, with a single hit...
    Of course we can learn from this fight: Never underestimate your opponent... /'Couse one of your head will be chop in two.../ :DSo Rukia is still alive, and not showed her BAnkai...

    I think the next episode will be full of Espada, and a little Renji fight. CAnt w8!
  • Rukia's battle comes to an end, with her peirced through the heart, but is that where her heart truly lies?

    i personally love anime and really enjoy the stories, but do they always have to have a flashback every few episodes? I guess they do to remain true to the manga that the anime is based on. In this episode Rukia's battle comes toa close. She is peirced through the heart by glutoneriaand fades to her first meories of meeting Kaien, when he introduces himself to her, she gives a reply that is far from respectful. Kaien calls her on it in a harsh manner that trails off to his usual comical ending. Later Rukia remebers her first training session with Kaien and how distance she was at first. Rukia's flashback leads to her training and how, as we all know, she is a sub par Shinigami. Her swords skils are non-exsistant, her kido skills in the academy are good but in the protection squad she does compare to the others. Rukia progresses to a moment where Kaien explains Ukitaki's philosphy and his own. Kaien believes that as you meet people and develop bonds your heart is shared with them, and as you go forth to do battle yoou fight for your friends and you should never die alone. To Kaien dying alone means you cannot transfer your heart to others. The fact that Kaien tells Rukia never die alone gives here the resolve to fight, and with the completion of her shikai's third dance she defeats the espada. Sorry for the length.
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